20 Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs

​Are you tired of having to constantly stand up to readjust your chair just to become uncomfortable five minutes later? Are you worried that your chair is causing back pain that can potentially require hours of physical therapy to fix? It may be time to find a replacement for that lower back-trap you call a chair. The solution is to replace it with a reclining chair for office use.

Reclining chairs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, and fabrics. Finding the right office reclining chair can be a hassle since you’ll have to research numerous chair-producing companies that make several models. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the time to research all types of brands and products, so we’ve taken out most of the guesswork for you. If you’re interested in finding a comfortable chair for long sessions of constant sitting, then check out our list of the 20 best reclining desk chairs for your office.

1. HULLR Gaming and Office Reclining Chair 

HULLR Gaming and Office Reclining Chair

This HULLR features some of the most advanced technological features on the market. The HULLR Gaming and Office Reclining Chair has an incredible 90° to 180° reclining range and comes with 20 preset stop positions when leaning back. The gas pressure spring in this unit can support weight capacities of up to 330 lbs.

Although this chair was designed to adequately support the heavyset gamer, this can absolutely be used in a formal office setting. The comfort it provides and its study build are reasons to consider purchasing this chair. It comes in a wide assortment of colors for you to choose from. In addition, this 360-swivel chair can rotate and scoot effortlessly.

Some reviewers have left comments about the weak hand rests and excessive squeaking when moving from place to place. The plastic sleeves that coat the hand rests can crack easily, even with only limited use. As for the squeaking, you’ll need to apply lubrication quite often to eliminate the annoying sound.

Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair in Mesh

This Brighton Poly and Bark office chair take comfort to the next level. It has full-adjustability so you can set it to whatever tilt and height you’re most comfortable with. This chair features different reclining and lumbar support options for maximum comfort.

This Poly and Bark office chair looks perfect for your home or office. Its five-point caster base guarantees easy movement along your office floor, and the armrests are a comfort when busy with office meetings or doing work on the computer.

It comes with various handles for adjusting the position of this ergonomic chair. There’s a handle for adjusting the height of the armrests, the seat, backrest height, and the tilt angle. Each of these adjustable features comes with a stop lock to ensure that you get the most comfort from your preferred setting.

You’ll have a difficult time finding an office chair that has this many quality features. The only drawback is putting the unit together which can take up much of your time. One minor mistake can cause the chair to inadequate provide the comfort you’re looking for.

HON Volt Leather Task Chair

The HON Volt Leather Task Chair features a wide range of adjustable settings that fit your personal comfort. It has a classic but elegant design and comes in a wide variety of colors to match your personality or office color scheme.

The pneumatic lift adjusts the height of the seat so you’ll have perfect eye-to-screen distance and angle. The center tilt allows the chair to recline with ease while allowing perfect movement. The synchro-tilt lets both the seat and the backrest to tilt backward. The synchro-life offers a better relaxing position, especially when paired with a footstool (sold separately).

The Volt Task Chair by HON offers both comfort and style in a lightweight chair. The most prominent feature is its flexibility which lets to bend to fit your posture and work environment. The locking features will keep the backrest and seat from tilting past your preferred angle so you can enjoy consistent comfort without having to constantly readjust the settings.

If you’re looking for a model with armrests, unfortunately, you’ll have to skip this model. This chair is designed specifically for workers who need their complete arms on their workstation to perform. If you use a computer at work, this may not offer the most comfort.

LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair

If you spend more than half your time at the office in the sitting position then you’ll definitely benefit from the LCH High Back office chair. This is a tremendous lifesaver if you find yourself constantly battling with your office chair to achieve optimum comfort.

With the High Back Mesh Office Chair by LCH, you can forget about stiffness or discomfort when sitting for long periods in front of your computer. This amazing office chair is adjustable so you can get as comfortable as possible. Adjusting the unit is quick and easy so you won’t sacrifice work productivity just to get in a comfortable position. The unique angle recline locking system keeps your chair secured in the most comfortable position for you.

LCH ensures that their products are made with only the best materials for their customers. This office char I made from PU leather that offers both style and durability. The seat is stuffed with extremely soft padding to reduce discomfort or pain in your lower back. The chair’s base comes with heavy-duty rolling casters which offer smooth gliding from place to place. This office chair by LCH can support up to 250 lbs and is easy to assemble.

A major flaw with the design is that it wasn’t built for people over 6-feet tall. Tall users will experience discomfort when the headrest rests between the shoulder blades. In addition, the locking mechanism doesn’t actually stay put so you might find a 3-inch deviation from your preferred setting.

LSCING Ergonomic High Back Mesh Executive Chair Unique Design with Easy Button

With this Mesh office Chair produced by LCSING, you can say goodbye to lower back pain and extreme discomfort when sitting at your desk all day long. This chair was designed to keep office workers comfortable, alert, and most importantly productive throughout long work days.

The advanced two-button setup is easy to reach, and it allows the user to tilt their backrest up to 130° backward. The waterfall design of the seat comes with thick, dense padding to improve overall comfort and keep you productive. This chair also supports up to 300 lbs and can give a comfortable office chair for people of various heights.

Problems with this design are that the seat is extremely narrow, despite its ability to carry heavyset users of up to 300 lbs, and there is an embarrassing decompression sound when users get up from the chair. Furthermore, 6-feet users will only enjoy the headrest when they lean all the way back.

Guyou Racing Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back Swivel Computer Office Chair With Lumbar Support and Headrest

If you’re tired of having back and neck pains during long gaming or computer work sessions, then you need a new chair. Guyou’s racing-style office chair is designed with an extra emphasis on comfort and ergonomics.

This 51-inch office chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs so even the most heavyset person can enjoy the comfort of using this chair. It features a fully adjustable height and armrest setting to fit your frame, and the tilting mechanism is set to stop from anywhere between 90° and 120°.

The ergonomic head, lumbar, and foot support offers comprehensive comfort for when you need to sit in front of a desk all day long. The chair comes with caster wheels that offer both stability and movement when you need to drag the char from place to place.

However, some customers have found this Guyou office chair to use cheap fabric that rips after limited use. It also has some sharp edges that make resting an impossible task.

Jumei Adjustable High Black Mesh Office Chair

Jumei’s collection of office chairs is the new standard of where quality meets value. This task chair provides maximum comfort, support, and functionality. This adjustable backrest office chair with black mesh is both durable and soft so don’t worry about leaning too far back and having the chair’s spine snap on you.

This task chair is completely adjustable to suit your height and chair-tilt preferences. The asynchronous control gives you the chance to fine-tune the unit to your posture in order to address any issues with comfort. Whether you’re at work or doing office work at home, you won’t notice any pain or discomfort in your lumbar, back and neck.

If you’re not experienced at assembling your own chair, then you might need professional help to get this unit built since this office chair doesn’t come with a user manual. In addition, you’ll need to slouch if you’re over 6-feet tall in order to even remotely feel the headrest.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-back PC Computer Chair With Headrest and Lumbar Massage Support Executive Office Chair

This racing-style office chair is another chair worthy of praise. Although it looks like it would be more appropriate to place this in a hobby or game room, office workers will definitely benefit from the features provided by this ergonomic office chair.

The backrest and seat both use premium PU leather. The backrest is curved to suit the contour of your spine, and it can lean all the way back (from 90° to 180°) to support napping when your boss isn’t around. The swivel feature lets users spin all the way around and back, and the high-quality PU mute wheels won’t squeak and scratch your floors. It also has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

The only problem you might have with this gaming/office chair is that the beam that connects the base to the bottom of the seat might be damaged, needing a replacement. The good news is that Devoko will send you a replacement beam or a complete refund, provided that you notify them within 30 days of the purchase date.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Flip-Up Arms

This is another traditional-style office chair that looks simple but offers comfort and is durable so leaning and tilting won’t snap the chair’s spine. This office chair features a curved backrest with mesh fabric to allow proper air circulation when in use so your back won’t sweat while using this chair.

The mesh seat uses the waterfall front-edge design that relieves pressure from the legs and does not constrict blood flow. This unit swivels a full 360° degrees so you can reach any spot on your work desk with ease. The armrests are padded with mesh fabric and can flip upwards if you need extra movement range.

​One major design flaw with this char is that the seat is slightly tilted downwards so you’ll need to constantly readjust yourself to find a more comfortable position. There’s also plenty of slack in the base of the chair so it might feel like you’re battle gravity to stay seated.

Serta Style Hannah Office Chair

This design of this Serta office chair is classy, elegant, and looks like it would be at home in an executive’s office. It comes with pillows in the headrest for additional neck comfort. The backrest is properly curved to adhere to the natural curves of your body.

Tilting adjustments are made using the traditional pull-bar for when you need to lean back and relax. The waterfall-style seat reduces the pressure on the back of your legs and knees. This chair uses soft microfiber that is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. In addition, this sturdy unit has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs.

Although the microfiber is quite durable and rip-proof, Serta could have done a better job in stitching the material to the seat. The thread keeping the material together is easily ripped and undoes the whole exterior of this office chair.

HON Crio High-Back Task Chair

The HON Crio has a high-back, designed for high performance to meet your comfort needs. The controls let you adjust the backrest and seat to match your posture and reclining-angle preferences.

This chair features a soft leather seat and a breathable mesh on the backrest which fits your back and spine and offers perfect comfort while you’re at work. The armrests’ height can be adjusted to help support your upper body. Adjusting the tilt of the chair is simple, and you can move the chair around using the squeak-free caster wheels. This chair can carry a maximum weight capacity of up to an astounding 400 lbs.

The bad thing about this chair is that the seat is a dust and lint magnet. Cleaning the seat is an inconvenience that you’ll need to do repeatedly to keep your workstation and floor clean.

RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Gaming Office Chair

Racing-style office chairs are becoming more popular since they offer extreme comfort and other features commonly missed from traditional office chairs. This diamond patterned chair by RapidX is one of the best office and gaming chairs available.

The backrest of the Ferrino can tilt back up to 155° to allow comfort while napping. This office chair is designed for both style and comfort and comes with removable neck and lumbar pillows. The base of the Ferrino comes with five-point caster wheels that support up to 265 lbs. This chair follows the classic bucket seat-style that racers use so you know you’ll get comfort for long sessions of constant sitting or reclining.

A problem with the design and layout of the adjustment controls is that they are exposed from the top so be wary of unintentionally hitting the lever. Additionally, there are no preset stop locks except for the 90° position so you’ll need to keep pressure on the backrest to keep it in place.

LCH High Back Leather Office Chair - Adjustable Angle Recline Locking System and Flip-Up Arms Executive Computer Desk Chair

If you spend a majority of your time sitting in the office or workspace then you’ll need a quality office chair for maximum support and movement. You don’t need to worry about uncomfortable office chairs; the Kadirya was designed with your comfort in mind.

This office chair is completely adjustable so you can set up the tilt-angle to accommodate your body’s needs. The reclining locking system allows you to maintain a comfortable angle for as long as you need. The armrests can flip up to the vertical position to increase the range of movement for your arms and elbows. This chair uses bonded leather for ultimate comfort and durability.

Unfortunately, despite there being an instruction manual for assembling the unit, it can be a pain to do. Furthermore, the slightest deviation from the confusing instructions can lead to improper setup and discomfort.

HON ValuTask Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair

The HON ValuTask has a breathable mesh back and a new elastic lumbar support for relieving pressure from your lower back. The center-tilt control lets the user recline the backrest into any position they find comfortable, and the tension is adjusted to keep you in the right spot.

This is a comfortable office chair that takes the weight of your body and keeps you comfortable while at work. The adjustable recline-angle and height are all features that let the user have control over their own unique shape of their backs. The five-star resin base with caster wheels lets you roll from spot to spot and swivel around to communicate with teammates.

One fault with the caster wheels and lightweight build of the unit means that the chair often rolls around office floors seemingly of its own accord. When sitting down, make certain that you have a good grip on the unit to keep it from rolling away from you as you set your body on the seat.

Merax Inno Executive High Back Adjustable Office Chair

This high-class executive office chair by Merax is comfortable and can be used in an office or home environment. This unit is built with dense cushioning and double-edged stitching for extra precision and strength.

The reclining mechanism allows the backrest to lean all the way back (almost 180°) so you can relax and nap comfortably. The backrest features an innovative lumbar cushion that pops out for extra lower back comfort. The base of the Inno Executive office chair keeps the chair-component stable, and the caster wheels are built for smooth gliding and to keep your floor free from scratches.

Similar to other office chairs, this unit by Merax is appropriate only for people shorter than 6-feet tall unless you don’t mind having to repeatedly lean or slouch backward in order to feel the headrest.

BLUE SWORD Carbon Fiber Gaming Office Chair

This is another racing-style bucket seat office chair that offers high-performance and total comfort. The ergonomic design of this carbon fiber office chair’s gas lift is approved by both BIFMA and SGS. There aren’t that many things to complain about this unit.

The backrest can recline up to 135° which supports napping and relaxation. This comes with a locking system to keep the backrest in place and a rocking mechanism for additional coziness in combination with the neck and lumbar pillow. The materials used for the backrest and seat are a nylon base with a coated finish. The base has racing caster wheels for smooth movement and can support up to 300 lbs.

Assembly is a cinch as well: just push the caster wheels in (no screws) and follow the rest of the instructions to get the backrest and seat properly built. However, even the slightest mistake can ruin reclining angles and the stability of the base.

LCH High Back Leather Office Chair

This deluxe high-back PU leather office chair by LCH can look at home in a manager’s or executive’s office environment. The double-padded contoured seat, backrest, and headrest provide ultimate comfort for any body shape and size.

 The simple pneumatic controls let users raise or lower the seat and rock in back or forth in the chair. The control handle lets users recline the chair back almost all the way back, and the tension knob lets you adjust the rocking capacity. The waterfall-style edge of the seat is designed to reduce pressure on the legs and knees whilst encouraging proper circulation. The armrests can also be flipped upwards to keep them away from your elbows if you need extra movement range. The caster wheels let the unit glide seamlessly across floors and support up to 250 lbs.

However, the round shape of the backrest can be uncomfortable to your shoulders and neck when used for several hours since they don’t offer the support you need to keep you propped up in your seat.

HON HVST121 Office Chair

The HVST121 task chair by HON provides extreme comfort, support, and works like a charm. This product is built with features to conform to the unique shape of each person’s bodies and backs. The asynchronous controls let you adjust the unit to your posture in every way imaginable.

The mesh cover in the back allows for air to flow, meaning you’ll sweat less, improving your overall comfort level. The height of the armrests can be adjusted depending on how tall or short you are in order to give maximum relief to the upper body. The five-point wheels let this chair glide across floors without scratching hardwood, and the base can support up to 250 lbs.

Some people might be put-off by the lack of cushioning in the backrest. The lack of cushiony pillows means there’s less support for the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Another problem is the seat cushion being too thin so even the lightest person can feel the metal rod beneath them.

19. Homall Executive Swivel Gaming Office Chair

This Homall swivel office chair features the racing-style bucket seat that racers are accustomed to using. There’s a reason why racers use this style: it offers comfort for extended periods of sitting and working.

If you’re looking to lie all the way back then you’ll enjoy the 90° to 180° reclining feature of this Homall office chair. The height is adjustable using the gas spring cylinder so get you as comfortable as possible in front of your computer and work desk. The colored caster wheels allow for easy movement from desk to desk and support up to 300 lbs of weight.

Unfortunately, the seating comes with a very thin layer of padding so even the lightest users will feel the metal rod poking from below. In addition, the seat leans forward (non-adjustable) so you’ll have to readjust your sitting position to keep from falling off.

SPACE SEATING Big and Tall Adjustable Office Chair

The final item on this list of 20 best office chairs is the SPACE SEATING office chair with padded mesh. The appearance of this unit is similar to what you regularly find in classic office settings, but the features that come with this chair are astounding.

This office chair comes with a double air-grid back with mesh seating which adjusts to the contour of your lower back. This chair is built with sturdy materials that can carry up to 400 lbs. The caster wheels won’t give up on you either as even the heaviest users can glide along the floor without causing damage to your tiles or wooden floors.

Unfortunately, this unit does not come with a headrest or lumbar pillows. Even though it’s comfortable to use, it may not be the best office chair to lean back in and relax.

The best reclining chair is one that meets your most if not all of your requirements. We suggest that you do a little bit of research before making a purchase decision. You shouldn’t rely solely on the opinion of third parties, but we’ve done our best in being as objective as possible in compiling this list of the top 20 best office reclining chairs.

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