3 Awesome Mods you can do on a motorcycle

Motorcycles are a fun bike to have on those summer days. If you are looking for ways to make your's stand out amongst the rest, we have 3 awesome modifications listed below that will help you.

1. Customize the Bodywork​

​Unlike automobiles or trucks, motorcycles have a small fairing attached to the frame. This make it surprisingly affordable to change the look. Normally if you buy original from the likes of Yamaha Motor Company Limited it would burn too big a hole in your pocket. You would have to buy through the dealership and everybody knows the saying "Stealership" Right! Now Listen, there are a few companies that do it for a quarter of the price. One is Extreme Fairings. They have been making fairings for all the modern sportbikes since 2009 and have a very good reputation. A full set of plastics cost anywhere from $599 to $699 depending on the pain job and the model of the bike. You can check them out here.

2. Change the Lights​

Let's face it. Motorcycle lights from the factory are boring as hell. Why not change them to something more lively! Angel Eyes (also known as Halo Eyes) are the most popular. They are cheap to buy  and easy to install. Next would be Demon Eyes. Similar to Angel eyes but with a red centre. The other 3 are Perimeter Eyes, DRL and Projector Kits.

​3. Make the Exhaust Louder

What an adrenaline rush when you walk out of the dealer with a newly registered bike! The first thing i did to my 2015 R1 was change out the exhaust for an M4 Exhaust  Installing it was a piece of cake and the sound is amazing. 

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