3 Best Cantilever Umbrella With Solar Lights

A cantilever umbrella not only provides shade from the sun but should also be able to provide some lighting when the sun starts to set. You know as evening hits, you should be able to relax under the umbrella with a nice book and not have to worry about not having enough light to read. You can find quite a few cantilever umbrellas that now come equipped with light, not only that but have solar light. This allows you to take a more sustainable approach to how you get energy for these lights.

When you set out to buy a cantilever umbrella there are a few things you must consider:

Size of the umbrella: you want an umbrella that isn’t too big but enough to provide shade to the area which is usually your patio table and the chairs around it. Getting an umbrella too big makes it tough for you to move it around and it also gives the feeling of something hovering, over you.

The material of the umbrella: you want a material that is breathable and water-resistant, otherwise you will feel awfully hot under the umbrella and water will easily seep through during the rain.

Ease of the umbrella: you can find an umbrella with different functionalities these days, we recommend getting one that is easy to fold and move around. Chances are you will be moving the umbrella around in your patio to make the process easy for yourself.

Cost: you don’t want to give your arm and leg for an umbrella.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have picked the 3 best cantilever umbrellas with solar lights.

Strong Camel 9’ Cantilever Solar 40 LED Light Patio Umbrella


Our rating:

Cost: $$$


  • 40 LED lights that can last up to 10 hours on charge
  • Provides exceptional light in the dark
  • 9’ area of shade provided


  • Material of the umbrella is not as durable as we would have hoped

The Strong Camel 9’ Cantilever Umbrella provides plenty shade, it covers an area of around 9’ so you don’t need to worry much about that. It has 40 LED so when it starts you get dark, you have no issues, they can easily run for 10 hours. It provides enough light that you won’t need an external light when under the umbrella in the dark. The material used for the umbrella isn’t the greatest but it gets the work done. Strong Camel has used 180g/m2 polyester to make the umbrella which is resistant to fading and waterproof.

This umbrella can easily work in your patio or backyard, it provides exceptional shade from the sun and the rain. You can get it in 5 different colors, so you can pick whichever one is better suited for your backyard.

C-Hopetree 9’ Solar Patio Market Umbrella

Hopetree 9 Foot Solar Patio Market Umbrella

Our rating:

Cost: $$


  • Provides adequate light in the dark, 32 LED lights
  • Provides great coverage during the day from the sun
  • 250 gsm dyed polyester used in the umbrella


  • Only comes in 2 colors

The C-Hopetree 9’ Solar Patio Market Umbrella isn’t as powerful as the Strong Camel umbrella but packs enough power to keep you out of the dark. The umbrella comes with 32 LED bulbs that can easily run for 8 hours on a charge. The material of the umbrella, however, is better than that of the Strong Camel as this one comes with a 250 gsm polyester which is water, mildew, and mold resistant. The umbrella also promises to keep you safe from 98% of UV rays, which is great.

The umbrella provides great coverage and can shade an area of up to 48” so that should be a table with up to 6 chairs. You don’t have too many options as far as color goes as it only comes in burgundy and beige. However, this umbrella is great for keeping you shaded in the day from the sun and then providing you with light in the night time, just not as powerful as the Strong Camel umbrella.

Destination Summer 11’ Round Solar LED Cantilever Umbrella

Destination Summer

Our rating:

Cost: $$$$$$


  • Exceptional quality of umbrella
  • Protects you from UV ray and is water and fade resistant
  • Provides great coverage of shade 11’


  • 24 LED light that works well but we felt there could be more light

Functionality and build wise the Destination Summer 11’ Cantilever Umbrella is far superior to the other two umbrellas listed above it. However, the cost and the power of the LED lights are a reason why it is rated below them. This umbrella is top of the line in terms of material used, it protects you from UV ray, is water and fade resistant. However, it comes with only 24 LED lights which are less than the other two umbrellas on our list.

The umbrella does provide exceptional shade. If you have the budget then this is the umbrella to get as it will surely provide you with enough light in the dark and shade in the day to keep you satisfied.

All three of the umbrellas on our list pretty much accomplish their main function. Which is to provide shade during the day and plenty of light during the night using solar energy. So you can choose either one of these and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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