3 Best Long Range Baby Monitors

​As the father of a beautiful baby girl, I can attest that having a child is one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. It’s also, however, one of the most stressful. Luckily, long range baby monitors exist, so my wife and I can relax in our garden without worrying about our angel. Years ago this wouldn’t have been possible, yet now we can spend some well-deserved quality time with our partners and have peace of mind. When I set out to buy a baby monitor I had a tough time picking out which type to buy. So, after a load of research and a few hits and misses, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with the world and tell you what I consider to be the three best long range baby monitors on the market today.

Graco Direct Connect

Graco Direct Connect

This baby monitor made my list because it has one of the longest ranges of all the monitors I’ve tested. It boasts a vast 2000ft (610 meters) range, without any significant loss of video and sound quality, even at night. Being a tech enthusiast, I was concerned about signal interference caused by our other household electronics, so that fact that this monitor operates at a 900MHz frequency is fantastic!

The monitor comes with two chargeable parent units. Each unit lasts 10 hours between charges, so my wife and I can either both monitor the baby or have one unit charging while using the other.

One of our favourite things about the monitor is how we can check on our baby with such ease. We can see the ambient temperature, remotely adjust the nightlight settings (3 settings including “off”) and be able to communicate with our baby to comfort her.

Though the microphone works stunningly well, sometimes having a noisy monitor that picks up every sound can be irritating, but Graco makes up for that by providing volume control buttons and a vibrate mode. There’s another silent mode where the parent unit lights up with varying brightness levels depending on the amount of noise it’s picking up, though I find the vibrate feature works just as well, if not better.

One of my biggest issues is that it’s a fixed monitor, so I can’t remotely control the camera. Placement is paramount. I’m quite lucky that my baby is a heavy sleeper, so I don’t need to worry too much about her leaving the camera’s field of vision, but some of you may want to be careful before purchasing.

I’ve also encountered some difficulty with the signal dropping at times. It seemed to be a common problem when I checked online for solutions, but I contacted Graco through Amazon, and they sent a replacement pretty quickly. No issues with the replacement so far!

Definitely the monitor to get for large houses or houses with gardens! I bought mine here.

Infant Optics DXR-8

This long range monitor has the most customisable camera on this list, being the only one with an interchangeable lens (sold separately). You have complete control over the zoom and field of view this camera provides without risking any visual quality. You can even connect up to four individual monitors! Though, again, you need to purchase the other three separately.The audio output is excellent too, easily picking up on the smallest sounds with complete clarity.

The monitor(s) is also wall-mountable, which is great for viewing angles and saving space.

The parent unit is pretty amazing too, offering a clear image on its3.5-inch screen despite its resolution. It also gives ambient temperature readouts and features a user-friendly method to control the camera.

One of the best things about this monitor is that a fully charged parent unit in power saving mode can last a phenomenal 36 hours on one charge, or 10 hours with average usage.

However, it notably lacks a vibration mode, so there’s no way to mute the monitor for some peace and quiet. Also, unlike many of its competitors, there is no night light feature, though this does not influence the night-vision capabilities of the camera.

I have not picked up any electronic interference so far, though my wife tells me that the parent unit does sometimes crackle around thick walls.

If you want to keep a better eye on your little one, this is the monitor to buy. While the separate purchases are annoying, I think they’re worth it. I got my monitor here, the wide angle lens here and the additional cameras here.

iBaby Care M7

This long distance baby monitor is loaded with features and is what I consider to be the best investment for most parents. It features a 1080p high-resolution camera with high mobility that allows for a wide choice of angles, all of which can be controlledby an easy-to-use app. The audio quality is crisp and isn’t affected by how far away my phone and I may be, as the monitor is hooked up to my high-speed WiFi network at home.

One of my favourite things about the monitor though is the number of sensors and features it has. It comes with the standard temperature sensor (like the other monitors on this list), though it also contains a humidity, CO2 and air quality sensor that can pick up the smallest traces of dangerous gases. It also comes with the useful option to set timed reminders for feeding and diaper changing. However, two of the best features are its inbuilt star projection system and its lullaby, bedtime story and white noise player. I find them to be a godsend as my daughter used to take forever to fall asleep, whereas she now takes a fraction of the time.

The only negative thing I can say about this monitor is that it’s pretty bulky and heavy, soit’s not very portable or easy for small spaces. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic product, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Easily my favourite monitor on this list (and the only one I still use), I bought it here.

  • February 24, 2018
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