3 Best Monoculars

​Monoculars aren’t just a piece of eyewear that movie villains use. They can be a proper viewing device for seeing thing from afar – similar to what a villain would use them for. Most of our attention is spent on looking at telescopes and binoculars, mainly because people hear and use them more often. However, monoculars offer a different way of viewing things. The fact that you only use one eye to look through a monocular makes it an ideal viewing device for people who may not have two functioning eyes. In addition, they’re compact and lightweight – small enough to fit in our pockets or bags – so there’s no concern about where we can put it.

Since you’ve most likely just heard about the uses of a monocular, it’s important now to establish which types of monocular suits your needs and which features to look out for. There are numerous models made by various manufacturers, so it can be a challenge to look for one that works best, especially because every producer claims to offer the best quality and overall features. However, there are a select few which stand out from the herd, either because of their high-quality performance or because of a certain unique feature. If you’re looking for a great monocular, take a look at our list of the 3 best monoculars for sale right now.

3 Best Monoculars

Polaris Optics Explorer 12x50 Monocular


  • ​12x magnification
  • ​50mm lens
  • ​Bak-4 prism
  • arrow-right
    Fully multi-coated
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    3.1 x 1.9 x 6.4 inches
  • arrow-right
    14 ounces
  • arrow-right
    2.5-meter focusing distance

​One of the most popular and critically acclaimed monoculars available on the market right now is the Polaris Optics Explorer 12x50 Monocular. This is one of the best-performing monoculars partly because of its amazing 12x magnification from a 50 mm lens. You’ll have a clear view of objects from a distance of up to 1,000 feet. The view distance makes it a great tool for hunters, bird watchers, sports fans, and every type of nature lover.

Users can adjust the focus of their monocular to get a clear image of objects at any distance of up to 1,000 feet. The flexible magnification makes it easier for users to identify where their target is from afar. People constantly praise this device for its amazing clarity and focus from long distances.

As a compact monocular, the Polaris Optics Explorer 12x50 Monocular is small enough to hold in one hand without any trouble at all. As a result, this allows users to get a clear view of images without needing to utilize cumbersome accessories and attachments.

The durability of this tool makes it one of the best monoculars out there. Users can be confident that the device won’t shatter or break from a single drop within a reasonable height. It’s also fog-proof and water-proof viewers don’t need to worry about leaking if it falls into water. This monocular comes with some accessories if you need to use them, such as a tripod stand for perfect viewing of a single spot.

FireField 5x50 Nightfall


  • ​5x magnification
  • ​50 mm lens
  • ​2 AA batteries
  • PULSE IR Illuminator
  • 8 x 3.7 x 2.4 inches
  • 1 pound

​The FireField 5x50 Nightfall features 5-times magnification and high-quality IR technology for helping people see in pitch black. The IR technology used in this device works so exceedingly well that users claim to see distances of up to 100 feet away in the middle of the day.

This night vision monocular has excellent image clarity which is partly due to the 5-times magnification coming for a 50 mm lens. The combination of the two allows the monocular to collect sufficient amounts of light, even during the nighttime, in order to deliver a sharp image. It can even be used to focus on objects from a distance in the dark. The clarity of this night vision monocular makes it an ideal option for coyote hunters and trappers who operate at nighttime. One problem with this is that with the IR technology turned on, a red light will shine, possibly alerting prey or other creatures of your presence.

This monocular has a simplistic design which lets even the most beginner users get the hang of using it. In terms of durability, the ergonomic design makes it less tiresome to hold in the hands compared to other FireField models. It’s a compact device which weighs only one pound so storing and holding the tool isn’t a problem at all.

The device is coated in rubber, making it weatherproof and an ideal monocular for use in any weather condition. In addition, this device uses two AA batteries which are cheaper to replace than Li-Ion ones.

Vortex 8x36 R T Monocular


  • ​8x magnification
  • ​36 mm lens
  • ​R/T range estimates
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • 7 x 3 x 3 inches
  • 0.8 pounds

​If you’re looking for a reliable monocular that can provide an accurate range estimate, then your search is over. Introducing the Vortex 8x36 R/T Monocular, a product which lets users manually estimate the distance between the viewer and the object you’re looking at. There are silhouettes that you can compare against with the object you’re viewing. The silhouette determines whether the object is located either 300, 400, 500, or up to 600 meters from where you are.

This monocular comes with an R/T ranging reticule which makes it easier to know the distance of your target. The monocular also features a reticule image focus which gives a sharper picture of an image.

Image clarity and a high-quality reticule aren’t the only things that the Vortex 8x36 R/T Monocular has in store. It’s also a lightweight, compact alternative for people who need to carry one at all times while hunting or watching animals.

The manufacturer also boasts making a device that can withstand whatever nature throws at it. It’s fog-proof, dust-proof, and water-proof, so even the harshest weather conditions won’t prevent the monocular from working flawlessly. It also features a rubber exterior, allowing users to get a good grip on the unit. It comes with a belt clip in case you want to keep it clipped to your belt or pants while on the move.

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