Going out with your friends for a karaoke night is normally so much fun! So, why not bring it home?

A karaoke machine is one of the most perfect accessories for a smashing, unforgettable party. Your guests sing along to some 'modern tunes' or the 'golden oldies.' It’s the perfect party surprise. If you want to have a party people will talk about for centuries to come, this machine is a must!

Now, finding the best Machine is only the first step to your fun-filled night. The Karaoke machine in most instances will come with a cheap microphone that may disappoint as it may suffer from voice distortion or excess feedback. This is why we are reviewing for you the best in the market.

If you decide to buy an expensive machine that may come with a good quality mic, remember you may still need some additional mics if your guests are to do duets, instead of sharing, let each one have their own, especially if more than two people will sing along together, so keep reading.

The best option for you would be to buy the machine, then invest in a good quality microphone later on. This is because; you will need a mic that is compatible with the machine you purchased.  A good mic will also make a big difference in delivery of the sound, and recording.

The different types of microphones in the market:

Before we analyze for you the best 3 microphones, you need to know what is out there;

Wired Microphone:

As the name suggests, this is simply a Mic with a cable connected to it. You will need to connect it directly to the machine before use. Do not dismiss these mics, as they tend to have the best quality and consistency.  They also do not get signal interruptions.

Their disadvantage is they suffer in terms of ergonomics. Who wants to keep jumping over the cable? If you trip on it, again it can cause serious injuries and of course interrupt the fun activities you have going on.

Wireless Microphone:

This is definitely a best choice for uninterrupted fun. They receive signals directly from the machine, and as you use them, you don’t have to worry about the wires tripping someone.

If the signal is clear, they will have the best quality and are extremely reliable.

Types of karaoke microphones:

1. Mifan​stech Q9 Mini Wireless Microphone


If you love gold, you will love this mic.

It comes in a beautiful golden color that is superb for your party night. On top of that, it is Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to simply connect it to your phone and enjoy yourself. This means you don’t really need a machine for your party.

The microphone also has numerous buttons for volume adjustments, recordings, online games, chats, etc. It truly is a perfect accessory even for the nights you want to just have fun by yourself.

It is portable and handheld, therefore easy to carry along when you travel and fits perfectly in your travel bag as compared to transporting a whole karaoke machine with you.

This mic is of high quality, with clear uninterruptible sound making for a fun time without any embarrassing sound problems.

It also comes equipped with KTV echo effect, and dual speakers with functionalities such as bass, treble, and music echo effects. This means that you will have an incredible KTV live sound with clear rhymes to go with your echo reverberations.

It has a high capacity rechargeable battery that keeps you going for long hours. 


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices
  • You don’t need a karaoke machine with it
  • Allows you to sing and record at the same time
  • It has high powered speakers


  • The loud volume is low.

ARCHEER Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

If you love classy devices, you are in for a treat with this classic wireless microphone that is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to connect to any Bluetooth devices and also stream and download music, at a high rate of 10m/33ft. The most advanced of all microphones.

It can also be connected to your TV, computer, DVD's etc. and many other non-Bluetooth devices. It's truly exceptional.

The package will include 2 mics and a receiver. These are easily synchronized to provide you with the best choice of entertainment that you have been craving. It also has an extra slot for a 3rd mic, in case you want 3 people to sing at the same time. How incredible!

The buttons on the mic will control the volume, and also background music control that makes it perfect for a karaoke night. It is extremely high quality and has an anti-noise solution that will drown out all the noise, and a single antenna for receiving the wireless signals quickly and reliably.

It also has a very wide usage, up to 80 feet, and can be ideal for a church, a family karaoke, an outdoor wedding, concerts, business meetings, etc.


  • Comes with 2 mics which is economical
  • Has a wide signal range
  • Easy to use
  • Has an anti-noise solution


  • It is slightly more expensive.

Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone – the best!

Now, you have not seen a more stunning, eye-catchy, modern and all-round excellent mic than the Shure super 55 deluxe microphone. You will simply salivate at its sight.

On top of all that, this mic has excellent sound quality, with a signature satin look. Most of the celebrities will use this even in their recording sessions.

It has a chrome-plated design that has vibrant blue color additions, with a tailored response to vocals and speech. Investing in this mic will ensure your karaoke party night is an unforgettable one. No one will forget their singing, as it makes you sound like a real singer.

That is not all, it permits tilting at 45 degrees in a forward motion and 80 degrees backward. I bet you are imagining your best singer performing their song as they rotate the mic. Right? That is what you will get with this mic.


  • Classic modern look
  • Best quality sound
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for big events.


  • Most expensive in the market.

​Let's wrap this up:

In conclusion, a great party needs excellent, good quality accessories, and this is what you will get when you invest in the best microphone for your karaoke night. You will also need to consider the following;

Cost: choose a microphone that will suit your needs as well as your pocket. The best is one that is both good quality and economical.

Quality: it is difficult to separate quality and price. In most cases, the best is the most expensive. So consider if you want to use it only once, or for a long time to come.

Wired or wireless? We have explained this above, so kindly ensure you understand what they both mean to be able to choose the most convenient mic.

Test drive: before leaving the store with your mic, ensure you test it first, especially if it's meant to be Bluetooth enabled to avoid any disappointments.

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