If you have always dreamt of owning an elite smoker at home then the 30” Masterbuilt 20071117 is a real dream come true.  The Masterbuilt brand is one of the highest reputable smoker brands out there because they are known to produce smokers that are durable, functional, practical and stylish. 

The 20071117 is a perfect pick for those who are new to smoked foods as well as for advanced food smokers that need something functional and reliable.  This smoker is remarkably easy to use thanks to its top mounted digital control panel that gives you full control over temperature as well as time settings and thanks to the side wood chip loading system that makes it easy to load more wood chips without disturbing your foods.

But besides being easy to use, this smoker offers various outstanding features such as the following;

The 30 inch Masterbuilt20071117 – The Overall Best Smoker

Sleek Design

The last thing you need in that gorgeous barbecue area is a smoker that looks horrible.  This smoker certainly won’t affect the appeal of your barbecue areas or outdoor kitchens negatively in any way.  It has a pretty sleek design and the matt black paint finish gives you great functionality and durability for outdoor use.  The smoker doesn’t consist of too many gadgets and items that might get in the way and makes for easy storage thanks to its smooth and seamless design.


When it comes to smoking terrific tasting foods you really do need to consider all the smokers features and the 20071117 Masterbuilt certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of features.  Here are all the specs and features of this terrific smoker;

Generous size – The 30” Masterbuilt is perfect for larger families or even for restaurant use.  This smoker detention is 33.27 x 20.47 x 19.88 inches which give you quite a lot of space in terms of food capacity.  You can load 6 whole chickens or 2 whole turkeys or 8 racks of ribs or 64 sausages or 24 burgers or up to 4 pork buts in this compact smoker.  As you can see, it is quite big enough to feed the entire family or to provide quite a lot of customers at your restaurant with fine tasting smoked foods.

Weight – At 39.34 pounds this smoker is rather light for its size which makes it much more convenient to move around or transport should the need arise.

Max heat – The smoker can be heated up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit which is all the heat you will possibly need for smoking all types and sized chunks of meat.

Sideloading system – You can easily load this system thanks to its side wood chip loading system that enables you to add more chips without opening your smoker.

Insulation – The smoker is fully insulated which promotes energy efficiency and reduces smoking time requirement.

Digital control – The top positioned digital control is incredibly easy to use and gives the user full control over temperature and time settings.

Pros and Cons

It is always good to be aware of all the pros and cons of smokers before you buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of the 20071117 smokers;


  • Comes with wood chips
  • Side fitted wood chip loading system enables you to add chips without opening the smoker
  • Insulated body enhances the appeal and increases functionality
  • Perfect for beginners to experts
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient large food capacity


  • Might be expensive and not affordable to all families
  • Not mobile and might not be convenient for mobile use
  • Can be too big for small families
  • Doesn’t come with wheels or side handles for easy moving

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