30” Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 35B

If you are someone who loves to cook to perfection and get the exact expected results every time you turn on your smoker then you will love the 30” Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 35B.  This smoker is sturdy, reliable, easy to use and, once you have mastered its technique, you will always be able to create perfectly smoked foods such as meats, sausages, vegetables and so much more.

The 30” Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 35B is one of the best investments for home use, outdoor smoke cooking and can even be a good investment in small restaurants that don’t mind tending their smoker on a regular basis. The smoker isn’t digital which means you do need to keep an eye on the time and keep loading it with wood chips to keep the smoke rising.  But besides that, this is one of the best investments you can possibly own if you love the taste of smoked meats.

Great Design

The design of this Masterbuilt smoker is simple, straightforward and yet elegant and stylish.  This smoker with its matt black coating, side handlebars, legs, and cool touch door handle will fit right in with the rest of your kitchen, will look brilliant in outdoor kitchens and will certainly be a welcome addition in your barbecue areas.


Like all other Masterbuilt products this one is also sturdy in design, durable and functional but here are a few other features you might want to check out if you are considering this smoker for home use.

Control – The smoker operates via analog electric control and offers different temperature settings.  It also has a thermostat control temperature gauge in the door that tells you exactly what the internal temperature of the smoker is at all times.

Insulated – This smoker, like all of Masterbuilt’s other smokers, is also fully insulated to keep the temperature and smoked locked in.

Capacity – The smoker has dimensions of 33.5 x 17.4 x 19.9 inches and weighs 59.3 lb.  This gives users a cooking capacity of 548 square inches which is generous enough to feed a pretty big family but more suitable for feeding guests at a party or celebration.

Easy to use – Analog temperature control smokers are the easiest to use and the 3 cooking racks of this smoker also allow for easy food stacking and cleaning.

Pros and Cons

This smoker isn’t one of Masterbuilt’s most outstanding digital smokers but it is one of the best analog electric smokers on the market because it is so easy to use, so nice and big and so functional.  Here are a few other top pros and cons you might want to be aware off before you buy;


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Decent height for easy use
  • Side fitted handles which make it easy to move around


  • No side wood chip loading system. The door needs to be opened to add chips which could result in the loss of temperature and smoke.
  • No wheels
  • Quite heavy compared to other smokers.

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