Do you have an extra-large family or run a small restaurant? Then we probably don’t have to tell you how expensive it can be to buy smoked meats. These delicacies are an absolute must whenever you feel like treating your family and friends. Smoked meats and foods offer a lip-smacking aroma that no other food preparation method can mimic or provide.  If you want to start treating yourself, customers or family and friends with these delicious foods on a regular basis without breaking your budget then it is high time to invest in a smoker.

We highly recommend the Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS because, not only is it big enough for your extra-large family, it also comes with a tempered glass door that enhances the ease and convenience of smoke cooking foods.

A Brilliant Design

One of the first things you will notice about this 36” smoker is the beautiful design.  It is absolutely eye-catching thanks to its sleek matt black design and especially thanks to the tempered glass door and internal light.  The glass door makes it easy to see how your food is doing, gives everyone a charming glimpse of the delights while they are being smoked and simply enhances the overall appeal of your cooking experiences.


Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker with Window

If you are smoke cooking in bulk then you definitely need a good smoker with all the needed features for easy cooking. The last thing you need is to have all that food come out wrong.  This smoker consists of lots of advanced features that ease smoke cooking 164tremendously such as the following;

Digital control – The digital controls with LED display makes it incredibly easy to precisely smoke different types of food to your exact need.  Simply push a few buttons and you have full control over the temperature, time and even fast smoke functions.

Sideloading smoke tray If you hate opening your smoker just to add more wood chips then you will love this smoker.  IT is fitted with a side smoke tray that allows you to add more wood chips without having to open the smoker to cause a loss in temperature or smoke.

Size – This is one of the bigger smokers on the market.  The 36” smoker has a 20 dimension of 20.6 x 23.3 x 47.5 inches with a whopping 3.0 cu.ft food loading capacity. 

Weight – As expected from such a large smoker, it is quite heavy and weighs 62.2 pounds

Max temperature – This 1500 watt smoker can reach a max temperature of 250 degrees within minutes and is all the heat you will ever need for preparing bulk food quantities.

Pros and Cons

Like all other smokers, even this brilliant smoker has some pros and cons to consider before you buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of the 36”: Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS;


  • Tempered glass door for easy food viewing and monitoring
  • Digital display controls for easy monitoring and auto setting
  • Large smoker is perfect for extra-large families or restaurant use
  • Level grids can be adjusted
  • ​Side wood chip loading system
  • Internal light


  • Can be too large for medium to small families
  • Can be expensive for average households
  • Hardly mobile due to heavy weight
  • No wheels

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