Masterbuilt is one of the top smoker brands on the market and for good reason.  They are known for creating smoker appliances that are easy to use, functional, and practical and that offer a great overall look.  The 40” Masterbuilt 20070311 certainly is one of the best and most beautiful smokers in the Marsterbuilt range.  This is a top pick for extra-large families or restaurant use due to its extremely large capacity and the fully insulated features that enables you to effectively smoke cook foods even in the chilliest of temperatures.

 The 20070311 is ideal for mass smoke cooking, firstly because it is easy to use, secondly because it is so big and thirdly because it is fitted with a tempered glass door that eases food monitoring while you are hustling and bustling in your restaurant.

The Design Is Flawless

One of the best features of this smoker is the flawless design.  A matt chrome finish offers a beautiful design that looks terrific in any outdoor cooking area.  The glass door has a terrific look and the smoker offers an overall sleek and tidy look.


Of course, it is the features that really matter because the capabilities of your smoker will either make or break a pleasurable smoke cooking experience.  H286ere are the top features of this terrific smoker;

Digital control – If you are catering to the masses or simply cannot risk losing lots of food you definitely need to consider digital control smokers.  The 20070311 has a top positioned digital control system that gives you full control over the timing and temperature.  With this control, you can monitor, track and time your foods or adjust the temperature as you need.

Food capacity – This 25.6 x 19.3 x 41.3-inch smoker has a food capacity of 975 square inches and consists of 4 chrome plated grids for easy food stacking.

Tempered glass door – The glass door makes it incredibly easy to see when you need to add more wood chips and to monitor your foods. 

Max temperature – This smoker can reach up to 320 degrees within minutes and is ideal for bulk smoke cooking.  The smoker can also easily run for over 20 hours at a time which also makes it ideal for restaurants, delis, and diners.

Well, insulated – The smoker is fully insulated and is proven functional even in cold winter temperatures.

Side wood chip loader – The smoker comes with a side wood chip loading system that eases the process of refueling your smoker. Instead of opening the door and losing all of that pressure, smoke and temperature you can simply slide open the side loader and add more chips.

Pros and Cons

Before you buy any smoker, you should always consider the top pros and cons of the device.  Here are the top pros and cons of the 40” Masterbuilt smoker;


  • Perfect for extra-large families or restaurants
  • ​+20 hour smoke cooking durability
  • Rear wheels for easy moving
  • Comes with an RF remote control
  • ​Tempered glass door
  • ​Relatively easy to transport thanks to wheels


  • Too big for average families
  • Can be expensive

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