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BB guns are also known as varmint guns, air guns or pellet guns. They are a type of an air gun it is not a toy gun as it is usually presumed but rather it is an air gun that is high powered and is used to fire spherical projectiles that are normally about the same size and is normally similar to shot pellets. BB guns propel projectiles in form of compressed air as opposed to firearms which use propellant charge. The best BB gun rifles are made with a barrel which has a bore and caliber of about 4.5mm.

Pellets that are used in the best BB guns are made of lead or lead alloy so that they are soft in the bore and not tight. The fact that they are soft means that they can fit into the bore as they are fired. Steel is not commonly used in making the pellets because it is hard and hence won’t give the accuracy in shooting rifles as compared to lead. BB guns are made to be used for training, target practice and in some cases pest control.

Since BB guns are associated to be toy guns, most people underestimate the fact that they can be dangerous. There has been a reported case of a BB gun causing death and many reported cases of the gun causing injuries. If the gun has a high velocity muzzle then it can cause injury and in extreme cases death if it is very close.

best bb gun

Unlike other types of guns, the maximum distance that a BB air gun can go is an average of 366m though there are BB guns that can even go further for a distance of up to 460m but they are rare. Air guns are rated according to muzzle velocity. Muzzle velocity is the speed of the projectile to the target. Air force and BB guns are rated according to the force they use which is measured in feet per second and it’s normally in a range of between 300fps and 1000fps.

BB Gun Laws and Requirements?

The fact that BB guns are presumed to be toy guns, many people expect it to have an orange tip to define it as a toy. The federal law requires that all toy guns or imitation guns to have an orange tip to show that they do not contain explosive material but studies show that the law exempts air guns such as BB guns from having the orange tip.

Generally in order to use a BB gun one does not need a license as they do not exceed the muzzle energy limit which is 12ft.b for air rifles and 6ft.b for the case of pistols. If it is more than that they a firearms certificate is normally required. There are however some places that requires one to have a license in order to possess a BB gun such as New York city. As much as airsoft guns are legally not treated as firearms, carrying them around without covering them in public areas is forbidden. According to the law, visible carrying around of any firearms whether it’s original or fake is illegal. They need something like a casing when in public areas.

Types of BB guns

There are different types of BB guns and they are all defined by what they use. The main types are CO2 BB gun and the pneumatic bb air rifle. CO2 BB gun uses a pre-charged and pressurized co2 cylinder. It is the pressure that propels the projectile of the gun. This therefore demands a constant supply of co2 canisters which might be expensive.

Under the pneumatic bb air rifle, there are pump up and the pre-charged variety. Pump up works by pumping up rifles to compress the air that will be used to propel the projectile. Pre charged operates from a reserve of pressured air.

The best BB gun rifles are those that can hit the target well and can function well. Below are examples of some of the best BB gun rifles in the market:

4 Best BB Gun Rifles of 2017

best bb gun

The Steel Force .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun is the perfect M4-style BB machine for the recreational user with aM4-style BB machine. The airgun comes with a 300 round reservoir which is powered by two 12 gram CO2 capsules, making the gun a powerful tool.  Unlike other bb guns, you have the ability to fire with a 6 shot burst "full auto" mode and a single shot semi-auto depending on your shooting needs. The gun is also equipped with both flip up front and rear sights allowing for better accuracy. 

Many users have stated that you can shoot about 50-80 bbs before you run out of CO2 which is great if you need to shoot lots of bullets before needing to refill. The Steel Force .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun also comes with a butt stock, although users have mentioned it tends to be a little short for bigger shooters even when fully extended.

880 Power line Sniper Rifle BB Gun with Scope by Daisy

One of the best BB guns on the market today is the 880 Power line Sniper Rifle. Upon purchase of the gun, one gets an 880 shadow plus kit which contains safety glasses, 880 air rifle of 4x15-millimeter sight scope with rings, pellet tin containing 500 Daisy pellets, and BB tin containing 750 BBs to get you started pulling the trigger. It looks like its so much fun to use as one has the option of using the multi pump pneumatic riffle, pellets or BBs. It has a high velocity for both pellets and BBs whereby it shoots at 750 feet per second for BBs and 715 feet per second for pellets. The gun gives you total control on the power and velocity of the pump since it is a multi-pump hence the number of pumps you put into the rifle determines the force of the projectiles, this is why its consider one of the best bb guns. The 880 power line sniper rifle is not only powerful and convenient to use but has also been beautifully made. It has been made of high quality wood grained Monte Carlo stock and forearm to provide maximum comfort when using the gun. The gun also comes with one year limited warranty upon purchase.

Best BB Gun Rifle

Looks like many amazon users love Daisy as a brand since they have a reputation of making high quality rifles and pistols and hence this gun has been received well in the market. Many Amazon reviewers liked the fact that it is very powerful and accurate. It is powerful and many have reported that using ten pumps which is recommended is not necessary. Since it is very powerful it is not recommended for children as it may cause serious injuries. The users liked the pellets that come with the gun and most people preferred just using the pellets instead of the BBs. Many loved the standard silver BBs that come with the gun since they were high quality, uniformed with no dents. Users loved the rifled bore which provides more comfort and accuracy as compared to the smooth bore. Amazon users thought it’s a bargain for the price and hence a good buy. The main con is that it does not come with instructions on attaching the scope and this may be a problem to beginners.

Black Ops Junior BB gun Rifle with Scope B1155

The Black Ops Junior BB rifle has also made our list of the top bb guns on the market of 2019. The bb gun is specifically made for functionality and convenience. It is made of plastic making it light weight a total weight of 5 pounds and thus can be handled easily and well. It is also easy and fast to reload the gun. It has a safety manual switch built just next to the trigger in the finger hole so that one can turn the safety switch on or off where pulling the trigger. It offers one a variety of options to use since one can either use BB or pellets. It contains 177 Cal BB or pellet ammo with rifled barrel made of steel. Its barrel is 20 inches rifled and made of steel to make it stronger. It is very powerful with a maximum velocity of up to 800 feet per second for a single shot pellet capacity. The good thing about this gun us the fact that it can take in many BBs as it can take 50BBs and hence one can shoot targets for a long time without having to reload

Everyone loves something with a good exterior as much as functionality is what matters. This gun is well built and with fiber optic sights. The riffled barrel provides a good user experience it looks like a real gun with great features that should not be missed.

Best BB Gun Rifle

The main things that amazon users liked about the air gun is fact that it is accurate, it is strong, has a good scope, it is light weight, and it is easy to reload the gun. For users who have used the Daisy 880, they loved it but they would still choose this anytime since it is more stronger, powerful and more lightweight. Most users preferred to use BBs as compared to pellets since it is difficult to get the pellets in and it might be hard to know the direction the pellets are facing. The main con is that the top rail is made of thinner plastic material. The other challenge is that buying accessories is a challenge since the picatinny rails are not a standard size as it is supposed to be.

Crossman Pneumatic Air Riffle BB gun

Upon purchase of the Crossman pneumatic air rifle BB gun, one gets a Crossman Firepower 5-shot pellet clip that takes shooting to another level as one can do multiple shots. Unlike the Black Ops junior BB gun that has a reservoir of 50BBs, this one has a reservoir of up to 350 BBs. This one should definitely be on everyones best bb gun list for many reasons.

Best BB Gun Rifle

It has been well made for convenience while using it and with the right features to make using accessories on it bliss. It has a stock that is adjustable and contains loop slots for a sling. It has a dual aperture rear sight with a sight adjustment tool. There is a hollow removable magazine under the receiver that is used for storage of screw driver that is used to adjust sights and it also stores spare pellet mag strip. It comes with 4 Picatinny rails, two on the front of the barrel, one on top of the receiver and one under the hand guard. Apart from that, it has accessory rails for mounting scope, flashlights, lasers, cameras as well as wind age and elevation adjustment tools. It has a lower velocity as compares to the 880 power line sniper rifle and black ops junior with a speed of a range of 600 to 625 feet per second. Unlike many other BB guns, this is a single action rifle which starts to work well after four pumps. In case of more safety while using it, there is a safety switch which can just be slid for safety. The adjustable front and rear sights can be used to control wind age and elevation as well as scope when removed.

What amazon users liked most about this rifle is the fact that it has adjustable stock and thus kids of any age can use it comfortably. They also loved the fact that they can use as many accessories as they wish and the accessories would fit perfectly. The main problem is as much as it has Picatinny rails some of the rails cannot be really used since they will interfere with the pumping action. These are the rails that are under the barrel and under the hand guard. The manufacturer has a limit of a maximum of ten pumps; it is not advisable to exceed that. The fact that it is made all plastic means that more care should be put for example where the butt stock joins the receiver is weak and can break the rear butt stock if one is not careful.

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