​Looking to add a little more to your man cave? Why not try an electronic dart board, not only is darts a wonderful game to play with friends but you can have fun playing it on your own, perfecting your skills. Unlike many other sports, you don’t need to be a professional or need extensive training to play darts. It’s all about hand-eye coordination and perfecting your aim and throw. When selecting an electronic dart board you want to make sure the board not only tallies your score properly but also is durable, like with any electronic product. We have the 5 best electronic dart board in the market you should consider.

5 Best Electric Dart Boards


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​Arachnid has established itself as one of the premier makers of electronic dart boards. The Cricket Pro 650 is more than just a dartboard as it comes with a cabinet and stands 7 feet tall. So you don’t need to worry about hanging it up or anything as it stands on its own. The standing cabinet provides you with a little extra storage room in the room and is black so it goes well in almost any room. 

When it comes to dart, the Cricket Pro 650 is no joke. It comes equipped with 24 games and 132 options that up to 8 players can enjoy at once. It has an LED screen that displays the scores and the target area is 15.5 inches. The device comes with a one year warranty so you can rest assured if there are any defects to it, which you shouldn’t really come across. Overall, if you are looking for a dartboard that will keep you and your friend entertained then this is it.


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​The Viper 777 is another dartboard that will keep everyone entertained becoming the life of a party. The dartboard features 43 games with over 300 options and can accommodate up to 8 players. That means you can easily host a dart tournament at your own place. It is the regulation 15.5 inches board that comes with an LCD that brightly highlights scores. The dartboard will stand out in any room as it has a black, white, blue and red color scheme. It has a voice output also that announces scores and can do so in Spanish and English.

The Viper 777 is a great option for anyone that wants to add a bit of fun in their game room and it isn’t too expensive either.

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​Unlike the previous two dart boards on our list, the Fat Cat 727 looks like your stereotypical basic dart board except it is electronic. The face of the board is smaller than the previous two at 13 inches which is not bad for beginners to start on. It comes with 6 soft tip darts which ensures that the darts stick to the board rather than fall off. You have the options to choose between 18 games and 96 different options. The screen displaying the score isn’t that big and is in the bottom right-hand corner but it does the job well.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

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​The Cricket Pro 800 is another great dartboard assembled by Arachnid. It is your regulation size dart board which comes with micro thin segment dividers that ensure the dart sticks to the board once it makes contact. The segments are made out of nylon so you know they will last. The board can host scores for up to 8 players and features both group and solo play options. The board even comes with a heckler feature which makes playing a little more interesting. You have the option to choose from 3 different levels of heckling to get you ready for those tournaments at your local bar. While the Cricket Pro 800 is a great option, one thing we didn’t like was the scoreboard and the fact that it wasn’t an LED screen.


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​The Franklin FS6000 won’t blow you away in terms of a number of games and variations but it serves the purpose of having a durable dartboard in your own home. The board is regulation size and quite durable. It comes with a mounting system so it won’t take you ages to mount it to a wall. It has a bright LED at the bottom of the board that displays the scores. It also has dart storage on the side of the board so you can easily mount the darts in the space once you are done playing. If you are looking for an average yet durable dartboard then the Franklin FS6000 is a great option.

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