Best Party Lights of 2020

What do all good parties have in common? Party lights of course! Whether your party is a backyard affair, or inside a hall, there is nothing like decorative lighting to put the sizzle into the scene. Perhaps you are planning a wedding event, a birthday event, a Halloween party, or just a fun get-together for friends and family. It’s your choice and you can do it your way, easily and affordably.

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Enthusium Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker

Enthusium Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker

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New Arrival 15-Color Disco Light

New Arrival 15-Color Disco Light

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Mirror Disco Balls Take on New Life

No longer are you limited to choosing the mirror style hanging disco ball. Today offers the best in technology in pulsing musical magical disco ball lights.

Many Choices in Musical Magical Disco Ball Lighting

The choices for party lights today go far beyond digging out last season’s holiday lights and stringing them up again in the middle of summer. Now there are some fantastic options that are low-cost, easy to put in place, long lasting, and best of all, they are dazzlingly beautiful.

Bluetooth-Enabled lighting

Are you going to have music at your party or event? You must look into Bluetooth-enabled disco ball lighting that will turn your party into a dynamic pulsing color bomb instantly!

Imagine entertaining your guests with a music-driven light show. That will be an unforgettable event for you and your guests, and so easy to pull off. These disco balls come in many colors and multi-colored units as well. They are so easy to set up and to take down after use. You will be very pleased with how easily these disco ball lights put that extra pizzazz into your party atmosphere.

Some disco light balls are equipped with varying modes, such as strobe, steady, adjustable intensity, romantic soft mode, and many others to make your party as individual as you are. You can pre-set the modes you want so lighting up your space will be a carefree experience.

Easy to Use

Music can be played via mp3 or other audio sources, and connected into your music broadcasting device. Simply plug it in, and let the party begin!

Lifespan - Made for Durability

Some units come with a guaranteed life span of up to 20,000 hours of fun! That equates to years upon years of fun. Look for a lighting unit that comes with a money-back guarantee so you can rest assured your investment is a sound one. These units are built to be able to be placed easily at the perfect spot and are portable so can be moved from place to place. You can easily hang them from a ceiling or other high vantage point for maximum effect.

New Arrival 15-Color Disco Light

New Arrival 15-Color Disco Light

Dance the night away with the New Arrival Disco Light now with 15 colors and more!It is an upgrade from a previous version adding a host of new features including sound activation, three different modes of operation, and monochrome or multicolor selection. Of particular value is the automatic mode that offers hands-free operation so that it runs hassle-free. The remote control also helps one just enjoy the experience without going to great lengths.

The New Arrival Disco Light 15-Color Disco Ball Light now has an upgraded central aura with color, music, flash, and sound activation modes complete with adjustable light movement and light brightness to fit any boogie situation.It is easy to use and a snap to attach to the ceiling or just place it on the floor.It is very bright, energy saving, very portable and has a life span of 20,000 hours.

Easy to Control

New colors are also easily selected with the remote. One can pick from monochrome or multicolor. The different modes can similarly be selected.The frenzied flash mode kicks things up a notch and the music mode adds that extra touch to the music one already loves. Using Bluetooth, the New Arrival Disco Light can also be connected to a smartphone to provide extra controls over the music where flashing lights enhance the experience.

Adds some flair to that birthday party, neighborhood party, dance party, wedding reception, karaoke, or virtually any occasion where people are inclined to dance.The New Arrival Disco Light 15-Color Disco Ball Light is a very affordable way to stand out in the world of dance parties.


The New Arrival Disco Light 15-Color Disco Ball Light is very, very affordable.It is also very energy efficient as well as light and portable.It offers remote control and many automated features that allow one to effortlessly enjoy the light and sound experience.


  • Now with 15 different colors that can be mixed

  • Two sound activation modes

  • Adjustable light movement speed

  • Light brightness adjustment

  • Easy to mount or install. Can be placed on the floor or a table

  • Monochrome mode (without color)

  • New upgraded central aura with color, music, flash, and automatic modes

  • Easy to use remote control to adjust colors and modes

  • Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and other devices

  • Can function as a stage light

  • Very light and portable

  • Very durable; lasts more the 20,000 hours

  • Vey energy efficient

  • Very affordable


  • Not waterproof for those outdoor occasions

  • Must be carefully placed to avoid collisions with dancers

Enthusium Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker

Enthusium Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker

Looking to spice up your disco party? The Enthusium Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker transforms your party into a fun and exciting experience with ease. Combining the best features of your typical colorful disco ball with modern speaker and control technologies, you’ll be able to play music in a variety of formats from across the room.

The color control can be completely operated from the remote, with four modes of operational spinning nine different colors around the room. Feel free to mix and match the colors you want!

Freedom to Party How You Want 

It’s tough when your speaker system only accepts one type of music format. The Enthusium Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker will play music from a San Disk, USB, MP3 Format, and even from your phone!

The easy to use interface on the speaker makes connecting and playing music super easy and quick. The speaker can connect with other devices to broadcast music and create sound-activated light shows. The higher the sound, the faster the lights rotate and flash while you party!

Remote Control Color and Music 

The remote has four modes of operation to control the LED lighting how you want – these are Auto Mode, Sound Activated Mode, Strobe Mode, and Flash Mode. You can control the light motor speeds, as well as the red, green, and blue light series to create beautiful color concoctions.

The Music 1, 2 and 3 options are all various automatic modes to control when the lights flash and move depending on the input from the music, making a unique experience for any kind of party. The speaker comes with a guide booklet to help you set everything up easily, and with 200,000 hours of playtime, you’ll be partying well into the future.


  • Remote control operation is simple and gives large flexibility to how you control the party.

  • All the different colors and modes of operation make the speaker exciting and vibrant, setting the atmosphere for the party.

  • Sound activation is a great way to spice up the action and make every dance different.

  • The variety of ways to connect to the speaker and play your music means nobody will missout onhaving their favorite tunes play.


  • Bright lights and flashing may cause headaches or vision issues if you stare at the globe for too long.

  • Robotic guidance voice can be a little difficult to understand.