5 Best Rotomolded Coolers of 2019

​Roto molded coolers keep ice cold for long periods of time. They also protect your perishable items from forest animals such as grizzly bears. That’s because roto molded coolers are made from a material called rotationally molded plastic. The process known as rotomolding makes sure that all of the cooler gets created with a thickened wall that don’t have any mistakes or imperfections. Roto molded coolers can also stand up to a lot of rough handling, including abuse from big, angry forest creatures like grizzly bears.

These type of coolers can last an extremely long time, almost a lifetime. When a manufacturer creates a roto molded cooler, they fully expect that the ones that they sell will be the last ones that their customers will ever need to buy. It is this tough grade product that causes organizations like the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee to certify roto molded coolers. Animal agency-certified coolers also make sure that the materials don’t hurt animals if they eat them.

You can use rotomolded coolers for more than a few activities and outing types. These include the following:

  • ​Action Sports
  • ​Camping
  • ​Fishing
  • check
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    Tailgating parties

​​​​​Unlike other types of coolers, roto molded coolers truly are the best when it comes to the durability and sturdiness of its material. While a roto molded cooler will cost more than most coolers in their class, they are still worth the added cost. Having a cooler that can protect your food and possessions against animals and the elements is so valuable to you as a customer that most people don’t mind having to pay more for roto molded coolers.

The Best Roto Molded Coolers For Ice

When it comes to keeping your ice, there are no better coolers than roto molded coolers. That’s because ice can stay in these coolers for up to 10 days. Ice retention allows you to keep your beverages cold. If you’re on a fishing trip, it keeps your fish from spoiling. Roto molded coolers will also keep your ice cold in extreme weather conditions. However, buyers should note that the weather conditions play a role in how long the ice in your roto molded cooler will keep.

Why Do They Call Roto Molded Coolers “High End?”

These coolers are called high end due to their price point. But due to their sturdiness and durability, it’s not hard to figure out why they have high prices. In addition to their roto molded plastic, these coolers have neoprene seals and insulation that keeps the cold air on the inside and the warm air on the outside. The majority of roto molded plastic is UV resistant these days. If you’re in the sun for a long period of time, the heat will not adversely affect the items inside of the cooler. Roto molded coolers will also not warp or become brittle because of exposure to the sun. Yet another great feature of roto molded coolers are the heavy latches that make them hard for animals to access and open.

Roto molded coolers have a rectangle shape that allows them to get hoisted into the back of your truck or boat while taking up very little space. These coolers have grips on their feet that let your cooler stay in place as your vehicle is moving. Roto molded coolers are also made to be leak proof, which means that your cooler’s contents won’t suffer from moisture damage if it topples over.

These coolers also weigh more than your average item in this class. For this reason, many of them come with a rope handle so that you can easily hold and transport them.

The 5 Best Roto Molded Coolers

Which roto molded cooler should you buy for your next fishing trip or tailgate party? This review will look at 5 roto molded coolers and will discuss which ones are the best value, the best for ice retention, and the best overall.

1. Orca Coolers

Orca coolers are great for avid outdoorsmen who want bear-proof items that hold up against the ups and downs of a life lived outdoors. These coolers also have great ice retention capabilities. In a famous consumer test, an Orca cooler was filled with ice and chilled beverages for five days in order to test its ice retention. When the five days were up, the testers found that the Orca coolers could keep holding ice for a few days after the testing ended. The testers found that the Orca cooler held its own against some of the giants in the roto molded cooler market, such as Yeti, Grizzly, and Pelican.

The Orca 58Qt

ORCA 58 Quart

​The Orca 58Qt is one of the more popular makes in the Orca roto molded cooler brand. This cooler may be larger and heavier than other smaller roto molded coolers, but its usability more than makes up for its small size. When the cooler is empty, it weighs a little more than 30 pounds. But that doesn’t stop the vast majority of owners from being able to hold it and carry it easily from place to place. The heavier weight doesn’t stop many owners from being able to carry it around by themselves. However, its extendable grip handles allow you and a friend to carry it between the two of you with no problem. The 58Qt has a flow drain spout that makes emptying the cooler of liquids an absolute breeze. There’s also a lifetime warranty on all Orca coolers, including the 58Qt, so you know that you’ll get a life’s worth of use from your Orca 58Qt roto molded cooler.

Roto molded cooler manufacturers put a lot of different selling techniques into the market. All of this to tell you about yourroto molded cooler options. Some manufacturers may try to lure you in with price while others want to sell you on the quality of their products. While the Engel coolers are not cheap when it comes to price, they’re less costly than market competitors like Grizzly or Yeti. However, Engel coolers will give you the same high level of quality that you’ll get from some of their more expensive counterparts.

Some consumer testers ran a five day ice test where they put some ice and chilled beverages in differentroto molded coolers to determine their ice retention capabilities. According to the testers, the Engel coolers held ice for 5 days, making it one of the best performers in the elite cooler class.

Engel Deep Blue coolers has the best insulators on the roto molded cooler market with its 2 inch insulated walls and interior made of plastic. The cooler features a gasket seal that’s not only freezer quality, but also air tight to boot. Because of this technology, you won’t have to worry about food spoiling before you get to your destination. It can withstand a lot of rough usage, bumps, tears, and other pressures. It’s even bear-proof. The Engel Deep Blue coolers come with a non-skidding lid with holes in the front corners where you can put the lid locks. The only con related to the Engel Deep Blue cooler is that many users have reported that the latches and lid aren’t nearly as easy to use as advertised. However, this issue is nothing that a little fiddling and problem solving won’t solve.

Yeti Tundra coolers are known all throughout the market for its exceptional quality. Unlike their cheaper competitors, the Yeti Tundra can resist all types of pavement and floors, sun and heat exposure, and weather conditions. All of this is due to their one-of-a-kind features that keeps everything within the cooler safe and intact for days, not just a few hours. On the Yeti Tundra, latches and hinges do not break and malfunction. Therefore, you’ll always have ease and convenience whenever you take your cooler outdoors.

In the five day ice test, the Yeti Tundra held ice for all five days with a medium amount of use. It even beat a couple of its well-heeled competitors in the roto molded cooler market. However, one con is that it wasn’t the best performer in the five day ice test. If you want a consummate performer that will hold your ice for days on end, you might want to look at the Engel Deep Blue cooler. But Yeti didn’t earn its reputation in the roto molded cooler market for nothing. When you buy a Yeti Tundra, you can still get a cooler that will hold your ice for up to a week with moderate use.

Pelican Elite ProGear

For over 50 years, Pelican ProGear has made its name by creating high-quality products that come equipped with top-of-the-line lighting systems. Recently they have even dipped their toe into the marine cooler market. The insulation found in Pelican Elite ProGear coolers is such that many merchant websites have put them on the top of their lists for the best in the entire market. They hold their own in their constant competition with tough opponents such as Yeti and Engel.

In the five day ice test, it turns out that the Pelican Elite ProGear was among the best performing coolers tested. This cooler easily held its ice for five days. Pelican’s manufacturer advertises that it can hold ice for up to 10 days. However, consumers should note that the Pelican Elite ProGear was the heaviest roto molded cooler that was tested.

The Pelican Elite ProGear comes with a gasket (freezer grade) and 2 inch insulators on the inside of the lid. Its two sets of handles allows you and a friend to transport the cooler without any trouble. The cooler’s latches are also wide enough that you can handle the cooler while wearing gloves.

The feet of the unit protects it from getting ugly scratches during rough usage. It won’t slip and slide, even during rough weather. The hardware’s construction is made of stainless steel that disallows corrosion. Lastly, the Pelican Elite ProGear comes with a lifetime guarantee on the cooler’s craftmanship and materials. The item’s cons include its weight and its expensive pricing.


In the five day ice test, the Siberian brand of roto molded coolers performed comparably to its competitors. It easily held ice for the five day testing period. The manufacturers advertise that these coolers can hold ice for up to 8 days.

The Siberian coolers holds 40 quarts of ice for up to 8 days. It is outfitted with beverage holders that are built into the cooler. The cooler is also strong enough that most people can sit on it.  It features hinges made of stainless steel, a freezer-grade gasket, and non-skidding pads. At less than $250, the Siberian is the best value for your dollar. At 18.5 pounds, it’s also extremely lightweight, so transporting the cooler from one place to another is very easy. Transport is also made simple due to its rope handles. The Siberian also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

If you like the idea of buying a Siberian cooler but want one that is bigger than 18 pounds, then consider their 64 quart cooler. It comes with all of the same features as its smaller cousin. The main difference is that it weighs 7 pounds heavier (25.5 pounds) than the 40 quart version. If you want great value at a slightly bigger size, then consider purchasing the Siberian 64 Quart Ice Chest.

Which Roto Molded Cooler Should I Buy?

That depends on what you are looking for in a roto molded cooler. While some customers want maximum ice retention, others want coolers that they can easily carry, and others are only looking for the best value. The great news for roto molded cooler customers is that there’s a cooler and cooler brand for every type of customer.

For customers that want maximum ice retention capabilities: These consumers should look no further than the Orca 58Qt cooler. It can hold ice for well over five days. If you’re taking an extended trip, look at Orca coolers.

For customers that want versatility: These customers will want the Engel Deep Blue cooler. Its technology will help keep your food and beverages fresh for days. Its hardware will also help the cooler withstand the roughest treatment.

For customers that want value: Look no further than the Siberian brand of coolers. Not only will purchasing this cooler not break the bank, but the smaller coolers in the brand won’t break your back when you carry it from place to place.

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