​Have you always dreamed about doing a quick, fun, and adventurous activity with your friends, couple, family or loved ones and haven’t quite found the one plan that properly fills all of your expectations? Then this article is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Tandem activities like bicycle riding always make up for a funny time when you can enjoy a different moment with your loved ones, and even get to learn a little bit more about one another. But if you’re looking for that extra, spicy and adventuroustouch, tandem kayak is just what you’re looking for, providing that adrenaline to make you and your companion feel more than alive during the ride.

Now, you may be thinking “alright, then all I have to do is to find a good tandem kayak and a companion to enjoy the best day of my life”, and while you may be right on that thought, finding the best kayak available isn’t quite so easy, and we will emphasize the need for your kayak to be the best there can be so that you can actually fulfill your dream and enjoy a ride that you will never forget.

Having said so, we’ll present you with three of the absolute best tandem kayak models currently available on the market, each with its own specifications so that you make the best of choices in order to have the best of experiences.

Lifetime 10 Foot Two Person Tandem Kayak


A paradise on earth to fishers, this two-person kayak includes everything you can possibly need for you to enjoy a day on the lake.Three fishing holders and paddle holders will allow your hands to be free if needed. This boat’s durability is provided by its heavy duty rigid board, a feature that helps it easily handling everyday use. If you love to spend extra time in the water, this model’s plush padded seat will allow you tocomfortably do it. With incredible storage space, its interior storage hatch provides you with a lot of space to place your gear and keep it safe. With the extreme confidence Lifetime puts on everyone of its products, especially double kayaks, a hugely impressivefive-year manufacturer’s warranty will be attached to this product so that you will feel as good as possible about itspurchase. Bring in a friend, or even two of them into this spacious and comfortable, foot rest friendly design to enjoy the best of adventures together. Often top rated tandem kayaks producer, you can be completely sure that Lifetime will provide you with the high-quality kayak that you need to have a great ride with your friends.

Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak

Being molded plastic and quite small, children best use this model. It does feature some good options for family use and flexibility, however. The adjustablefootrestsallow for an additional jump seat for a third person to join in the center of the boat. While this offers a nice touch, the real trophy is found in its storage space. This model includes two large storage hatches; one between each paddler leg, while also adding a third, smaller, sealed hatch in the middle of the boat, delivering additional storage if needed. For more gear, there is a deep compartment behind the back paddler covered with shock cord lashing. Being a sit on top model, this boat makes it easier to dump water out in case you happen to tip it, making it much easier to upright compared to traditional models.


One of the most popular choices among families, the banana look of this inflatable tandem kayak makes it a choice of love for kids and for some not so young people, too.Its visibility is highly increased by its bright yellow design and adds to kids’ safety. This double kayak was specially built for still water lakes and lazy rivers, where it can be given an expert use. This two-person kayak can be altered to fit your needs by effortlessly removing its seats, which, by being inflatable, mold to the shape of your body, making them some of the most comfortable seats there are and allowing for it use for more extended periods. By allowing to expertly maneuver and glide over the water, this double kayak is perfect not only for a ride with a partner, but also for solo adventures. Its lightweight design makes this boat easy to transport, either from your car or even between lakes. It’s a great option for beginners as its low-profile design makes it extremely stable. It also includes a skeg that can be removed, which brings help with direction for the boat to glide through the water in a straight line with no mayor difficulty.

Your final choice:

While every single one of the models presented above has its own strong and weak features, the choice you make should depend on exactly what you are looking for to fill your needs. Do you want to spend a whole day fishing or to go trough a week long tandem kayak adventure? The Lifetime model is the one you’re looking for. Would you rather a safe boat where to teach your kids the joy of river riding without having to worry too much about any possible accidents going on and where you could easily load absolutely every single gear that you could need? Then Sun Dolphin Bali’s product should be your choice of preference. Looking to enjoy the satisfaction and union of some heart warming family moments, epic banana boat pictures and calmed rides in the comfort of still waters, without having to worry about a heavy boat? Look no further than Intex Explorer’s kayak.

We will keep our eye on Lifetime’s kayak, being that it provides you with everything you could possibly need for that one adventure to make your day, or that calmed, friendly fishing day to let go all the week’s stress. Still, we’re completely sure that the choice you make will be the one to make your tandem kayak day one to remember.

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