Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Power Pack Review

Most people who play golf have a preference for either a laser rangefinder or a GPS. The Callaway Hybrid combines the strengths of both to give you a more accurate measurement of distance. Hence you don’t have to make any compromises by pairing a GPS with a laser rangefinder. The Callaway Laser Rangefinder takes the guesswork out by using pin seeker technology and lets you aim with confidence.

Every golfer needs either a laser or GPS for playing and all the top PGA tour players use the very best golf rangefinder in the market to practice their skills. It will help to speed up your game time because it automatically calculates distances for you. If you are 150 away from the pin but you always come 15 yards short, than that should teach you something.

There are a wide variety of golf rangefinders on the market, so it’s important to do your research before buying any of them. Because once you have tried one, you will never play golf without one again.

Having the Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder will not only drastically improve your game, but it will also speed up your overall game time. And you will be happy with yourself because you will play your shots more accurately thanks to this little device.

Let us have a complete look at this GPS Laser Rangefinder and learn everything you may want to know about it.

Product Specification & Features

The Callaway uses two different power sources for operation. The laser rangefinder is fuelled by a lithium battery which will last you one whole golf season. However, the GPS does require regular charging with a USB cord.

  • It can measure distances with a superior accuracy +/- 1 yard.
  • It can lock the pin from 300 yards away by using the pin acquisition technology.
  • ​It has a magnification range of up to six times, and the GPS comes with 30,000 preloaded golf courses.
  • ​It measures the accurate distance to the front, centre and back and it's extremely lightweight at 215 grammes.
  • ​It comes with its soft pouch which has a loop for the bag strap if you want to attach it to your bag.
  • The power pack comes with an extra battery (2 packs), a divot repair tool and a sleeve of chrome soft golf balls.
Callaway Hybrid GPS

Performance & Accuracy

We will assess the performance of the laser rangefinder and GPS individually so that we are sure that both the features work optimally. The laser rangefinder is extremely accurate and surprisingly makes a chirping sound for you, when it locks on the flag, in pin seeking mode. It can lock on to pins which are 300 yards away with accuracy. At the same time, it provides six times magnification of target measurements which are about 1000 yards away.

The GPS measures distance at +/-2 which is pretty standard. It is not the best GPS compared to others, but it goes a good job.

How Do I Use It?

Well, the Callaway Hybrid is pretty simple to use. The GPS in controlled with four button interface and once you switch it on, it takes a few minutes to connect to the satellite. After that you can choose the course, you are playing, and it will display the front, middle and back distances. You can also view the distance to hazards as well.

The laser rangefinder on the other hand just works by pressing the button to see the distances on the viewfinder. It doesn’t get any simple than that.

Why Choose the Hybrid

Many of you might question, “Do I need both? The laser and GPS for my game?” I would say that you might not need both at the same time, but there will be times when you would wonder about having one or the other. Anyone who plays golf on a regular basis can think of times when the laser would triumph the GPS and vice versa. You will require the GPS to play the blind shots, and the laser will be your best friend for accuracy.

So, getting yourself the hybrid would be a wise choice. Plus you get to save money as well by buying one product instead of two individual ones.


  • It combines two technologies in one, thus giving you more chances of hitting your shots accurately
  • You don’t have to carry a GPS and laser rangefinder individually if you have the Callaway Hybrid.
  • The cost of the laser and GPS are almost double than the Callaway hybrid.
  • It comes with a carry case so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and can secure it safely.
  • The leather pouch can be attached to your bag, so you don’t have to carry it around.
  • The eyepiece focus can be adjusted to your level of vision.
  • It is extremely light weight and will fit easily into an average golfer’s hand.
  • If you forget to charge the GPS, the laser rangefinder will still work because it is powered individually.
  • It comes with 30,000 preloaded golf courses.
  • There is no fee to download, and you don’t have to pay any fee for subscriptions.
  • It uses the pin acquisition technology to lock on to the flag instead of the trees behind it.
  • You get two free batteries with the power pack and also three chrome soft golf balls.


  • The GPS is not an exceptional one regarding performance. It functions as well as any standard one in the market.
  • The GPS requires 2 minutes to boot up because once it turns off, you will need to reboot it and start again from finding the golf course. This can be pretty annoying.
  • Because the laser and GPS both have different sources of power, it is easy to forget to charge the GPS.




Whether you decide to buy yourself a golf rangefinder or not, but do try it out because you will not want to play golf without one ever again.

You can read more about this particular design on the following websites, and some are even giving you the option to rent it, so you can try it before you buy it.

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