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6 Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

6 Best Digital and Manual Goniometers of 2019

A goniometer, pronounced (gō'nē-om'ĕ-tĕr), is an instrument used to measure angles, particularly range of motion angles of a joint. The origins of the word goniometer is Greek - gonia means angle and metron means measure. Goniometers have been used since 1780. They measure range of motion, determine direction, and measure an object’s dimensions and they are a fairly simple design.

Used frequently in physical therapy, goniometers are generally clear plastic, but you can find metal ones and most read both inches and centimeters, usually in one degree increments, but can be in any increment from 1 to 10. Goniometers are used for flexion and extension, abduction and adduction, and also for rotation in the neck, elbow, wrist, shoulder, and spine.

Goniometric stage is another name for a goniometer. Goniometers are like linear stages. Linear stages partially rotate around a fixed point above the mounting surface. There are different sizes of goniometers to measure range of motion. For joints like hips and knees, there are larger sizes. For joints like fingers and hands, smaller sizes are available. Goniometers have two “arms” - a stationary arm and a moveable one - and a fulcrum with hash marks on the center to read precise measurements.

A bubble inclinometer has a 360 rotating dial and scale with fluid indicator and are generally used for measuring the hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder. There is also a laser goniometer used to measure the sharpened angle of a knife blade. It works by reflecting a low powered laser beam from the facets of a cutting edge.

The most universal is the traditional goniometer, which consists of three parts. The body of a traditional goniometer is designed like a protractor with a measuring scale around the body. On the half circle model, the scale extends from 0º to 180º and 180º to 0º. One the full circle models, the scale measures from 0º to 360º and 360º to 0º. The other two features of the traditional goniometer are the stationary and moving arms. The stationary arm is just that - it does not move independently of the body. The moving arm attaches to the fulcrum with a rivet or screw-like device allowing the arm to move on the body.

Comparison Chart for the Best Goniometers

BrandTypeAccuracyMeasuring RangePrice
MedigaugeDigital+/- 0.5°Full 360°$$$
Elite Medical InstrumentsManual+/- 1°Full 360°$$
Elite Medical InstrumentsManual+/- 1°Full 360° & 180°$$
Every ReadyManual+/- 1°Full 360°$
PrestigeManual+/- 1°Full 360°$
Complete MedicalManual+/- 1°Full 360°$

How to use a Goniometer

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers
Best Digital and Manual Goniometers
  • Place the goniometer over the fulcrum of the joint.
  • Place the stationary arm of the goniometer along the stationary line of the body and the movable arm on the moving part of the body.
  • ​Move the joint in the desired direction to the fullest extent of motion, following the movement with the movable arm of the goniometer. Make sure the stationary arm stays straight.
  • Stabilize the stationary part of the body. This is the part of the body that is proximal (closer to the midline of the body) to the joint you are testing. It is important that not to move the body while moving the joint; this step isolates the joint movement for a more accurate measurement.
  • ​Look at the reading on the goniometer before removing it. Make sure that you take an accurate reading of the degree of motion on the goniometer, and that you consistently use the same stationary and movable landmarks when measuring, to ensure consistency. Be sure to record the range of motion for the joint.

What to look for in a good goniometer

If your purpose for purchasing a goniometer is for joint flexibility, your selection will generally be dictated by the joint angle you are measuring. There are many different goniometer arm lengths, and each is geared for a different joint. Longer arm lengths are needed when measuring bigger joints, like hips, knees, elbows, and shoulders. Shorter instruments are needed for measuring smaller joints like fingers, ankles, and wrists.

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

Aside from the arm length, you should pay attention to construction. You want to be sure the fulcrum is sturdy and doesn’t have too much give, so it doesn’t slip out of place while measuring. And you want to be sure you have a goniometer made of a sturdy, but slightly flexible plastic or metal. Transparent plastic is somewhat helpful for reading the hash marks clearly.

  • Proper length for joint
  • Measurements at least 1 degree increments
  • Sturdy fulcrum
  • ​Constructed in plastic or metal
  • Lightweight

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

1. Medigauge Electronic Digital Goniometer for Orthopaedics, Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Animal Science, Occupational Therapy OT, Physical Therapy PT, Research

Technical Specs:

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers
  • Dual 10 inch/250 mm blades with center line and inch and metric graduations
  • Transparent poly fiber blades permit easy location of joint axis and unobstructed observation of movement
  • ​Latex free and hypoallergenic poly fiber blades are easily sanitized after use
  • ​Measuring range: full 360° when rotated in either direction
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5° (half of one degree)
  • Battery: 3 volt CR 2032 installed with extra included
  • Battery life: typical use approx. 1 year

The Medigauge Electronic Digital Goniometer is designed by therapists for therapists. Containing dual 10 inch or 250 mm poly fiber blades with a centerline and English metric graduations, it is one of the most reliable digital goniometers on the market. This goniometer is not only useful to physical and occupational therapist, but also aids anyone in animal science, sports medicine, orthopedics, and even for performing research.

The Medigauge digital goniometer is easy to learn and use, and gives you highly accurate, repeatable and reliable joint measurements. From the “zero” setting it measures 360° in both directions. Relative “zero” can be set at any point in the arc. Degrees re displayed in .05 degree increments (5 hundredths of degree) and has an accuracy of +/-.5 degrees (half of a degree). The transparent poly fiber blades make it easy to locate the joint axis and gives you an unobstructed observation of movement, and the hypoallergenic blades are easily sanitized after each use.

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

Compact and lightweight, the Medigauge digital goniometer has a large LCD screen that displays continuously while the blades are adjusted. The “hold” function keeps you from forgetting a measurement. WIth normal use, the 3V lithium ion battery will last one year. To help save the battery life, the unit powers down after five minutes of nonuse. With your purchase, the Medigague goniometer comes with one battery already installed and one extra battery.


  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Easy to use read
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Large for smaller joints
  • Adult size only

2. EMI Goniometer 3 Piece Set 12" , 8" , 8" Spinal: 3 Pieces

Technical Specs:

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers
  • 360° coverage in 1 degree increments
  • 12” Goniometer
  • ​8” Goniometer
  • ​8” Spinal goniometer
  • Clear plastic
  • Large numbers

The EMI Goniometer 3 piece set comes with a 12” goniometer, an 8” goniometer, and an 8” spinal goniometer. Designed to measure range of motion, it is perfect for physical therapy professionals and students or even just for your personal use. You’ll get 360° coverage in 1 degree increments to measure joint angles and also to compare the changes in the joint angles.

All three goniometers are made of clear, durable plastic with large, easy to read numbers. The clear plastic makes it easy to observe the joint’s axis of motion and range of motion. Located on the arm of the device, the large numbers measure in both inches and centimeters. Ensuring International STandards of Measurement accuracy, the head of all three goniometers measure in one degree increments.


  • No batteries
  • 2 different goniometer sizes
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable, flexible plastic


  • 8” Goniometer has an arrow that obscures reading
  • 8” Goniometer less sturdy than 12”

3. EMI Pocket 3 Piece Goniometer Set: Finger Goniometer, 6" Goniometer, 180 Degree 6" Goniometer

Technical Specs:

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers
  • 1 Finger goniometer
  • 6” Round goniometer
  • ​180° 6” Goniometer
  • Plastic flexion-hyper extension
  • Conforms to ISOM standards

The EMI Goniometer 3 piece set comes with a finger goniometer, 6” round goniometer, and a 180° 6” protractor goniometer. All are made of durable, clear plastic and have large numbers making it easy to read. They all also have a five inch linear scale calibrated in both inches and centimeters that conform to ISOM standards. Ideal for any clinic, physical therapist, medical professional, healthcare facility, it is also suited for use as a resource to measure recovery right after injuries.

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

Plastic flexion-hyper extension clear plastic finger goniometer attributes and simple to read scale, markings for up to 20 degrees hyperextension and a hundred and twenty degrees of flexion.

The 6” protractor goniometer is designed to clearly measure a patient’s joint’s variety of movement. It has 180° coverage to measure joint angles and compare any changes in joint angles. Translucent plastic allows for easy observation of joint’s axis of motion, and its range of motion. One arm has a linear scale in inches and centimeters. Scale reads 1° increments.

The 6" protractor goniometer is used to measure the patient's range of motion and features a full 360 degree range in single degree increments. With large text and easily readable, it is perfect for your physical therapy needs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Set includes a variety of sizes


  • Small size

4. Ever Ready Plastic 12" Goniometer 360 Degree

Technical Specs:

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers
  • 360 degree head
  • 3 scales calibrated to be used with the ISOM system
  • ​Scale reads 1 degree increments
  • Clear plastic
  • Measurements in inches and centimeters

The EverReady First Aid 12” goniometer with 360 degree coverage in one degree increments to ensure ISOM accuracy. The head and both arms of the goniometer have inch and centimeter measurements. Clear plastic permits observation of joint’s range of motion and axis of motion.

Use this goniometer to measure the flexibility of a joint, which is important for injury prevention and execution of many sporting movements. A goniometer is often used in patients who have limitations of movement due to muscle tightness, joint stiffness or other conditions affecting their joint range of motion. The results of measurement is often written on the "Objective" portion of the physical therapist (PT) notes. It is written as numbers followed by the "degrees" sign. For example, hip flexion 120o.

Measuring range of motion in the joints of the body with the stationary arm, protractor, fulcrum, and movement arm to measure angle from axis of the joint. As measurement results will vary by the degree of resistance, it’s a good idea to record two levels of range of motion results.


  • Easy to use and read
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable

5. Prestige Medical Plastic Goniometer 360 Degree

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

Technical Specs:

  • 360 degree head
  • Scale reads 1 degree increments
  • ​Inch and centimeter measurements
  • Clear plastic
  • ​12” Goniometer

The Prestige Medical 12” protractor goniometer is designed to measure the range of motion in anyone’s joints. It’ made of clear, heavy-gauge lexan plastic for durability and has large text to make it easy to read axis of motion and range of motion.

Prestige’s goniometer measures a full 360 degree range in single, one degree increments. Inch and centimeter measurements are also printed on the arm. Use this goniometer to measure the range of motion in your knee joint, shoulder, or even hip joint.

Prestige even gives you a guide for gauging angles.


  • Durable lexan plastic
  • Inexpensive


  • Measurements only on one side

6. Transparent 8" Plastic Goniometer 360 Degree Protractor Style

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

Technical Specs:

  • 360° sweeping protractor arm
  • Transparent plastic
  • Calibrated head to 0° to 180°
  • Large text

Complete Medical gives you a traditional goniometer you can use for flexion and extension, abduction and adduction. The least expensive model on our list, this instrument has a 360° sweeping protractor arm movement - a linear moving arm with both inch and centimeter measurements. This goniometer head is calibrated to 0° to 180° in 5° increments and has 3 scales calibrated for use with the ISOM system.

Constructed in sturdy plastic with a transparent body for repetitive use and easy body placement.

large, easy to read text and numbers. WIth text and numbers on one side of the instrument only this goniometer may be a little less useful for those needing measurements on both arms. To measure the range of motion at a joint, the center of the goniometer is positioned at the axis of rotation of a joint, and the arms of the goniometer are aligned with the long axis of the bones of the adjacent segments or to an external reference.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy, transparent body
  • Inch and centimeter measurements


  • Numbers on one side only


Aside from the options listed here, there are now apps for your smartphone or other portable device. These devices can measure changes in position using the gyroscopic and accelerometer technology. By placing the phone in the right position on your joint, moving through its available range of motion, the app will measure the amount of motion that just occurred around that joint.

There are even goniometers that measure range of motion while you move - these are generally strapped to your body part. These options are fairly cost prohibitive. A traditional goniometer is usually all you need.

Best Digital and Manual Goniometers

When you’re looking to increase your joint flexibility, you may want to approach your therapeutic recovery methodically. Using a goniometer, you can regularly measure your flexibility to determine whether your rehabilitation program is working. Maybe you need to improve your shoulder joint rotation - the adduction and horizontal adduction. Maybe you need to strengthen the joint flexibility in your fingers. Regardless of which joint you are improving or maintaining the flexibility on, you can keep track of your progress with a goniometer.

Before you begin any physical routine to increase your flexibility, you should always consult a professional. While you can take measurements and track your progress, a professional should be making the decisions on what program will work for your particular issue and joint. Avoiding additional strain or injury should be your goal and your doctor or physical therapist can assist with that.

Naväge Nose Cleaner Review

Naväge Nose Cleaner Review

A new product on the market to clear your sinuses is the Naväge Nose Cleaner. Unlike Neti Pots and other nasal irrigation systems, the Naväge washes and moisturizes the inside of your nose with a gentle powered suction to pull the saline through the nasal cavity. Many countries already recommend nasal hygiene as a standard of care. Keeping your nasal passages clear and moist is an important factor in preventing nasal inflammation and irritation.

Nasal irrigation helps treat sinus congestion and stuffiness that results from any number of causes, including allergies and colds. Naväge flushes out everything like dust, pollution, and pollen, and even dried encrustations. Using Naväge will give you a cleaner nose, which will help you breathe better after each use.

Navage Nasal Care Essentials Bundle

Like a Neti Pot or other irrigation systems, Naväge sends a saline rinse through one nostril, where it flows to the back of the nasal cavity and makes a u-turn at the gap between the nasal septum and rear nasal wall. The saline then travels back to the front and out the other nostril.

The saline, or SaltPod capsule, consists of salt and water. Naväge uses purified pharmaceutical grade sea salt that contains over 99.99% sodium chloride. Naväge water goes through a purification process consisting of carbon filtration, double deionization, UV sterilization, and sub-micron finishing filter. Each SaltPod is mixed with 8 oz. of water to create the perfect mixture of salt and water to prevent any nasal burning or stinging.

Naväge Nose Cleaner:

Naväge Nose Cleaner Review
  • Naväge is the world’s only nasal irrigator with gentle powered suction.
  • Naväge SaltPods are Nature's Decongestant - fast, drug-free relief from sinus congestion.
  • ​Clinically proven to relieve congestion due to allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, common cold, dry air, pollution, etc.
  • ​Helps relieve snoring and improve sleep. Breathe better now, breathe better forever!
  • Naväge SaltPod® Capsules: Made in the USA of the purest ingredients.

Naväge suggests you irrigate your sinuses twice a day, but is safe enough to use more frequently. And for those who are hesitant about using the system, it is not as difficult as you think and the clean feeling you get afterwards will win you over quickly.

What causes nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion and sinus occurs when nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels become swollen with excess fluid, causing that stuffy feeling. Nasal discharge or a runny nose does not always accompany the congestion. Congestion and nasal pressure can be caused by infections like cold, the flu, and sinusitis. Allergies and other irritants like tobacco smoke cause your nose to run. Some people have a runny nose for no apparent reason, called nonallergic rhinitis or vasomotor rhinitis. With any one of these issues, the membranes lining your nasal passages become inflamed and irritated. You begin to create more mucus to flush out the irritant, like pollen. Another, less common, cause of nasal congestion is caused by polyps or tumors.

Causes of nasal congestion:

Naväge Nose Cleaner Review

Treat Nasal Congestion with Naväge

The main thing to focus on when you feel stuffy is keeping your nasal passages moist. Avoid drying them out, which will just irritate them more. You can use a humidifier, take a steam bath/shower, and drink lots of fluids to keep and get moisture in your nasal passages. Or you can use a nasal irrigation system, like the Naväge Nose Cleaner. The goal of any of these systems i to prevent your nasal passages from becoming so infected you require nasal surgery.

Many people like to use nasal sprays. Nasal sprays are a great quick fix, but should not be used for more than 3-5 days in a row. Overusing nasal sprays causes a phenomenon called rebound nasal congestion, or rhinitis medicamentosa. Nasal spray contain chemicals that shrink congested blood vessels, opening up your clogged passages. After using every day for multiple days, your blood vessels don’t respond to the medication anymore. The best combat for rhinitis medicamentosa is nasal irrigation. You cannot overuse nasal irrigation.

Using Naväge Nose Cleaner:

  • Fill the upper tank to the fill line with warm water
  • Place a new SaltPod capsule in the crushing chamber, foil side down
  • ​Close the lid firmly until it clicks
  • Gently shake the system to mix the water and SaltPod in the upper tank
  • ​Push the power button halfway and the suction starts. Push it all the way for the drain valve to open and saline to flow out of the nose pillow.
  • Check the suction with your finger.
  • ​Slip nose pillows into your nostrils so the tips are not blocked and fit snugly. Adjust the stems to find a comfortable fit.
  • Once cycle is initiated back off a little to increase flow.
  • ​Relax, stand up straight with head erect and breathe through your mouth.
  • ​The cycle is complete when the upper tank is empty.
  • Release the power button and remove the pillow from your nostrils.
  • ​Gently blow your nose to remove any excess saline.
  • Twist off the bottom tank, empty, and clean the entire device.

  • Safe, natural sea salt saline
  • Gentle suction pulls saline through nasal passages
  • Cleaner to use than other nasal irrigation systems
  • Helps prevent rebound nasal congestion


  • Little bit of a process to prepare system
  • Needs hand cleaning after each use to prevent salt build-up
  • A bit pricey for system and SaltPod refills

Buying Naväge

If you are shopping for a Naväge system, you can visit the Naväge website online store. Naväge has a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy. Be sure to read the fine print, as there are circumstances Naväge will not refund.

A smart shopping tip is to buy a bundle that includes multiple SaltPod packs and pay attention to the shipping and return policy. For other purchase options, use your web browser to search for Naväge as prices can vary depending on which store you go to. It’s not cheap to look for the lowest price on a product that is exactly the same as the higher priced version, especially if you are on a strict monthly budget.

5 Best Golf Rangefinders

5 Best Golf Rangefinders of 2019

A quality rangefinder can make a world of difference when you’re on the golf links. You must look carefully at the different types of golf rangefinders that are on the market today if you want to enjoy the most out of your golfing experience. This is especially important when you consider the three basics that come with using a quality rangefinder.

Basic Comparison

ProductOpticsRangeAccuracyOther Features
Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangerfinder Power Pack6x5 to 1000 yards+/- 1 yard from 300 yardsGPS system for reading courses, displays for bunkers and water
Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Golf Laser7x550 yards to 1 mile+/- 0.5 yards or +/- 1 angle of slopeJolt technology locks onto the pin, only the closest pin is identified
Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder5x10 to 1000yards+/-1 yard from 300 yards or +/- 1 angle of slopeJolt technology, ergonomic body with rubber grip
Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangerfinder6x400 yards+/- 1 yardLifetime replacements on 3-volt battery available
Premium Golf Rangefinder by SereneLife6x5.5 to 546.2 yards+/- 1 yardComes with its own carrying case, easy to grip, works quickly

Three Critical Aspects to See

A range finder must come with three key points for it to work well:

  • It must have quality optics that makes it easier for you to see things on a course. This includes the ability to zoom in to certain spaces.
  • It needs a proper range. This refers to how far it can detect things.
  • Accuracy is also critical to the success of a rangefinder. It must be designed to where it can identify certain items within a very specific distance.

The best golf rangefinders for 2017 are from many of the world’s top companies. Here is a closer look at five great choices that deserve to be noticed.

Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Power Pack

Best Golf Rangefinders

Technical Specs

  • 6x magnification
  • Range from 5 to 1000 yards
  • ​Accurate by 1 yard from 300 yards away
  • ​GPS support system included
  • 7.6 ounces
  • Rechargeable lithium battery


The Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder is designed to quickly identify a variety of items on a golf course. Designed with an ergonomic grip, this model uses a strong design that comes with its own digital display screen inside the viewfinder and a separate one on the outside for GPS-related readouts.

As the laser system identifies items, the laser rangefinder will send a report to the user based on the approximate yardage to a pin. This is done with accuracy from about 300 yards away at the most. It can also read bunker and water sections and give off an accurate review on how far away such obstacles may be from the user.

The GPS system is a very popular feature on this model. With the GPS system, the user can get information on more than 30,000 golf courses from around the world. This works with no downloads or subscription fees.

The GPS system can work on a golf course to identify the location that the laser range finder is at and then create reports on distances to different spaces in real time. Information on carry distances and layup totals to doglegs and other obstacles are listed on the external display screen.

This also comes with a water and fog-proof body. The laser unit will not be at risk of clouding up or being damaged from a small bit of rain.

Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders

Technical Specs

  • Accurate by 0.5 yards
  • Identifies objects from 550+ yards with a range of up to 1 mile
  • ​Slope measurements are within 1 degree
  • 7x magnification
  • ​Uses 3-volt 123 battery


The Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt features the PinSeeker with Jolt technology system. This vibrates the range finder when it identifies the pin. This allows the laser to zero in on the pin to identify its location. It works quickly after the proper lever for triggering the laser signal is activated.

The Slope Technology system is used by Bushnell to identify the height of the pin versus where the user is standing. On this part of the golf laser rangefinder, it reviews the slope within one degree of accuracy. This allows the user to get a clear idea of how much or how little power is needed to compensate for a high or low spot.

While the range on this laser golf rangefinder is extensive, it only reports on the closest item to the user at a given time. This ensures that only the pin on the proper hole is to be read even if two separate pins are noticed at the same time.

The Vivid Display Technology or VDT system also creates a clear display. This allows for light to move into the lens quickly. This allows for a better view of the course in any light. This works well in a variety of situations to give the user added control over how the course can be viewed in any spot.

Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders

Technical Specs

  • 5x magnification
  • Range of 10 to 1,000 yards
  • ​Accurate within 1 yard from 300 yards out
  • Accurate slope readouts within 1 degree
  • 3-volt battery used


Like the other Bushnell product listed here, this also uses PinSeeker technology with the Jolt system. This scan mode helps the user identify what is in an area and lets the user know when to stop searching. This comes from vibrations that are felt when an item is found in a spot. The Scan mode also provides a consistent LCD display while looking across the landscape. It gives out a consistent readout that is easy to follow and allows the user to compare distances from a variety of angles in the same spot.

The Slope technology system is also included in this Bushnell Tour rangefinder. It identifies the slope based on the height between the user and the pin. This works within 1 degree up or down of accuracy to give the user an idea of how much power is needed to make a shot work. This especially reviews the approximate yardage of a desired shot based on that slope.

It also uses an ergonomic body that can be held in either hand. This makes for one of the easiest rangefinders to use on the market today. The rubber grip also provides a good feel that keeps it in the user’s hand and will not slip out easily when used right.

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders

Technical Specs

  • Accurate within 1 yard as distances are measured by 1/10th of a yard
  • 6x magnification
  • 400 yard range
  • 3-volt battery; lifetime replacements available


Precision Pro Golf made this model that provides an accurate reading every time it is in use. It offers Adaptive Slope Technology to review slope and non-slope readouts. This is based off of how the pin seeker identifies the distance from the user to the pin as well as the height.

The TAG or Target Acquisition Technology system also helps with identifying what is in a field of view. This locks onto a target as it is found. When used right, it shows where the pin is without showing what is behind the pin.

The Pulse Vibration Technology feature on this golf range finder also creates a pulse when it is locked onto a target. This lets golfers know what spot has to be targeted at a certain time. The golf laser works well with a clear readout to find the pin with ease.

It is also made with a water-resistant and shock-proof body. The device can keep on working no matter what shocks it gets into like when someone drops the rangefinder. It also works even when there is a small bit of fog or moisture in the air. It provides a smart setup that is not too hard to use.

Premium Golf Rangefinder by SereneLife

Best Golf Rangefinders

Technical Specs

  • 6x magnification
  • 5.5 to 546.2 yard range
  • ​Accurate within 1 yard
  • 3V battery used
  • Weighs 0.4 pounds


Designed with an amazingly lightweight body, the Premium Golf Rangefinder by SereneLife offers a powerful setup. It uses a simple button to trigger its functions. It runs fast without being too complicated. It especially uses a clear lens that makes it easier for the user to find

This model uses a smart pin seeker to identify the shape of a pin and the flag inside it. This reviews the closest flag in an area to make it easier for the unit to work.

The range on this unit is rather extensive as it can read items from more than 500 yards out. It is especially accurate within a single yard. This is great enough to make it easier for a readout to work the right way without being too complicated.

This is especially sturdy and easy for anyone to handle. It even comes with its own special carrying case that fits in perfectly. It does not bump around inside its storage sleeve. This offers a comfortable body that is easy to use. It is strong enough to work in many situations and yet simple enough to where it won’t wear out quickly or let the user down in some way.


When it comes to finding the best golf rangefinders of 2017, you have to look carefully to see that you’ve got a model that is strong enough to read everything on the slope without being too tough to use. You have to check on how a rangefinder operates based on how easy it is for you to operate it and how quickly it can find a target.

The options listed here all have their own special benefits that make each option beneficial for your golfing demands. You should look carefully at these among other valuable points that make such a rangefinder an ideal item to have for your needs:

  • They can zoom in to your target of interest quite well.
  • They can also work with an extensive range in mind. This includes seeing that a target can be spotted from an extensive distance.
  • The accuracy on these rangefinders is especially impressive. Depending on the model you choose, you will have something that works within a few yards or a couple of degrees.
  • Display scan make a real difference when looking to find something that works for you. This includes looking at how well a device can real out yardage totals and other signs at a given time. This helps with getting information out properly and without problems.
  • ​The batteries are also noteworthy for how they are easy to start up. They can be replaced or recharged quickly if needed.
  • Don’t forget about the grips. They are strong and easy to carry around without being too hard on your hands.

Make sure when looking for the right golf range finders that you choose these options in particular. You may be amazed at how well they can work and how easy it is for you to get the best possible shot while on any course.

7 Best Tennis Elbow Braces, Sleeves, & Bands

7 Best Tennis Elbow Braces, Sleeves, & Bands of 2019

There are a number of situations you may find yourself in need of a tennis elbow brace. Whether you’re a tennis player with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), a golfer with golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), or you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you may need to buy a tennis elbow brace. Tennis elbow is a common overuse injury characterized by pain on the lateral (outer) part of the elbow and the pain can get so bad the mobility of the hands and wrists are impaired.

After an injury or surgery, while in physical therapy, your goal is to reduce the inflammation and support the tendons and forearm muscles. Your physical therapist may have recommended the use of a flexible band that provides pressure to the underlying tissue - or a tennis elbow band, brace, or sleeve. With so many tennis elbow treatments, it’s important to understand all of your options. Let’s explore the difference and benefits of each option - band, sleeve, and brace.

A tennis elbow brace works by giving support which aids in rehabilitating tendons and muscles over time. The overworked tendon gets relief from a brace that redistributes pressure by sitting below the elbow. Braces are best used while participating in the activity that causes the pain. Braces should be worn less and less as your elbow heals.

Tennis elbow bands are similar to braces. They also redirect the stressful forces away from the injured area. Bands reduce pain while protecting the healing area. Bands are placed around the widest part of your forearm and are best used while participating in the activities the cause the pain.

Tennis elbow sleeves cover the elbow tendon and joint. Sleeves provide pressure to the tendons and muscles, reducing strain and allowing the tendon to heal while easing the pain. Providing compression to the elbow and tendons. Elbow sleeves can be effective when used in conjunction with an elbow brace or band. Elbow sleeves may be used both when active or inactive.

Here you can find a comparison of 7 different products that can help you choose the right product for you.

Overall Comparison of 7 Best Elbow Braces, Sleeves, & Bands 2017

Product NameCopper Compression Recovery Elbow SleeveKunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support SleeveDashSport Compression Elbow SystemBandIT Therapeutic Forearm BandWIMI Arm Support SIMIEN Tennis Elbow BraceE’Fit Shop Elbow Braces with Compression Pad
TypeSleeveSleeve + BraceSleeve + BraceBandSleeve + BraceBraceBrace
FabricCopper-embedded nylon4-way stretch fabricCopper nylon fabricNylon and neoprene
Additional InformationGenuine copper ionsFree Bonus Guide2-pack SweatbandE-book2-pack

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Technical Specs

  • Up to 88% copper-embedded nylon
  • Odor resistant
  • ​Uses genuine copper ions (Cu+ and Cu++) rather than copper ioxide (Cu2O)
  • ​Available sizes: small, medium, large, x-large, and 2x-large
  • ​Product dimensions: 14 x 6 x 0.5 inches

Providing excellent support to the elbow joint and muscles for all of your athletic enterprises as well as when simply performing regular activities. Perfect for a variety of activities and through all seasons. Support for workouts, golfers and tennis elbows, arthritis, and tendonitis. With a snug yet flexible fit and comfortable fabric, this sleeve gives you all day support and comfort - it is even great to sleep in. It keeps your muscles and joints warm while retaining your range of motion.

With the highest quality copper and genuine copper ions, you are getting actual copper in your sleeve. Copper has also been shown to have anti-microbial qualities. This sleeve has the highest copper content when compared to other sleeve on the market. The copper is infused into the fabric of this elbow sleeve.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces


  • Supports stiff and sore muscles
  • Cheaper than similar sleeves
  • ​Keeps joint and muscles warm
  • Retains your range of motion to work and strengthen your muscles

Tennis elbow sufferers know need to keep moving to recover, and this brace gives you the support you need to move, work, and strengthen your muscles. Activity and mobility is very important to a healthy lifestyle and for those with arthritis, injury, or inflammation you can keep active and mobile with the compression elbow sleeve. Whether you are young or old, into extreme sports or walking the mall, the copper compression elbow sleeve provides optimal articulation and muscle support.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Technical Specs

  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Anti-roll when properly fit
  • Fabric doesn’t become sticky with continuous use
  • Available sizes: x-small, small, medium, and large

Kunto Fitness has created a specialized fabric with 4-way stretch capability and breathable comfort. Even with constant use, this sleeve keeps your arm stickiness-free. The fabric won’t roll like most elbow braces - it has superior fit without the slip.

Compression offers strong support all day. For joint pain, arthritis, or other injuries, this is a universal compression sleeve brace from Kunto Fitness. For effective management of joint pain as well as for stimulating recovery from any elbow injury, this sleeve freely flexes with your arm to improve performance.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces


  • Strong all-day compression support
  • Relieves joint pain
  • ​Stimulates recovery
  • Protects without causing inflammation or irritation

The Kunto Fitness Tennis Elbow Brace is a great brace for protecting you without causing inflammation, irritation, or other health problem. Providing excellent relief from most joint and muscle pains with its comfortable build, you can continue to perform your daily activities as well as all of your training regimens.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Technical Specs

  • Copper nylon fabric
  • Itch and odor resistant
  • ​Flat-lock seam stitching
  • ​Anti-Bacterial properties
  • Compression sleeve has snug fit and gentle compression
  • ​Fully adjustable elbow brace
  • Available sizes: small, medium, large, x-large

The DashSupport Compression Elbow System offers complete support. The system comes with a premium quality compression sleeve and premium elbow brace designed to work together to give you as much support and relief as possible. DashSupport also includes an instruction guide on best practices, resources and other methods show to work for tennis elbow sufferers.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces


  • All day support and recovery
  • Provides light to strong targeted support
  • ​Keeps you warm in cold temperature and cold in hot temperatures
  • ​Flexible mobility without chafing or skin irritation
  • Helps fight muscle fatigue

DashSupport Compression Elbow System gives you a compression sleeve and an elbow brace, which can be used together or separately and on either arm. All athletes wear protective gear, and this sleeve offers support and protection for everyone. Compression elbow sleeves are also known as basketball shooters sleeves

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Technical Specs

  • Hook and loop strap around two padded compressors
  • Athletic therapy device for forearm use
  • ​Adjustable fit
  • ​Uses selective pressure to turn the natural action of the forearm into a pump
  • One size fits most

The Pro Band BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band is designed to aid in relief and prevention of pain associated with tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, and cumulative trauma disorders. This band has an adjustable fit for comfort without inhibiting circulation.

The BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band is the only medically designed device to work with the human anatomy to aid in relief without hampering movement or causing uncomfortable swelling. Using selective pressure to turn the natural action of the forearm into a pump, the BandIT compresses across the flexor, extensor and supinator muscles.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces


  • Aids in relief without cutting circulation
  • Allows normal circulation (blood flow)
  • ​May be worn for long periods of time
  • ​Stimulates the body’s natural healing process
  • ​Increases blood flow and oxygen
  • Reduces inflammation and muscle spasms with subtle warmth
  • Improves range of motion

Unlike other bands that create a tourniquet effect that cause uncomfortable tissue swelling, the BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band allows normal circulation. In comparison to other bands, the BandIT can be worn for comfort over long periods of time. Offering superior aid for sports like tennis and golf, athletic activities like weightlifting and bowling, as well as the use of keyboards, which result in RSIs. The BandIT stimulates the body’s natural healing process with subtle warmth at the painful site by increasing blood flow and oxygen, and reducing inflammation and muscle spasms.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Technical Specs

  • Compression elbow sleeve plus adjustable elbow brace
  • 88% Copper-infused nylon + 12 % spandex compression sleeve
  • ​35% Nylon and 65% neoprene elbow brace
  • ​Secure adjustable fasteners
  • ​Wide inner gel pad
  • ​Odor and bacteria resistant
  • ​Bonus guide with best practice instructions
  • Available in small, medium, large, and xl

The WIMI Arm Support is both a tennis elbow brace and copper-infused compression elbow sleeve that offers pain relief for tennis and golfer’s elbow. The WIMI system can be used together or separately for pain and discomfort relief from bursitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow.

With a high copper content, providing superior muscle support, the compression elbow sleeve fights pain-causing inflammation. A wide inner gel pad soothes and supports sore muscles.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces


  • Eases pain and speeds healing
  • Bullet Point 2
  • ​Targeted comfort for most painful areas
  • ​Soothes and supports sore muscles
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances blood flow and oxygen delivery

Adjust the elbow braces secure fastenings for muscle support exactly where you need it and target your pain with the extra-wide gel pad. Enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery with the supportive compression of the copper-infused nylon plus spandex compression elbow sleeve. Depending on your needs, you can use the elbow brace with the compression sleeve, or use each separately.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Technical Specs

  • Includes 2 elbow braces
  • Free sweat wristband
  • ​“Addressing Tennis Elbow” free e-book
  • 35% nylon and 65% neoprene
  • ​Hook and loop adjustable velcro strap
  • Compression gel-like pad
  • ​One size fits most
  • Product dimensions: 7.9 x 3.9 x 1 inches, 0.8 ounces

The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace helps relieve pain of tennis or golfer’s elbow, computer or mouse elbow, and repetitive stress motion injuries like lateral epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. The brace protects your elbow from nagging pain.

Not only do you get two elbow braces, but with your purchase, you will receive a free sweat wristband as well as an E-book entitled “Addressing Tennis Elbow Pain”. The book is not only instructions on the product, but it offers tools and knowledge to address tennis elbow, as well as additional online resources for exercises and therapies that have been shown to help tennis elbow.

Best Tennis Elbow Braces


  • Muscle tissue and joint pain relief
  • Does not cut off circulation
  • Neoprene and nylon strap will not wear out
  • ​Protects your elbow and forearm from nagging pain
  • Pain relief for elbow hyperextension

The Simien Elbow Brace is designed to relieve you from elbow pain that keeps you away from your daily activities. The compression gel pad helps your forearm recover from injuries and fatigue, while shielding your swollen tendons from further strain. This brace is effective for reducing tiredness, swelling, and tension of joints and ligaments.

Elbow Brace 2 Pack for Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Pain Relief

Technical Specs

  • Includes 2 braces
  • Adjustable velcro clasps
  • ​Forearm ulnar sweatband
  • ​Compression pad
  • One size fits most
  • Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 5 x 1.5 inches ; 1.6 ounces

The Elbow Braces use safe, breathable materials that gives you all-day comfortable support. Designed to reduce pain and discomfort in elbows, wrist, and forearms, this brace also protects from trauma and injuries. This brace is also effective in reducing tiredness, swelling, and tension of joints and ligaments as well as reducing stress on your joints.

Benefits of Elbow Brace


  • Compression pad massages your elbow muscles and tendons
  • Reduces fatigue and discomfort
  • ​Eliminates wrist, elbow, and forearm pain and discomfort
  • ​Protects from traumas and injuries
  • Reduces joint stress

The Elbow Brace is perfect for people with injuries or who suffer from age-related problems or joint illnesses like arthritis, epicondylitis, and tendonitis. You will experience full relaxation and joint recovery after injuries or hyperextension. Or use this brace for any exercise or strong physical challenge at work for effect protection from traumas and injuries.

Relieve your pain and feel better with the great quality and performance of this elbow brace. The Elbow Brace is made from the highest quality flexible and breathable materials to ensure durability and a comfortable fit. These braces are built to last.

Additional Options and Conclusion

Now that we’ve compared the top tennis elbow braces, bands, and sleeves, there are a couple other options worth mentioning. One of these options is the Bauerfeind epitrain elbow support. The epitrain elbow support is a very interesting option which uses two contoured silicone inserts that surround the medial and lateral epicondyles, and leaves the epicondyles pressure-free. Tennis elbow support with this product provides compression to the soft tissue of the joint, increasing circulation and reducing swelling and edema.

Another option worth mentioning is an elbow freezie wrap for regular cold compression treatments. Freezie wraps provide long-lasting cooling treatment without the risk of cryoburn. Ice packs burn and an elbow freezie wrap prevents the serious burning while providing the helpful cooling you need. Sometimes you may require the opposite effect and use an elbow inferno wrap which emits safe electro-magnetic energy that travels deep inside the body to stimulate blood flow. Blood flow stimulation therapy promotes the flow of blood through your injured tendon without the need to exercise the injured joint.

Your tennis elbow pain may require you to take any number of rehabilitation efforts, even multiple efforts combined. Maybe your doctor recommended a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for your chronic tennis elbow. Maybe your physical therapist is working with you on special exercises and stretches. Maybe you’re in the middle of the well-known RICE - rest, ice, compression, and elevation - recovery program.

With so many options to help you manage your tennis elbow pain, even if your injury is not the result of you being a tennis player, being an educated consumer will help you recover more quickly and might even please your physical therapist. Knowing all of your options and how they benefit you and aid your rehabilitation will speed up the healing process for you and get you back to playing tennis or golf, or just getting back to typing your magnum opus.

10 Best Men’s Wide Basketball Shoes of 2019

10 Best Men’s Wide Basketball Shoes of 2019

Do you have wide feet and have trouble finding wide basketball shoes that fit you perfectly? In this article we will show you the 11 best basketball shoes for wide feet in 2019. For those of us who’ve got wide feet, trying to play our favorite game can be a nightmare when you are trying to find quality shoes. As a matter of fact, basketball shoes tend to be tight and narrow making it hard for wide feet players to wear and sometimes we force our feet into these narrow shoes just to get the color or style we like. We have done some in-depth research that should help you with choosing the right men's wide basketball shoe.

This article will review these shoes according to their overall quality. Basketball players with wide feet often have flat feet which means that arch support is importance to have in the shoe. Ankle support, traction, pricing, weight, and style should be considered when buying any of these wide basketball shoes. Another paramount aspect would be to only look at the shoe’s outer sole. If the traction and material seem to be larger or stretches on for a longer time than your average basketball shoe, then it means that the shoe will cater for players with wide feet. Having wide feet should not translate to being held back when it comes to performance on the court. You can also get good discounts on mens shoes if you look in the right places. Here is our list of the best mens wide basketball shoes of 2018:

Best Mens Wide Basketball Shoes Comparison

Nike Mens Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes

Technical Specifications

  • Explosive Response: Flight speed technology distributes the compression force of your feet evenly over a full-length Nike Zoom unit, maximizing its spring back response for a more explosive step.
  • Superior comfort: Your foot is wrapped by an inner sleeve for a personalized fit while foam pods in the heel provide extra cushioning as you land.
  • ​Flexible support: a flexible flyweave forefoot and a color-shift leather heel join seamlessly, allowing your foot to move naturally while maintaining support during quick cuts and transitions.
  • Has an outer sole made of translucent rubber with color shift pigment
  • ​A crisscross outsole pattern provides a multidirectional traction
  • ​Flywire cables to wrap your midfoot for a locked in-fit
  • Comes with design elements that recall the original Jordan’s


His Airiness’ legacy continues with the Men’s Air Jordan XXXI basketball shoes. This shoe takes innovation directly from the original Air Jordan creating a groundbreaking silhouette for you to dominate the courts with. The shoe boasts of an intricate light flyweave technology in combination with supportive synthetic leather for a one kind design that acts as a second skin. The top piece incorporates several iconic elements from the Jordan. It includes the original wings of the Air Jordan logo on its tongue and the Jumpman, and Nike swoosh appears alongside one another for the first time. You will like the support and lockdown fit that the flywire provides. The shoe provides lightweight cushioning thanks to the full-length Zoom Air unit. Its signature flight speed technology will leave you to explore your inner beast for explosive steps. The rubber outsole has a Herrington pattern for multidirectional traction that enables you to make quick cuts on the court. The unprecedented style and performance have been brought to the table with the Air Jordan XXXI wide basketball shoes. They normally deliver maximum responsiveness and enhanced cushioning to help you agile and comfortable during the games most explosive moments.

AND 1 Men's Xcelerate 2 Basketball Shoe

Technical Specifications

  • Duraspring eva midsole to provide both cushion and support
  • Low sew design on the upper part to ensure durability while inhibiting stitch lines that can create hot rubs or spots
  • ​Internal booty construction providing breathability and comfort
  • ​3 D thermoplastic polyurethane shank stabilizer to provide additional arch support and torsional rigidity
  • Lase cut vents to ensure maximum ventilation
  • ​Wave Herrington outsole to give you excellent court traction
  • A shaft that measures approximately High Top” from arch


This shoe was designed to help amplify your game. The AND1 Men’s Xcelerate 2 Basketball Shoe is a dynamic and modern update with increased performance, style and breathability. In the 1990s, AND1 canvassed through the streets, gymnasiums, and playgrounds all over the world. Now, the basketball shoe is continuously building a formidable team armed with all the resources the current basketball landscape in an international style. AND1 is a sure bet that will deliver an experience full of impact on and off the court with a product that is brave enough and willing to challenge the convention and cut against the grain.

AND1 is the basketball brand for serious game players. In 1033 when the company was founded, it made its mark with a line of trash talk tee shirts. Today the company offers a complete product line for basketball players. AND 1 has been endorsed by countless NBA superstars. The shoe knows basketball and makes a great footwear engineered for on and off the court style and performance. The 3 D shank stabilizer gives you the much-needed arch support for players with wide feet and complements with torsional rigidity. The High rebound Duraspring midsole foams gives the player impact cushioning and provides structural stability for optimum court performance. AND 1 incorporates a synthetic sole for more shock absorption and a more comfortable landing.

Nike Lebron XII Men's Basketball Sneaker

Technical Specifications

  • Flywire to lock your foot when you make explosive and quick movements on the court and provide a stable base that you need to be most athletic.
  • Hyperfuse upper construction for a breathable and lightweight support.
  • ​Breathable, one-piece bootie fits snug against your foot to give a secure support like a cut on the court.
  • Translucent rubber outsole is providing a stable traction that allows you to explode in and out of your cuts.
  • An independent Nike Zoom midsole units to give you flexible cushioning that enables a soft and safe landing.

When the King of basketball LeBron James puts his name on a shoe, it must be state of the art. Especially if it were highly priced and touted as Nike is making this shoe. King is not your average man. He stands at 250 pounds 6’8 from the ground. This makes it obvious that even if he does not have wide feet, he is going to need a big shoe to cater for both his weight and height including his huge feet. The LeBron XII are some most expensive big brand shoes that you can add to your sports closets. They are also among the best shoes that Nike has on their sale list. Nike strikes the first spot on our list of best basketball ball shoes with the LeBron XII wide basketball shoe. They may run a little high on the price range, but they also provide a wider space for the front of your foot which is what we are after.

All LeBron shoes are not made the same, and it’s advisable to stick with the XII mode. These shoes are made with a lightweight mesh which is a trend to look for in wide basketball shoes. The mesh gives more flexibility in the shoes allowing wider feet to fit in comfortably. The LeBron XII come with an excellent traction and cushion for your feet. It’s good to combine performance and high-quality wide shoes which the LeBron perfectly accomplish and even more. They come with a pretty substantial ankle support if you are the player to worry about rolling ankles. If you have wide feet, then these are the basketball shoes to consider.

Tesh Trooper Men's Leather High Top Basketball Athletic Shoes Silver

Technical specifications.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Manmade outsole and mesh upper material
  • ​1” heel measurement
  • ​Mesh fabric
  • Widened toe box


The Tesh Trooper Men's Leather High Top Basketball Athletic Shoes features a synthetic upper with a round toe. The synthetic outsole gives the shoe a lasting wear and traction. There is a probability that you are not familiar with Tesh sports, and have never even heard the name mentioned before. There is an even better chance that you might skip out on these shoes to buy others from a brand that you are well versed with. But, do not ignore these shoes. Tesh sports makes the best shoes for wide feet on the market today, and the D-Up Mid is perhaps the best in the wide feet basketball shoe category. While making a very nice supportive shoe, Tesh sports includes a widened toe box with other companies lending their focus towards their basketball shoes. This offers the toes lots of breathing room and helps in supporting your foot’s natural splay. The Tesh Trooper is made with a synthetic mesh which enhances flexibility and breathability while at the same time offering support. Overall, Tesh Trooper is just made wider too, and so there’s little to worry about when making a purchase for this shoes. However, the only disadvantage to this shoe is that you may have to wait for some time for them to be back in stock. The stock on Tesh sports website is already depleted, but there is a promise that they will be back as soon as possible.

best Mens wide basketball shoes

Technical Specifications

  • Molded, sculpted, EVA rubber midsole which delivers unmatched, lightweight responsiveness that turns cushioned landings into explosive landings
  • Extremely breathable and lightweight synthetic mesh upper covers the forefoot
  • ​Form-fitting CompFit ankle construction which provides a superior range of motion, custom fit, and the ultimate compressive ankle support
  • Padded CompFit tongue which prevents lace bite and locks you in place
  • Full-length molded Micro G sock liner molds to and cushions your foot
  • Rubber sole which absorbs the shock while landing


This Under Armour Fire Shot basketball shoes sets your game on fire. It took a long time for the Under Armour to have a break through on this list. Being an upcoming footwear company, UA had probably not focused on wider feet that much. Most players that they endorsed are not plagued with wide feet. However, here comes the Fireshot Basketball shoes to the rescue to players with wide feet. The Fireshot Make use of a little bit of mesh around the forefoot for your toes. It is this small pocket of mesh that gives the extra space for wide feet. The rest of the shoe is Under Armour’s Fireshot patented technology which is meant to make you have the feeling that you are wearing nothing. It nicely folds into your foot.

The support and traction on the UA Fireshot are also top notch. UA is quickly gaining a reputation for creating shoes with excellent traction in almost all of their brands. They make use of traction that is unique in a pattern to accomplish this. However, it works perfectly, and no one is complaining. The Fireshot also comes in a broad variety of colors to fit your jersey and style.

Best Men’s Wide Basketball Shoes

Technical Specifications

  • Techfit engineered for a flexible natural support and a seamless fit
  • Padded collar for extra comfort
  • ​Grippy rubber outsole
  • A fabric sole
  • ​Boost energy-returning properties keep your every step charged with an infinite supply of light, fast energy
  • Incorporates a textile upper
  • ​Four zones of flex for added stability and motion
  • Puremotion mimics the natural motion of the barefoot for traction
  • Sprintframe construction for speed through a supportive and lightweight chassis


The D Lillard comes in two forms; the standard style and the Primeknit style. The Primeknit was made to be more elastic making it friendlier to wide footers all over the world. The overall performance of the Lillard 2.0 shoes is top notch. It has a low traction, a fantastic fit and an incredible technology with Boost technology. Honestly, the Lillard 2.0’s were the best performing shoes of all the shoe models of 2016. Although the Dame 3 shoes are out, we haven’t seen their Primeknit version yet. As long has you have the Primeknit version, these shoes will be ideal for players with wide feet. They are also low top shoes which should not discourage you due to the support factor. The torsional bar ensures that the shoes support your feet just fine. It also Lillars2.0 also features a bounce cushioning and a Jaguar upper. Adidas have also come up with the Boost cushioning to replace Bounce in the Prime Knit upper version.

Just like all Primeknits Lillard 2.0 is very light and perfect for comfort. The Boost cushioning is responsive, comfortable and provides impact protection. The fact that they are an upgrade fashion of the standard D Lillard could be the reason for their incredible performance. The technologies in use here are SprintFrame, TECHFIT, Continental Rubber, and BOUNCE. Continental rubber outsole provides excellent traction irrespective of the floor condition. The Lillard 2.0 is loaded with lots of techs that you will never find in any other shoe

adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe

Technical Specifications

  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • ​A shaft that measures approximately five inches from arch
  • Boost cushioning which the most responsive of its kind. The more energy you give, the more you get
  • ​A designed mesh and a synthetic upper providing maximum breathability
  • Synthetic overlays for strategic support
  • ​Lightweight engineering
  • An outsole with an improved traction pattern tread to offer maximum grip
  • Molded collar to provide support and works perfectly with a brace; this are the premium signature details for D-Rose


The d Rose seven wide basketball shoes honors the never-break attitude of Derrick Rose. The shoe incorporates a mesh in the upper for ventilation and energy returning boost. This keeps you moving with determination an instinct like D-Rose. Even with a brace, their modeled collar gives a dynamic fit. With a full-length Boost cushioning in the sole of the shoe, this superior cushioning of the shoe will keep you comfortable no matter how long you play on the courts. The lightweight Primeknit upper gives you the much-needed breathability while the aggressive traction pattern on the outside gives you a fantastic traction regardless of the court you are playing on. The Derrick Rose signature logo is featured on the shoe’s tongue while the iconic three stripes are featured on the side of the upper. The shoe features rubber on its outsole with an aggressive pattern to ensure a grippy touch Purchase a pair of D Rose & basketball shoes to start your season right.

Jordan Cp3Ix Big Kids - Black Wolf Grey Basketball

Technical Specifications

  • TPU lateral support wing with dynamic lacing system for overall lockdown and durability
  • A low IP midsole with a podular nine –chambered
  • ​Rubber sole for more traction
  • ​Low profile rubber with a newly designed foot-mapped traction pattern
  • Zoom Air unit for increased responsive cushioning and flexibility
  • ​Upper woven one piece
  • Flywire cables integrate with laces for dynamic lockdown
  • Injected Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning


Jordan’s are excellent for performance and quality. They were featured in the compound report for wide feet shoes back in 2013. This is a little bit older it still available and that’s is why we recommend it in 2017. It’s a solid choice and a performing shoe. Designed for dynamic and fast play, the CP3.X features a one-piece, seamless woven upper for lightweight support. They also have a Nike Zoom Air unit for ultra-responsive cushioning underfoot.

The CP3.X belongs to a class of shoes that have a unique one-piece mesh construction that is not seen in the class of top quality shoes. This is what gives it a bit of extra space from the regular CP3 models. It comes with two different versions; the regular and AE versions. The regular version was made from more rugged faux leather materials which make it a little snugger fitting. This gives the regular version a little more support for your wide feet. The AE version was made with more nylon and mesh which allows for more give in the fitting which makes it break-in easier. This means that you can wear the AE version full throttle pretty much out of the box.

adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Technical Specifications

  • Fabric/Leather
  • High-top basketball sneaker featuring a three stripes logo at sides and perforations for ventilation
  • Rubber sole for more traction and grip
  • Air mesh tongue, collar and rear quarter
  • CLOUDFOAM sock liner and midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Grippy rubber outs
  • ​Cloudfoam midsoles offer a soft and comfortable ride


Cloudform incorporates a solid mid-cut style with an appealing price. The cloud foam midsole gives them a soft comfortable ride. It also features a memory foam footbed. The full grain upper give the shoe the much-needed ventilation and breathability as it is perforated. The collar and rear quarter together with an air mesh tongue ensure that the Cloudfoam makes you comfortable while on the court. With the modern day basketball style and springy cloudfoam cushioning, these shoes are great for everyday wear. Made in a mid-cut, they have a leather upper and contrasting three stripes. Your comfort and style are on point in the classic design Ilation Mid sneaker of the Adidas cloudfoam. The Cloudfoam midsoles provide a soft ride in the court. The durable uppers help provide great performance, while the perforated detailing and the mesh collars offer a great and a fresh look.

Nike Men's Lebron XIII Black Basketball Shoe

Technical Specifications

  • A mega fuse leather upper with synthetic materials
  • A Zoom Air bag midsole
  • ​Full-length Phylon for lightweight cushioning and stability
  • Two Zoom air units located under the heel and first met head are 13mm thick for response
  • Multi-density layers for lightweight support and comfort


The LeBron XIII is back and better than ever. Utilizing the new Zoom L.E.A.P system, the 13 is engineered to maximize explosiveness. Its dynamic Flywire cables and sleek upper design are light and lean, yet strong and very durable. The LeBron XIII make you feel like a king in the court when they help you dominate the game. The Zoom Air cushioning also help to maximize your explosiveness in the court. With a sleek upper design and dynamic Flywire cables are light and lean, the LeBron XIII gives you a great feeling and a strong support with every move you make. The Full-length Phylon midsole provides lightweight cushioning and stability. This means that whether you are a quick ball handler or a big post player, your fee will get all the cushioning they require. The Multi- density operators provide flexible support and lightweight comfort which is a new technology not available in the LeBron shoe to this time. The 13mm thick Zoom Air units located under the heel give the best response on the court.


One of the most obvious ways to spot a shoe that should be good for you if you have wide feet is meshed on the shoe front for the toes. Often, when the shoe forefront has a bunch of mesh, it was engineered to flex with the feet. You will always need shoes that can flex with you when you have wide feet. Another good sign of getting the best basketball shoes for wide feet is a sizeable underfoot support. Primarily look at the area where the traction pattern is located. If it looks abnormally larger than the usual, you can be sure that the shoe caters for a big foot audience. The other primary method which is 100% sure is actually to try the shoes on. This can be pretty tough when you are trying to buy the shoes online, but luckily every store has a return policy. You can always drop into a store and try them on before purchasing after which you can go online and buy after making sure that they fit

So we have shown you ten amazing shoes. The following are our recommendations for the best most reliable shoes for wide feet. Feel free and take the initiative to ask around from teammates or friends with wide feet. Finding wide feet shoes is unfortunately not easy as the market doesn’t seem too interested in taking care of deep footers which are a real shame. We sincerely hope that our guide helps find the best wide feet shoes to keep you comfortable on the court for hours.

Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Power Pack Review

Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Power Pack Review

Most people who play golf have a preference for either a laser rangefinder or a GPS. The Callaway Hybrid combines the strengths of both to give you a more accurate measurement of distance. Hence you don’t have to make any compromises by pairing a GPS with a laser rangefinder. The Callaway Laser Rangefinder takes the guesswork out by using pin seeker technology and lets you aim with confidence.

Every golfer needs either a laser or GPS for playing and all the top PGA tour players use the very best golf rangefinder in the market to practice their skills. It will help to speed up your game time because it automatically calculates distances for you. If you are 150 away from the pin but you always come 15 yards short, than that should teach you something.

There are a wide variety of golf rangefinders on the market, so it’s important to do your research before buying any of them. Because once you have tried one, you will never play golf without one again.

Having the Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder will not only drastically improve your game, but it will also speed up your overall game time. And you will be happy with yourself because you will play your shots more accurately thanks to this little device.

Let us have a complete look at this GPS Laser Rangefinder and learn everything you may want to know about it.

Product Specification & Features

The Callaway uses two different power sources for operation. The laser rangefinder is fuelled by a lithium battery which will last you one whole golf season. However, the GPS does require regular charging with a USB cord.

  • It can measure distances with a superior accuracy +/- 1 yard.
  • It can lock the pin from 300 yards away by using the pin acquisition technology.
  • ​It has a magnification range of up to six times, and the GPS comes with 30,000 preloaded golf courses.
  • ​It measures the accurate distance to the front, centre and back and it's extremely lightweight at 215 grammes.
  • ​It comes with its soft pouch which has a loop for the bag strap if you want to attach it to your bag.
  • The power pack comes with an extra battery (2 packs), a divot repair tool and a sleeve of chrome soft golf balls.
Callaway Hybrid GPS

Performance & Accuracy

We will assess the performance of the laser rangefinder and GPS individually so that we are sure that both the features work optimally. The laser rangefinder is extremely accurate and surprisingly makes a chirping sound for you, when it locks on the flag, in pin seeking mode. It can lock on to pins which are 300 yards away with accuracy. At the same time, it provides six times magnification of target measurements which are about 1000 yards away.

The GPS measures distance at +/-2 which is pretty standard. It is not the best GPS compared to others, but it goes a good job.

How Do I Use It?

Well, the Callaway Hybrid is pretty simple to use. The GPS in controlled with four button interface and once you switch it on, it takes a few minutes to connect to the satellite. After that you can choose the course, you are playing, and it will display the front, middle and back distances. You can also view the distance to hazards as well.

The laser rangefinder on the other hand just works by pressing the button to see the distances on the viewfinder. It doesn’t get any simple than that.

Why Choose the Hybrid

Many of you might question, “Do I need both? The laser and GPS for my game?” I would say that you might not need both at the same time, but there will be times when you would wonder about having one or the other. Anyone who plays golf on a regular basis can think of times when the laser would triumph the GPS and vice versa. You will require the GPS to play the blind shots, and the laser will be your best friend for accuracy.

So, getting yourself the hybrid would be a wise choice. Plus you get to save money as well by buying one product instead of two individual ones.


  • It combines two technologies in one, thus giving you more chances of hitting your shots accurately
  • You don’t have to carry a GPS and laser rangefinder individually if you have the Callaway Hybrid.
  • The cost of the laser and GPS are almost double than the Callaway hybrid.
  • It comes with a carry case so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and can secure it safely.
  • The leather pouch can be attached to your bag, so you don’t have to carry it around.
  • The eyepiece focus can be adjusted to your level of vision.
  • It is extremely light weight and will fit easily into an average golfer’s hand.
  • If you forget to charge the GPS, the laser rangefinder will still work because it is powered individually.
  • It comes with 30,000 preloaded golf courses.
  • There is no fee to download, and you don’t have to pay any fee for subscriptions.
  • It uses the pin acquisition technology to lock on to the flag instead of the trees behind it.
  • You get two free batteries with the power pack and also three chrome soft golf balls.


  • The GPS is not an exceptional one regarding performance. It functions as well as any standard one in the market.
  • The GPS requires 2 minutes to boot up because once it turns off, you will need to reboot it and start again from finding the golf course. This can be pretty annoying.
  • Because the laser and GPS both have different sources of power, it is easy to forget to charge the GPS.




Whether you decide to buy yourself a golf rangefinder or not, but do try it out because you will not want to play golf without one ever again.

You can read more about this particular design on the following websites, and some are even giving you the option to rent it, so you can try it before you buy it.

The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2019

For those that are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, they should know by now that one of the best remedies for that is to get the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. It is important for one to make sure that they do some research to find out the best shoes that will work for them. It does not matter whether it is a man or woman that love running or someone that just loves walking around. Comfortable shoes that are made for Plantar Fasciitis are the best way to get rid of the pain and discomfort that patients are suffering from. Before we go further, we can begin by finding out what Plantar Fasciitis is.

Comparison table on  Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Brand & ModelMotion controlTypeUpperColor Options
Nike Air Max 2017YesRunningSynthetic & Mesh4
Nike Dual Fusion Run 3NoRunningSynthetic & Mesh16
Orthofeet ChelseaNoSlip OnLeather3
Klogs Landing DressNoLeatherSlip On3
Vionic Kona OrthoticNoRunningSynthetic4
Asics GT-2000 2YesRunningSynthetic4
Asics Gel-Kayano 21YesRunningSynthetic10
New Balance M990v3YesRunningLeather & Synthetic14

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition where one feels pain under their heels and this pain occurs gradually. This occurs where there is an inflammation in the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia consists of strong tissues that run under the foot from the heels to the middle foot bones. These tissues support your feet each time that they arch, and they also play the role of shock absorbers for the feet. Don’t worry, with the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, heel pads, some exercises and medication, this is a condition that can be cures.

Plantar Fasciitis could be caused due to a number of reasons all of which there is repeated injury to the tissues, with or without inflammation, near the heel bone. In order for you to better understand the cause of Plantar Fasciitis, we are going to go through some of the situations that can cause you to injure your plantar fascia tissues.

  • Spending a lot of time on your feet, whether it is walking or even standing when it is something that you're not used to. You were probably used to being seated a lot and then you suddenly need to stand or be on the move using your feet.
  • When using new training surfaces. Maybe you were used to jogging on a treadmill and now you decide to go and jog outdoors. The uneven surfaces outside could cause injury to your planta fascia tissues.
  • ​When you're wearing uncomfortable shoes that probably don’t have comfortable cushioning.
  • When you're obese or overweight, there is more strain on the heel.
  • ​In the events that the soles of your training shoes are overstretched, and especially during intense running exercises, etc.
  • Having a tight Achilles tendon (the one above the heel), it tends to limit the ability to flex the ankle, and this could likely cause injury to the plantar fascia tissues.

Choosing the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Now that we know some of the things that can cause Plantar Fasciitis, it is now time for us to find out how to choose the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. There are many brands of shoes out there in the market, and it is best for one to choose the ones that will work best for them. The shoes also come suited for various exercises and below we are going to look at some of the things that one should look into while making a purchase. Make sure to also check the list below when buying the different shoes:

  • The best time to go shopping for the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis is in the afternoon. That is because over the course of the day, feet tend to expand. If you shop for them in the morning, they might get smaller or uncomfortable if worn in the afternoon.
  • There should be nothing like breaking into new shoes, as some people believe. A shoe that is meant for the cure of Plantar Fasciitis should fit and feel comfortable the moment that you slip it on.
  • Keep in mind the use of the shoes before you purchase them. Will you be playing tennis or squash with them, or are they simply for walking? Knowing what you'll use the shoes for will make it easier to select a shoe that will heal you faster.

Running Shoes

There are many brands that have put a lot of research into making the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis when it comes to running. Some of them might not come cheap but they’ll turn out to be the best investment that you’ve ever made. The shoes are made to highly absorb shock, good arch support, comfortable padding amongst other things. They also make your feet well aligned with the rest of the body. You can go through some of the reviews below to find out the ones that will work best for you as an individual, since different people have different needs.

Motion Shoes

The best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis when it comes to motion are made in such a way that they cater for improper foot alignment. They are made in such a way that they restrain the inward rolling of one’s feet, being that they are durable and rigid. You have to be very careful to check the specifications of the shoes before you buy them. That is because it is very hard to identify motion shoes physically. If you're not sure, you could seek the help of a physician to give you the right specs for the shoes you need.

Arch Support Shoes

Shoes that come with a good arch support are suitable for the prevention of Plantar Fasciitis and over pronation (inward rolling of the feet). These are shoes with a medial arch that does not go flat easily. Shoes with medial arch’s that quickly flatten out are no good because they could cause a strain to the feet and cause injury to the tissues. When going for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, it is important to check the manufacturers specifications to ensure whether this will happen or not.

Heel Padding Support

It is important for one to go for the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis that offer adequate heel padding support. Many shoe manufacturers have invested in comfortable gel padding that can buffer high impact pressure to ensure that you're safe when wearing the shoes. You can walk or run for long periods of time comfortably when wearing shoes with adequate heel padding support.

Removable Orthotic Soles

During the healing process, it is important that you wear orthotic shoes the whole time. This is the reason why it is to your advantage if you can get shoes with removable insoles. This way, you can remove the existing insoles and replace them with the orthotic insoles. This is also an advantage if the existing orthotic insoles get worn out. They can easily be swapped for new ones without necessarily having to buy new shoes, if the exterior of the shoes is still intact.

Outer Soles

The outer soles of the shoes should be as stiff as possible, although they don’t have to be heavy. Running shoes, for example, need to be as light as possible but still maintain the same stiffness. A flexible outer sole is bad because it could strain and injure the tissues.

Tough and Durable

It is important that the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis move very little in the mid-section. Flexible shoes are no good for over pronation since they would lead to the risk of getting a foot injury. A stiff sculpture would work better for you during the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.

The Toe Box

The shoe should come with a suitable toe box should not have too much space for toe extension. It should be slightly flexible to allow a slight bend, but the rest of the shoe should be stiff and limit bending as much as possible. You can check how flexible a show is by holding it at both ends and trying to bend it in half.

What to Avoid When Choosing

Cheaper Options

There is a saying that goes cheap is expensive, and I can't stop saying just how true that is. There are many cheap options when it comes to the right shoes for your treatment, and if you are going for the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, you should steer away from those. A lot of research has been put by many shoe manufacturers to come up with shoes to cure your situation. It is very unlikely that most of the cheap shoe companies put any effort into getting quality shoes. I always say that one should never mess around with their health, and that includes getting cheap alternatives. It is better to make an expensive investment that will work for you other than cheap alternatives that could make your condition deteriorate.

Soft Material

You should avoid buying shoes that are made of soft material such as cheap leather and canvas. The materials are way too flexible and yet at this point you want a shoe that will be as stiff as possible to provide stability and support. The shoes made of soft materials also tend to wear out very fast and also tend to fall into the cheap alternatives that we discussed above.

Don’t Judge the Book by the Cover

There are some shoes that could have very appealing looks but are in no way the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. Looks can be deceiving and it is more important to go for the specs instead. Make sure that the specs are made for the cure of Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes review

People that are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis are lucky because they have a wide selection of the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to choose from. The most important thing is that the shoes should fit comfortably from the word go, and there should be no break in period. The shoes work differently for different people depending on the type of feet that one has and that is why it is important to try them on individually. Below, we are going to review some of the common shoes on the market. Some of them could be a little costly, but keep in mind that this is your health that you're talking about, and there is no second guessing to that.

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Made with a responsive full-length Max Air unit and a breathable mesh upper, the 2017 iteration of Nike's signature running shoe that doubles as a lifestyle sneaker also features lightweight construction and enhanced flexibility.


  • Synthetic-And-Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • ​Adaptive Flywire cables support the fit, while the Swoosh moves to the forefoot for a bold, engaging look
  • ​Lace-up style
  • Offers enhanced foot motion via cushioned insoles and minimal stability features
  • Removable insole
  • Synthetic and mesh upper/textile lining/rubber sole



  • They are light weight
  • They have very good shock absorption
  • They look attractive
  • They fit comfortably



    Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    With superior cushioning, Nike Fusion Run shoes give him a super-smooth stride to bring him straight to the finish line in comfort and style. These are shoes that are made for running outdoors comfortably by providing great heel and arch support.


    • Synthetic-And-Mesh
    • Imported
    • Rubber sole
    • ​Shaft measures approximately 2.96" from arch
    • ​Shaft measures approximately 2.96" from arch
    • ​Offering generous cushioning
    • Built with a firm Phylon carrier and soft interior Phylon core
    • Made for a comfortable running experience

    • Great heel and arch support
    • They fit well with all shapes of feet
    • They are stylish
    • They are comfortable to wear
    • They are lightweight
    • They have great traction when running


    • Some claim that they wear quickly with soles peeling off and nylon tearing apart
    • Some claim that the lacing passes through thin nylon loops that tear easily
    • Some clients claim that they need breaking in (A few hours use)

    Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    Orthofeet Chelsea Women's Loafers offer anatomical arch support, non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points. The Gel orthotic-insole along with the ergonomic, cushioning sole soften step, enhance stability, and facilitate natural foot motion. The deep toe box design allows the foot to relax and spread out naturally for added comfort. Using its biomechanical expertise Orthofeet has been dedicated to designing Chelsea with the best therapeutic features, and offer the top comfort women's loafers, walking women’s loafers, diabetic women’s loafers, orthopedic women’s loafers, therapeutic women’s loafers, arthritis women’s loafers, wide women’s loafers, and extra wide women’s loafers. Chelsea women’s loafers are engineered to help reduce Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Knee Pain, Forefoot Pain, Metatarsal Pain, Low Back Pain, and to enhance comfort for Diabetic Feet, Arthritic Feet, Sensitive Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Corns, Hammer Toes.


    • Leather
    • Orthotic support - contoured orthotic insole, with anatomical arch support and gel padded heel-seat forms to the contours of the foot, enhances comfort, and helps alleviate pain at the foot and heel all the way up the knees, hips and lower back.
    • ​Easy gait - Lightweight sole with air cushioning softens step, adds spring to your step. The Ergonomic-Stride(TM) design enhances stability, and helps facilitate foot motion.
    • ​Non-Binding, Extra Depth Design - Non-binding upper with extra depth design and wide toe box eliminates pressure on bunions and hammer toes. Soft, seam-free interior lining, padded with foam, eliminates pressure points, and offers superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet and for people with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
    • ​Best features for the following shoes: women’s comfortable slip on shoes, women’s arch support slip on shoes, women’s slip on shoes for neuropathy, women’s orthopedic slip on shoes, women’s therapeutic slip on shoes, women’s arthritis slip on shoes, women’s depth slip on shoes, women’s wide slip on shoes, women’s extra wide slip on shoes, women’s heel pain slip on shoes, women’s plantar fasciitis slip on shoes, women’s foot pain slip on shoes.
    • Designed to offer the best footwear solution for Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Knee Pain, Ball of the Foot Pain, Metatarsal Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, and to enhance comfort for Sensitive Feet, Diabetic Feet, Arthritic Feet, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Corns, Hammer Toes.
    • Color: Black

    • They are comfortable
    • They are adjustable at the strap that goes over the top of the foot
    • There are foot bed inserts that come with the shoe that adjust to the depth that works best for you
    • They are easy to slip on
    • Good with wide feet and bunions
    • They relieve back and feet pain


    • Some ladies claim that they look too manly

    Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    A little lift with a lot of Komfort. Get ready to fall head over heels for Landing! Accented with a decorative buckle on the heel, this full grain leather slip-on has elastic goring at the vamp for easy entry, hidden by a hook and loop top strap with silver button detail. The polyurethane sole is slip-resistant, non-marking, and shock absorbent. The removable Klogs Komfort foot bed provides soft cushioning and excellent arch support that’s antimicrobial, odor-resistant, and lightweight. 1 1/4'' Heel. Women order normal size. If you wear a half size, please order half a size up. Material: Leather.


    • Leather
    • Imported
    • ​Synthetic sole
    • ​Platform measures approximately 0.5 inches
    • ​Non-marking anti slip outsoles
    • Flexible sole
    • Removable polyurethane insoles

    • They are comfortable
    • Slip resistant
    • Fashionable look


    • Some claim that the toe box is too short (as in distance from the sole of the shoe) and very stiff
    • Some claim that it is too narrow

    Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    The Walker sneaker is designed to keep you moving with maximum comfort and support. Full grain water-resistant leather with contrasting overlays for a sporty appeal. Cushioned collar and tongue with traditional lacing provides a comfortable, customized fit. Breathable, moisture-wicking mesh lining with PU foam base helps reduce friction against skin. Contoured orthotic footbed with deep heel cup stabilizes, supports and realigns the feet back to their natural position. Lightweight, flexible medium-density EVA midsole absorbs shock to reduce stress on the feet, ankles and knees. Firm, thermoplastic heel counter provides increased stability and support for all-day wear. Durable rubber outsole with flex grooves provides traction and flexibility. Received APMA Seal of Acceptance. Click here to view Seal. Measurements: Weight: 15 oz Product measurements were taken using size 11, width M. Please note that measurements may vary by size.


    • Leather
    • Imported
    • ​Synthetic sole
    • ​Men's action walker shoe
    • ​Shock-absorbing EVA mid-sole
    • ​Flexible rubber out-sole
    • Full grain leather and mesh upper

    • Comfortable shoes
    • Removable inserts
    • They have incredible support
    • They heal foot pain


    • You need to order a size larger as they get their sizes wrong, as claimed by some users
    • Some users claim that the shoes squeak
    • They are not durable, according to some

    Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    After revitalizing the GT-2170 with last year's rebirth of the GT-2000, Asics decided that even the best can be better. They're proud to introduce the GT-2000 2. A re-designed FluidRide midsole and a new lighter-weight upper creates a more accomodating experience than before, resulting in a fit that's true to the GT Series that runners know and love.

    Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.)

    ASICS design philosophy that employs linked componentry to enhance the foot's natural gait from heel strike to toe-off.


    The latest evolution in ASICS midsole technology, FluidRide provides the ultimate combination of bounce back and cushioning properties with reduced weight and exceptional durability.

    Dynamic DuoMax Support System

    This evolution of DuoMax system enhances stability and support, with reduced weight and increased platform support.

    Guidance Line

    Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency.

    Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems

    Attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.

    Guidance Trusstic System

    This Trusstic System integrates Guidance Line construction for enhanced gait efficiency while providing midfoot structural integrity.


    • Synthetic
    • Imported
    • ​Rubber sole
    • ​FluidRide midsole
    • ​Dynamic DuoMax Support System
    • ​Guidance Line flex grooves
    • IGS support system

    • Solid shoe for high mileage training
    • Comfortable cushioning
    • Excellent traction
    • Durable
    • Great for wide feet with neutral pronation


    • You might want to order a size larger as the shoes come a size smaller, according to some users

    Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    Runners seeking high performance need look no further than the new Gel-Kayano 21. In 1949, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka began his athletic footwear company (Onitsuka Co., Ltd.) by manufacturing basketball shoes out of his living room in Kobe, Japan. He chose the name ASICS for his company in 1977, based on a famous Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano," which, when translated, expresses the ancient ideal of "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body." Taking the acronym of this phrase, ASICS was founded on the belief that the best way to create a healthy and happy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness. Today, ASICS offers a full line of performance-driven athletic shoes and technical active sports apparel and accessories dedicated to bringing harmony to the body and soul.

    Run Longer in the GEL-Kayano 21

    Are you ready for the lightest Kayano ever? The GEL-Kayano 21 retains its long legacy of unparalleled support and stability, but thanks to a new FluidFit Upper, a new FluidRide midsole, and a new Dynamic Duomax Support System, the lightest Kayano is also the most plush, stable, and comfortable Kayano as well! Designed for a wide variety of running gaits, the stability, support, and expansive GEL Cushioning material is especially helpful to the overpronator, offering a biomechanically beneficial platform that helps the runner maintain a more neutral step.

    Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning:

    ASICS GEL-Cushioning provides the ultimate in shock absorption - easing the blow of every step upon impact.


    Ultimately, running shoes are about fit, and our FluidFit upper technology utilizes a combination of multi-directional stretch mesh and stretch reinforcements to create a glove-like fit.

    Dynamic DuoMax Support System:

    Improving on the incredible and dependable support of DuoMax, Dyanmic Duomax, increases stability and support while reducing overall weight.


    • Synthetic
    • Imported
    • ​Rubber sole
    • ​Heel measures approximately 1.5"
    • Running shoe featuring mesh and FluidFit multi-directional upper with FluidRide bounce back cushioning
    • Impact Guidance System
    • Gait-enhancing Guidance Trusstic System

    • Great for flat feet and over pronation
    • Stylish look
    • Comfortable


    • Some users claim that the older versions of the shoe are more durable
    • Others claim that the shoe is not for those with wide feet

    New Balance, is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals. It's been their mission for more than a century. It's why they don't spend money on celebrity endorsements. They spend it on research and development. It's why they don't design products to fit an image. They design them to fit. New Balance is driven to make the finest shoes for the same reason athletes lace them up: to achieve the very best.

    New Balance is proud to be the only major company to make or assemble more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year in the USA, which represents a limited portion of our US sales. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes Made in the USA.


    • Leather/Fabric
    • Made in the USA and Imported
    • ​Rubber sole
    • ​Classic running shoe with leather and fabric upper featuring dual-density collar and padded tongue
    • ​Blown-rubber forefoot for lightweight cushioning
    • ​Reflective detailing

    • They provide outstanding support
    • They are comfortable


    • Some claim that the shoe wears out quickly
    • There are claims that the shoes smell of cat urine after they are washed


    There are many cures for Plantar Fasciitis and one of the quickest ways of curing the condition is by getting the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. There are no feet that look alike depending on individuals, and therefore, different types of shoes will be used for the cure. It is important for one to make sure that the shoes that they get will actually work for their situation.

    Are Altitude Masks Worth

    Are Altitude Masks Worth It in 2019

    There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not high-altitude masks (sometimes called elevation masks, or breathing masks) improve your workout in the gym, but what’s often viewed as a training fad, could be the secret to beating your personal records, over and over.

    High-altitude masks, while their appearance alone might make you feel stronger and faster than before, often claim to simulate training at high altitudes. There’s a lot of research on how the body reacts to higher altitudes; specifically, how the lower atmospheric pressure reduces the amount of oxygen being sent to depleted muscles. Because the air is thinner at a higher altitude, the oxygen content is also lower. This means that if you’re used to running at lower elevations, or near sea-level, then your blood will not have the oxygen content needed to keep your muscles moving at high elevations, around 8,000ft above sea-level.

    Comparison Chart







    Training Mask 2.0

    > show more

    Fill Counter


    Coxeer Mesh Half Face Skull Mask

    > show more

    Fill Counter


    VQP Training Mask Activated Carbon T82raining Mask

    > show more

    Fill Counter

    The idea behind altitude training comes from the result of staying at high altitudes for longer than a couple of weeks. As your body adjusts to the decreased oxygen, it increases the main oxygen-binding proteins, Myoglobin and Hemoglobin, which allows the blood to carry more oxygen to muscles. This means that after training at high altitudes for at least a couple of weeks, the same level of performance would require less effort when you go back to near sea-level. Taking advantage of this, however, would mean training at high-altitudes and performing or racing at sea-level, which is hardly the case for most athletes.

    High-altitude masks get a bad wrap because of some of these claims, when high-altitude training may not give that much of an edge to begin with. The common misconception is that these masks simulate decreased levels of oxygen. Instead, they strengthen your respiratory muscles by giving them resistance, which in turn, increases your ability to send oxygen to the muscles that need it.

    How High-Altitude Masks Work

    High-altitude masks work by restricting air flow as you inhale and exhale. This sounds like it goes against every grain of common sense. How could restricting your breathing be considered positive, much less be a training tool? The advantage here is that the high-altitude mask makes your breathing muscles work harder. When these muscles are strengthened, your breathing becomes more efficient, allowing your body to work harder and improve performance.

    Now, you may be thinking, do I just go for a run with one of these masks on and afterward, I can suddenly breathe better? Well, no, not quite. It takes frequent and regular respiratory muscle training with a high-altitude mask for a few weeks before seeing significant results. This doesn’t mean you need to use the mask every time you train, but adding it to even a small part of your routine can give you noticeable gains after a few weeks.

    Benefits Of Using An Altitude Mask

    The benefits of training with a high-altitude mask comes directly from giving your respiratory muscles the workout they need. One study shows a group of cyclists who, after improving their respiratory muscle endurance by 12%, also improved by 4.7% in a time trial exercise designed to last roughly 40 minutes. Another study showed an improvement in swimmer’s performance in distances under 400m (differences in performance for longer distances were not recorded). There’s a lot of research out there to support the use of respiratory muscle training and its positive effect on athletic performance in a variety of sports. Using a high-altitude mask gives the respiratory muscles a workout by making you take deeper, more controlled breaths. When your breathing muscles improve, your overall performance improves.

    Do High-Altitude Masks Work?

    There’s still a lot of controversy around these masks. Many people claim that they’re ridiculous, and could never simulate high altitude training. To add to that, there’s the possibility that this type of training doesn’t offer much advantage to begin with. Skeptics are right when they say that wearing one of these masks won’t immediately increase red blood cell counts or your body’s ability to get oxygen to muscles on its own, but they’re not considering that a strong respiratory system can give those results. The altitude masks are what gives you that edge.

    Altitude Masks For Running

    If you’re training for short distance sprints, altitude masks could be the extra layer that your workout needs. After six weeks of respiratory muscle training, the total recovery time during a repetitive sprint test decreased 6.2% (give or take about 1%). This could not only make your sprint training more effective by increasing how much effort you can put in, but it can also improve your endurance for longer distances. The stronger your breathing muscles are, the longer it will take for your legs to fatigue when you’re running long distance races. This is because your able to send oxygen to your muscles more easily with a stronger respiratory system.

    The Best Altitude Masks

    Let’s take a look at 6 of the best altitude masks on the market. Since the masks fit over your mouth and nose, comfort is a really important factor. We’re going to look at the sizing and materials of each of these masks, as well as what kind of training conditions they’re best used in.

    Coxeer Mesh Half Face Skull Mask

    If you’re wanting to give these masks a try but you’re still a little bit skeptical, here are two options at a really affordable price. These two masks, the first made by Coxeer and the second by West Biking, both check out under $20. The Coxeer mask is made with Nylon, while the mask from West Biking is made with Neoprene. Both fabrics are comfortable, but Coxeer’s mask offers a much more comfortable fit around the chin. Both of these masks would be a good, inexpensive option if you’re just wanting to try them out, but if you want something a little more serious, let’s keep going.

    Just a step above these two budget-friendly masks, is one made by Ankioo. Available for around $30, it has 6 different levels of resistance, making it much more versatile in your training. The shape and comfort isn’t much better than the previous masks though, and it uses a very simple head strap that’s joined by Velcro in the back. If you’re a runner, you may have a hard time keeping this one on your head.

    VQP Training Mask Activated Carbon Training Mask

    In the $50-$90 range, we open up our options a little more, and we see a really big difference in the way these masks fit. The Dimok Hypoxic Mask has a silicone mask that fits snugly over your nose and mouth, and the head strap fits very comfortably without slipping. You can also change the resistance on this mask without having to take it off. It’s made with a mesh nylon making it breathable and good for use in hot conditions. It’s also available in 3 different sizes. At $50, this mask is a really great deal.

    Training Mask 2.0

    Training Mask 2.0

    For more serious athletes, you might consider the Training Mask 2.0. This mask has 3 dif20ferent nose pieces to offer different levels of resistance. Made with Neoprene, it boasts a lighter and more comfortable mask. With minimal face coverage, it doesn’t get too hot, or slip. Training Mask makes another one that offers only one level of resistance. It claims to require 9 times the effort to breathe, meaning, this one’s not for the weak. It covers more of the face to ensure that the mask stays put while playing more agile sports, that require more abrupt movements.

    When you’re ready to take your training up a notch, be sure to also grab this Spray Cleaner made by Training Mask. After a hard session, the Spray Cleaner makes it quick and easy to clean your mask, so it stays ready to go. This is a must-have, no matter which mask you decide on.