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Best Senior Dog Foods of 2019

Best Senior Dog Foods of 2020


Just like humans, senior dogs need to watch what they eat to stay healthy. This is because an aging body needs fewer calories, more protein, and tons of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function properly.

It’s difficult to accept that your dog might be aging, but feeding them the right food can help any canine feel peppy, spunky, and young for a long time. Just make sure you give them the right amount and are paying attention to their individual needs.

There are a couple of features that truly make a dog food one meant for seniors, and the most important are those nutritional changes, digestibility, and softness. After careful consideration, we identified four of the best senior dog foods currently on the market that meet these qualifications and will make any senior dog feel like a puppy again.

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Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

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Dr. Tim's Kinesis All Life Stages Dog Food

Dr. Tim's Kinesis All Life Stages Dog Food

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Nutro Max Natural Senior Dry Dog Food

Nutro Max Natural Senior Dry Dog Food

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Annamaet REJUVENATE Senior Dry Dog Food

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Product Reviews

Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food comes in 4.5 lb. bags and features crucial ingredients like wild turkey, fish, and chicken, which add lean protein to the overall formula. The food is 38% protein, making it an excellent option for aging dogs who are struggling to maintain muscle mass. It is easily digestible and flash frozen while raw to ensure it retains freshness and doesn’t break down during transport and shelving.

This food additionally limits its carbohydrates to 19%, another great feature since canines don’t need carbohydrates to be healthy. Fresh vegetables are added to boost the total fiber as well, including turnip greens, carrots, and spinach, and kale. Pears and apples are also utilized for their dietary fiber and vitamins.

Orijen is soft and easy for senior dogs to chew, making it a favorite for those suffering from dental health problems. All ingredients are sourced from the United States, where the product is packaged and sold. The only downside to including so many different meats, fruits, and vegetables is that this food is not ideal for dogs that have preexisting allergies, as it might trigger a reaction.

While it is not the best for canines that have allergies, numerous users reported that their dogs exhibited more energy, hair growth, and better gum health after using Origen for several weeks. Each 4.5 lb. bag costs around $30.


  • Packed full of protein
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Tons of fiber
  • Easy to chew


  • Not great for pets with allergies

Annamaet REJUVENATE Senior Dry Dog Food

The Annamaet dry dog food is designed to be one of the easiest for canines to chew, featuring small kibble pieces about 3/8 of an inch in diameter. The formula is completely grain free, making it easy to digest for all breeds of dogs and helping to counteract the allergic reactions often seen in canines that consume corn, wheat, and soy.

This formula utilizes animal protein primarily from fish, including freshly caught silver carp. It is bred and caught in sustainable conditions, making this an environmentally conscious food as well. One feature ingredient is the presence of L-Carnitine, which promotes muscle growth and healthy muscle mass. This helps stop deterioration in the old age.

There are several ingredients that are actually unique to this formula, not being seen in many other alternatives. One is coconut oil, which researchers believe is essential for helping promote canine brain health. Another is turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory and works to reduce joint injuries and the pain of arthritis. Prebiotics promote digestion and a great GI tract.

There are roughly 366 calories in a cup of this dog food, making it a high calorie, high protein option for senior dogs that struggle to properly digest and metabolize energy from their food. Clear portion instructions are included on the packaging to explain how much a dog needs.

Annamaet REJUVENATE Senior Dry Dog Food comes in containers of 12 lbs. and costs around $55.


  • Tons of protein
  • High caloric content
  • Promotes muscle growth and mass
  • Includes prebiotics
  • No grains are used


  • High caloric content

Dr. Tim's Kinesis All Life Stages Dog Food

When you have an aging large dog, it can be difficult to find a senior food that comes in large enough portions and contains enough joint health ingredients to keep them happy. Dr. Tim’s Kinesis All Life Stages Dog Food is a great option because it comes in up to 45 lb. bags for around $60 and includes tons of natural ingredients essential for promoting muscle, joint, and organ health.

This formula uses a slow cooking method to limit how many nutrients are lost from ingredients during the process, ensuring there is still adequate protein and fiber. It utilizes fresh meats from chicken, fish, and turkey to create a formula that includes 79% animal protein.

Each bag includes digestible kibble that is softer for aging teeth. Ocean fish oil is utilized for DHA and EPA, which will reduce inflammation while improving the function of the heart, brain, and immune system. It also aids in the reduction of shedding and can help senior dogs maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

All of the ingredients in this formula are sourced from the United States and Europe to ensure quality. To minimize allergic reactions, no corn or soy is included just because these products are not digestible by many canines.


  • Excellent option for large dogs
  • No corn or soy included
  • Tons of fiber
  • Tons of animal protein
  • Improves coat health
  • Great for dogs with allergies


  • Slightly expensive
  • Uses some plant proteins

Nutro Max Natural Senior Dry Dog Food

The Nutro Max Natural Senior dog food comes in containers of 25 lbs., making it an excellent option for someone with an aging bigger dog. This formula heavily utilizes wild and farm fresh chicken to ensure each hound gets an adequate amount of protein. No chicken by-product is included, as well as no filler ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy protein.

Like some other foods, the Nutro Max senior formula utilizes other fresh ingredients like fruit and vegetables to meet the dietary fiber needs of canine. The manufacturers are also careful to include essential vitamins and minerals as well as glucosamine and Omega-3 fatty acids to promote joint and kidney health. It deliberately steers clear of sodium and phosphates, which can actually increase blood pressure and reduce kidney function.

Clear portion guidelines for this food are included on the back of the bag. Although dry, this dog food is still in the form of soft pellets that are chewable for canines of all shapes and sizes. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

One nice feature about this food is that each bag of Nutro Max Senior Dog Food purchased from a retailer like Amazon comes from a manufacturer’s guarantee and return policy. This means if your dog doesn’t like it or doesn’t respond well, you can return the food.

A 25 lb. costs around $30, making it great for someone who wants to feed their dog a quality senior food while still being on a budget. This product is highly recommend for large dogs.


  • Great size for large dogs
  • Protein comes from fresh chicken
  • No soy, corn, or wheat protein included
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee included


  • Some dogs might have an allergic reaction to the vegetable ingredients

What to Look for When Buying a Senior Dog Food

While many of us like to think that our senior dogs are just old puppies, the truth is they need different nutrition than their younger counterparts. To stay healthy, a senior dog needs a food that makes adjustments in calories, protein, overall composition, and what kind of supplements are included to keep the body healthy and strong.


A calorie is a unit of energy produced by food when it is metabolized. Every living thing needs a specific amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight and survive. For dogs, the average caloric burn a day varies wildly between 250 and 3,000. This means you, as an owner, need to know your dog’s weight to give them the right amount.

When a dog is young, the standard rule of thumb is that they need between 25 and 30 calories per pound per day. So, a 10 lb. Chihuahua needs 250, while a 100 lb. Great Dane might need 3,000. These rules change when dogs get older, because their bodies can go one of two ways – they either start to burn less, or they might struggle to metabolize food. The first causes weight gain, while the second is weight loss.

Monitor your dog’s weight. If they start to gain on the same food you have been giving them, switch to a low calorie senior alternative. If they lose weight, switch to one with more calories to help facilitate healthy weight.


Senior dogs need digestible protein to help them maintain their muscle mass and stay healthy. As any animal ages, muscle mass starts to deteriorate because the body struggles to metabolize protein and remain stable. Extra protein can help a senior dog stay in shape and remain healthy during their golden years. Just make sure it comes in a form they can chew and digest.


You might have noticed that a lot of dog food comes in the form of hard kibble. In many cases, this is done to preserve the food and promote strong gums and teeth in young canines. As a dog ages, their teeth and gums weaken, making it difficult to chew kibble. Cracked teeth and gum infections are common.

To avoid this problem, find a senior dog food that is soft and easy for your canine to chew. The best option will be one that comes as soft pellets full of the aforementioned digestible protein. If this isn’t available, switch to soft foods like canned alternatives.



Finally, there are numerous additional acids, nutrients, and vitamins that dogs need to live their best senior lives. These include supplements like fiber, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, and glucosamine. Such ingredients promote joint health, solid bowel movements, reduced inflammation, and better immune systems.

You should also identify a food that is low in sodium and phosphates. These ingredients can hinder kidney function and drive up blood pressure, making them poor choices for a healthy diet. Most senior dog foods will include little of these additives.

Some other good supplements are fiber, which will promote digestive regulation; turmeric to reduce inflammation; and healthy ocean fish oils which will maintain brain function and encourage a strong immune system.


In general, you should avoid selecting a senior dog food that contains protein from wheat, corn, or soy. These grains are difficult for canines and other animals to process and can lead to poor nutrition and declining health if proper animal proteins are not utilized.

Always check the list of ingredients for any food you are interested in buying and look under the protein label. You want to find the percentage of animal protein, as this is better for any dog. If it is lower than 60%, invest in another food that is easier for your canine to digest.


The best senior dog food is a combination of many features, but will ultimately be the one your furry friend enjoys eating while still staying healthy. If you still struggle to identify a good food, consider getting a vet’s recommendation and trying smaller bag sizes until you and your dog find a good balance for them.

If your dog does not react well to a food or struggles to eat it, do not continue to feed them that variety. Food allergies are common among dogs and often exhibit themselves through itchy and puffy eyes, inflammation, rashes on the skin, and even hair loss.

Remember to always stick to portion sizes, and check out these healthy options that can promote overall health and wellness by improving protein and reducing unnecessary additives.

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Review

Pets are amazing, but like humans, each one tends to have a distinct odor. This is especially true for individual dogs and cats that have their own hormones, gas, digestive problems, and habits.

A dirty dog or stinky cat, especially if there is a litterbox around, can permeate a home with their odor. It invades furniture, clothing, bags, and anything porous in the area.

If you’ve suffered this problem, you know how difficult it can be, especially if you rely on traditional air fresheners and sprays that seem to mask the odor without really solving the problem.

Luckily, there are products like the Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle that can help fight against and completely eliminate unwanted smells from dogs, cats, and other pets. It even manages to absorb and then destroy odors instead of just trying to mask the smell with fruit an flowers.

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Orange Lemon Splash

This candle has a ton of great features, especially since it is unlike regular candles. It includes design choices that make it stand out, like:

  • 70 Hours of Burn Time
  • Environmentally Friendly Wicks
  • Enzyme Based Formula
  • Over 50 Scents

What We Like

There are quite a few pros that come with using the Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle, especially for individuals who want to avoid the harsh chemicals of fresheners and just want the scent to be gone. The biggest pros are:

  • Construction
  • Scent

Most candles are made of wax mixed with scented oil. Wicks tend to be flammable wood, paper, linen, and other combustible substances. The Smoke Odor Exterminator stands out because it is environmentally friendly, using wick cores made of zinc that doesn’t produce a ton of smoke like regular ones.

Another crucial construction element is the enzyme based formula, which actually eliminates the small molecules responsible for carrying scents around a room. The 70 hours of burn time are also wonderful, since it means the candle doesn’t need to be replaced every few days.

Candles can be a divisive product for some people. Anyone who has ever been near a professional shop or who knows a candle lover is well aware that people have their favorite brands, scents, and fragrances. One of the features we therefore enjoyed about the Smoke Odor Exterminator candles was the sheer number of options available.

By sheer number of options, we mean we tallied well over fifty different scents to choose from, including:

  • Clothesline Fresh
  • Orange Lemon Splash
  • Lavender Chamomile
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Harvest Cider
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Vanilla Glitz

The fragrances range from the festive to the simple to the potentially strange, making them an excellent choice for smokers or their family members who are trying to celebrate or cover up the odor, as well as for people who own pets.

We even found, as far as smoke and pet odors go, that these candles could cover up lingering scents that contaminate public spaces like the hallways and foyers of apartment buildings. So, if your neighbor has an exceptionally smelly dog, have no fear: the Smoke Odor Exterminator is here.

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle

What We Don’t Like

As always, there must be a downside to buying any product. It actually took us quite a while to figure out something wrong with these candles since they were honestly the best solution to pet odor we have smelled in a long time.

Ultimately, there is one problem that can arise:

  • Overpowering Scent

You see, some of the candle styles actually produce an overwhelming amount of fragrance that can be irritating for individuals who prefer a lighter, fresher scent. This once again has to do with the formula of the candle, because it needs to overcome the odor produced by pets.

However, this is an issue with only a couple of the scents, particularly Sugar Skull. This one users reported having to open windows for to help get the smell out of their homes.

One solution is to only light the candle for a few hours, which is more than enough time to eliminate the smell of wet dog or particularly gassy feline.

Reasons Your Pet Might Smell

It’s important to keep a home smelling fresh, but it’s more crucial to discover why your pet seems to be producing a particular odor. Unpleasant smells are often a sign of health issues in an animal, including infections, gum disease, and intestinal distress.

If your dog starts to smell and show symptoms of pain or discomfort, take them to a licensed veterinarian to search for common issues like:

  • Gum Disease
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Gas from a Food Allergy
  • Atopy
  • Compacted Anal Sacs
  • Diabetes

These are issues that affect the health and wellness of dogs, cats, and other pets, especially as they age. Remember to always take animals in for regular visits, checkups, and physicals, and make sure you are paying attention to their needs.

The candles can help with the odor, but the best solution is always figuring out the cause of a problem instead of eliminating the effects thereof.

Buying Advice

These candles have a long lifespan and can be had for around $10, making them an inexpensive candle option for the average individual. This money gets you a candle that weighs 13 oz. and can last for a long time, making it an excellent deal.

The best place to order the Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle is on Amazon, which has great shipping rates and the option to buy four candles at once for a discount instead of getting them all individually. This is ideal for owners who have more than one pet or who like to take advantage of savings.


Pet odors can be frustrating, especially since the scents have a tendency to leech into porous fabrics and materials around the home. To combat the scent, you need a powerful weapon in your arsenal, and nothing could be tougher than the Smoke Odor Exterminator candle.
Pawsitively Perfect German Dog Breeds

Pawsitively Perfect German Dog Breeds


There are tons of German dog breeds, and they are all recognizable by their unique names that bear the hallmarks of the German language.

These dogs have long been luxury pets and working dogs, bred to be great as hunters, watchdogs, K9 police officers, bomb sniffers, and even military attack dogs. They love to work hard and play hard, making them excellent for active families and individuals.

It can be hard to find the right one, though, because of how many there are. This list covers the most popular German dog breeds ranging from small to large, and includes their chief characteristics to make the process of picking a dog easier.

Small Breeds

There actually aren’t many German small breeds since many of the dogs were meant to be intelligent workers. The few little dogs there are, though, are well-known breeds that many people enjoy for their spunk, spirit, and overall sweetness. They weigh up to around 40 lbs. and tend to be less than 24 in. tall.

The four most common small German dogs are the:

  • Affenpinscher
  • Dachshund (all varieties)
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Pomeranian



The Affenpinscher is frequently called the “monkey dog” because of its wild hair and tiny face. It has a square jaw and features a beard, kilt, and long whiskers and eyebrows that make it stand out.

These dogs are best as companions instead of full guard dogs because of their size and stature. They are small and adorable, making them a favorite of families. They do well in apartments and are great as companions.


Everyone has heard or at least seen the dachshund, also called a wiener dog because of its short stature and little stubby legs. While these dogs aren’t great around other pets and small children, they are active and enjoy being around older people.

This breed is highly affectionate and intelligent and is actually one of the easiest to groom because of its short hair.

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a great dog breed when it comes to being an affectionate watch dog. They have the traditional beard, whiskers, and eyebrows of a schnauzer and tend to become attached to one specific person in a family whom they remain loyal to.

These dogs require some basic maintenance to keep their hair in order, and tend to be a little stubborn during training. Otherwise they are great and excellent with families.



The Pomeranian unfortunately has earned the name of the “yappy dog,” but this is only when they aren’t trained. These bright little balls of fluff were selectively bred for Queen Victoria of England and are an excellent, low maintenance breed suited to apartment life.

These dogs actually require little brushing despite their puffy brown coats, only needing to be groomed once every three weeks.

Medium Breeds

There aren’t as many medium German dog breeds as there are large, but these canines are excellent as family pets and are eager to please. Most of them weigh between 40 lbs. and 80 lbs., making them suited to living in a home with a yard for exercise.

The most common German medium breeds are the:

  • Boxer
  • Eurasier
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Munsterlander
  • Schnauzer



The boxer is an extremely friendly and affectionate dog characterized by its pouty face, sad eyes, and deep bark. It is intelligent, curious, and quite active and can even ‘box’ with its paws to play.

Boxers really love to play, so it’s important to give them tons of attention. Their coats are quite short though, and it’s important to keep them out of the sunlight for extended periods of time.


The Eurasier is actually a really new breed, having been born through the mixed breeding of a chow chow, spitz, and Samoyed. Combined, these dogs produced a fluffy, lovable dog that is active and wants to play.

These dogs are intelligent and obedient, and are surprisingly quiet. They do need constant attention and training, though, or they will develop a stubborn streak.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The Shorthaired Pointer is super energetic and super affectionate. They were bred to help hunt game and have a spotty brown and white appearance that makes them stand out. They require little maintenance but do need training, toys, and tons of people to play with.

These dogs work best with families and in areas where they can be allowed to run and socialize. They are definitely NOT apartment dogs.

German Wirehaired Pointer

These dogs are intelligent, dynamic, and very watchful, making them excellent for families willing to give them training and tons of activities. They have longer, more water resistant hair than their cousin, the shorthaired pointer.

These dogs do work well with other pets and children, but only if they have been socialized to accept them from a young age. They also were meant to be hunting dogs, so they can get excited around rodents like squirrels.



The Munsterlander has very distinctive floppy ears that have long hair, while the rest of the body is speckled white and dark brown with typically short hair. These dogs are super affectionate and love strangers and friends alike, making them great for families.

They are energetic and do need a lot of exercise, so consider taking them for long walks, runs, and other activities. They are very brave and very fun, and tend to grow super attached to one person.


The standard schnauzer is very much a guard and watch dog who enjoys barking but doesn’t like strangers or other animals. They bear the traditional beard, kilt, whiskers, and eyebrows and have a stubborn streak, but are fiercely loyal and loving.

These canines are brave and ambitious, and have no problem chasing after creatures that tread on their domain. They are easy to groom and need socialization and training, but can become a great pet.

Large Breeds

There are far more large German dog breeds than there are of any other size. This makes sense considering the harsh climate of the region, the reliance on hunting and guard dogs, and the necessity to have large animals that can work while still being durable.

Despite, these large breeds are actually some of the friendliest canines out there, so long as you are a part of the family. The most popular ones are the:

  • Dobermann Pinscher
  • German Longhaired Pointer
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Great Dane
  • Rottweiler
  • Weimaraner

Dobermann Pinscher

Dobermann Pinscher

This is the traditional large Dobermann that people think of when they hear the name. These large dogs are not friendly with other dogs or strangers because of their protective nature, but they are super loving and affectionate with their families and loved ones.

These dogs are obedient when trained, but can be stubborn when not. They are also intelligent, so it’s important to keep them active and happy or else they can become destructive.

German Longhaired Pointer

These dogs were designed to be fast runners, and they definitely love to play. These shaggy dogs need to be given plenty of attention and affection, and also need regular brushing to help tame their wild mats of hair.

The German Longhaired Pointer are also intelligent and obedient, and work perfectly with families that they can love and protect.

Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is the large version of the regular schnauzer, raised to have the same distinctive beard and eyebrows. These canines are meant to be guard or watch dogs and are very obedient and hardworking, but are not affectionate or friendly to strangers and other animals.

These dogs need to be socialized from a young age and do well with regular training. They become very attached to a single human they view as a master, making them great for an individual.

Great Dane

Everyone has heard of the Great Dane, one of the largest dogs in history. These behemoths are true gentle giants that are super affectionate and friendly, but require some training. They are smart, enthusiastic, happy, and playful but need to be taught how to socialize with other dogs.

Because of their large size, the Great Dane is prone to a variety of health issues.



Rottweilers have earned a bad reputation because of their use as police dogs, but they are fiercely loyal, obedient, and easy to train. They can be socialized with children and other animals, but it needs to happen young.

These black and brown shorthaired canines love their families but need time to recharge their batteries and get ready to socialize again.

The Rottweiler is best handled by someone who has experience with dogs, and it should be known they tend to be dominant when around other canines.


The Weimaraner is a shorthaired dog that is large and in charge. They were bred to be hunting dogs and don’t tend to get along with other animals, but are super happy and energetic.

While these dogs don’t need a lot of grooming, they need to be trained to prevent destructive habits and love having something to do with their owners to keep them occupied.

Common Traits

Every dog breed will naturally be different, but the astute individual will notice that all of these breeds were meant to be working or watch dogs. They are high energy and need to be kept occupied or they become destructive out of boredom.

Dogs like the schnauzers, Pomeranian, and Rottweiler are also not friendly towards other dogs and animals, so be sure to properly introduce them to new pets and strange animals before allowing them to get too close.

These breeds are therefore:

  • Attentive
  • Distrustful of Strangers
  • Protective
  • Playful
  • Energetic
  • Hyper
  • Intelligent

Common Health Problems

Dogs in general are plagued by the same health problems that hit humans, including the following:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Infections
  • Gum Disease

The German dog breeds vary widely, but many of the larger breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, and cancer. This is become ones like the Great Dane grow too large, while German Shepherds have been overbred and are starting to experience health issues.

Smaller breeds do live longer but end up with arthritis and cancer as well. They can also get hypothyroidism and diabetes.

sick dog

The key to keeping any breed healthy is to take them to a vet regularly, feed them a healthy and proportional diet, and make sure they get exercise. Since each breed has its own health problems, always do some research and take steps to avoid the most common issues.

Which German Dog Breed Should You Get?

Ultimately, the best German dog breed for you will depend on your lifestyle.

Big dogs need the most food and exercise, so it’s best to have a home with a large yard or daily visits to a dog park. You also need to budget enough to feed 100 lb. behemoths like Great Danes.

Small dogs need less exercise but can also be quite anxious and needy. They also don’t do as well with children and most medium breeds. These pets will want you to be home often.

All dogs require attention and regular care. Remember that they are a member of the family and will need love and the right amount of diet and exercise to be healthy.

If you have an active lifestyle, consider a big dog. If you are active but don’t have a large home, medium breeds can be your best friend. If you live in an apartment, then a small breed is best.


When you want a German dog, you don’t just have to get a shepherd, as glorious as they are. There are over a dozen breeds with their own unique personalities that make them suited for working, relaxation, and forming a special bond with someone willing to give them a chance.

 Find the right one for you today and see just how wonderful they can be.
Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House

Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House Review

The debate about whether or not cats are better off indoors or outdoors has been a hot topic in recent years, especially for pet owners. It can be hard to determine whether or not felines are happier inside the house or roaming around the yard, and the world is certainly fraught with dangers.

Whatever the situation may be, you no doubt want your furry feline friend to be safe, especially if they resist coming inside since they were a former stray or grew up as a barn cat. After all, even though the indoors is safer, some felines just do not adjust well and feel more comfortable in the open air.

Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House

This is where the Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House comes in. This 2-story home is probably better than many humans’, including features like:

  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Waterproof Eaves
  • Balconies
  • An Escape Door
  • An Easy to Clean Interior

How many of our homes honestly have balconies and excellent construction? Or, if we want to be really critical, waterproofing and an easy way to escape in case of emergency?

The Lovupet is a great way to keep felines safe and happy whether they are indoors and out, and also offers some extra privacy and vantage points to spy on their prey and minions. It’s a great option for the average pet owner who worries about their animals and wants them to be secure no matter what the situation may be.

What We Like

The Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House is a perfect example of what an outdoor (or indoor) animal house should be. All of the key features mentioned before are the absolute pros of this unit, ensuring cats remain safe from predators, have a roof over their heads, and can stay comfortable in their own little den. A few pros you might like are:

  • The Construction
  • The Waterproofing
  • The Interior

This product is made from 100% fir wood to stop the delaminating common with particleboard. It is treated to resist environmental factors and also doesn’t molder in the rain. This wood won’t splinter and injure cats, and also comes in either red or gray for some extra individualization.

The waterproofing is essential to keep felines dry, especially in stormy areas. The entire roof, as well as the eaves and balconies, have been waterproofed to prevent leaks and the growth of unhealthy mold and mildews. Cats can even sit on the balconies in the rain and be comfortable and secure.

Finally, the interior can be cleaned easily. This is essential for any responsible pet owner who will want to make sure their felines aren’t living in their own filth.

Lovupet Weatherproof Cat Home

All the cleaning takes is a damp cloth, some soap or disinfectant, and a little scrubbing. Dirt and grime comes away with ease and the interior can be left to dry out in the sun. To accomplish this cleaning, the roof can be removed to make way for the hands and arms. The second floor can also be taken out for easier access to the first floor.

The removal of the roof is also a great way to let cats have the perfect sunbathing spot while still being in their home, since they have the first floor as well to sleep.

Finally, the emergency escape door is a necessity. Should something happen to the Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House, there are multiple exits that are easy to access and will not impede the cat’s movement in any way.

What We Don’t Like

The Lovupet is popular among people who care for strays, ferals, and barn cats, so it was actually difficult to identify any specific flaws with the house. The construction is sturdy and cats seem to love the design and interior, but one feature stood out:

  • Access to the Second Floor

There is no interior ramp inside of the house to allow cats to move in between floors, so frisky felines need to jump up to the second floor if they want to go in.

This didn’t seem like a problem at first, but the balcony, with its eave, creates an issue. Cats can accidentally miss and bounce off of it, and weaker or older animals will struggle to get to their favorite spot over time.

If you have a cat who might struggle, it would be a good idea to include some rudimentary ramp to help them climb up and enjoy the benefits of the balcony. We’re sure they would appreciate it.

Buying Advice

The Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House is a solid investment, costing around $110 but lasting for many years when maintained. It is therefore ideal for homes that take care of outdoor cats frequently or have constant fixtures in their lives like barn cats.

When ordering this house, it’s best to use a service like Amazon, which tends to have the most reliable pricing and shipping.

Once you do receive this cat house, consider setting some money aside to stock it with feline necessities, including blankets for comfort.

As a side note, assembly is not required and the house should arrive ready for use. Always remember to check the interior before letting cats use it just so you can makes sure there are no screws or splinters left behind.


Wherever you stand on the indoor vs. outdoor debate, you no doubt want to ensure as many cats as possible receive comfortable, warm, and safe homes.

If you know cats roam in your area, or if you have a barn or outdoor cat, then this will be the home for you. It is sturdy and reliable, and will last for many, many years. Felines will remain safe and warm, and don’t have to fear the rain and other environmental unpleasantness.

You want to live in the best home possible, so why not give your furry friend the same treatment?

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage Container

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage Container

We’ve all been there on that day we return home from work, school, or even just a short walk to check the mail and discovered the dog – and sometimes the cat – has destroyed the food bin. Even worse, they might have gotten their head trapped inside while trying to guzzle down the kibble.

Helping a pet maintain a healthy weight is a crucial part of being a responsible pet owner , and so is ensuring dogs and cats don’t ingest hazardous materials. This is why it’s important to have a product like the Gamma2 Vittles Vault, which is a sturdy dog food storage container designed to resist even the most persistent puppies or older dogs.

There’s a lot to love with this container. The lid forms an airtight seal to stop spills, free measuring cups are included, and the thick plastic is resistant to the sharp teeth which earned their name from canines themselves.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Food Storage Container

Some of the best features to look out for are the Vittles Vault’s:

  • Durability
  • Airtight Seal
  • Ability to Keep Food Fresh
  • Ability to Seal in Odors

For all of these reasons, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault is a personal favorite of ours for all dog (and cat) food storage needs.

What We Like

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault is one of those dog food containers that goes out of its way to truly be an impenetrable vault for goodies canines aren’t supposed to get into. It is made from food-grade, BPA-free, high density polyethylene, a type of plastic that won’t affect food quality or leech toxics around the home.

Besides being made of good material, there are other excellent features that need to be mentioned, including:

  • Reduced Odor
  • An Airtight Seal
  • Keeps Food Fresh

A big problem when storing dog food is that it has a tendency to smell, especially the longer is sits. Because this dog food container has a lid with an airtight seal, it manages to keep that odor inside.

The airtight seal is also essential for keeping the food fresh, since it can’t be exposed to the open air and wind up rotting due to bacteria and other elements in the environment. This is great news for people who like to purchase pet food in bulk, as it means the food will remain fresher for longer.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Food Storage

The airtight seal also has the crucial function of making it difficult for dogs to get into the container. The lid screws into an internal indent instead of an external rim, so dogs can’t latch onto it and yank it out. The plastic is also thick all around, meaning there are no weak spots to chew through.

When in doubt, this container will keep the pooches out.

This Vittles Vault also comes in multiple sizes, making it suitable for all breeds and homes that have more than one dog. The medium product, though, weighs around 25 lbs. and holds 6.5 gallons of food. It stands 13 in. tall and fits in most pantries.

The largest model can hold a whopping 14 gallons of food and stands 20 in. tall, which is ideal for those breeds that require massive portions of food to stay fit and healthy. If you have multiple dogs as well, then this is definitely the food container for you.

What We Don’t Like

As with any product, there is bound to be an aspect that just doesn’t work well. In the case of the Gamma2 Vittles Vault, the issue can be summed up with a single bullet point:

  • Oil and Grease

This isn’t necessarily the fault of the container, but has to do with the porous nature of the plastic and the texture and composition of most dog food.

Dog foods contain some ingredients to help keep the food fresh, and these ingredients are responsible for the production of oil and grease. There is nothing wrong with these substances since they help preserve the food and keep it tasting delicious.

Unfortunately, the substances can, over time, be absorbed by the internal plastic walls. This creates a greasy film that will start to grow rancid over time if the container is not washed every month or so. The foul nature of the grease can spread to the food, causing it to go bad faster.

The obvious solution is to maintain the container by washing it between bags of food to help ensure food stays fresh and the Vittles Vault can do its job. But it’s a step many don’t think of that is essential to the product.

Buying Advice

Because of its durability, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault can be had for around $30. This is slightly more expensive than buying a plain plastic tub, but comes with numerous benefits like the aforementioned stability as well as the capability of keeping food fresh. It is also much better than the simple plastic bags dog food come in.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault

The best place to find this product is on Amazon, which tends to have the lowest price and decent shipping options. A free measuring cup is included inside as an added tantalizing benefit.

Before purchase, make sure you choose a side that suits your dog’s needs. If you own a Chihuahua, then you will probably want the smallest size. On the other hand, if you have a Great Dane, then definitely invest in the bigger model.


It can be difficult to find a good container to store your dog’s food, especially if you own a rambunctious or gluttonous canine that tries to break in whenever you leave the house. Luckily, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault has the ability to stop these thefts from happening so you have an easier time helping your dog maintain its ideal weight and food intake.

Why not protect your dog’s food’s integrity, freshness, and overall desirability by ensuring it remains preserved and away from prying mouths?

 If you know your dog is a rascal, then consider investing the small amount of money it takes to own the Gamma2 Vittles Vault. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your canine’s stomach.
Petaste Soft Dog Squeaky Toy

Petaste Soft Dog Squeaky Toy Review

The Petaste soft dog squeaky toy is not one of the best toys for aggressive chewers when they are left alone, but it includes some significant features that make it great for a fun tug session and regular fetch with even the most brutal of canines. It even comes in numerous fun shapes with a variety of materials. This squeaky dog toy is a perfect chew toy for puppies and older togs.

This squeaky toy comes as a cow, monkey, or elephant and has soft, durable plush filled with a squeaker. In place of arms are threads of thick robe that are great for playing tug and having fun with any dog. This rope is sturdy and great for teething or strong-willed dogs that like to play rough.

The entire squeaky toy weighs around 4.5 oz. and is about 10 in. long and 7.5 in. wide, making it excellent for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Petaste CWWJ005 Dog Squeaky Toy

Some of the top features include:

  • Durable Plush
  • Thick Rope Legs
  • Squeaker
  • Filled with PP Cotton

Combined, these features mean the Petaste soft dog squeaky toy is an excellent option for pet owners seeking an alternative to solid rubber playthings that is not a weak stuffed animal.

What We Like

There’s a lot to like with this Petaste soft dog squeaky toy. A couple of the features that stand out are in the list mentioned previously, but the best one is definitely the cute and durable design with the thick rope legs.

The plush, mixed with the legs, make this a sturdy toy that can survive supervised play without crumbling under the force of any dog’s teeth. The squeaky toy is fun to throw, while the ropes are great handles for playing tug with dogs.

The cute design also suits multiple dogs, and the size of the toy fits any creature from small to large.

For the unfamiliar, PP cotton stands for polypropylene, which is a synthetic material designed to not absorb moisture. This means the interior material is soft, will withstand a canine’s teeth, and also won’t become soaked with saliva.

The PP cotton is therefore great because the toy doesn’t have the chance to absorb moisture from spit and the associated bacteria. It’s also easy to wash, meaning a pet can enjoy it for years.

As people have also noted, this toy manages to be soft without being overstuffed, so there is no danger of it bursting its seams and spreading fluff everywhere.

Finally, there is the squeaker. We’ve noticed that squeakers seem to be the ultimate force capable of convincing a dog to do just about anything. It awakens something primal and makes even the most simple of toys irresistible.

The squeaker in this Petaste model is reliable and don’t break or puncture easily, meaning dogs can enjoy their toys for much longer. This definitely makes the toy stand out since reliable squeakers are hard to find.

The biggest pros are then:

  • Versatility for Play Styles
  • Durability
  • The PP Cotton
  • Long-lasting Squeaker Power

What We Don’t Like

As with any dog toy, there’s bound to be a few characteristics that don’t quite work. This is natural since all canines are different. In this case, the main downsides come out when the aggressive dog is left alone with the toy for too long.

The major cons are twofold:

  • Not Good for Solitary Play
  • The Strings Fray

The biggest thing we wound up disliking with this toy is that it is not one of the best toys for aggressive chewers when they are left alone. This is because an aggressive or determined dog might destroy the plush without some attention.

The squeaker can be quite desirable, and many dogs will try to dig through the plush to take it out. This means the Petaste soft dog squeaky toy most likely won’t last up against pets that really like to chew and tear through their playthings.

Instead, this toy seems to be meant more for cuddling or supervised play, which many pet owners don’t always have the time for. Many are seeking a toy that they can leave with their beloved dog when they go to work, school, or have to leave for the day.

If that is what you’re seeking, then this Petaste model might not be right for you.

One other slight issue with this toy is that the rope bones can fray easily, and the strings can be swallowed and occasionally cause issues like poor bowel movements.

Owners should be careful to remove any loose strings or make sure their dog doesn’t swallow them. They might not break down in the stomach and could cause stomachaches, gas, and even a blockage in small dogs.

Buying Advice

After some careful review, this toy is best bought on Amazon. It tends to run between $15 and $20 depending on which company it’s purchased from, and shipping is also affordable.

Once you actually buy this toy, there really isn’t anything else you need to save money for. Just remember to make sure your dog likes it, otherwise they won’t play.


There are tons of soft dog toys out there, and it can be difficult to find one that is better than a glorified stuffed animal for aggressive dogs or nervous chewers. This is why the Petaste soft dog squeaky is one of our favorites.

This toy is great for supervised play and dogs who have teeth that are a bit worn down. The fabric and plush are soft but durable, and the rope bones are great for tugging and chewing.

You can also customize this toy by having it be an elephant, cow, or monkey, three of the most popular animals.

 When dogs can shred toys with ease, it’s nice to know there is a reliable one that costs less than $20 and includes many of the animal’s favorite features.
The Best Chew Toys for Puppies

The Best Chew Toys for Puppies in 2020


Puppies are cute, wonderful, and playful, but also have tons of unchecked energy and a tendency to chew on anything they can get their mouths around. To stop the new addition to your family from eating your shoes and furniture, you need to check out the best chew toys for puppies.

These options focus on providing a firm and enjoyable experience while also being soft enough for developing jaws. They provide hours of entertainment and avoid potentially dangerous situations like being too small and easy to swallow or full of cotton fluff that can cause digestive distress.

If you’re at your wit’s end with a puppy that enjoys chewing, check out these four products that have earned the title of best chew toys for puppies.

Comparison chart







Puppy Rubber Chew Bone Toys

Reeple Puppy Rubber Chew Bone Toys

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Petony Dog Toys, Interactive Chewing Rope Ball Toys Set

Petony Dog Toys

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SHINCO EETOYS Dog Chew Toy, Durable Dog Toys


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hwangli Pet Dog Puppy Teeth Grinding Chewing Training Toy

Hwangli Pet Puppy Chew Toy

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Product Reviews

hwangli Pet Dog Puppy Teeth Grinding Chewing Training Toy

If you have a small dog, you know they start out as a truly tiny puppy. These miniature creatures need a toy that gives them enough of a challenge without being so large they can’t grasp it properly, and this is where the Hwangli Pet Puppy Chew Toy shines.

These toys typically come in packs of three and are designed for puppies that are on the small side. They are made from a durable, non-toxic rubber or rope and come in a variety of shapes and sizes sure to satisfy even the choosiest of pups.

Although small, these playthings are small and hard, meant to offer some softness while not being easy to tear apart. The rubber and rope options feel small nubs that help promote good oral hygiene by cleaning teeth of plaque and buildup while the puppy chews and enjoys their toy.

All products measure around 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 in., making them perfect for small puppies. They should NOT be given to larger dogs as they can become a choking hazard, especially when accidentally swallowed. Colors are sent randomly, but buyers do get to choose what shape they want for their puppy.

Each pack of three toys costs around $2, making these playthings one of the least expensive options currently on the market. If you are frustrated with the size of regular toys for puppies and want something your Chihuahua or Pomeranian can handle, then invest in a pack of these.


  • Made from non-toxic rubber
  • ​Environmentally friendly
  • Great for small puppies
  • Promotes good oral hygiene


  • Extremely small size is unsafe for larger dogs

Petony Dog Toys, Interactive Chewing Rope Ball Toys Set

One of the best features of buying Petony chew toys is that they often come in packs of up to eight, meaning your puppy will have tons of options when it comes to chewing and playing around the house. These toys are also inexpensive, costing around $15 for a total package of eight.

The Petony chew toys are made of sturdy rope and take the form of long bones and balls that provide tons of resistance, versatility, and flexibility. This means your puppy will get the pleasant benefit of getting to gnaw on something that provides a satisfying amount of resistance while still being soft enough to not cause harm to the teeth and gums.

These rope toys are designed to be safe and non-toxic. They don’t include any of the potentially harmful chemicals seen in synthetic fabrics or plastics because they are made of 100% cotton. The ropes do not come undone easily, so there is a low chance of your puppy accidentally swallowing strings.

Besides being satisfying to chew, the Petony toys promote good oral health by cleaning teeth and gums of the plaque that builds up over time. They come in tantalizing blue, green, and yellow and avoid the unhealthy flavor coatings seen in other options.

If your puppy likes to chew, chase, and play tug, then these are definitely the best choice.


  • Inexpensive
  • Come in large packs of eight toys
  • Promote good oral hygiene
  • Soft yet resistance
  • Great for small dogs
  • No flavor coating


  • Not a good toy for larger puppies that attack their playthings

SHINCO EETOYS Dog Chew Toy, Durable Dog Toys

The SHINCO EETOYS dog chew toy is one of those bones that combines the firmness of plastic with the resistance of rubber to give puppies a unique experience that keeps drawing them back to the toy. This produce appears as a white plastic bone with a long green rubber stripe down the middle. The rubber has round nubs that encourage healthy teeth and gums and can be used for teeth cleaning.

This toy is made of durable nylon and PU that is completely non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about undesirable chemicals leeching into your puppy’s mouth. The bone is easy to clean to prevent the growth of bacteria, and is also non-porous so the bacteria doesn’t have a chance of seeping into the toy and growing stronger.

The SHINCO dog chew toy comes in two sizes: medium and large. The medium is suitable for dogs under 30 lbs., while the large works well for those who weigh up to 60 lbs. While this means adult dogs can’t use it, the bone is the perfect size for developing puppies who feel the need to chew.

A tempting bacon scent and coating is used on this toy to make it more desirable. It weighs 6.9 oz. and costs around $15, making it affordable for just about anyone.


  • Includes rubber and plastic
  • Promotes good oral hygiene
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean


  • Has a bacon scented coating that can cause digestive distress in some dogs

Puppy Rubber Chew Bone Toys

One of the best features of the Reeple Puppy Chew Bone Toys right off of the bat is that these bones don’t have a flavor coating. It’s best to avoid typical coatings because they often cause digestive distress for the puppy, which leads to stomachaches and gas.

Besides this feature, the Reeple chew toys manage to stand out from the competition by being available in four fun shapes that are too large for a puppy to swallow. They are made from a firm rubber that offers enough resistance to be entertaining, but is not so soft that the puppy will shred it.

These chew toys work best for larger puppies and have full product dimensions of 6.7 x 2.7 x 2.4 in. The material is non-toxic and actually incorporates some real bacon to remain interesting and appealing to voracious dogs. It is also meant to help clean the teeth and promote gum health in developing canines who might be struggling during the growing process.

Each one of these bones costs around $10 and is designed to last for many months. They can be carried around, thrown, and even just sat with and chewed on by eager canines. The bones are easy to clean in a sink or with a damp cloth, helping prevent bacteria from forming on the surface.

Because of the size of these bones, they work best for younger puppies that haven’t grown too large. The bones might not be suitable for puppies reaching one year of age as they might have outgrown them by that point.


  • No flavor coating
  • Made from non-toxic rubber
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean


  • Size seems to vary

What to Look for When Buying a Puppy Chew Toy

Although chew toys seem like one of the most basic products available, they actually do have some complexity to them. Every puppy is going to have a different personality and no doubt seeks something different in their chew toy.

What Does Your Dog Do?

The best way to find the perfect chew toy is to pay attention to how your dog chooses to play with and munch on their favorites. This can be determined just by watching how your puppy goes about chewing things. Is it with little bites? Aggression? Do they like to carry toys around? Canines can typically be classified as nibblers, destroyers, and stuffers.


A nibbler is a puppy that likes to take small bites of their toys or sit for a long period of time and chew on them softly and gently. This is often a way to calm anxiety. These toys don’t need to be too tough or durable, and having some give can actually help calm the hound’s anxiety. Some good options for a nibbler are:

  • Soft stuffed animals
  • Tennis balls
  • Rope bones
  • Basic rubber chew toys


If your puppy is a destroyer, it means they like to attack their toys with the intent of completely annihilating it. This is common amongst dog breeds that were designed to hunt, as their instincts kick in and they want to gnaw through their prey. Big dogs might also be destroyers just because of the strength of their jaws. Some good options for a destroyer are:

  • Bully sticks
  • Firm rubber chew toys
  • Rawhides
  • Edible treats that take some time to chew


The stuffer is a dog who tries to fit the entire toy in their mouth at one time. They tend to be comforted by holding and carrying it around with them. This can be dangerous if they have toys that are the right size to be partially swallowed, as they can choke. The best options for a dog who likes to inhale their playthings are:

  • Tennis balls
  • Rope chew toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Larger rubber chew toys (that don’t fit in the mouth)

Other Factors to Consider

Other Factors to Consider

Once you know your puppy’s chew ‘style,’ you can focus on other factors that will make the ideal toy. These include some basic characteristics like softness, resistance, and the type of material used to make the plaything in question.


In general, puppies need softer toys than their adult counterparts because their jaw muscles are still growing and strengthening. Their teeth are also more easily damaged, so having something soft to enjoy while still dealing with the urge to chew is always a good option.

Many people are tempted to give their puppies stuffed animals. This is ideal for puppies that are nibblers and inhalers, but not destroyers. If you do get a soft stuffed animals, giving it to a young puppy who is unlikely to tear it apart right away.


Part of why puppies chew is because they are craving that resistance necessary to help deal with the development of their teeth, gums, and jaw muscles. As such, it’s important that any toy they possess has some form of resistance to make chewing enjoyable and relaxing.

The key to finding the right amount of resistance is simply balance. A fluffy stuffed animals offers none, but a huge bully toy might be too firm for a young puppy. Focus instead on softer rubbers, and bones made from rope or other materials that have some leeway.

Quick Tips for Choosing a Puppy Toy

If you’re still confused about what the best chew toy for puppies is, then consider following these suggestions for identifying a good option.

  1. 1
    Don’t buy toys that have flavor coatings, as these can upset a puppy’s stomach
  2. 2
    Avoid toys that don’t give when you press your fingernail against the surface. These are too hard for a young canine
  3. 3
    Do not get small toys that the puppy could accidentally swallow or choke on
  4. 4
    Pick a toy that you can wash or disinfect to keep the puppy’s gums healthy
  5. 5
    Don’t get a toy that is so soft the puppy will tear through it in minutes


 Identifying the best chew toys for puppies can be difficult, especially since there are so many options currently on the market. If you’re struggling, consider checking out some of these safe and reliable options that offer enough resistance to be entertaining while still being soft and comfortable for young teeth and gums.
The Catitude of Black Cat Breeds

The Catitude of Black Cat Breeds


There’s a lot to be said about cats having some of the most attitude and personality out of the pets, but unfortunately black cat breeds face an unusual amount of discrimination.

Many people are fearful of these animals, or choose not to adopt them in favor of a more brightly colored feline.

But there is much to love about the black cat breeds, especially once you actually know the difference between them. In the United States alone, there are over a dozen breeds that have their own quirks, hairstyles, and personality traits. They are full of catitude and make excellent pets for anyone.

But just what are the various black cat breeds?

Shorthair Breeds

Most black cats will be shorthairs. These felines are less prone to mats and tend to have easier to maintain hair, making them a perfect choice for individuals who prefer low maintenance animals with little shedding.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is probably the most common domestic cat. They descended from original European varieties that were brought over on ships to help keep rodents away from the food.

These cats are perhaps the most versatile and adapt well to living in families with children and other pets. Despite being shorthairs, their coats are quite dense and will need brushing at least twice a week.


The Bombay is a beautiful cat with great personality and a distinctive look. This cat, named after the Indian city, has a solid, short black coat and striking yellow eyes. They have low maintenance and love to cuddle and be active.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of the oldest cat breeds, dating back 2,000 years. Some of its ancestors roamed the Roman Empire, while most lived on the streets of the countries in the United Kingdom.

This cat has a soft coat and is calm and family-oriented, making them a great pet for homes with children.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is an absolute sweetheart of a black cat, possessing a super short coat and loving to go on adventures. This felines enjoys the outdoors and being active with humans. They also travel well and are ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has hair so short that the underlying skin tends to be exposed. They need baths twice a week to stay healthy but are super playful and loving.

This cat has cute pixie features and is a bit of a goof, liking to entertain and cause mischief.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

This shorthair is related to the more well-known Persian but has a shorter, thicker coat. They tend to have bright yellow eyes and are another playful breed.

They do have some special maintenance, requiring brushing twice a week and cleaning around the eyes to help prevent tear stains.

Japanese Bobtail

This bobtail is one of the oldest breeds and is steeped in traditional and mysticism. Japanese folklore described them as bringing good luck, and this cat is quite vocal and happy to spend quality time with their family.

They will need to be thoroughly brushed twice a week because of their thick undercoat.


The Oriental was once the official cat in the palace of Siam, now Thailand. They have short coats and broad, round ears that give them a distinctive appearance, especially with their lanky bodies.

These felines are vocal and have a tendency to bond with one special person in particular, making them great companions. They are feisty and love to play as well.

Although they have short coats, Oriental cats should be rubbed down with a damp cloth once or twice a week to maintain hair and skin health.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Black

The Scottish Fold is distinct and adorable, but wasn’t discovered until the 1960s. It has wide, large eyes and ears that fold forwards over a round face. These cats can have long or short hair, but short hairs are more common.

This breed doesn’t have too much maintenance and is highly intelligent, often bonding with one member of a family. They are thus excellent companions.


The Sphynx is the ultimate shorthair because it literally has no hair, just luxurious wrinkly skin that requires a twice the week rubdown or bath to get rid of oil buildup.

This breed is highly intelligent and longs for companionship. They are inquisitive and good-natured, and tend to surprise people because they aren’t Egyptian. They actually were bred in Canada in the 1960s.

Longhair Breeds

Longhair breeds are cats that tend to grow long, luxurious coats that require weekly or semiweekly maintenance. They can develop mats and tangles, and they shed a lot, so brushing is of the essence. Once their coats are maintained, though, these felines are cuddly, soft, and absolutely gorgeous.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is one of the most popular breeds because of its long hind legs and short tails. Each one has a tail that is only ½ or 1/3 of the size of other breeds. When one of these cats doesn’t have a tail at all, they are called a rumpy. They tend to be extremely playful and friendly and are full of energy.

American Curl

American Curl

The American Curl actually developed out of a genetic mutation from other breeds. What makes this cat unique is that its ears curl backwards beginning at around three weeks and settling into shape over the next four months. The Curl is another energetic and friendly breed and is surprisingly great with children, making them popular for families.

The only downside is the Curl does need regular dental care and checkups because they are prone to gum disease and losing teeth.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons have been popular in the United States for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. These handsome beauties possess long, fluffy coats and are excellent mousers. They enjoy attention, cuddling, playing, and are often considered the ‘dog’ of the cat world.

Because of their bushy coat, they need to be brushed and groomed regularly to control shedding and the development of mats. They are loving and work well in cold climates.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat has been around for 4,000 years. Yes, 4,000 years.

This breed is elegant and playful, having once been used to control rodents on ships and around granaries. They are friendly to children and very lovable, but require high maintenance because of their dense, water resistant coats.

In Norse mythology, this cat even pulled one of the goddess’s chariots. They were highly valued members of culture and society.


Everyone will recognize the Persian at a glance because of its flat face, snub nose, and regal long hair. It was introduced to Europe by merchants from Iran around the 1500s and immediately became popular as a status symbol.

However, these cats are also elegant and sweet, working wonderfully in quiet, older homes are adults and elders. They tend to be docile and don’t play much, but do require high maintenance on their coats.



This cat is another ancient breed, tracing its ancestry back 1,000 years. They have triple thick water resistant coats designed to withstand cold temperatures, making the Siberian a hardy feline. They love running water and will go nuts around a faucet.

They need some high maintenance when it comes to brushing and grooming their coat, but are happy, smart, and friendly overall.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora stands out for being a longhaired cat that enjoys swimming a lot. This breed dates back for centuries, even being mentioned by the Prophet Mohammed in the religion of Islam.

This breed is extroverted, requiring tons of attention and entertainment. They bond with their owners, making them a great family pet.

Why Aren’t Black Cats Adopted?

Unfortunately, black cats faced centuries of persecution, especially in European and broadly Western countries.

The color of their coat is associated with witchcraft, evil, and bad luck even though black cats can actually be some of the most sweet-tempered pets.

In some cultures, killing or sacrificing a black cat was even seen as necessary to stave off disaster, lift curses, and stop bad luck.

This unjustly earned reputation means black cats – and indeed other black animals – just never were adopted as much as their more colorful counterparts.

Pawsitive Cultural Connotations

Pawsitive Cultural Connotations

Thankfully, black cats aren’t reviled everywhere. Lots of cultures and countries actually enjoy the attitude and appearance of black cat breeds and ensure they have a special place.

In Egypt, these creatures always had a good reputation because they were associated with the goddess Bastet, who took the form of a woman with a black cat’s head.

In Japan, women who own black cats are considered more attractive in media. Does Sailor Moon and her pet ring any bells?

In the United Kingdom, it’s actually considered good luck nowadays should a black cat cross your path.

In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya’s chariot is drawn by black cats, and special favor is granted to anyone who leaves out milk for them.

In Great Britain, sailors actually wanted black mousers on their ships because it meant the vessel would return home safely.

A New Leaf for the Black Cat

Besides these cultural connotations, black cats have also earned a special place through popular culture, especially in the United States. Many remember Salem, the intelligent and sarcastic cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and animal shelters reported a huge number of black cat adoptions following the release of Black Panther by Marvel.

According to the ASPCA, for the last three years, black cats are actually more likely to be adopted than their brightly colored counterparts. Professionals think this is backlash from the perception that black cats are adopted less, which was true for centuries.

So if you want to enjoy the attitude of these black cat breeds, you might want to drop by the local shelter and scoop one up fast!

How to Properly Care for a Cat

How to Properly Care for a Cat

Part of owning a cat, whether it is a black breed or not, is figuring out how to properly care for it. All cats have the same basic needs: good grooming, a healthy diet, and a clean place to go to the bathroom. Throw in a couple of toys and the cat will be happy for the rest of its days.


Keeping a cat’s hair clean, their nails trimmed, their ears checked, and their coat free of tangles is all part of ownership. Regular grooming should be done on a weekly basis, while feats like trimming nails should be monthly.

Not all cats tolerate being groomed, and unfortunately there is no way to tell until you try. No breeds are predisposed to being grumpy, so it all comes down to individual personality.

Brush your cat regularly and use a special clipper to trim nails. Do NOT cut to the quick as this will hurt the animal.

If you’re unsure of what to do, bring the cat to a professional vet or groomer who can help with the process.


The proper diet is essential to ensuring a cat has a long, healthy, and happy life. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to overfeed their animals or give them foods that are bad for them. One of the worst offenders is milk – cats don’t actually need it!

To keep a cat healthy, remember to feed them a regulated cat food. The average animal only needs between 25 and 35 calories per pound. So, a 10 lb. cat only needs 250-350 calories a day.

This actually isn’t a lot when it comes to cat food. Animals need less than a single cup a day, and owners have a tendency to give them much more than that.

Instead of keeping a full bowl, read the portion size on your cat food and then give your cat half of its food in the morning and half at night.

Try to keep a schedule, as cats are good about remembering when they are fed and will start to get antsy if dinner is late.

There has been a recent trend to try and feed cats vegan or vegetarian diets. This is a TERRIBLE idea. Cats are carnivores and need meat to provide them the proper nutrition to remain healthy.


Finally, ensure the cat always has access to a clean litterbox. This means scooping out poop and changing the litter on a regular basis, usually every 1-2 weeks. You enjoy having a clean bathroom, and so will your cat.


There is a black cat breed out there for everyone. These lovable felines have faced a lot of stigma over the centuries, but are actually sweet and attentive, craving affection and family.

Check out these lists and find the right one for you today.

Singing Machines Buyers Guide

Singing Machines Buyers Guide

A singing machine makes an excellent addition to a party or game room and provides hours of entertainment for a small investment. Buying the right singing machine is important and depends on what you want to use it for such as singing with friends, practicing a performance, or just singing solo.

Some factors such as sound quality and portability will come into play when purchasing a singing machine so if you are interested in learning more about them here are some helpful tips.

Sound Quality

Quality is key, and if you are trying to stay in the right pitch, the key is very important. Singing machines with higher wattage produce louder sounds with less distortion so the more power it produces the better it will sound as the volume increases.

There are also sound effects that can be applied with some singing machines such as echo, pitch control, or autotune. These effects can make a huge difference when it comes to how your voice sounds so the more options you can get the better.

Comparison Chart







Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

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Singing Machine SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System

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Another important factor is portability because it can be the deciding factor when it comes to what you can do with your singing machine. A portable singing machine will be battery powered giving you the ability to carry it around with you or bring to an outdoor setting. Some singing machines are smaller than others are and size can be an important factor, as you wouldn’t want to be carrying a heavy machine if you plan to move it a lot.


Most singing machines can be connected to a smartphone with Bluetooth and this is a convenient way to stream your music. When performing karaoke with your singing machine, it is ideal to be able to stream your music directly from your smartphone that can double as a remote. Pause, play, and change the tune from the palm of your hand without having to press any buttons on the actual singing machine. This gives you the ability to control it remotely so you can be controlling it from the audience when your friends are performing.

Other important things to consider when choosing a singing machine is whether it is easy to setup, has a warranty, and whether or not it has a built-in display for lyrics.

A good singing machine will last for years and provide hours of clean, fun entertainment for people of all ages. Find a singing machine that meets your own particular needs and requirements to have the best karaoke experience possible.

Singing Machine SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System

When it comes to purchasing a singing machine, the SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System is amazing value and a great choice for beginners and experienced singers alike. The SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System features one of the most unique styles available of any singing machine on the market because the speaker itself is a disco light that features dozens of LEDs that can even synchronize to the music.

Ideal for All Occasions

The SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System an ideal option for all kinds of activities from pool parties, to birthday parties and even special events. Just because it is designed for karaoke doesn’t mean it is only useful for singing. The SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System is great for amplifying your voice at a speaking engagement or for other group games where amplifying your voice is useful.

Two-In-One: Singing Machine and Disco Party Light

The SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System comes with 40 multi-colored LED lights that synchronize to the music. They can be turned off if the fancy multi-colored lights aren’t needed and can be activated with the press of the button when it’s time to get the party started. Not only are there 40 multi-colored LEDs built into the speaker housing, but there are also LED lights built all around the singing machine itself. When all of the LED lights are turned on, this singing machine effectively becomes a disco ball.

Recording and Playback Function

It is essentially a requirement for a singing machine to have a recording function if you are getting into performing or singing karaoke. The SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System is equipped with a USB port to play songs from as well as loading your recorded files to export to another device such as your desktop.

For example, if you record yourself singing a song with this singing machine, you can then save the song to a USB thumb drive then plug it into your computer where you can mix and edit it and then share it with all of your friends.


  • Stream thousands of tunes with the free mobile app
  • Synchronize 40 multi-colored LED lights with the music
  • Build-in recording function
  • Export your recorded files with USB
  • Wood cabinet for better sounding speakers
  • Line-in can connect to Mp3 player, smartphone, and any other audio device
  • LED display to show audio track
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • No lyric display
  • Wood speaker cabinet makes it heavy
  • No battery-powered option

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

Want to host the perfect karaoke dance party? This funky, easily portable karaoke machine has got you covered.

Turn up the music and sing your heart out with the Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System. This affordable system comes equipped with LED Disco Lights, CD+G features, USB connections, and a microphone to channel your inner pop star. It is also Bluetooth compatible, making it extremely convenient to steam your favorite songs to the device.

You can control the ambiance of your own private party with light dimming options and color-changing effects. Bust out your inner diva or rock god as you light up the room with this fun, decorative karaoke machine.

Sounds Like Fun, Right?

You bet it does. The Singing Machine’s sound system gives you echo control for voice effects and it has powerful built-in speakers. No fuzzy vocals for you! Let your voice be the star.

Your Very Own Disco 

Possibly this system’s best feature is its attractive set of 54 LED disco lights. Not only does this system sound great, but it also looks amazing too! Your room will instantly transform into a disco club as you belt out tunes. You can choose to lighten or dim the effects and can change colors as quickly as you change vocal range.

Sing It with Me

Another great feature of this system is that it offers a unique duet function. The machine comes with two wired microphone jacks. Best of all, there are separate volume controls that allow you and your partner to join forces as you amaze your friends and family members with your combined talent.


  • The machine is Bluetooth compatible for easy, wireless song downloads.

  • The Singing Machine app gives you to access to thousands of songs (andfive downloads of your choice are free of charge!)

  • You can record your best performances and replay them to your heart’s content.

  • You can connect the device to your TV for scrolling lyrics.

  • You can connect to other devices with auxiliary input.

  • It has a handy top-loading CD player.


  • No rechargeable battery is included.

  • No HDMI output available with this model.

  • The Singing Machine can’t directly attach an iPhone, but you can buy connectors to enable this feature.

Best Hiking Backpack Under $100

Best Hiking Backpack Under $100 in 2020

Hiking is one of the best hobbies to take on right now because the activity is suitable for all ages, all body types and especially since you get to explore so many beautiful sights, natural plants, animals and breathtaking sunrises.  Hiking offers plenty of positive health benefits.  This sport is excellent for building strong leg muscles, for getting a beautiful tan, for keeping your weight in check and the outdoorsy adventures offer great relief from stress and anxiety.

Hiking is also a very popular sport or activity because it is so affordable. All you need is the right gear and you will be able to enjoy many adventures for free or at the fraction of the cost of other physical sports such as gym. 

One of the first things you will need if you want to enjoy regular hiking expeditions is a good quality backpack.  And if you think that you will have to dish out a small fortune to get a good backpack then you are very wrong. At this moment you can pick up quite a few great looking backpacks for under $100. 

In this review we are going to have a look at the top hiking backpacks that you can buy online at an affordable rate.

Comparison Chart

In this comparison chart we are listing the top hiking backpacks you can consider for your trips.  These backpacks are specifically chosen for their high quality and they are preferable since they offer all the features that are needed for easy and happy going hiking expeditions.







55L Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

55L Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

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30L Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack

30L Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack

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35L Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

35L Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

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80L Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

80L Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

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55L Wasing Internal Frame hiking backpack

55L Wasing Internal Frame hiking backpack

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80L Jinshiwq Waterproof Hiking Backpack

80L Jinshiwq Waterproof Hiking Backpack

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How important is a good backpack

How important is a good backpack

It is important to have versatile traveling gear if you want to make a success out of your hiking expeditions.  Nature can be unpredictable and you can count on lots of unforeseen elements and situations every time you set out on trial.  With the right type of gear at your disposal you can travel with ease, get through tough situations and you will be able to stay safe on these often dangerous journeys. 

While it is important to prepare for the unexpected by stocking up on lots of gear, it is also important to keep the weight of your gear in mind.  You will need to carry your backpack throughout your journey and a heavy backpack, too much gear or heavy gear could tire you out tremendously. 

The type of backpack you choose is very important for your journeys because your backpack can cause lots of agony or back aches if it doesn’t offer a comfortable fit.  A good backpack is also important for protecting your gear and for keeping everything nice and dry in all sorts of weather conditions. 

There are lot of characteristics that could affect the usefulness and functionality of a backpack and in this article we hope to teach you to find the right specks and features to include when searching for the perfect backpack. 

What should be included when looking for a backpack?

When you are shopping around for the perfect backpack you should keep the following three categories in mind;

  • Backpack capacity
  • Backpack features
  • Backpack fit

Backpack capacity - Hiking backpacks differ quite a lot in size and for good reason.  The size you need depends greatly on the duration of your journey.  The longer your hike is the bigger backpack you will need.  Hiking backpacks typically come in three major sizes or types;

  • Weekend backpacks are typically designed for one to three days.  These daypacks or overnight packs usually have a capacity of under 40 liters and hikers do choose capacity according to the season.  During winter season you will need something near 40 liter capacity but in summer you can easily get away with a much smaller day pack.
  • Multi-day backpacks are designed for 3 - 5 day trips.  These backpacks usually have a capacity of 40 - 60 liters and are considered medium to normal capacity backpacks.  The backpacks can come with an internal frame but are mostly popular without internal frames because they are much more comfortable to wear.
  • Extended trip backpacks are best suited for traveling for longer than 7 days.  These backpacks typically have a capacity of over 60 liters and usually have an internal frame.  While these high capacity backpacks are great for carrying lots of items along your journey they are no longer highly popular since it is trendier to go lightweight on hiking and backpacking expeditions.

A small backpack might break if you stuff it too tightly with traveling gear where a big backpack could be unnecessarily heavy and bulky for short trips that are meant to be light hearted and fun.

Backpack features

Backpack features - The right type of features will ease many things in your journey.  It is entirely possible to get a backpack under $100 with plenty of outstanding features.  Here are the top features to look for in these affordable bags;

  • A backpack that is light weight is always a good pick since the accessories you need to take along do contribute quite a lot to the total weight.  Backpacks with frames are much heavier and fabric thickness can also have an impact on weight.
  • Backpacks with lots of pockets are usually preferable because it makes it easier to stay organized on trips or to access things you might need.
  • A backpack with a built in sleeper could be preferable if you are taking on long hiking expeditions or if you are hiking in winter climates.
  • Tool loops are not essential but can be very handy if you are taking on adventures such as skiing or mountain climbing.
  • A rain cover is an absolute must if you are planning on hiking during the rainy season or in areas that experience winter snow.
  • Waterproofing is always a handy feature no matter where you go, what bag size you need or what type of adventure you enjoy because staying dry is one of the most important aspects of basic survival.
  • Some backpacks come with built in water reservoir for camel back. These are preferable for long expeditions although not essential since you can buy water reservoirs loose.

Backpack fit - The importance of choosing a comfortable backpack can never be over emphasized.  A backpack that claws into your shoulders, that doesn’t sit firmly or that has thin straps won’t just eat away at your back, it could affect your ability to complete hiking trails entirely.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a backpack with a comfortable fit;

  • Backpacks with internal frames are better for loading lots of stuff but are much tougher on your back.  The frame rides against your back and can cause sweat and bruising.  Frameless backpacks are always a better pick for hikers.
  • Waterproofing is beneficial for keeping your belongings secure but you will have to sacrifice comfort because these backpacks typically are not breathable and can result in lots of sweating.
  • Padded straps are critical if you don’t want your backpack to claw into your shoulders as you travel. 
  • Your backpack should have comfortable positioning.  If it sits too low on your back you could experience terrible lower or higher back pain.
  • It isn’t preferable for your spine to carry more than a third of your body weight on your back and long hiking expeditions can get quite exhausting if you carry too much weight.

More tips on choosing the right backpack size

More tips on choosing the right backpack size

One of the toughest parts about choosing the right backpack is to identify the right size.  Backpacks can be quite expensive and you cannot really buy a different backpack for every hiking expedition you take on.  Here are a few tips to help you choose a good size backpack that will be practical for many hiking adventures.

Get your gear together - One of the easiest ways to determine the size of backpack you need is to get all of your stuff together.  Stuff everything into a borrowed backpack so you can see just how much space you will need.  Don’t forget about space for food and water.

Reduce clothing - Most hikers over pack on clothing.  You will be surprised at how little you can survive with, especially during summer time.  When it comes to clothing you really want to pack only the bare essentials or invest in sports clothing such as cross fit shorts that take up less place.

The type of hiking expedition - For general hiking you needs a much smaller bag than for sports specific hiking.  Hiking expeditions that involve mountain climbing, skiing or hunting hiking expeditions you will need a much bigger bag for extra accessories.

The duration of your journey - As said before; the size of backpack you need depends on the duration of your trip.  For day or weekend trips, a small bag under 40 liters is perfectly fine.  For 3 - 5 day trips you might want to look at backpacks that range from 40 - 60 liters and for 7 day plus journeys you will need something over 60 liters.

How often are you hiking - Some hikers enjoy these expeditions as often as they can while others can only get away once a year.  If you are a frequent hiker then it might be best to choose something high quality, durable and something that is easy to clean.  If you only hike occasionally then a cheaper bag could be the better pick since it will be unused most of the time.

The size of your group - The number of people included in your group can also have an impact on the size of pack you need.  For example; if you travel on your own then you need ample space for a full hiking kit but if you are traveling as a group then lots of camping accessories can be divided amongst carriers.

The hiking season - You don’t need nearly as much equipment during summer hiking expeditions as in winter time.  In winter you need thicker sleeping bags, jackets, coats, socks, a tent and much more.  In summer you can get by with sleeping underneath the stars and clothing takes up much less space.

If you still have no idea what backpack to choose then go for a medium backpack.  Multi-day packs are the best investment because they can be used as luggage for other types of traveling expeditions such as work travels.  You will have a good pack for a moderate hiking adventure and these backs typically are not too extravagantly heavy for day trips or weekend hiking trips.  Small day bags can also be handy for all sorts of everyday expeditions including trips to the gym and won’t be left to hoard dust in your closet for the biggest part of the year.  The only bag type you really need to be careful off choosing are those big 60 liter bags that often is just too big for general functionality.

Best Hiking Backpacks for Under $100

Best Hiking Backpacks

Now that you understand the basics of choosing a good backpack better, it is time for us to dive in and explain more about the top backpacks we have chosen for this review.  The following are the best of the best available on the market and will be suitable for your hiking expeditions because they offer the best benefits and features.

80L Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

These backpacks are perfect for extended trips of 7+ days.  The Mountaintop backpack ranges are available in 8 different colors and in different capacity size.  You can buy this backpack in 50l, 70l and 80l size. The larger bag sizes are perfect for those long journeys because there is ample space for gear, accessories and clothing.  Overall the backpack looks great in all different available colors but what probably really interest you are the features of the bag.  Here are the main features of this quality backpack;

  • Zipped front access allows you to get into main compartment with ease
  • Daisy chains allows you to hook lots of accessories or attachments
  • 8 compression straps for tying your backpack and other gear
  • Hydration system compatible with access on side and water bladder sleeve in main compartment
  • Made from high quality material with YKK zipper and Korean nylon buckles
  • Adjustable back length with 8 different adjustment levels
  • Adjustable harness strap position and shoulder straps
  • Built in rain cover
  • Internal frame
  • Separate bottom compartment for shoes or messy items
  • Weighs 4.4 pounds
  • Waterproof fabric


  • Perfect for all sorts of adventures such as travels, camping, hiking and trekking
  • Durable materials
  • Adjustable back length, straps and harness strap for comfortable wear on different sized people
  • Comes with built in rain cover
  • Easy side access hydration system is compatible with 3 liter bladder
  • Big back perfect for long duration trips
  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof fabric


  • No water bottle pouch
  • Could be better with more small bag systems
  • Hip belt might be small for some hikers
  • Might be small for cold weather use

80L Jinshiwq Waterproof Hiking Backpack

This is another great backpack for those taking on long journeys and backpacking expeditions.  The backpack is available in three different colors and offers a simple yet stylish look, is made of waterproof material and consists of an internal frame.  Here are some of the main features of this quality backpack;

  • Zipper front access
  • Internal frame
  • High quality nylon fabric and aviation aluminum ultra-light material
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Back ventilation system to reduce sweating
  • Exterior bags consist of cellphone pocket, zipper front pocket, top zipper pocket and net side water bottle pockets
  • Weighs 3.7 pounds


  • Made of good quality materials
  • Large capacity suitable for long trips
  • Padded adjustable straps for enhanced comfort
  • Side fitted water bottle pockets


  • Not suitable for built in hydration systems such as water bladders
  • Interior frame can cause pain during long trips
  • Slightly heavy weight

55L Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

The Tetcon Sports Scout 3400 is an Amazon #1 bestseller with over 1990 customer reviews.  This bag is popular and a best pick for your traveling expeditions for good reason.  It has all the major features that is needed for your trip, allows you to adjust it with great ease for comfortable fit and the bag’s 55l capacity is perfect for 2 - 4 day hiking trips.  The bag is available in three different colors; coyote tan, hunter green and mecca orange and all of these bags look pretty fantastic.  Here are some of the leading features you might want to know about this bag;

  • Internal frame backpack
  • Large 55L capacity
  • Perfect for youths to adults for 2 - 4 day expeditions
  • Customizable straps and torso positioning for more comfortable fit
  • Has an open-cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels that offers maximum comfort and airflow.
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Compression straps
  • Lots of exterior pockets for easy packing
  • Compatible with 3l hydration bladder
  • Comfortable ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Padded waist belt with wide hip straps
  • Has a bungee storage
  • Has a sewn in rainfly that can be tucked away when not in use
  • 3 pounds


  • The backpack has a great look and is made of durable material
  • Ample space for everything you need for your trip
  • Perfect medium or normal sized bag for 2 – 4 day trips
  • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps are padded for enhanced comfort
  • Light weight
  • Lots of exterior pockets and bungee storage for great organization
  • Has a sleeping bag storage


  • The straps could have been made of better quality materials
  • Internal frame can cause back pain
  • Slightly heavy due to internal frame

55L Wasing Internal Frame hiking backpack

This is another great backpack for those 3 - 5 day hiking expeditions.  The backpack is quite stylish and is available in 5 different colors which includes black, red, green, blue and yellow.  Here are the main features of this stylish backpack;

  • Zipper accessible bottom compartment
  • Internal zippered divider
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Molded foam back panel with airflow channels
  • Internal aluminum frame can be adjusted to different sizes
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Comes with a rain cover


  • Good quality waterproof materials
  • ​Relatively light weight
  • Adjustable padded shoulders straps
  • Available in different colors
  • Hip straps enhances wearing comfort


  • Not compatible with hydration bladder
  • Internal frame can cause discomfort
  • Could have been better with more exterior pockets

30L Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack

If you are looking for a small backpack for a day trip or for a weekend trip then we highly recommend the 30 liter Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking backpack.  The 30 liter capacity is perfect for 1 - 3 day trips in the wilderness and the backpack is available in different colors.  You can also buy this same backpack in 55, 65 and 85 liter size.  This backpack features a beautiful and sporty design which makes it stylish for all sorts of sports and not just for hiking and camping expeditions.  The backpack is made of strong materials and includes the following main features;

  • 30 liter capacity bag
  • Consists of main compartment, secondary compartment with pencil case organizer, mesh zip pockets and key chain
  • Fabric exterior is treated with water-repellent coating and backpack has a built in rain cover in the base pocket.
  • Comfortable hydration system with access at the top of the pack and bladder sleeve in main compartment
  • Weighs only 1.52lb
  • Has padded EVA back panel and cross vent straps for enhanced comfort
  • Lots of tool attachment points for accessories
  • Dual adjustable waist belt


  • No internal frame enhances comfort
  • Straps and back of bag is thickened which enhances comfort
  • Waterproofing and rain cover
  • Available in different sizes
  • Mesh water bottle pockets at sides are very convenient
  • Can be fitted with water bladder and has convenient water access point
  • Perfect for all sorts of sports or activities


  • Some complain that the straps don’t allow for comfortable fit on all sized people
  • Could have been better with more hook straps or clips
  • More pockets would have been preferable for easy gear access and better organising

35L Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

This is a very popular hiking backpack because of there are so many areas where you can hook camping accessories.  The backpack features a military tactical design and is available in a huge variety of different colors.  It is made of good quality fabric and includes the following main features;

  • 35 liter capacity - also available in 25 and 28 liter capacity
  • Has a built in hydration compartment and can fit a 2.5 liter bladder.  Tube is fed through the top of the bag
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Stitched in waist belt that can be slid into the middle space of the padding
  • Comes with chest straps
  • Weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Water resistant coating fabric


  • Made of durable materials
  • ​Available in different sizes
  • Compatible with hydration bladder
  • Made of water resistant coating fabric
  • Has side fitted exterior pockets
  • Has a zipper padded back panel suitable for carrying a laptop or hydration bladder


  • No rain cover included
  • No side fitted water bottle pouches
  • Waist belt can be challenging to use

Final Verdict

All of these bags come highly recommended and any one of these backpacks would certainly be very helpful on your hiking adventures.

If you are looking for a small and flexible bag then we highly recommend the 30l Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack.  This bag is stylish and offers all the main features you need for easy traveling.

For longer hiking trips such as 2- 4 day trips you can certainly consider the 55l Teton Sports Scout 3400 backpack.  It has ample space for all your needed equipment and is available in various sizes which is preferable for choosing a backpack for summer or winter specific hikes.

If you are backpacking a country or plan on taking on a 7+ day hiking adventure then the 80L Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is a wise pick.  The backpack is available in different seizes and might not have many exterior pockets but it does offer lots of space for all the gear you will need for this type of adventure.

 We are sure that these top picks will provide you with all the support you need whether you are planning on taking on a short hiking expedition, want to enjoy lots of outdoorsy adventures or want to go about backpacking different countries.

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