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Merax Gaming Chair Review – What Makes It A Number One Option

Merax Gaming Chair Review – What Makes It A Number One Option?

​The number factor that makes Merax gaming chair the number option is its comfort.

But while shopping for the best gaming chair, you have several options, such as color and style. However, you require something that you can rest without needing to stand up after 60 minutes as your legs drop off to sleep.

And this is where Merax gaming chair becomes an excellent choice. Whether you’re a computer gamer or a console player, this option may be ideal for you.

If you’re all set to update your chair to a brand new gaming chair, there’s no doubt that Merax is the top choice among gamers. The company strives to create the most exceptional quality possible.

The company struck the market with its variation of the preferred auto racing style game chair. It recognizes the player groups' need for comfort that can last for long hours of gaming, studying and working. And it developed the Merax gaming chair to supply all the performance you require for remaining comfortable.

The ergonomic style helps in maintaining you in a setting that’s ideal for your neck, shoulders, and back. It minimizes the possibility of discomfort or injury from extended periods of resting. It has comfy lumbar and head paddings for added support.

What attracts our attention about this chair is its budget-friendly price and the body embracing design of the backrest. The chair looks relatively remarkable at first look. But does it offer more than just great look? Could it be that it’s not as function-filled as other models or brands?

Merax Gaming Chair

Premium Merax Gaming Chair Features

It appears from the attributes that Merax developed it to be a premium racer design gaming chair. It comes with twin color scheme and ergonomic backrest.

It includes a cushioned seat with rotating wheels for easy moving across floors.

It also has a rocking capability for extending your muscle and relaxing between jobs.

The headrest has pillow and back support. You can adjust its tilt and height.

The chair weighs around 44.1 pounds, which is the same as other chairs in this category. It’s not the lightest, though. However, it’s not the heaviest in the group. It must be easy to bring in after shipping. However, it can stand up to the weight of the majority of players.

Benefits of the Merax Gaming Chair

We would advise this chair, not just for gaming, but also for office work. It has a lot of functions that we commonly seek in an excellent long-lasting usage chair.

Assembling is easy. It takes less than an hour. However, it still depends on your expertise.

With its multi-functional functions, you can sit upright or rock to and fro. You can even recline all the way if you wish to snooze.

It’s perfect for young adult players or grownups who are under 200 pounds.

Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair

Choosing the right gaming chair

When you’re checking out a gaming chair, there are a couple of vital things you must consider. While you could be aesthetically drawn into a specific chair because of the means it fits with the remainder of your gaming configuration, it could be the best selection for your demands.

For hardcore players, it’s necessary to have a chair, like Merax, that is ergonomically developed to supply support. That’s because you’ll be resting or sitting in it for a prolonged amount of time.

Can the chair sustain your weight?

Whether you’re a small or tall guy, Merax gaming chair can sustain your weight. It’s not just strong, but it’s also big enough to carry you comfortably.

Everything about this chair is excellent, from its high-quality material to the perfect cushion on the chair. The foot and armrests are fantastic.

Some customers are saying that the chair’s armrest is a bit wobbly. However, you can easily fix it by tightening the bolts.

The chair’s base is made of durable aluminum products, consisting of a special tubular steel framework. It guarantees optimal toughness and full stability.

Is it the best elevation for your desk?

The height is just as a vital factor in your chair’s choice. No humans are the same. Thus, your chair should be tailor-made to fit a variety of heights. And this is where Merax gaming chair excels.

You can customize its seating experience. Thanks to the built-in reclining system. It lets you adjust your chair from 90 to 175 degrees. Plus, it has tilt lock and tension control for the best fit.

With those things in mind, you can be sure that it’s not too high for your desk. Merax chair has a top notch hydraulic system to permit smooth elevation adjustability. 

How about complete body support?

As a gamer, you’re probably be resting on it for extended periods of time. Having the correct amount of cushion for your backside is necessary. Merax gaming chair has top quality and right thickness of the materials utilized to make its body. Plus, it has an extra padding for additional comfort.

It’s made from premium cut PU leather. It has high-density mold forming foam to offer cushioning and support to your whole body. It’s comfortable now, and it’ll be comfortable in the future.

Does it permit you to move around without stressing a component of your body?

It’s one of the things that players will comprehend. That is, how much motion is required for gaming, especially if you’re a person who prefers to engage yourself in the game totally. You feel every shot and take the impact of every kill strike.

Merax gaming chair will not flex or damage regardless of how far you move forward or back you lean or how widely you shake around in it. The durability of the wheelbase and strut will handle it for you.

Does it include added attributes that will aid you in reaching your optimal gaming capacity?

Additional unusual functions are always a perk when it concerns discovering the most effective chair for you. The flexible armrests, pop-out front rests and racking features will take your degree of convenience and possibly gaming abilities to the next level.

Viva Office Chair Review – What Are Your Options_

Viva Office Chair Review – What Are Your Options?

​Choosing an ergonomic chair can be difficult, especially if you’re tight on budget. Although you can select a cheaper chair, how long can you use it? Furthermore, how can you be sure that it’s comfortable to use while you’re working? In this Viva Office Chair review, we’ll examine the top three ergonomic office chair options of Viva. These office chairs made it to our list because of their exceptional features for their price and materials.

3 Best Viva Office Chairs

Viva Office High Back Ergonomic Chair Executive Chair

It’s an excellent looking chair that uses natural leather and stitching. But it also appears to have terrific specs behind the visual appeals. Noted as a high back ergonomic bound leather recliner chair that allows you take a snooze. This seat consists of an integrated back support, an incremental footrest, with a swivel base and wheels.

Evidently, the chair brings the ideal sitting experience.

It offers incredible comfort that you can even sleep in this chair. It comes with highly adjustable features that you can expect in a chair that can cost a hundred dollars more.

The armrests have leather padding, thereby, giving you super soft support. Owners of this chair love the high seat because they can raise or lower it independently. And during prolonged periods of sitting, the waterfall edge is a welcome feature to give your legs more comfort.

Another feature you’ll surely love from it is the easy-to-reach levers. They let you control the tilt of the chair while adjusting the armrest and seat height. Although you can’t change the pressure, the lumbar support is integrated into the contoured padding.

The most liked feature of this chair is the extendable footrest. It contributes to the overall ease and convenience of usage because it can be put up under the seat when you’re not using it. Plus, you can adjust it while you’re sitting in it.

Viva Office High Back Mesh

One of the most comfortable office chairs, Viva Office high back mesh, offers fantastic support from your head to your back. When you first open the box, you may feel daunted. The package is large and hefty. It also appears like it has a lot of components. But the truth is that it only takes less than 15 minutes to put the parts together. Thanks to the well-highlighted photos.

This chair is extremely sturdy and robust. The rear of the chair is bouncy, and you can adjust it to be stiffer if you choose. There’s a proper headrest on top so you can loosen up if you fancy. The armrests could be readjusted up or down according to your height, along with the entire char.

The wheels are incredibly resilient, too, and roll exceptionally easy. The seat padding is broad, about 20 inches. It’s also comfortable as it can fit individuals of most sizes of up to 250 pounds.

This office chair is constructed well, and it seems it can last for a long time.

Since you’ll be sitting in it for hours, the mesh chair will prevent a build-up of heat and moisture. It has adjustable pneumatic seat height with flexible armrests and headrest support.

The tilt tension control enables you to achieve three vertical positions.

Whether you’re short or tall, the many adjustable features of this chair can deliver you to the right height. That’s why it’s recommended to anyone who has spinal and neurological issues. If you have these issues, you can tilt the chair’s back at different angles. You can also change the head support so you can work effectively.

Viva Office High Back Bonded Leather Executive Racing Style

This executive office chair is also perfect for gamers. It’s an ultra-luxurious chair. You can loosen up and let your body sink into it in comfort. The back area makes use of unique air technology to develop a back contouring zone that snuggles and supports your lower back, no matter your position.

If you frequently grumble that conventional office chairs are tough on their backs, this soft yet responsive back support provides a particular solution. The chair is equipped with bonded natural leather, which is flexible and comfy. Integrated with the hand-formed holstered arms, you can conveniently pass it off as a deluxe product, in spite of the budget price.

When it concerns adjustability, the chair operates the same ways as a regular workplace chair. The height and angle can be customized using a comfortably situated side lever. The armrest can additionally be increased as much as 22.8 inches off the ground.

The premium bonded leather with padded backrest and armrests allow you to have long sessions of gaming. You can work for hours without nagging back pains. Furthermore, you can modify the padded arms up to 90 degrees. It’s great if you want an armless chair without detaching them.

The simple pneumatic controls allow you to lower your seat or rock back in your chair. Or you can also prevent it from tilting. Thanks to its control handle. The durable wheel casters add balance and mobility. Plus, it can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight.

Why you need these ergonomic chairs while working?

Our way of living is now inactive. Thanks to our attachment to computers and other contemporary technology. Being in a chair for hours at a time doing your work can bring about all sort of health issues that you may not know of. Lower neck and back pain is just one of the most common disorders in modern-day culture.

These three ergonomic chairs from Viva are the cream of the pop because of their budget and features. Some with substandard functions or sturdiness compared to the three that made our list.

The Viva office chairs are an outstanding all-rounder with few concessions for a budget plan chair. We enjoyed them all because of their cutting-edge style. They have distinct advantages that individuals who find basic office chairs too hard on their back or butt will surely appreciate them.

20 Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs

20 Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs – Buyers Guide 2018

​Are you tired of having to constantly stand up to readjust your chair just to become uncomfortable five minutes later? Are you worried that your chair is causing back pain that can potentially require hours of physical therapy to fix? It may be time to find a replacement for that lower back-trap you call a chair. The solution is to replace it with a reclining chair for office use.

Reclining chairs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, and fabrics. Finding the right office reclining chair can be a hassle since you’ll have to research numerous chair-producing companies that make several models. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the time to research all types of brands and products, so we’ve taken out most of the guesswork for you. If you’re interested in finding a comfortable chair for long sessions of constant sitting, then check out our list of the 20 best reclining desk chairs for your office.

1. HULLR Gaming and Office Reclining Chair 

HULLR Gaming and Office Reclining Chair

This HULLR features some of the most advanced technological features on the market. The HULLR Gaming and Office Reclining Chair has an incredible 90° to 180° reclining range and comes with 20 preset stop positions when leaning back. The gas pressure spring in this unit can support weight capacities of up to 330 lbs.

Although this chair was designed to adequately support the heavyset gamer, this can absolutely be used in a formal office setting. The comfort it provides and its study build are reasons to consider purchasing this chair. It comes in a wide assortment of colors for you to choose from. In addition, this 360-swivel chair can rotate and scoot effortlessly.

Some reviewers have left comments about the weak hand rests and excessive squeaking when moving from place to place. The plastic sleeves that coat the hand rests can crack easily, even with only limited use. As for the squeaking, you’ll need to apply lubrication quite often to eliminate the annoying sound.

Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair in Mesh

This Brighton Poly and Bark office chair take comfort to the next level. It has full-adjustability so you can set it to whatever tilt and height you’re most comfortable with. This chair features different reclining and lumbar support options for maximum comfort.

This Poly and Bark office chair looks perfect for your home or office. Its five-point caster base guarantees easy movement along your office floor, and the armrests are a comfort when busy with office meetings or doing work on the computer.

It comes with various handles for adjusting the position of this ergonomic chair. There’s a handle for adjusting the height of the armrests, the seat, backrest height, and the tilt angle. Each of these adjustable features comes with a stop lock to ensure that you get the most comfort from your preferred setting.

You’ll have a difficult time finding an office chair that has this many quality features. The only drawback is putting the unit together which can take up much of your time. One minor mistake can cause the chair to inadequate provide the comfort you’re looking for.

HON Volt Leather Task Chair

The HON Volt Leather Task Chair features a wide range of adjustable settings that fit your personal comfort. It has a classic but elegant design and comes in a wide variety of colors to match your personality or office color scheme.

The pneumatic lift adjusts the height of the seat so you’ll have perfect eye-to-screen distance and angle. The center tilt allows the chair to recline with ease while allowing perfect movement. The synchro-tilt lets both the seat and the backrest to tilt backward. The synchro-life offers a better relaxing position, especially when paired with a footstool (sold separately).

The Volt Task Chair by HON offers both comfort and style in a lightweight chair. The most prominent feature is its flexibility which lets to bend to fit your posture and work environment. The locking features will keep the backrest and seat from tilting past your preferred angle so you can enjoy consistent comfort without having to constantly readjust the settings.

If you’re looking for a model with armrests, unfortunately, you’ll have to skip this model. This chair is designed specifically for workers who need their complete arms on their workstation to perform. If you use a computer at work, this may not offer the most comfort.

LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair

If you spend more than half your time at the office in the sitting position then you’ll definitely benefit from the LCH High Back office chair. This is a tremendous lifesaver if you find yourself constantly battling with your office chair to achieve optimum comfort.

With the High Back Mesh Office Chair by LCH, you can forget about stiffness or discomfort when sitting for long periods in front of your computer. This amazing office chair is adjustable so you can get as comfortable as possible. Adjusting the unit is quick and easy so you won’t sacrifice work productivity just to get in a comfortable position. The unique angle recline locking system keeps your chair secured in the most comfortable position for you.

LCH ensures that their products are made with only the best materials for their customers. This office char I made from PU leather that offers both style and durability. The seat is stuffed with extremely soft padding to reduce discomfort or pain in your lower back. The chair’s base comes with heavy-duty rolling casters which offer smooth gliding from place to place. This office chair by LCH can support up to 250 lbs and is easy to assemble.

A major flaw with the design is that it wasn’t built for people over 6-feet tall. Tall users will experience discomfort when the headrest rests between the shoulder blades. In addition, the locking mechanism doesn’t actually stay put so you might find a 3-inch deviation from your preferred setting.

LSCING Ergonomic High Back Mesh Executive Chair Unique Design with Easy Button

With this Mesh office Chair produced by LCSING, you can say goodbye to lower back pain and extreme discomfort when sitting at your desk all day long. This chair was designed to keep office workers comfortable, alert, and most importantly productive throughout long work days.

The advanced two-button setup is easy to reach, and it allows the user to tilt their backrest up to 130° backward. The waterfall design of the seat comes with thick, dense padding to improve overall comfort and keep you productive. This chair also supports up to 300 lbs and can give a comfortable office chair for people of various heights.

Problems with this design are that the seat is extremely narrow, despite its ability to carry heavyset users of up to 300 lbs, and there is an embarrassing decompression sound when users get up from the chair. Furthermore, 6-feet users will only enjoy the headrest when they lean all the way back.

Guyou Racing Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back Swivel Computer Office Chair With Lumbar Support and Headrest

If you’re tired of having back and neck pains during long gaming or computer work sessions, then you need a new chair. Guyou’s racing-style office chair is designed with an extra emphasis on comfort and ergonomics.

This 51-inch office chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs so even the most heavyset person can enjoy the comfort of using this chair. It features a fully adjustable height and armrest setting to fit your frame, and the tilting mechanism is set to stop from anywhere between 90° and 120°.

The ergonomic head, lumbar, and foot support offers comprehensive comfort for when you need to sit in front of a desk all day long. The chair comes with caster wheels that offer both stability and movement when you need to drag the char from place to place.

However, some customers have found this Guyou office chair to use cheap fabric that rips after limited use. It also has some sharp edges that make resting an impossible task.

Jumei Adjustable High Black Mesh Office Chair

Jumei’s collection of office chairs is the new standard of where quality meets value. This task chair provides maximum comfort, support, and functionality. This adjustable backrest office chair with black mesh is both durable and soft so don’t worry about leaning too far back and having the chair’s spine snap on you.

This task chair is completely adjustable to suit your height and chair-tilt preferences. The asynchronous control gives you the chance to fine-tune the unit to your posture in order to address any issues with comfort. Whether you’re at work or doing office work at home, you won’t notice any pain or discomfort in your lumbar, back and neck.

If you’re not experienced at assembling your own chair, then you might need professional help to get this unit built since this office chair doesn’t come with a user manual. In addition, you’ll need to slouch if you’re over 6-feet tall in order to even remotely feel the headrest.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-back PC Computer Chair With Headrest and Lumbar Massage Support Executive Office Chair

This racing-style office chair is another chair worthy of praise. Although it looks like it would be more appropriate to place this in a hobby or game room, office workers will definitely benefit from the features provided by this ergonomic office chair.

The backrest and seat both use premium PU leather. The backrest is curved to suit the contour of your spine, and it can lean all the way back (from 90° to 180°) to support napping when your boss isn’t around. The swivel feature lets users spin all the way around and back, and the high-quality PU mute wheels won’t squeak and scratch your floors. It also has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

The only problem you might have with this gaming/office chair is that the beam that connects the base to the bottom of the seat might be damaged, needing a replacement. The good news is that Devoko will send you a replacement beam or a complete refund, provided that you notify them within 30 days of the purchase date.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Flip-Up Arms

This is another traditional-style office chair that looks simple but offers comfort and is durable so leaning and tilting won’t snap the chair’s spine. This office chair features a curved backrest with mesh fabric to allow proper air circulation when in use so your back won’t sweat while using this chair.

The mesh seat uses the waterfall front-edge design that relieves pressure from the legs and does not constrict blood flow. This unit swivels a full 360° degrees so you can reach any spot on your work desk with ease. The armrests are padded with mesh fabric and can flip upwards if you need extra movement range.

​One major design flaw with this char is that the seat is slightly tilted downwards so you’ll need to constantly readjust yourself to find a more comfortable position. There’s also plenty of slack in the base of the chair so it might feel like you’re battle gravity to stay seated.

Serta Style Hannah Office Chair

This design of this Serta office chair is classy, elegant, and looks like it would be at home in an executive’s office. It comes with pillows in the headrest for additional neck comfort. The backrest is properly curved to adhere to the natural curves of your body.

Tilting adjustments are made using the traditional pull-bar for when you need to lean back and relax. The waterfall-style seat reduces the pressure on the back of your legs and knees. This chair uses soft microfiber that is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. In addition, this sturdy unit has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs.

Although the microfiber is quite durable and rip-proof, Serta could have done a better job in stitching the material to the seat. The thread keeping the material together is easily ripped and undoes the whole exterior of this office chair.

HON Crio High-Back Task Chair

The HON Crio has a high-back, designed for high performance to meet your comfort needs. The controls let you adjust the backrest and seat to match your posture and reclining-angle preferences.

This chair features a soft leather seat and a breathable mesh on the backrest which fits your back and spine and offers perfect comfort while you’re at work. The armrests’ height can be adjusted to help support your upper body. Adjusting the tilt of the chair is simple, and you can move the chair around using the squeak-free caster wheels. This chair can carry a maximum weight capacity of up to an astounding 400 lbs.

The bad thing about this chair is that the seat is a dust and lint magnet. Cleaning the seat is an inconvenience that you’ll need to do repeatedly to keep your workstation and floor clean.

RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Gaming Office Chair

Racing-style office chairs are becoming more popular since they offer extreme comfort and other features commonly missed from traditional office chairs. This diamond patterned chair by RapidX is one of the best office and gaming chairs available.

The backrest of the Ferrino can tilt back up to 155° to allow comfort while napping. This office chair is designed for both style and comfort and comes with removable neck and lumbar pillows. The base of the Ferrino comes with five-point caster wheels that support up to 265 lbs. This chair follows the classic bucket seat-style that racers use so you know you’ll get comfort for long sessions of constant sitting or reclining.

A problem with the design and layout of the adjustment controls is that they are exposed from the top so be wary of unintentionally hitting the lever. Additionally, there are no preset stop locks except for the 90° position so you’ll need to keep pressure on the backrest to keep it in place.

LCH High Back Leather Office Chair - Adjustable Angle Recline Locking System and Flip-Up Arms Executive Computer Desk Chair

If you spend a majority of your time sitting in the office or workspace then you’ll need a quality office chair for maximum support and movement. You don’t need to worry about uncomfortable office chairs; the Kadirya was designed with your comfort in mind.

This office chair is completely adjustable so you can set up the tilt-angle to accommodate your body’s needs. The reclining locking system allows you to maintain a comfortable angle for as long as you need. The armrests can flip up to the vertical position to increase the range of movement for your arms and elbows. This chair uses bonded leather for ultimate comfort and durability.

Unfortunately, despite there being an instruction manual for assembling the unit, it can be a pain to do. Furthermore, the slightest deviation from the confusing instructions can lead to improper setup and discomfort.

HON ValuTask Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair

The HON ValuTask has a breathable mesh back and a new elastic lumbar support for relieving pressure from your lower back. The center-tilt control lets the user recline the backrest into any position they find comfortable, and the tension is adjusted to keep you in the right spot.

This is a comfortable office chair that takes the weight of your body and keeps you comfortable while at work. The adjustable recline-angle and height are all features that let the user have control over their own unique shape of their backs. The five-star resin base with caster wheels lets you roll from spot to spot and swivel around to communicate with teammates.

One fault with the caster wheels and lightweight build of the unit means that the chair often rolls around office floors seemingly of its own accord. When sitting down, make certain that you have a good grip on the unit to keep it from rolling away from you as you set your body on the seat.

Merax Inno Executive High Back Adjustable Office Chair

This high-class executive office chair by Merax is comfortable and can be used in an office or home environment. This unit is built with dense cushioning and double-edged stitching for extra precision and strength.

The reclining mechanism allows the backrest to lean all the way back (almost 180°) so you can relax and nap comfortably. The backrest features an innovative lumbar cushion that pops out for extra lower back comfort. The base of the Inno Executive office chair keeps the chair-component stable, and the caster wheels are built for smooth gliding and to keep your floor free from scratches.

Similar to other office chairs, this unit by Merax is appropriate only for people shorter than 6-feet tall unless you don’t mind having to repeatedly lean or slouch backward in order to feel the headrest.

BLUE SWORD Carbon Fiber Gaming Office Chair

This is another racing-style bucket seat office chair that offers high-performance and total comfort. The ergonomic design of this carbon fiber office chair’s gas lift is approved by both BIFMA and SGS. There aren’t that many things to complain about this unit.

The backrest can recline up to 135° which supports napping and relaxation. This comes with a locking system to keep the backrest in place and a rocking mechanism for additional coziness in combination with the neck and lumbar pillow. The materials used for the backrest and seat are a nylon base with a coated finish. The base has racing caster wheels for smooth movement and can support up to 300 lbs.

Assembly is a cinch as well: just push the caster wheels in (no screws) and follow the rest of the instructions to get the backrest and seat properly built. However, even the slightest mistake can ruin reclining angles and the stability of the base.

LCH High Back Leather Office Chair

This deluxe high-back PU leather office chair by LCH can look at home in a manager’s or executive’s office environment. The double-padded contoured seat, backrest, and headrest provide ultimate comfort for any body shape and size.

 The simple pneumatic controls let users raise or lower the seat and rock in back or forth in the chair. The control handle lets users recline the chair back almost all the way back, and the tension knob lets you adjust the rocking capacity. The waterfall-style edge of the seat is designed to reduce pressure on the legs and knees whilst encouraging proper circulation. The armrests can also be flipped upwards to keep them away from your elbows if you need extra movement range. The caster wheels let the unit glide seamlessly across floors and support up to 250 lbs.

However, the round shape of the backrest can be uncomfortable to your shoulders and neck when used for several hours since they don’t offer the support you need to keep you propped up in your seat.

HON HVST121 Office Chair

The HVST121 task chair by HON provides extreme comfort, support, and works like a charm. This product is built with features to conform to the unique shape of each person’s bodies and backs. The asynchronous controls let you adjust the unit to your posture in every way imaginable.

The mesh cover in the back allows for air to flow, meaning you’ll sweat less, improving your overall comfort level. The height of the armrests can be adjusted depending on how tall or short you are in order to give maximum relief to the upper body. The five-point wheels let this chair glide across floors without scratching hardwood, and the base can support up to 250 lbs.

Some people might be put-off by the lack of cushioning in the backrest. The lack of cushiony pillows means there’s less support for the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Another problem is the seat cushion being too thin so even the lightest person can feel the metal rod beneath them.

19. Homall Executive Swivel Gaming Office Chair

This Homall swivel office chair features the racing-style bucket seat that racers are accustomed to using. There’s a reason why racers use this style: it offers comfort for extended periods of sitting and working.

If you’re looking to lie all the way back then you’ll enjoy the 90° to 180° reclining feature of this Homall office chair. The height is adjustable using the gas spring cylinder so get you as comfortable as possible in front of your computer and work desk. The colored caster wheels allow for easy movement from desk to desk and support up to 300 lbs of weight.

Unfortunately, the seating comes with a very thin layer of padding so even the lightest users will feel the metal rod poking from below. In addition, the seat leans forward (non-adjustable) so you’ll have to readjust your sitting position to keep from falling off.

SPACE SEATING Big and Tall Adjustable Office Chair

The final item on this list of 20 best office chairs is the SPACE SEATING office chair with padded mesh. The appearance of this unit is similar to what you regularly find in classic office settings, but the features that come with this chair are astounding.

This office chair comes with a double air-grid back with mesh seating which adjusts to the contour of your lower back. This chair is built with sturdy materials that can carry up to 400 lbs. The caster wheels won’t give up on you either as even the heaviest users can glide along the floor without causing damage to your tiles or wooden floors.

Unfortunately, this unit does not come with a headrest or lumbar pillows. Even though it’s comfortable to use, it may not be the best office chair to lean back in and relax.

The best reclining chair is one that meets your most if not all of your requirements. We suggest that you do a little bit of research before making a purchase decision. You shouldn’t rely solely on the opinion of third parties, but we’ve done our best in being as objective as possible in compiling this list of the top 20 best office reclining chairs.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Review

When you’re at the beach, you may find yourself in need of a good beach cart. If you visit the beach frequently, a beach cart can make your life easier as it will hold all of your beach items. It can be difficult to find a good beach cart that has the features you need.  This review looks at the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart to see if it’s the right cart for you.

About the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a dependable and a reliable beach cart. It’s rust resistant, fold easily so you can store it, and it’s easy to put together so you won’t have to fumble with a lot of parts. The cart features plenty of storage space, durable rear wheels, and can even keep your food items cool. This cart is designed to make your beach trips easier for you, so you don’t have to carry around heavy items. You can make one trip from the car to your beach location when you use this cart.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart's Main Features

  • check
    It holds up to 100 pounds
  • check
    It features extra wide 10” wheels
  • check
    Cargo storage is 15 cubic feet
  • check
    Will hold chairs, cooler, and other bulky items with ease
  • check
    It has an umbrella holder
  • check
    Removeable and insulated cargo bag
  • check
    Dimensions are: 27” x 40” x 31” when open
  • check
    Dimensions are: 27” x 32” x 10” when closed
  • check
    Coated steel frame
  • check
    Cushioned Handle

This cart will hold up to 100 pounds so it’s perfect for all your gear and has the space you need. The main highlight of this cart is that is has strong and study rear wheels. It’s easy to move the cart over hard or soft surfaces. The front wheels are also quite maneuverable, so you’ll be able to take the cart where you want to at the beach. If you carry a lot of heavy items around with you, this cart is the right choice. It has wide wheels so it’s easy to move around and you’ll have more traction with the cart going over troublesome surfaces like soft sand. The cargo bag that comes with the cart is removable and has side pockets with zippers.  You can use this cart to move around bulky beach items such as a cooler or a couple of chairs. It will resist rust as it features a coated steel frame so it’s perfect for down near the waters edge. The handle is coated, so it won’t hurt your hands when pushing the cart even with the maximum load, although you probably don’t want a maximum one-hundred-pound load. The cargo net makes it easy to carry items like a sand bucket, balls, and children’s toys.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Advantages

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart has several advantages that make it a good choice for your next beach adventure:

  • Well Designed – It features a nice design, so it looks great down at the beach. There’s no need to bend to get items out of the cart as they are within easy reach. It has a solid steel frame construction, so it’s built to last. The handle is easy to push so there’s less strain on you, even if you have a full load of items in this cart.
  • Collapsible – The cart folds away for easy storage yet can hold larger and bulky items so you can take those to the beach with you.
  • Side Pouches – There’s side pouches to store smaller items like your mobile phone and your keys so you don’t lose them.
  • plus
    Good Wheels –  The cart has solid 10” wheels which work well on uneven surfaces. The front wheels act like stroller wheels so it’s easy to maneuver.
  • plus
    Insulated Bag – This bag helps store food items and keep beverages cool. Other carts don’t feature a cooler, so you can take cold drinks with you to the beach.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Disadvantages

This cart has several disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

  • Front Wheels – These wheels are maneuverable, but they aren’t that durable, unlike the rear wheels. The front wheel may break off during usage. The front wheels are one of the larger downsides to this cart and could be a problem for users.
  • Small Plastic Parts – There’s some small plastic parts such as the swivel connectors that join the steel stubs and these could wear out or break.
  • plus
    Mesh Bag –  This bag is a little on the thin side and may present problems.

What Buyers Are Saying

Many buyers are satisfied with the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart cart due to the larger wheels and amble storage that the cart features. It also has the cooler which is a bonus for those that want to have snacks and cold drinks down bat the beach. The zippers and the side pockets make storing smaller items easy.

Some buyers had problems with this cart such as missing pieces when they purchased their product online. Other users had difficulty with the front wheels as they broke off for several users of this cart or the rubber separated on the wheels. The mesh bag is a little on the thin side and may tear or cause other problems.

Overall Thoughts on the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a solid product for taking down to the beach. It has good wheel wheels and it will store all your beach items with ease. On the downside it has some parts that aren’t designed that well. The mesh bag is quite thin and may tear on the cart. The front wheels are maneuverable but aren’t as sturdy or as well made as the rear wheel of this cart. These wheels could pose some problems for users, so you’ll need to take care when moving the cart around. Our recommendation is that you try the cart out and it’s got a lot of storage room for your gear but be careful with the front wheels as they aren’t as well made as the rear wheels. The cart should last of you take care of it and will carry all of your items to the beach.

TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Review 2018

Do you suffer from any sort of back pain?  Have you visited a chiropractor in hopes of healing the pain that you’ve casually chalked up to age or overactivity at the gym or that time you helped a friend move?

Although you may sit effortlessly for the bulk of your work day, what if your time spent on the clock was the exact root of your back-pain issues?

It just may be.

When it comes to seeking a good support system, we automatically look to our friends and family, but what about the device that’s tasked with physically supporting us day-in, day-out, for upwards of eight hours per day? 

When deciding on an effective office chair – that is, assuming the decision is up to you and not your employer-- it’s a good idea to invest in a product that provides comfortability, and not one that will have you twisting and turning your back throughout the day to get a good crack.  If you have not done so already, you may be causing yourself daily, unnecessary back pain that could easily be soothed by the use of an ergonomic chair.

Of course, there is hazard associated with the overall idea of sitting continuously for any extended length of time, so it’s vital to get up and stand whenever possible.  Plus, standing burns more calories!  However, sometimes sitting just isn’t an option.  During conference calls, while scarfing lunch down at your desk, when we have a deadline—these are moments that we encounter every day.  While we put our focus on the next thing we’ll say, the sandwich in front of us, or how that deadline is fast-approaching, we fail to consider the damage our chair may be doing to our backs—damage that we likely won’t even think to notice until we lie down in bed at night, in pain.

Luckily, there are a plethora of ergonomic office chair options out there, each with various bells and whistles, all geared towards soothing both lower and upper back pain and promoting an all-day, comfortable experience within your working environment.

One such product is the TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair.  The TOPSKY qualifies as an ergonomic chair as it is geared towards improving the health and comfortability of its users within a working environment.  Because 74% of workers admit to suffering from pain whilst sitting at their desks more than a few times a week, ergonomic chairs are formulated to conform to the body’s shape, keep tissue and joints in a neutral, natural position, support the spine and other bones, and are typically highly customizable to meet the needs of each user.  Unbelievably, the use of ergonomic chairs has been known to reduce absenteeism and error rates among employees, and even increases the time an employee is likely to dedicate to a task. 

Features of the TOPSKY Computer Chair

Voted “Best Ergonomic Office Chair with a Headrest” for 2018, the TOPSKY and its adjustable head support system puts it a step above its competitors.  In terms of adjustability, even the arm rests can be custom maneuvered to suite your ideal sitting position, nearly custom tailored to you.  The high-quality mesh material provides breathability and fights sweaty backs, keeping your work day light and airy however possible.  Ideal for those who spend particularly long hours in the office, the excessively modern office chair is also geared towards those particularly with lower back pain, as it provides more support in this area than comparable options.  The TOPSKY’s skeletal black frame provides full coverage support and air circulation.  Also, due to the extended headrest support, users have noted a subsiding in both neck and shoulder pain as well.  Users are fans of the chair’s sturdiness and lumbar support.  Improved posture is just another advantage of sitting in this chair.  A bonus hanger adorns the back of the chair, creating an ideal resting place for your coat or suit jacket. 

The purchase of the TOPSKY is accompanied by a one-year warranty with the option to purchase expert assembly at an additional fee.  For those who prefer to assemble items themselves, there is a convenient user guide and installation manual available on the Amazon listing’s product detail page.  Speaking of customer service, TOPSKY users are quick to note that TOPSKY representatives are prompt and willing to work with customers regarding any concerns, from packaging failures to missing or crooked pieces to broken materials shortly after purchase.

From an employer perspective, providing ergonomic chairs to employees reduces musculoskeletal disorders and therefore business costs, reduces sick days, promotes a content and comfortable work environment, improves response rate, extends furniture life, improves productivity, and reduces stress among employees.  Since desks are typically one-size-fits-all, ergonomic chairs allow employees with various body types to customize their preferred level of support through the chair’s height, armrests, and seat width and depth.  The benefits of ergonomic chairs are undoubtedly endless.

Does the TOPSKY seem too good to be true?  Maybe.  Though the mesh material provides an airy experience for most, some may find such a seat a bit chillier than others.  Also, TOPSKY users are careful to note that the instruction manual is difficult to follow, not the clearest, and even lists some directions multiple times, as if it was not proofread at all.  One user’s pre-drilled holes weren’t even, resulting in a completely crooked chair once assembled.  On top of this, the chair’s packaging includes various screws loosely collected together, leaving you to figure out which is used where.  It’s important to note that washers would also be useful, though not provided at all.  While the mesh is considered of top quality, some of the chair’s parts are an easily-broken plastic.  Assembly can be frustrating and take upwards of 1.5 hours, and that’s for the typical DIY-er, so investing in the expert assembly may be the best route.  Some users complain that there are entirely too many parts to be strung together, but I suppose everyone has a deal-breaker when it comes to an investment in comfort.  The foam padding of the chair could be more soft and welcoming, particularly to those who are heavy-set.  Unfortunately, it tends to become flat rather quickly.  The padding also retains a lot of heat due to its material and, similarly to disappointing mattresses that produce the same result, this can cause excessive sweating or just a general sense of unevenness in terms of temperature, since the mesh material behind the back is airy and breathable in contrast.  Lastly, there are other, even more expensive ergonomic chairs that are rated more highly by its users, so doing your research and finalizing your budget prior to moving forward with your investment is a must.

Overall, the TOPSKY is a solid purchase, particularly for those who suffer from any sort of back, neck, or shoulder pain and have to endure sitting for long periods of time.  Though perhaps not ideal for those who are heavier set (the chair has a recommended weight of 220 lbs) -- particularly for those who would like to utilize the locked, leaned-back position-- the TOPSKY chair’s expert assembly offer can counter the struggles of its individual DIY-ers.  Also, its one-year warranty and superb customer service should rectify the concerns of those who experienced broken pieces and failed mechanisms within the first year of their purchase.  Depending on your intended level of investment and hesitancy, you can also purchase 3- or 5-year accident protection.   You could always even spare yourself a few bucks and purchase the item used.

In any case, it goes without question that the benefits of an ergonomic chair such as the TOPSKY are numerous.  It’s important to note that, among the complaints users have for the TOPSKY, its price point  is not one of them-- even among those who found the product faulty in some respect.  In fact, the chair’s price point qualifies as average among comparable products. I suppose that when benefits range from physical health benefits to improved posture to stress-free employees to increased productivity, the investment into an ergonomic chair such as the TOPSKY is utterly worthy for the employee and/or employer.

3 Best Insect Killers

3 Best Insect Killers

​Summer season is the best time to get some fresh air, take a run, go picnicking, and just lay on the grass while letting the afternoons pass into the evening. It’s also the best time for insects to come flying into our faces and mouths, munch on our skin, and make us miss the insect-free months during autumn and winter. If you think that you’re free from swarms of insects in the comfort of your home, then you’re dead wrong. They come in through the doors and windows we leave open in hopes of receiving a non-existent breeze. So what can we do about it?

Well, you can get an electronic bug zapper. Sure, you can opt for the traditional bug spray to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes, but you’re also exposing yourself to harsh chemicals in the process. Ultrasonic insect repellents can also be used to shoo away bugs but they’re not always reliable. The best thing to do for you and your family is to get an electronic insect killer that attracts insects with bright lights and zaps them to death when they venture too close to the device.

Now that we’ve established that electronic insect killers are the way to go, now we have to determine which one to buy. With so many brands available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to get. Since we’re so kind, we’ve taken out the guesswork for you. Here’s a list of the three best bug zappers so you can enjoy summer days and nights without constantly scratching insect bites and stings.

Hoont Indoor Bug Zapper

3 Best Insect Killers

This is an excellent choice for getting rid of those buzzing mosquitoes and other annoying insects. This bug killer features an intense ultraviolet light bulb to attract all of those flying bugs into the warmth it delivers. As soon as insects make contact with the metal grid, they’ll experience a high voltage shock which kills them instantly. As long as the device is plugged in, it’ll kill an infinite amount of bugs.

A neat feature of this Hoont bug killer is its detachable ring. It is designed to hang the device up and out of the reach of curious children and pets. The device can also be left free standing on benches or tables if you’re into that kind of thing. The insect carcasses drop to the bottom of the unit onto the conveniently-placed tray which is easily removable for cleaning and disposing of the dead insect bodies. This device can be left running all day, every day, with no problems.

This bug zapper by Hoont is safe to use both indoors and out. It’s a semi-portable device, meaning that it’s lightweight and compact to carry and place onto objects without taking too much space. However, there’s no battery power option for this unit so there’ll have to be an electrical socket nearby to power this zapper.

Boomile Light Bulb Bug Zapper

This bug zapper by Boomile is another high-quality bug zapper for getting rid of annoying mosquitoes. This unique bug killer has three modes (light only, light and zapping function, and zapper only) so you’ll find a use for this bulb even during the cold, insect-free seasons. Although it can be screwed into any standard light bulb socket, we recommend using it in the outdoors only. The reasons will become apparent soon enough.

First of all, this bug killer is in the shape of a standard light bulb, minus the plastic grates and shock-administering mechanism in the middle. Insects are naturally attracted to light, so this light bulb pulls them in while the zapper puts an end to their lives. Unfortunately, the design means that there’s no tray to catch the insects’ bodies as they breathe their last breaths, so you’ll need to have a broom ready to sweep up the mess.

This light bulb doesn’t use Ultraviolet beams to attract or burn the insects so you can rest easy, knowing that the light won’t cause any harm to your skin. This device has a 7 watt light bulb so it’ll do a proper job of lighting up your front porch or room. Boomile boasts that this light bulb can adequately illuminate rooms of up to 600-square feet.

The only problem with this unit is its lack of portability. You can’t really take this anywhere you want unless there’s a bulb socket readily available. However, if you a battery-operated table lamp with standard-sized bulb sockets, then you can definitely use this to fry mosquitoes on the go.

Hoont Ultraviolet Light Trap

The last entry on this list is another product by Hoont. This electric house for flies and mosquitoes attracts insects in areas of up to 1-½-acres wide. This is an easy-to-clean unit for use in either outdoor or indoor setting.

The first thing we notice is the flashy lightning bolt/Harry Potter scar design on the unit. If the insects don’t understand what it means, they’ll soon find out as they’re pulled into the relaxing gleam of the Ultraviolet glow that ultimately puts them to eternal rest. The bottom tray serves to catch whatever bodies hit the floor. You can remove the tray and dump the bodies out when it gets too full. The ring on top of the zapper’s “roof” is used to keep it hanging and away from children and pets.

The only drawback of this unit is its lack of portability. Unless you have an electric outlet in your tent or fishing canoe, then you’ll have to find another alternative to killing mosquitoes. The good thing is that you can leave the device on all day without it burning out.

And there you have it. This is our list of the best electronic bug killers available on the market. Our top choices of bug zappers can be used indoors or out. They’re extremely portable and have a number of handy features for greater control and bug zapping.  Hopefully, this list of bug zappers can help you enjoy the warm days and evenings of summer without having to constantly swap at bugs. If you feel the need to keep your family safe from disease-carrying insect, then get one of these zappers before the summer season begins.

10 Best Milk Frothers

10 Best Milk Frothers

​It seems we’ve evolved from coffee beans, filters, and coffee makers at home to cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes served up at quick-stop coffee shops that give us what we need, on the go.  In a society that demands instant gratification, coffee shops and their fantastic drinks are ideal for those of uswho want what we want NOW!

At some point, however, most of us are sat down by our parents or spouses to have “the talk”—the one where it’s brought to our attention that our daily addiction to those specialty coffee drinks has come to interfere with the paying of bills, the saving for college—in other words, it’s, unfortunately, an avoidable expense. 

So how do we continue to achieve coffee shop-worthy, delectable specialty morning brews at home?  With the help of a milk frother!  Not sure where to start?  Check out the following best milk frothers that range in affordability, features, power, and impressiveness so that you can embrace your inner barista, instead of visiting the one down the street every day!  You may even be relieved to find out that you can use milk frothers way beyond specialty coffee drinks-- in the creation of hot chocolate, soups, milkshakes, and more.

PowerLixMilkPro Milk Frother& Electric Foam Maker

PowerLixMilkPro Milk Frother& Electric Foam Maker

You’ll hurt your budget a bit less with the purchase of this frother.  Powered by batteries and available in multiple colors such as black and red, this handheld, portable device is ideal if you prefer your morning cup of joe exceptionally luscious and creamy.  In just 15-20 seconds, your drink will become drastically creamy and frothy.  The frothing wand is accompanied by a stand for easy storage, which will naturally give your kitchen countertop a modern café overhaul.More than just a milk frother, you’ll end up relying on the PowerLixMilkPro as a crucial kitchen tool since it can also be used to mix milkshakes, eggs, dressing, soup, fruity drinks, and more.Its lightweight feel (just 6.2) ounces makes its use and potential limitless. 

Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother

This milk frother/cappuccino maker comes with a limited 2-year warranty guaranteeing the “best froth” and this should come as no surprise to the cappuccino guru.  The froth density feature actually allows users to choose their preferred level of froth, ranging from hot airy foam, to hot dense foam, to hot milk, to even cold milk frothing.  The stainless-steel quality is unbeatable, and its make-up keeps hot ingredients exceptionally hot and colder milk chilled.  Its non-stick coating prevents crusting and promotes easy cleaning. As an exceptionally user-friendly frother, when it comes to handling and pouring, the carafe detaches easily from its base.  In just 80 seconds and with the push of a button, your delectable froth will be fully ready.  Since the milk doubles in volume as it foams, users should be careful to use just half of the device’s one-cup capacity that can be used for heating when frothing.  So as not to disappoint its drinkers, the froth generated by this maker also promises to be long-lasting.  For those who have milk allergies or are watching their calorie intake, this frother even allows law-fat and non-dairy milks such as almond or soy.  Arrived at work and fear you may have left the frother on?  Have no fear, this device features an automatic switch-off function. 

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

For those who are truly seeking an investment in a milk frother that is destined to be used multiple times a day without any possibility of disappointment within short-term view, this milk frother is for you.  As opposed to other frothers, the Breville BMF600XL uses induction heating to generate the luscious bubbles that adorn your cappuccino and hot chocolate.  That’s right—this frother is as ideal for hot cocoa and it is for heating milk and whipping up cappuccinos and lattes to your liking.  Its capacity (3 cups) is more impressive than less expensive models, and it also features an automatic off switch should your morning cup’s power not kick in until you reach the office and fear the worst.  You are able to switch between frothing discs that dictate the final result: creamier for lattes or more froth for cappuccinos.   Perhaps most impressive about this model is its effortlessness.  While other models may require supervision or your physical administering of the handheld wand, the Breville BMF600XL allows you to go about your morning checklist while Breville does the rest.  Beware, itsbulkierstature (approximately the size of a blender) may not be ideal for those who are seeking a sleek one-cup quick-fixer on the daily.

Vivreal Home Milk Frother

A major plus for the Vivreal is its quietness.  Nothing is more detrimental to your your morning routine than a loud (and not quite ready) cup of caffeine.  Even more impressive is the manufacturer’s confidence in both the product and your potential satisfaction with such: your purchase is accompanied by a 3-year warranty.  Better yet—should your device encounter any issues, Vivreal will replace your frother at no cost to you.  This is reassuring for an investment that is just slightly above the average cost of comparable models.  Its easy-use build features non-slip silicone feet that prevent spill-overs and its vacuum insulation system keeps milk warm and allows your inner barista to shine.  The Vivreal features dual wands: one for creating steamed milk for drinks-- such as lattes-- the other for creating frothier milk.  With the same non-stick coating as some of its competitors, cleaning is a breeze and its automatic switch-off function promotes safety.  Beyond its functionality,Vivrealusers are proud to note the tastiness it yields in its final products, and praises this model as the best capacity in accordance with its price point.

Milk Frother

The angled spout of the VAVA was formulated to prevent spillovers.  Its interior, sleek, non-stick coating prevents crusting and ensures no trace of residue in your final product.  Its petite size (no larger than a soda bottle) leaves plenty of counter space if left out, or takes up minimal space when stored in a cabinet.  From hot to warm to cold milk functionality, this frother can tackle cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and more.  The VAVA even features level indicators that guide you with the pouring of the appropriate level of milk.  The manufacturer is proud to note that the frother is fitted with internationally-recognized Strix temperature controllers, which ensure safe use and are not included within the make-up of most of its competitors.  Perhaps most impressive, this model claims to be virtually silent during the frothing process.  However, it is suggested that whole milk only be used above other varieties of milk for the best results.

Nespresso Aeroccino

This one-size frother qualifies as an investment at its above-average price point, but its sleek design and capabilities make up for the additional cost.  Available in red different colors (red, white, or black), the 2-lb frother would be a welcomed addition to any countertop.  Its liquid capacity is standard among its competitors (8 oz for hot milk/4 oz for milk froth).  Producing tasty and delicious foam as reported by its users, the Nespresso models are getting more and more impressive as the years go on.  Capable of producing hot or cold froth, the Nespresso features a black plastic construction and one-touch operation for safe, easy use.  It also quickly heats to 170 degrees and features automatic shut-off.

Easylife Handheld Electric Milk Frother

If not splurging for an automatic frother—or if your needs simply don’t require that of the utmost power—perhaps a handheld electric milk frother is your best bet.  Powered by AAA batteries, the stainless-steel wand can be taken directly to the table with you, stirring up your morning through your cup of joe.  Impress your friends by whipping out this wand that can provide the perfect finishing touch to hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccinos, or even a milkshake.  Don’t be fooled by the wand’s small stature—its quality makes up for its unimpressive size.  The manufacturer’s name trickles into this product by simplifying the frothing process and making it as easy, safe, lightweight, and accessible as possible.

MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Sticking with the handheld theme, this easy-to-clean round tip wand will help you easily achieve a delicate foam on your delectable homemade drinks.  Powered by AA batteries, the stainless-steel wand takes flat drinks to airy and luscious with the touch of a button.  While not all frothers can impressively tackle various types of milk, the MatchaDNA generates a thick, creamy foam atop any type of milk, from whole to almond to soy to coconut to half and half.  However, users are careful to note that the volume of froth in your final product will vary based on the type of milk used.  For example, cow’s and skim milk yield the best results, while less creamy, more watery milks such as almond milk, will yield less.

HIC Milk Frother

The generous capacity (14 oz) of HIC’s stainless steel milk frother is admirable compared to its competitors, which can mostly handle 8 oz at one time.  This capacity makes the HIC Milk Frother fitting for a corporate setting, or a cappuccino-loving family!  Because the lid features a double-mesh aerator and built-in plunger, there is no need for an outlet or batteries.  For the specialty coffee lover, this manual milk frother transforms even everyday drinks into specialty concoctions such as cappuccino, café au latte, and even egg nog!  Capable of aerating both hot and cold varieties of milk, its stainless-steel make-up makes the frother durable, safe, and easy to both clean and use.  It’s also dishwasher safe.

CapressoFrothPro Automatic Milk Frother

The Capresso features a more impressive capacity (12 oz) than some of its competitors and also uniquely features a stay-cool handle that promotes safe handling.  With multiple disks available for your frothing needs, this dishwasher safe model has a removable carafe for easy pouring and a see-through lid for final product review.  It features the same auto shut-off that makes milk frothers convenient and delivers a patent-pending frothing disk that creates the maximum froth per creation.  Since this is countertop-worthy, the Capresso can be housed directly next to your favorite coffee-maker as “step 2” of your morning routine.  With just the touch of a button and thanks to three temperature settings, the Capresso can handle hot, warm, and cold milk varieties. 

When it comes to warming your hot milk, it all boils down (no pun intended) to your personal preferences.  Are you prepared to shell out the additional funds needed to secure a sleek, café-worthy countertop attraction, or might your needs be fully met with a handheld wand or manual pitcher? 

Compare the pros and cons.  Though automatic frothers mostly feature an automatic shut-off feature, carafes that do not require power nor batteries needn’t feature such.  It’s also important to note that the use of a frothing wand requires you to heat the milk first and then froth it, resulting in two separate tasks, while electric milk frothers allow you to pour your milk and it will be heated for you at the touch of a button.  Frothing wands, though less expensive, generally do provide the same thickness than an electric milk frother can provide, nor does the wand’s resulting taste compare to the enjoyable potential of an electric milk frother concoction. 

Whether you ultimately decide on a wand, a manual carafe, or an impressive automatic frother, there’s one thing that’s for certain—coffee-shop worthy specialty concoctions via the use of a milk frother are quite achievable and just waiting for your inner barista to emerge!

3 Best Soldering Guns of 2018

3 Best Soldering Guns of 2018

​If any of your plans this year involve heavy electrical connections, shrink-wrapping, light sheet-metal work, or stained glass assembly, you’ll find the use of a soldering gun not only useful, but necessary.  Generated by electrical power that ranges in wattage by model, a soldering gun’s main intention is to use electrical power to solder metals.   As opposed to soldering irons, soldering guns are useful when a significant amount of heat is required to complete a task.  They also cool quickly, making intermittent use achievable.   They are somewhat pistol-shaped and may include two heat settings within its trigger.  The trigger is easily accessed while holding and allows you to operate the tool with just one hand. 

Because soldering guns range from general home use to professional use, they vary in feature and pricing. To maximize the usefulness of your tool, you can even secure tips designed for cutting and shaping plastic, which can be applied to the gun itself.  In addition to being powerful enough to remove paint and floor tiles, common household uses for soldering guns include thawing frozen pipes, shrink-wrapping and quick drying, such as on freshly painted areas.  Believe it or not, some people even dare to use soldering guns as they would a hair dryer, but this is not a recommended usage.

Soldering guns are available at your local home improvement store, but they can also be secured on Amazon.  It’s been said that, once you own and begin to use a soldering gun, even around the house, you’ll wonder how you got along before without one.  Its uses are so versatile and its effectiveness can drastically increase your productivity.It can also be a generally safer option for the user.  For example, a soldering gun can be used to remove paint, preventing the alternative use of chemical paint strippers.  Business owners ranging from bar owners to bath and body manufacturers to bakers are able to rely on the soldering gun as the means for sealing plastic to, or shrink-wrapping, their products.  Soldering guns can even be used to seal the tops of wine bottles.

To help you navigate your options, we summarize the best three soldering guns for 2018 for your reference below.

3 Best Soldering Guns

FURNO 300 Soldering Gun


The FURNO 300 Dual-Temperature Heat Gun features two temperature settings ranging from 750*F to 1100*F.  It’s useful for removing paint and flooring, shrink-wrapping, thawing pipes, and bending plastic.  Its design was intended to reduce fatigue and increase efficiency.  Its integrated stand feature allows for safe hands-free operation.  At 4 pounds, it’s not quite as lightweight as some of the other soldering gun options out there.  Still, users are impressed by its quick heat-up and easy, safe effectiveness for general home use, though they’re careful to warn that the metal tip is hot enough to burn, so make use of the included hanging loop, which provides a safe storage option while cooling down.  Users are also impressed by its lifespan, particularly after being used daily for several years, and its ability to reach an impressive level of heat even on its lowest setting.

Black & Decker HG1300

The Black & Decker HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun features a slightly lower temperature range, from 750* to 1000*.   It features a built-in stand for safe cool down and its lightweight feel at a whopping 1.7 pounds makes the tool grabbable and easy to use.  It’s ideal for stripping paint, thawing pipes, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, shrink-wrapping, and quick drying.  The purchase of one on Amazon is also accompanied by a 2-year warranty.  Users are impressed with how easy and convenient it is to use, but careful to note that the power cord could be longer.  Also, as is cautioned with just about all soldering guns, the tip gets extremely hot.  You should avoid direct contact with it as it cools after use.

Porter-Cable PC1500HG

The Porter-Cable PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun is exceptional for stripping paint, shrinking plastic tubing, welding plastics, thawing pipes, and loosening floor tiles.At a mere 2 pounds, it is competitively lightweight among the other available models.  Its purchase comes with a three-year warranty, ninety day money back guarantee, and one year of free service.  Users note that the device is not even as loud as a hair dryer and its low price tag is deceiving since the model is more impressive than others that are >$100.  Users are also a fan of its temperature range.  While other models typically have two standard settings, the dial on this device allows you to turn the gun from a mere warmth to an extremely hot setting—whatever works best for you and whichever area of your project currently requires the gun’s attention.  Unfortunately, though lightweight, the gun is a bit bulkier than most other available models, making it not quite as grabbable or easy to use.  The heat coil can also be burned out if overused.

Though intended to solder metals, soldering guns are equally effective throughout the home for weekend projects, and even for expediting the processes of unrelated weekend projects, such as helping caulking or paint to dry more quickly, or drying up a windshield after repairing it.  The tool is typically lightweight, easy to use, and affordable.  The soldering gun is rumored to be one of those tools that you don’t realize you need until you have it and begin using it, and we can see why.

Alera Elusion Review

Alera Elusion Review

​If you have a home office or any office, you need a good chair. It should have a good backrest as well as comfortable armrests, so you can spend the workday without any pain or discomfort. Alera makes a quality line of office chairs, including the Elusion Series which we look at in this review.

About the Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion chairs are made to be comfortable at a reasonable price. They are made to be durable yet have an aesthetic appeal. While these chairs aren’t as fancy as other chairs, they offer great value at a mid price point. If you’re in need of good comfort and don’t want to spend a lot on your chair, them the Alera Elusion could be the right fit for you.


There’s both a high-back and a mid- back model to choose from. The mid-back offers more lumbar support while the high-back has less lumbar support. The chair only comes in black, so you can’t color coordinate it with furniture.

Alera Elusion Review


  • ​Has a breathable back so you keep cool
  • ​The waterfall seat edge reduces stress on the knees and the legs
  • ​The back angle of the chair is adjustable to your overall comfort level
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    The seat cushion is contoured and comfortable. It’s made with quality fabric upholstery
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    The chair features adjustable tilt including infinite locking positions, free floating, and forward tilt to match your needs
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    The base is durable and features casters, so it can be moved where you need it quickly
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    The arms have width as well as height adjustments, so it can be customized for your arms

General Construction of the Alera Elusion

This chair is more adjustable when you compare it to similarly priced chairs.  It’s constructed with a plastic frame which is standard for these types of chairs.  It’s supported with metal which adds to the durability and the stability of the chair. The seat features a contoured cushion which is firm while the back rest features a mesh material which covers the plastic structure.The mesh is breathable so it’s quite comfortable to sit in when the room is hot and will help keep you cool when you need to work long hours in the office. One point to note is that that chair has a capacity of 250 pounds so those that are heavier set may need to look elsewhere for a chair to support them properly.

Arm Rests

The arm rests on the Alera Fusion offer good support for the forearms and the elbows and these are adjustable to width and height, so you can get the chair in just the right position for you. The armrest can me moved both up and down to match the length of your arms. You’ll be able to maintain a 90-degree angle with the armrests once you adjust them to your liking, so your arms will remain comfortable when you use the chair for a long duration. The rests can also be lowered to match your desk height, so you can slide your chair in and out of your desk when needed. The armrests will accommodate all body frame types, so you remain comfortable when sitting in the chair no matter your size.  The armrest can be a bit picky to adjust at times, so you may need to play with them to get to your needed comfort level.

Back Rest and Adjustable Seat

The seat features a waterfall seat edge which makes the chair comfortable and reduces leg pain. This is a good feature to have in a chair since it helps with blood circulation in the legs. You can adjust the tilt as well as the height of the chair. It can be lowered or raised to accommodate your legs or desk height, so you remain in comfort. A foot stool can help if you find that you sit too high in the chair. By tilting the chair, you’ll relieve pressure on the legs and rear, so you can sit for a longer duration in the chair. The back rest is adjustable for both tilt and height and there’s a built in lumbar support. When you have a lumbar support, this eliminates common lower back pain which can occur when you sit for a longer duration. I found that by adjusting the back rest, it eliminated back discomfort. Make sure you adjust it for your own needs to see what works the best for you.

Pros of the Alera Elusion 

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    ​It’s a decent price
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    ​It’s easy adjustable to meet your needs
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    ​Nicely made fabric seat
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    Durable chair
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    Very comfortable chair

​Cons of the Chair

  • ​Mesh on back isn’t the best quality which may wear out before other parts of the chair do
  • ​Not as nice looking as other chairs due to the mesh design on the back as it looks a bit like patio furniture does
  • ​It’s heavy at around 50lbs.
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    Arm rests can be tricky to adjust at times


The Alera Elusion comes with a five-year warranty. The mesh part of the chair is covered by a two-year warranty.  This warranty is above average, but the lower warrant yon the mesh means this part will probable wear out first and will either need to be foxed or you’ll need to buy a new chair.


If you’re looking for a comfortable chair that won’t cost a lot of money, the Alera Elusion is a good bargain. The chair is quite comfortable and can be adjusted to meet your needs. The disadvantage of the chair is the fact that the back is made out of mesh and it’s not the most durable material you’ll come across. The mesh design gives the chair a less appealing look when you compare it to similar chairs on the market. Other chairs will offer you more for the money, but this chair is well designed for it’s price and recommend for those looking for a quality chair at a lower price. The only downside to the chair is the mesh back which could present some problems as the chair is used for a long duration.

5 Best Grills Under 500

5 Best Grills Under $500

​Are you in the market for a new gas or charcoal grilling set? Perhaps you’re looking for a quality grill with great main and side burners for even cooking. Definitely something with high quality grates for grilling food evenly. But most important of all, you’re looking for a grill that’s budget-friendly. This list will show you the top 5 best grills for under $500.

Nexgrill Evolution 5-Burner Gas Grill (720-0882A)

  • ​Five 9,000 BTU stainless steel burners
  • ​45,000 BTU maximum capacity from the main burners
  • ​One 12,000 BTU side burner
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    495 square inches of main grilling space
  • arrow-right
    Stainless steel grates
  • arrow-right
    Battery-powered electronic igniter
  • arrow-right
    Detachable infrared cooking plates
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    25.2 x52 x 46.5 inches assembled dimensions
  • arrow-right
    77 lbs product weight
Nexgrill Evolution 5-Burner Gas Grill (720-0882A)

​At first glance, this gas grill by Nexgrill looks like every other stainless steel propane grills available on the market. What sets this 5-burner grill with almost 500 square inches of cooking space is the innovative use of infrared grilling.

If you’re not familiar with this concept, infrared heat uses radiant heat to cook the meat. Unlike conduction cooking (direct contact with the heat source) and convection cooking (hot air cooks the food), the infrared cooking plates work similar to a microwave and shoots electromagnetic energy to heat the food.

Unfortunately, this grill doesn’t exactly use infrared cooking; the detachable stainless steel infrared plates are placed directly on top of the heat source, and the food is placed on the steel plates. It’s actually traditional convection cooking with additional steps.

This is the typical propane gas grill with all of the bells and whistles. What’s interesting about the unit is that even though it comes with the cooking grates, “infrared” plates, and side burner, this grill only ways around 77 lbs. Looking past the whole infrared fiasco, this is actually a good stainless steel grill that does everything you’d expect it to. The materials are light but strong, and it has a wide cooking space and 5-burner setup that distribute heat evenly. Although you may experience the occasional flare up, at its price tag this gas grill is definitely a good choice.

  • ​3 stainless steel 32,000 BTU burners
  • ​424 square inches of cooking area
  • ​105 square inches of warming rack area
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    Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
  • arrow-right
    Porcelain-coated flavorizer bars
  • arrow-right
    Electronic ignition with the push of a button
  • arrow-right
    63 x 52 x 32 inches assembled dimensions
  • arrow-right
    130 lbs product weight
Weber Spirit E-310

​The Weber Spirit E-310 3-burners liquid propane gas grilling set has a wide 424 square inches of cooking area. It also features a superior temperature control gauge – an essential for everyday backyard grillers. For added safety and function, this gas grill has two powerful back swiveling wheels and two front locking wheels for easy maneuverability.

What makes Weber so popular among avid grillers is their extra attention to detail which makes their grills last for several years longer than competing brand grills. The burners are made of high quality stainless steel, built to last for several years of constant usage. Each burner comes with its own individual knob to give the user more control when applying direct and indirect heat. In addition, the burners are positioned carefully top provide even cooking across the cooking area.

If you know Weber, than you know that their quality does not come cheap. However, Weber’s E-310 model priced below $500 lets even the most tight-budgeted grillers experience the excellent performance of Weber gas grill performance.

  • ​3 stainless steel 16,000 BTU burners
  • ​48,000 BTU total output from main burners
  • ​12,000 BTU side burner under a mounted cover
  • 483 square inches of main cooking area
  • 645 square inches of total grilling space
  • Electronic ignition
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Made in China by Nexgrill; licensed name from KitchenAid
KitchenAid 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

​Who would’ve thought that KitchenAid, a company famed for their high quality and costly home appliances, could produce an affordable gas burner? Well, don’t be disappointed, but KitchenAid just licensed their name to Nexgrill for use on several gas grill models.

However, this doesn’t necessarily make this gas grill any less qualified to be categorized as one of the best grills under $500. These burners are made of high quality stainless steel covered by a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. The heat output isn’t that great but it’s good enough for amateur or barbeque hobbyists.

The design is nice and it even includes side burners for people who are interested. The unit itself is lightweight, but this can be attributed to the use of lower grade stainless steel parts. Most of the components of this gas grill are painted with a steel-color coating, so expect the unit to rust if you don’t take it in from the rain.

For its price, there are gas grills that perform better and are made of sturdier materials, but this should get you a couple months of barbecue power in your backyard. Just remember not to purchase this gas grill if you’re expecting the same quality as KitchenAid-made appliances.

  • ​6 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners
  • ​60,000 BTU maximum output capacity
  • ​10,000 BTU side burners
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    930 square inches of total cooking space
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    Porcelain-coated cast iron grates
  • arrow-right
    Electronic ignition with a push of a button
  • arrow-right
    Liquid propane hose
  • arrow-right
    62 x 24 x 45 inches assembled dimensions
  • arrow-right
    127.6 lbs
Char Broil Performance 650 Cabinet Gas Grill

This massive 60,000 BTU 6-burner grill by Char Broil will definitely catch the attention of everyday barbeque dads out there. It’s almost not fair to put other grills in the same list as this beast. Overall, you should expect the best value out of this grill under $500.

This Char Broil liquid propane gas grill isn’t stingy on the burners, nor is it stingy on the cooking space. With 650 square inches of main cooking space and a further 280 square inches of a secondary rack, you’ll be able to get more done in a shorter amount of time. This is the perfect cost-efficient gas grill to go with if you have an outdoor kitchen or just like kickin’ back on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the grill.

It’s also important to make note of the quality construction of this stainless steel gas grill, built to last for many seasons. The lid, handle, control panel, and cabinetry all use stainless steel so you know it’s a sturdy contraption.

For a newcomer in the grill game, Char Broil is doing an excellent job at keeping the gas grill monsters at bay with their quality low-budget grills.

  • ​2 15,000 BTU burners
  • ​30,000 BTU maximum output
  • ​350 square inches of main cooking space
  • Electronic ignition at the push of a botton
  • 2 enameled cast iron grates
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    2 stainless steel P-shaped burners
  • arrow-right
    45.8 x 23 x 45.4 inch assembled dimensions
  • arrow-right
    81.4 lbs
Dyna-Glo Stainless Steel 2-Burner LP Grill

​The final item of our best grills under $500 is the Dyna-Glo 2-burner liquid propane grill set. Let’s start on an honest note: with only two burners, you know you aren’t going to be anywhere near chef-level grilling, but for its price, it’s definitely one of the most cost-efficient 2-burners out there.

The compact 350 square inches of cooking space may seem limited to many users, but its size makes it handy for using in backyards of apartments or on smaller house decks. The size means you aren’t going to be cooking for large groups of people, but the enormous maximum capacity of 30,000 BTU from the burners does deserve some praise.

Despite being a small-sized grill, it’s built with some of the sturdiest materials. Stainless steel burners, double-walled lid, and porcelain-coated cast iron grates all work in unison to keep the heat in and cooking even.

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