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3 Best Meditation Chairs of 2019

3 Best Meditation Chairs of 2019

Unless you are an expert at meditating, you will find it hard to meditate unless you are comfortable. For that reason, meditation chairs are becoming more popular with beginner meditators and even many experts use it for a bit of comfort but not only that, it also helps you maintain your posture as you sit there for longer period of time. Meditation chairs provide leverage and support for your back, especially the lower back so you can meditate and concentrate just on that while the chair maintains your posture. To make your hunt for meditation chairs easier, we have picked out the 3 best meditation chairs of 2019.

Friend of Meditation Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair

Friends Of Meditation Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair with backsupport and meditation block

​Our rating:

​Cost: $$$$

​The Friend of Meditation Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair is the perfect meditation chair that provides comfort and support. From your legs, up to your neck, you will get exceptional support. From teachers to students, this chair is a pick for all. Designed to alleviate pain from sitting in meditation position, it has support along the chair where the pain is expected to provide comfort. It uses foam which allows you to easily relax as you sit on the chair, the chair adapting to your body. It is perfect for anyone up to 6’ 2” and comes in four different colors. Overall, the Friend of Meditation Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair is a comfortable and durable meditation chair that will allow everyone to maintain their posture as they meditate.

​Our rating:

​Cost: $$$$$$

​The Seagrass Meditation Chair is a chair with a more natural design and feel. It provides flexibility and fluidity in your posture and joints as you sit on the chair. It is made with natural material and provides exceptional lower back support. Aesthetically, the chair can easily fit into any room in your home. The chair is fairly roomy allowing you to easily fold your legs on it. The bottom support of the chair is curved which allows you to meditate in numerous different positions. The cushion is well padded and provide comfort as you sit on it. Overall, the Seagrass Meditation Chair is a great meditation chair which allows meditators to sit in various positions with complete comfort.

Alexia Meditation Seat

​Our rating:

​Cost: $$$$$

The Alexia Meditation Seat is another comfortable meditation chair. Unlike the other two chairs on our list, this one uses leather like upholstery on the chair, which may not be the preference for some, but we found it to be comfortable. The chair is designed in such a way that it provides proper leverage to users, allowing you to slot your legs in the chair and sitting up straight. The chair is fairly heavy so not very easy to move around. Overall, the Alexia Meditation Seat gets the job done and allows you to meditate in comfort.

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

Everyone that buys a coffee machine has to deal with that one issue where you still have to keep the kettle around just for the sake of hot water.  You want that occasional cup of tea, need to make some breakfast or occasionally just need a small cup of hot water just for cleaning.  The Cuisinart CHW-12 is the perfect machine to help overcome this issue because it doesn’t just enable you to brew fine tasting coffee, it also has a hot water system that you can use for an infinite amount of other purposes.

This is the perfect coffee maker for home use or for offices.  It is affordable, simple to use and gives you everything you need for your coffee bar.

Overall Look

Cuisinart CHW

The overall look of the Cuisinart is pretty good.  It comes in silver and black, has a compact design and features all the controls you need on the front screen.  The compact coffee maker should look terrific in your kitchen or inside any office coffee bar.


This coffee maker may seem simple but it packs quite a few terrific features which make this one of the best dual coffee makers on the market. Here are the top features of the Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus;


The Cuisinart has an LED digital time display that makes it easy to see the exact time.  It is fully programmable and can be set on auto on, auto off, programmed or on brew function.  It has 3 easy to access temperature settings and lights indicate when you need to add water and when the water is ready. 


The brewing side of this coffee maker has a drip-free sprout and takes a 12 cup carafe.  The coffee maker has a 54-ounce water reservoir and is fitted with a temperature control heat plate.  A brew pause feature allows you to instantly pour a cup of coffee while brewing and the machine are also fitted with a charcoal water filter and gold tone filter that removes impurities from your beverages.  A hot water side gives you instant access to hot water that you can use for a great variety of purposes such as soups, tea, oatmeal, cocoa, instant coffee and more. 


This machine is pretty easy to clean.  It has a removable drip tray and the top lids of the coffee maker make it easy to top up with water or ground coffee or to remove the filter for easy cleaning.

Top Pros and Cons

This coffee maker offers quite a lot of benefits but there are also a few cons you need to consider before you buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of this terrific coffee maker;


  • Has a large 12-cup carafe
  • Can be programmable
  • Auto on and off can also be programmed
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Temperature controlled heat plate
  • Has a built-in charcoal water and gold tone filter
  • Affordable price
  • Pause function allows you to pour coffee while brewing


  • Hot water side only isn’t suitable for making single cups of coffee
  • The machine can be loud
  • It can be challenging to fill up the water reservoir

This simple yet stylish coffee maker is a terrific investment for anyone who loves great tasting coffee and still want the functionality of hot water around breakfast or lunchtime.

Masterbuilt MB20073716

While some of us are satisfied with smoked meats upon occasion, there are others that feel that they simply cannot enjoy a holiday or trip without consuming foods that have that unique and delicious smoky aroma.  Those who would love to enjoy smoked foods at any holiday destination, home or would love to prepare these yummy treats at all sorts of occasions and locations simply must consider a portable smoker like the Masterbuilt MB20073716. 

This tiny, yet powerful 1400watt smoker is ideal for preparing foods at different locations such as near a beach, at holiday homes or even on camping expeditions because it is functional yet compact and mobile. 

A Good Overall Look

Unlike most mobile appliances, this handy little smoker even looks good.  It has the same sleek black finish as most smokers in the Masterbuilt range with one big difference.  This smoker has chrome plated fold in legs or stands and is fashioned with handles that make it easy to fold up and transport or set up wherever and whene472ver you need to use it.


Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

We have established that this smoker is portable and tiny but is it still functional? Perhaps these features will convince you that this is one of the best portable smokers on the market;

Size – At just 15.9 x 23.6 x 23.3 inches this is a perfect mobile companion on any trip.  The MB20073716 does however still provide you with sufficient food smoking space thanks to its 280 square inch food capacity.  You can easily stuff this mini smoker with 1 turkey, 2 racks of ribs or 2 pork butts. 

Controls – This electric smoker functions via analog temperature control which means that it is one of the easier smoker types to use.  Analog temperature control is pretty basic with three temperature settings which make this a perfect investment for those who are new to smoking foods.  A built-in temperature gauge also enables you to monitor the internal temperature at eye glance. 

Weight – The smoker only weighs 21.8 pounds and is light enough to pick up, carry and load in any type of vehicle.

Cleaning – The smoker consists of a removable wood and water pan and two chrome-coated smoking racks that ease the process of cleaning and transporting this handy little appliance.

Insulated – The smoker is well insulated and performs relatively good in cold and chilly temperatures without causing too much smoke in your casual areas.

Pros and Cons

Wondering what the top outstanding and negative aspects of this little smoker are?  Well, wonder no further because here are the top pros and cons of the Masterbuilt MB20073716;


  • Small and compact for easy transportation
  • ​Easy and simple to use
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Fold in legs for easy storage
  • Lightweight at only 26.6 pounds


  • No side wood chip loading system which means you need to open it to reload wood chips
  • Can be small for medium families
  • Analog temperature control is simple but not for precision smoking
  • Temperature dial doesn’t reflect temperature setting, only low medium, and high setting

3 Best Wood Routers of 2019

3 Best Wood Routers of 2019

​A wood router can make working with wood a lot easier. While most would just use a router to shape the edges, it can be used for more than just that. You can also make dadoes and rabbets along with patterns on the wood with a router. Which is exactly why wood routers have become popular with handymen.

When buying a router, you have to look out for certain things. The power, functionalities it offers, along with the price. Keeping these aspects in mind, we have picked the top 3 wood routers of 2019 that we recommend you should buy.

DeWalt DWP611

DeWalt DWP611

​Our rating:

Cost: $$$

​A powerful router, the DeWalt DWP611 comes with a 1.25 horsepower motor that will help you edge the toughest of wood. You have complete control over the speed as it comes with variable speed control. So you can easily select the speed based on the work you are doing. To ensure you can see what you are working on, it comes with dual LEDs. In terms of performance, the router can be used to travel depth of 1.5” and plunge base of 2”. This should be more than enough for most handymen. It is more expensive than the other router on the list but it certainly is worth the investment.

Bosch Colt Palm Grip PR20EVSK

​Our rating:

Cost: $$

​The Bosch Colt Palm Grip PR20EVSK is a light easy to use a router that comes with an edge guide. It is perfect for those that are looking to customize their carpentry. It has a robust 1 horsepower, 5.6 amp motor giving you the option to alter speeds between 16,000 and 35,000 rpm. It has a clamping level that allows it to clamp on so you get the right position as you use it. You have a speed dial at the top of the router so you can easily select the speed you want to use it at. It comes with constant response circuitry so you know that the motor speed will be constant at the setting you set it to. The features and power of the Bosch Colt Palm Grip PR20EVSK make it a great choice for any handyman.

Makita RT0701C Compact Router

​Our rating:

Cost: $$

​The Makita RT0701C Compact Router is a durable and reliable router that comes with a 1.25 horsepower motor. If you want proper precision than this router is a good choice. You have a control dial at the top that allows you to choose between 10,000-30,000 rpm application. It comes with an electronic speed control that ensures that the speed of the router is maintained throughout use. It has a heavy-duty aluminum body making sure that the router is durable for years. Durability and accuracy are the two reasons why this particular router is on our list and it is fairly reasonably priced.

28” Royal Gourmet Electrical Smoker

Smoking your own meats doesn’t just save you a lot of money on gourmet store-bought meats, it is also quite an adventure.  It is pretty exhilarating to give your very first smoked meal cook session a try.  It is great fun to shop for the best electrical smoker for your unique need.  It is even more fun to go and pick out all of the tasty foods you are planning on preparing in your smoker the very first time you give this food prep method a try.  Seeking out that perfect spice and herb recipe to thrill all your friends is also quite fun but the best part about smoke cooking is seeing that first meal come out perfect at your very first try. 

If you want a memorable first smoke cooking experience then we highly recommend investing in the 28” Royal Gourmet Electrical Smoker.  This smoker is stylish, just big enough for entertaining your family and a few other friends and is incredibly easy to use which makes it a perfect investment for beginners.

An Interesting Design

The Royal Gourmet smoker has that same matt black square design as most smokers but the artwork of this little smoker is quite outstanding.  It is fashioned with an eagle silhouette on the front door and also comes with handles as well as four lets that enhance the ease of using this device. 


Royal Gourmet 28 Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

The features of your smoker are always the most important to consider when choosing the right size and type for your family.  Here are the features of this terrific smoker;

Control – This smoker functions with analog temperature control with a 1500 watt heating element.  The smoker can be adjusted to different heat settings and is fitted with a temperature gauge on the door so you can easily determine the internal heat.

Capacity – This smoker consists of three chrome plated grids that can be adjusted to different heights.  The smoker has dimensions of 37.1 x 19 x 20.6 inches which gives you a food capacity of 489 square inches that is certainly sufficient space for food prep for an entire family.

Insulated – The smoker is fully insulated and even functions well during winter times. It also consists of a double-walled construction firebox to retain smoking temperature.

Extras – The smoker also has removable stainless steel water pan and a lidded chip box as well as a dual oil collection system that comes with a replaceable aluminum oil pan.  On the door, it is also fitted with a coil spring door handle that protects your hand from burning. A door latch keeps the smoker sealed tightly to prevent the loss of temperature and smoke.

Max temperature – The smoker offers a maximum temperature of 150 degrees

Pros and Cons

Now that you know what exactly this smoker is capable off, you probably want to know what the top pros and cons are, right?  Well here are the best and worst parts about the 28” Royal Gourmet Electrical Smoker;


  • Fully insulated
  • Easy to use
  • Handlebars for easy moving
  • Lifted legs ease the cooking process


  • Analog control doesn’t allow precision smoke cooking
  • Max temperature of only 150 degrees
  • No wheels
  • No side wood chip loading system which means door needs to be opened to add wood chips


40” Masterbuilt 20070311

Masterbuilt is one of the top smoker brands on the market and for good reason.  They are known for creating smoker appliances that are easy to use, functional, and practical and that offer a great overall look.  The 40” Masterbuilt 20070311 certainly is one of the best and most beautiful smokers in the Marsterbuilt range.  This is a top pick for extra-large families or restaurant use due to its extremely large capacity and the fully insulated features that enables you to effectively smoke cook foods even in the chilliest of temperatures.

 The 20070311 is ideal for mass smoke cooking, firstly because it is easy to use, secondly because it is so big and thirdly because it is fitted with a tempered glass door that eases food monitoring while you are hustling and bustling in your restaurant.

The Design Is Flawless

One of the best features of this smoker is the flawless design.  A matt chrome finish offers a beautiful design that looks terrific in any outdoor cooking area.  The glass door has a terrific look and the smoker offers an overall sleek and tidy look.


Of course, it is the features that really matter because the capabilities of your smoker will either make or break a pleasurable smoke cooking experience.  H286ere are the top features of this terrific smoker;

Digital control – If you are catering to the masses or simply cannot risk losing lots of food you definitely need to consider digital control smokers.  The 20070311 has a top positioned digital control system that gives you full control over the timing and temperature.  With this control, you can monitor, track and time your foods or adjust the temperature as you need.

Food capacity – This 25.6 x 19.3 x 41.3-inch smoker has a food capacity of 975 square inches and consists of 4 chrome plated grids for easy food stacking.

Tempered glass door – The glass door makes it incredibly easy to see when you need to add more wood chips and to monitor your foods. 

Max temperature – This smoker can reach up to 320 degrees within minutes and is ideal for bulk smoke cooking.  The smoker can also easily run for over 20 hours at a time which also makes it ideal for restaurants, delis, and diners.

Well, insulated – The smoker is fully insulated and is proven functional even in cold winter temperatures.

Side wood chip loader – The smoker comes with a side wood chip loading system that eases the process of refueling your smoker. Instead of opening the door and losing all of that pressure, smoke and temperature you can simply slide open the side loader and add more chips.

Pros and Cons

Before you buy any smoker, you should always consider the top pros and cons of the device.  Here are the top pros and cons of the 40” Masterbuilt smoker;


  • Perfect for extra-large families or restaurants
  • ​+20 hour smoke cooking durability
  • Rear wheels for easy moving
  • Comes with an RF remote control
  • ​Tempered glass door
  • ​Relatively easy to transport thanks to wheels


  • Too big for average families
  • Can be expensive

26” Smoke Hollow 26142E

26” Smoke Hollow 26142E

The Soke Hollow 26142E is the perfect investment for small to medium families that love the taste of smoked foods on a regular basis.  This smoker is a perfect addition to your barbecue area or outdoor kitchen and enables you to perfectly smoke all sorts of meats such as chicken, pork, beef, sausages, fish and even other types of foods such as corn, veggies and more. 

This is one of the top picks in terms of smokers because it is so simple and easy to use.  The 24142E is a perfect investment for beginner meat smokers due to its simplicity. 


The 26 inch Smoke Hollow 26142E – The Top Small Smoker

When you are shopping for the perfect smoker the features is the most important thing to consider because you need to look for the right type of features to suit your exact need.  Here are the top features of this terrific smoker;

Design – The 26142E is designed for functionality and doesn’t consist of too many flashy features.  It is simple and practical yet stylish thanks to its matt black paint coat that protects the smoker from external elements and its coiled handle and temperature gauge.

Control – The 1500 watt smoker consists of a temperature gauge that allows you to see just how hot things are getting on the inside.  The smoker is also controlled by analog control dial which offers various temperature settings and is the perfect choice for beginners because it is so easy to use. 

Size – When it comes to smokers, size is always important.  Bigger isn’t always better because a smoker that is large will always consume more wood chips and can be inconvenient to use if you are only smoking small amounts of food.  This smoker is the perfect investment for small to medium families.  It is 17.4 x 19.2 x 35.1 inch in size and has a food capacity of 250 square inches.  The smoker is fitted with two grids that make easy to load two whole chickens for smoking.

Weight – The smoker weighs 33 lbs which makes it easy to move around yet slightly too heavy for mobile use.

Max heat – A maximum temperature of 325 degrees is much higher than you will ever need for preparing perfectly smoked meats and foods.

How to Use

This smoker is fairly easy to use.  All you need to do is to load the required amount of wood chips and set it on the needed temperature.  Once it reaches the needed temperature, you can load your foods to the smoker.  It only takes a few minutes for the electrical smoker to reach temperature.  You will need to set a timer to remind you when to take your food out of the smoker and you will need to add more wood chips as time go on.

Pros and Cons

The Smoke Hollow 26142E has plenty of pros and very few cons that you need to be aware off before you buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of this functional smoker;


  • Affordable price
  • ​Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for small to medium families


  • No side wood loading system
  • Can be too small for large families
  • Not mobile since it doesn’t have wheels or handlebars
  • Not digital and challenging for precision smoking


3 Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Whether you are seeking to relax after a long day or simply enjoy some good time with friends, a hot tub is the ultimate relaxation spot. A hot tub makes the ideal companion for people who have limited space or value its portability. The ability to place it anywhere for the bath you have longed for makes it even more desirable. You can even take it with you whenever you are out in the cabin or camping. For a refreshed feel, the inflatable tub is a great buy.

Thinking of purchasing a tub? Read our top three inflatable got tub reviews to make an informed decision.

MSPA Luxury Exotic Relaxation and Hydrotherapy Spa

MSPA Luxury Exotic Relaxation and Hydrotherapy Spa

36” Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS

Do you have an extra-large family or run a small restaurant? Then we probably don’t have to tell you how expensive it can be to buy smoked meats. These delicacies are an absolute must whenever you feel like treating your family and friends. Smoked meats and foods offer a lip-smacking aroma that no other food preparation method can mimic or provide.  If you want to start treating yourself, customers or family and friends with these delicious foods on a regular basis without breaking your budget then it is high time to invest in a smoker.

We highly recommend the Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS because, not only is it big enough for your extra-large family, it also comes with a tempered glass door that enhances the ease and convenience of smoke cooking foods.

A Brilliant Design

One of the first things you will notice about this 36” smoker is the beautiful design.  It is absolutely eye-catching thanks to its sleek matt black design and especially thanks to the tempered glass door and internal light.  The glass door makes it easy to see how your food is doing, gives everyone a charming glimpse of the delights while they are being smoked and simply enhances the overall appeal of your cooking experiences.


Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker with Window

If you are smoke cooking in bulk then you definitely need a good smoker with all the needed features for easy cooking. The last thing you need is to have all that food come out wrong.  This smoker consists of lots of advanced features that ease smoke cooking 164tremendously such as the following;

Digital control – The digital controls with LED display makes it incredibly easy to precisely smoke different types of food to your exact need.  Simply push a few buttons and you have full control over the temperature, time and even fast smoke functions.

Sideloading smoke tray If you hate opening your smoker just to add more wood chips then you will love this smoker.  IT is fitted with a side smoke tray that allows you to add more wood chips without having to open the smoker to cause a loss in temperature or smoke.

Size – This is one of the bigger smokers on the market.  The 36” smoker has a 20 dimension of 20.6 x 23.3 x 47.5 inches with a whopping 3.0 cu.ft food loading capacity. 

Weight – As expected from such a large smoker, it is quite heavy and weighs 62.2 pounds

Max temperature – This 1500 watt smoker can reach a max temperature of 250 degrees within minutes and is all the heat you will ever need for preparing bulk food quantities.

Pros and Cons

Like all other smokers, even this brilliant smoker has some pros and cons to consider before you buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of the 36”: Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS;


  • Tempered glass door for easy food viewing and monitoring
  • Digital display controls for easy monitoring and auto setting
  • Large smoker is perfect for extra-large families or restaurant use
  • Level grids can be adjusted
  • ​Side wood chip loading system
  • Internal light


  • Can be too large for medium to small families
  • Can be expensive for average households
  • Hardly mobile due to heavy weight
  • No wheels


30” Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D

​A smoker is a perfect investment for your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area.  With this handy device, you can prepare a much greater variety of foods and you will be able to spoil friends and family with luxurious meats and veggies that has that charming smoky aroma. 

The Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D is one of the best outdoor smokers currently available on the market.  This 30” digital smoker with its 800-watt burner is ideal for larger families or for restaurant use.  The smoker is easy to use thanks to its side wood chip loading system and digitalized top mounted controls.


The Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D definitely takes the lead in terms of design.  It has a sleek, slightly futuristic-looking charcoal matt coating, a large grip handle and the digital controls are installed in a straight bar at the top of the smoker for a seamless control system that doesn’t get in your way.  You can utilize the top of the smoker for storage and the simple design of this smoker makes it easy to store in any location.



It is incredibly important to consider all the features of a smoker before you buy.  The DGU732BDE-D is loved by beginner to professional food smokers be212cause it consists of so many modern features like the following;

Digital controls – The digital push-button controls enable you to monitor the cooking time and set the temperature easily and you can also display the internal temperature with the push of a button.

Wood chip loader – This smoker comes with a side wood chip loading system that minimizes the loss of smoke and temperature while you are preparing foods and that makes it incredibly easy and convenient to reload your smoker whenever wood chips are required.

Insulation - The loader is fully insulated with a double wall firebox and a high-temperature door seal that keeps heat and smoked locked inside.

Cleaning – This smoker is simple to keep clean thanks to a removable ash and liquids tray and chrome plated grids.

Food capacity – The 30” smoker is ideal for larger families or even restaurant use.  It has a size of 19.4 x 19 x 32.5 inches and with 732 square inches of food capacity.

Weight – At a weight of 62.2 pounds this is one of the heavier smokers but the strong construction that contributes to the excess weight is exactly what makes this smoker ideal for outdoor use.

Max temperature – 350 degrees

Pros and cons

Wondering what the top pros and cons of this smoker are?  Well, wonder no further because here is the best benefits and negative points of this smoker;


  • Easy to use
  • Big enough for large families
  • Easy to clean
  • Side access wood chip loader
  • Nice and high max temperature
  • Fully insulated


  • The smoker is heavy and difficult to transport
  • No wheels
  • No handles
  • Digital settings might be challenging for beginners to understand
  • Might be too big for small families

This terrific smoker is ideal for outdoor smoking and is a perfect investment for larger families or small restaurants and diners.  It is easy to use, functional, practical, durable and, best of all, it enables you to prepare delicious smoked foods affordable.