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5 Best Plasma Cutter of 2018

​Plasma cutters allow you to easily cut through materials that are generally tough to cut through with a saw, materials like aluminum and stainless steel. These cutters use plasma which is an ionized gas which through heat cuts the metal sheets. Plasma cutters provide you with a clean cut and leave little to no debris.

Why use a plasma cutter?

Not only do plasma cutters allow you to cut through metal sheets which are hard to do so on your own there are numerous other benefits to using them.


When manually cutting through a metal sheet with a saw, it is hard to get the precision you want. A plasma cutter allows you to get the accuracy you need to get the right cut each time along the design you want.


The technology of plasma cutter has advanced through time and now you can get smaller machines that are easy to move around. This makes the whole cutting process a lot easier for you as you can do it almost anywhere you want.


Plasma cutters make the whole process of cutting metal a lot faster. While the speed varies from machine to machine, in general, the use of a plasma cutter will help you cut metal faster than doing it manually.

What to consider when buying a plasma cutter?

When it comes to selecting the right plasma cutter for yourself there are a few things you should consider before purchasing one. THese are:

  • check
  • check
  • check
    ​Duty cycle
  • check
    Pilot arc

With that being said, we have selected the 5 best plasma cutter you can purchase in the market today, keeping all the above qualities in mind.

Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i

Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i

​Our rating:

​The Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i is a top quality plasma cutter that allows you to cut steel with ease. It is definitely one of the more heavy-duty plasma cutters in the market and when you need to cut thick metal with precision then this is your choice. It can easily cut up to about an inch of metal at 7/8 inch of thickness. You would think with that much power the plasma cutter would be fairly big but it is portable with a lightweight design so you can move it around to your liking. It allows you to cut through metal sheets of copper, aluminum, stainless steel and others. It also comes with a 10 feet cord so you can plug it in and move it around.

The Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i doesn’t lack in features either. It comes with a wind tunnel which prevents dust from getting into the internal components of the cutter while also has a pilot arc controller which allow you to cut perforated metals. It has a diagnostic light which notifies you when anything goes wrong and a cooling system. The feature and power are the main reason why the Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i has topped our list of plasma cutters.

Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45

​Our rating:

​The Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45 provides its users both portability and versatility. The plasma cutter is lightweight at just 37 pounds and the size is rather small. You don’t expect plasma cutters to be this small so storing it is no hassle and you can easily carry it around. It packs power also as it provides 45 amps which enables you to cut up to half a sheet of metal in thickness. It also cuts around 20 inches per minute so isn’t slow either. It cuts the metal with precision so there is not a lot of need for edge preparation.

The Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45 comes with a few different modes so you can select whichever you feel the need for. It is a great plasma cutter for beginners as it comes with a drag-cutting technology which makes the process easier for them. Which make this a wonderful all-around plasma cutter.


​Our rating:

​If you are looking to buy a reasonable plasma cutter that won’t set you back too much while also allow you to cut thick metal then the Lotos LTP5000D is your choice. It is one of the best plasma cutters you can get for your money. It has an exceptional pilot arc functionality which allows you to easily cut clean and dirty metal into smoother cuts. It also packs power at 50 amp which allows it to cut through metal sheets of up to half an inch thick.

The Lotos LTP5000D is very portable at just 26 pounds and has a handle on top so you can easily carry it around. This is why we feel this plasma cutter is a great option for both beginners and intermediate users.


​Our rating:

Like the Lotos LTP5000D, the Zeny DC Inverter is another reasonably priced plasma cutter. It doesn’t have the same amount of power as the Lotos LTP5000D but it is portable and provides precision which is needed. The Zeny DC inverter comes with numerous accessories which you would not expect at its price point. You get an earth clamp, cutting torch, plasma tip, and air regulator which makes the cutting process a lot easier. It allows you to cut through 1 to 12 mm thick metal sheet.

The Zeny DC inverter is the lightest plasma cutter on our list at 22 pounds which is why it is so portable. Overall, it may not “wow” you in terms of functionality but the Zeny DC inverter performs well.


​Our rating:

​The Everlast SuperUltra 205 is a great plasma cutter for those that are starting out with cutting metal. It packs a bit of power at 200 amps which allow you to cut up to half an inch of thick metal. It also comes with a 3-year warranty which is why it is a good choice for beginners because if anything goes wrong, you can easily have it repaired. Like the other plasma cutters on our list, this too is lightweight and portable. Which is why it has made our list of the top 5 best plasma cutters.


NETGEAR r6400 v. r6700

Today, we are going to take a look at two products featured on and look at some similarities and differences between the two.  The products in the spotlight of this article are two separate "Smart Routers" created by NETGEAR, the r6400 and the r6700.  Both routers have unique features that sets one apart from the other, but by the same token, they have key characteristics that could leave consumers, such as you and me, with mixed feelings about which one would be best suited for our individual needs. 

Netgear r6400


We'll start with the NETGEAR r6400, a smart router that functions with Amazon Alexa and/or Echo, which, for all youdomotics enthusiasts, is a key feature.  Another key feature of the r6400 is the 1,750 Mbps (Megabits per second), which makes for a solid, consistent internet connection.  Might I add, it's not up to par with NASA, but for the average consumer, it's sublime.  As an added bonus, the r6400 comes equipped with a set of powerful external antennas.

Another plus to this product is the dual band feature which allows more devices the ability to connect without as much interference to the internet connection, and if your home is anything like mine, then that could make a world of difference.  I can barely check my email because of all the devices connected:  My wife, my children, any house guests or visitors, and I think the neighbor's cat has my Wi-Fi password, as well. 

All jokes aside, another thing that begs to be included is the "Beamforming" tech that NETGEAR boasts of.  According to NETGEAR, "Beamforming" improves the overall range and performance of your internet connectivity and increases the overall coverage of your Wi-Fi, as well.  I don't know about you, but I like to kick back in my hammock outside, browsing and carousing the world wide web.  While I'm watching cat videos on YouTube, I'm also covered, as far as the kids are concerned, by the r6400's built-in parental controls, which filters what is received from the internet for each connected device. 

If that wasn't enough, this router has one USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 port, 1 WAN (Wide Area Network) port, and 4 LAN (Local Area Network) ports, along with an advanced QoS (Quality of Service), which has been optimized for amazing HD streaming, and is compatible with multiple gaming systems.  Last, but not least, is the "Nighthawk" app, which allows for quick and rather easy setup of your r6400 router.  Via this app, you can also manage internet access by simply pausing and resuming internet instantaneously from your mobile device.


Now, that brings us to our next product, the NETGEAR r6700 router.  The r6700 has the same 1,750 Mbps as the r6400, and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa (Domoticsaficionados, take note), but comes with a little more "bang for your buck".  The r6700 is meant for homes with upwards of twelve devices connected to the Wi-Fi, simultaneously. 

The r6700's whole design was set around prioritizing and optimizing internet bandwidth for gaming, streaming videos, and/or music, because, let's face it, I can't be the only one who likes to listen to AC/DC whilst watching Netflix.  It also boasts advanced features for lag-free gaming, which, in my opinion, is probably one of the best things since sliced bread.  I've found it hard to win online matches while suffering from lag.  One second, pulling off a soon-to-be headshot, the next second, I'm staring at a wall, having shot said wall, and meeting my demise at the hands of whom, by all rights, should've been the victim of my second-to-none marksmanship.

If you've read this far, then obviously you're in the market for a new router and by divine intervention, you've found your way here.  By all rights, the r6400 and the r6700 are both quality routers, and which route (Route, router, get it?) you go will be solely dictated by your needs as a consumer.  Whether you're using the Wi-Fi to check a few emails, browse the web for gardening tips, or you're an avid online gamer, I'm certain you can find what you need in the r6400 and r6700 routers. 

3 Best Crossbows Under 500

​Cross bows played a crucial role as medieval hunting gear and weapons. With its strength and range of capabilities, it is not strange that many people still like to won the cross bow. In the present day, many still find joy hunting with cross bows. No matter your budget, skill level or budget, there is a crossbow that will get you hunting with confidence. For this review, we shall look into 3 brands that cost no more than $500. Get into the woods without worry with the PSE Fang crossbow, Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow or the Kings Archery crossbow.

Let us dig in to see what is the best crossbow for you, shall we?

3 Best Crossbows under $500

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

You can tackle any terrain using the Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow. This is the only crossbow in the Barnett series of full-size models that features a solid desert tan stock and lacks the characteristic pattern like other crossbows in this price range. Built for the  solid hunter, this is the ideal tool to walk into the woods with. Hunters with the Recruit Terrain feel utmost confidence as they are certain they can catch any wild game with the powerful weapon in hand. It comes with an accessory package of essentials that get you to the field feeling courageous and ready for whatever may come your way. Further, the Barnett crossbow has a beautiful design that’s technologically and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most impressive things about the Recruit Terrain is its trigger tech technology: a patented feature common with this Barnett  powerful crossbows. This technology ensures you get a lighter, smoother trigger unlike any other in the market today. By creating a free-flowing floater between the trigger and the sear, the Barnett crossbow offers a frictionless trigger.

Further, the crossbow has nock sensors and an anti-dry fire is much safer with a 3-pound zero-creep release that makes you confident as you make your shot.

Other features of this crossbow include:

  • ​Soft-Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer
  • ​Lightweight Composite Stock
  • ​Single Bolt Assembly
  • arrow-right
    Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System
  • arrow-right
    Custom Composite Limbs
  • arrow-right
    Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup
  • arrow-right
    Finger Safety Reminders
  • arrow-right
    Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Trigger
  • arrow-right
    Pass-Through Foregrip
  • arrow-right
    7/8” Picatinny Rails
  • arrow-right
    Crank Cocking Device Compatible
Crossbow Self-Cocking 80 LBS by KingsArchery®

For the lovers of crossbows, here is one you cannot resist. With its light 80 LB draw weight, this is a super light cross bow that makes hunting easier. It is self-cocking making it easier to make shots after shots using half the time other cross bows utilize and the best success. In addition, it comes with a total of 3 aluminum arrow bolts but in this special package there is a bonus of 12 more making them 15 which is more than convenient and a great deal for you. The deal has been made sweeter with an additional spare crossbow strings and caps ensuring the user hasspares when they require them the most. The KingsArchery crossbow has its limb constructed from durable compressed fiber glass which not only provides longevity but also a fine quality feel of the crossbow. This crossbow fires are 120 FPS and 100 Yards making it a powerful crossbow. This crossbow also has a fiberglass bow pod which helps with strength and accuracy when shooting.

This amazing cross bow also comes with a Hunting Crossbow Scope that can effortlessly be mounted on the crossbow for better sight thus hitting targets that are farther. As if this is not enough, the KingArchery crossbow has an adjustable sight feature to assist the user pace shots on their targets even when they are not using the scope. This crossbow also comes with an integrated scope track designed for compatible crossbow scopes, so if you don't like the scope that comes with it you can replace it for something better, even something with a red dot sight. The user is also advised to remember to wax the string and always check the screw to ensure they are always tightened as they become loose as times move by. The product also comes with a KingsArchery’s life-time technical support which only lasts 30 days but that is sufficient time to figure out how the cross bow works. This crossbow packages comes with everything needed to get you started right away for either hunting or target shooting.

XtremepowerUS Reverse Crossbow

The XtremepowerUS Reverse Crossbow is the ultimate crossbow for anyone who loves crossbows with its 3 x 32 mm scope that provides superb accuracy while shooting targets. The lovely crossbow has a draw weight of 175 lbs, has an initial arrow velocity of 320 fps and when  it is fired it generates 90 feet of pound of kinetic energy on impact with the target .It also comes with 3 pieces of carbon arrows which are 20 inches in length each.  

The Xtremepower US is a powerful tool for any hunter who knows his cross bows. Besides its striking design, this cross bow has camouflage that helps you have better chances catching game while hunting. At 9.2 lbs, this is not a heavy tool to carry around while you look for your next catch. If you are looking for a cross bow that simply does as is required, you have the Xtremepower US as your trusted companion.

Other features include:

  • ​2pcs of hexagonal wrench
  • ​3 pieces carbon arrows with a length 20”

​​With power that is comparable to a firearm’s, the cross bow is a hunter’s weapon. It has the right tool to catch big game especially if you enjoy the wild and love hunting. It can be very confusing if you have never purchase a cross bow before. With many brands promising the best, we wish to cut down the choices for you. We have checked several brands that we thought were perfect for the job. If you are concerned about durability, worry not. The cross bows we have chosen are made of strong material for longevity. Further, they are loaded with benefits that make them ideal for hunting. We hope that we have made the buying decision easier for you. Happy hunting.


3 Best Wireless Karaoke Microphones

Going out with your friends for a karaoke night is normally so much fun! So, why not bring it home?

A karaoke machine is one of the most perfect accessories for a smashing, unforgettable party. Your guests sing along to some 'modern tunes' or the 'golden oldies.' It’s the perfect party surprise. If you want to have a party people will talk about for centuries to come, this machine is a must!

Now, finding the best Machine is only the first step to your fun-filled night. The Karaoke machine in most instances will come with a cheap microphone that may disappoint as it may suffer from voice distortion or excess feedback. This is why we are reviewing for you the best in the market.

If you decide to buy an expensive machine that may come with a good quality mic, remember you may still need some additional mics if your guests are to do duets, instead of sharing, let each one have their own, especially if more than two people will sing along together, so keep reading.

The best option for you would be to buy the machine, then invest in a good quality microphone later on. This is because; you will need a mic that is compatible with the machine you purchased.  A good mic will also make a big difference in delivery of the sound, and recording.

The different types of microphones in the market:

Before we analyze for you the best 3 microphones, you need to know what is out there;

Wired Microphone:

As the name suggests, this is simply a Mic with a cable connected to it. You will need to connect it directly to the machine before use. Do not dismiss these mics, as they tend to have the best quality and consistency.  They also do not get signal interruptions.

Their disadvantage is they suffer in terms of ergonomics. Who wants to keep jumping over the cable? If you trip on it, again it can cause serious injuries and of course interrupt the fun activities you have going on.

Wireless Microphone:

This is definitely a best choice for uninterrupted fun. They receive signals directly from the machine, and as you use them, you don’t have to worry about the wires tripping someone.

If the signal is clear, they will have the best quality and are extremely reliable.

Types of karaoke microphones:

1. Mifan​stech Q9 Mini Wireless Microphone


If you love gold, you will love this mic.

It comes in a beautiful golden color that is superb for your party night. On top of that, it is Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to simply connect it to your phone and enjoy yourself. This means you don’t really need a machine for your party.

The microphone also has numerous buttons for volume adjustments, recordings, online games, chats, etc. It truly is a perfect accessory even for the nights you want to just have fun by yourself.

It is portable and handheld, therefore easy to carry along when you travel and fits perfectly in your travel bag as compared to transporting a whole karaoke machine with you.

This mic is of high quality, with clear uninterruptible sound making for a fun time without any embarrassing sound problems.

It also comes equipped with KTV echo effect, and dual speakers with functionalities such as bass, treble, and music echo effects. This means that you will have an incredible KTV live sound with clear rhymes to go with your echo reverberations.

It has a high capacity rechargeable battery that keeps you going for long hours. 


  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
    ​Compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices
  • check
    ​You don’t need a karaoke machine with it
  • check
    Allows you to sing and record at the same time
  • check
    It has high powered speakers


  • ​The loud volume is low.
ARCHEER Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

If you love classy devices, you are in for a treat with this classic wireless microphone that is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to connect to any Bluetooth devices and also stream and download music, at a high rate of 10m/33ft. The most advanced of all microphones.

It can also be connected to your TV, computer, DVD's etc. and many other non-Bluetooth devices. It's truly exceptional.

The package will include 2 mics and a receiver. These are easily synchronized to provide you with the best choice of entertainment that you have been craving. It also has an extra slot for a 3rd mic, in case you want 3 people to sing at the same time. How incredible!

The buttons on the mic will control the volume, and also background music control that makes it perfect for a karaoke night. It is extremely high quality and has an anti-noise solution that will drown out all the noise, and a single antenna for receiving the wireless signals quickly and reliably.

It also has a very wide usage, up to 80 feet, and can be ideal for a church, a family karaoke, an outdoor wedding, concerts, business meetings, etc.

  • check
    ​Comes with 2 mics which is economical
  • check
    ​Has a wide signal range
  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
    Has an anti-noise solution


  • ​It is slightly more expensive.
Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone – the best!

Now, you have not seen a more stunning, eye-catchy, modern and all-round excellent mic than the Shure super 55 deluxe microphone. You will simply salivate at its sight.

On top of all that, this mic has excellent sound quality, with a signature satin look. Most of the celebrities will use this even in their recording sessions.

It has a chrome-plated design that has vibrant blue color additions, with a tailored response to vocals and speech. Investing in this mic will ensure your karaoke party night is an unforgettable one. No one will forget their singing, as it makes you sound like a real singer.

That is not all, it permits tilting at 45 degrees in a forward motion and 80 degrees backward. I bet you are imagining your best singer performing their song as they rotate the mic. Right? That is what you will get with this mic.


  • check
    ​Classic modern look
  • check
    ​Best quality sound
  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
    Perfect for big events.


  • ​Most expensive in the market.

​Let's wrap this up:

In conclusion, a great party needs excellent, good quality accessories, and this is what you will get when you invest in the best microphone for your karaoke night. You will also need to consider the following;

Cost: choose a microphone that will suit your needs as well as your pocket. The best is one that is both good quality and economical.

Quality: it is difficult to separate quality and price. In most cases, the best is the most expensive. So consider if you want to use it only once, or for a long time to come.

Wired or wireless? We have explained this above, so kindly ensure you understand what they both mean to be able to choose the most convenient mic.

Test drive: before leaving the store with your mic, ensure you test it first, especially if it's meant to be Bluetooth enabled to avoid any disappointments.

Top Infrared Heating Pads

​When the body aches, all you can think about is how to relieve the pain. Most people take a hot or cold shower when they have muscle soreness or any pain in the body to help relieve it. While others may apply ointments. However, with the help of technology, you can get the desired relieve with the help of heating pads. Heating pads allow you to provide the desired amount of heat to the necessary body part to help provide relief from the pain. We have selected the top 3 infrared heating pads you should consider.

SkyGenius Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad


​Our rating:

​Heat is a major part of our body and our body emits heat throughout the day. It is important to keep the level of heat consistent throughout the body and that is exactly what SkyGenius Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad helps you do. The body radiates between 3 to 50 microns of infrared energy throughout the day which tires you out. You help detoxify your body and provide it with proper blood circulation, you want to make sure you treat it with infrared rays that help radiate energy back into your body. The SkyGenius Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad radiates between 6 to 19 microns of energy through its heating pad which is between the desired amount of energy you need. This will help you feel less fatigue and also help with any pain and symptoms you may have in relation to muscles.

The heating pad is 12 by 15 inches so you can easily use it for larger groups of your body as well as smaller areas. The cost is soft so it is comfortable for you to use without any issue. Overall, the SkyGenius Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad works exceptionally well and helps regenerate your body so you can go on with your daily work.

MARNUR Heating Pad Wrap with Fast Heating Function for Neck Shoulder and Back

​Our rating:

​If you constantly feel pain in your shoulders or around your need and want some relief then the MARNUR Heating Pad Wrap with Fast Heating Function for Neck Shoulder and Back is the perfect option for you. This heating pad is specially designed to easily fit around your neck and wrap your shoulders, providing you with the heat treatment you need to help relieve the pain. While you may think it is only for that part of your body, you can easily use it for other parts also like your legs or abdomen.

The heating pad is fairly big as it measures 25 by 26 inches. It is covered with a micro plush so you get extreme comfort when you use it and is washable also. Overall, the MARNUR Heating Pad Wrap with Fast Heating Function for Neck Shoulder and Back is a great heating pad that will help you relax and relieve both pain and stress.


​Our rating:

​If you are really concerned about EMF and exposing your body to it but still want a heating pad then the UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad is for you. The product claims to emit EMF and does work well at reducing both muscle tension and pain with the help of improved blood circulation. This is the biggest pad out of the three measuring in at 21 by 31 inches. It has soft PU leather on both sides of the pad and uses jade stones for heating purposes. The heat penetrates deep within your skin which is why this is one of our top three heating pads.


Top 3 Benchtop Jointers

​A Benchtop Jointer is a tool which you can use in flattening a twisted or bent lumber board. This is till the edges become squared or straight and the surfaces get flat. Getting the best benchtop jointer would aid the carpenter in enhancing the look of the wood without making an excess tear.

Because there are various kinds of jointers available in the market, choosing the appropriate one can be a really stressful activity. To assist you with this, we have compiled 3 of the top benchtop jointers you can buy alongside the required information. It will provide you with a clear idea when choosing the best one for your requirements.

Top 3 Benchtop Jointers

Below is a list of the Top 3 Benchtop Jointers you can find on the market today. Take a look at the one that suits you best and get it today.

Cutech 40160H-CT 6 Bench Top Jointer


The Cutech 40160H-CT is the very first on our list and for great reason too. This benchtop jointer comes alongside a degree fence of 90-135 degrees. It sports adjustable tables, powerful motors and a wide spiral cutter head.  With a 1/8 inch cutting depth and a dust extraction port of 1.5 inches, it would make a great choice for anyone.

This machine is perfect for woodworkers as well as DIYers on a tight budget. It is also great for experts in the field who have small workspaces. You can be certain of a clean workspace while using this jointer as the dust collection feature aids in keeping dust in check always.

Another great aspect of this jointer is that it is moderately quiet. Nonetheless, using some form of hearing protection is still ideal. This jointer is also great if you want to flatten boards at certain angles. This is possible because you can adjust the fence from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.


  • check
    ​It comes with a dust collection bracket
  • check
    ​It has an adjustable fence
  • check
    ​It comes alongside a spiral cutter head


  • ​The fence is not easy to adjust
  • ​It can only cut boards which are short

If you want a benchtop jointer that is portable, this is the best choice for you. It is little enough to function in a small workshop but has the capacity to handle boards of up to 6 inches in size.


This is a durable jointer that gives you great value for your cash. The Powertec BJ600comes with some of the features you can get from other high-end jointers but with a lower price.

This machine is quite durable and is constructed with a cast iron fence, out-feed table and in-feed table. You can be certain you won’t need to invest in a replacement for a long time after purchasing this jointer. You can rotate the fence of this jointer 45 degrees in both inward and outward direction. This allows you to do a bevel and chamfer cut on any chunk of lumber.

One of the great aspects of the BJ600 is that it comes alongside a built-in dust collection system. It also comes with a bag for collecting dust. This means you do not have to spend extra funds in purchasing any of those items.

Similar to other benchtop jointers, this also has the capacity to lower and raise the tables. This enables you to change the depth of cut depending on the amount you desire to cut off. For enhanced safety, this machine comes alongside a safety power switch lock. This aids in averting any accidental operation or starting of the jointer.


  • check
    ​It comes alongside a powerful motor
  • check
    ​It is very durable
  • check
    ​The fence can be adjusted with ease
  • check
    It comes with an inbuilt dust collection system and bag


  • ​In-feed table adjustment can be tedious
  • ​The fence bracket is not that strong


With a construction of cast iron, this benchtop jointer would make an ideal choice for individuals looking for a jointer that would last for a long time.


This is a product from Jet which provides a great range of features. It is great for tasking woodworking projects. It comes with a bed of 6 Inches and a cutting depth of 1/8 Inch. This provides it with enhanced control.

It features a helical cutting head alongside carbide inserts that run flawlessly and quietly during use. It offers wood being processed with a very clean finish. You can expect a very decent cutting speed with the motor of one horsepower. This allows the cutting handle to deal with a variety of wood. Also, the motor is placed in a fan cooled enclosure which ensures it operates at ideal temperatures and prevents overheating. This ensures you can work for long hours without hassles.

The fence which you can adjust in 45 degree stops both ways alongside the hand wheels for the table controls provides ample precision. You can utilize this to make certain that there is accuracy in each pass.

On the downside, the dust can be quite problematic as some of it tends to slip out of the bag for collecting waste.


  • check
    ​It provides you with reliable and steady performance
  • check
    ​It can be assembled and set up with ease
  • check
    ​Its heavy duty and rugged construction aids in absorbing vibration. This ensures it can be operated quietly with a minimal noise
  • check
    ​The helical cutter head minimizes excess chipping of wood


  • ​The fence is a bit difficult to adjust


Choosing the best benchtop jointer for your requirements can be tedious as you must have observed. This is especially the case if you are not aware of what to search. Depending on what you are looking for, any of these options above are certain to meet any requirements you may desire in a great benchtop jointer.

5 Best Mechanic Toolsets

5 Best Mechanic Toolsets

​An excellent set of mechanic tools can help even the most amateurish users get through a wide range of typical projects. Better yet, they can be an invaluable addition to your emergency kit for fixing almost anything in your homes and cars. These toolsets include several multi-purpose tools to assist you with the basics of mechanic’s work at home or at the job site. However, what exactly makes a mechanic toolset great?

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a mechanic toolkit is the size and variety of tools and attachments. Before choosing one, you should ask yourself whether you need any specialized equipment or all-purpose tools. What material (plastic, metal, or fiberglass) the tools are made of is another important factor to take into account. There’s no need to waste time and money on looking at oddly shaped sockets and hexes. The most important thing to consider is that the tools fit standard imperial or metric dimensions.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at five of the best mechanic’s toolkits available right now.

Stanley STMT73795 210-Piece Toolkit

STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set

This is arguably one of the best mechanic toolsets available on the market. The Stanley STMT73795 210-Piece Toolkit offers users flexibility through a large selection of tools and attachments for tackling any home or professional project. The small-sized parts feature both imperial and metric measurements.

This toolkit comes with a total of 210 different tools. There should be enough sockets and drivers for you to handle any home or vehicle project you’re doing. All of the tools are made with strong steel and are designed to be gripped comfortably. This means reduced cramping and fatigue in the arms and hands while getting work done.

Many of the tools also feature a quick-release option which allows for rapid switching between sockets and extensions. One handy feature is the reverse direction switch which is done with a simple flick of the thumb. Everything in this kit is made to last for several years, and it comes packed in a neat carry case for portability and easy monitoring of the tools.

For certain tasks at hand, sometimes it’s better to invest in a specialized toolkit. These specialized kits allow users to make the most out of every tool instead of just a select few that you use at the job site. The DeWalt DWMT72165 has 204 pieces and tools which offer a greater focus on ratchets and sockets than what you get from other toolsets. This kit is desgined for people who mainly deal with bolts and nuts of every imaginable shape and size. The sockets that come with this kit work for virtually every type of task.

One of the main selling points on this 204-piece toolkit by DeWalt, a company famed for making high-quality power tools and toolkits, is the primary ratchet that can use every socket included in this box. The ratchet has a 72-tooth gearing system which offers precision control over how much torque you need. The ratchet’s body has a slim design for reaching into awkward places at awkward angles.

The reason this toolkit is popular among mechanics is its durability. The tools feature both imperial and metric measurements. Thanks to DeWalt’s proprietary technology, configuring how much torque to apply is easy to do.

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set, 170-Piece

The Crescent CTK170CMP2 170-Piece toolkit is a dream among many professional workers and DIY-hobbyists. There’s absolutely no need to fill your garage or workspace with tools you think you might need when this toolkit by Crescent provides every tool that you will need. Although there aren’t as many tool and attachments in this kit that the two previous ones, it still provides sufficient pieces for tackling almost every project. The kit includes ratchets, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and several other tools and their respective attachments. This is perhaps one of the best options if you want only one kit to take up storage space.

One of the best features of this kit is its amazing storage case. It’s built to withstand turbulence while taking it from job site to job site, and the internal compartments allow for easy organization of the tools. Each tool has an assigned spot so you can easily monitor which tool is out of place.

In terms of versatility, this toolkit by Crescent is a great option since it includes most of the tools you’ll ever need. Although it doesn’t come with some of the hoity-toity tools that more expensive toolkits come with, it’ll get work done.

Crescent CTK170CMP2 170-Piece Toolkit

The GreatNeck GN205 comes with – you guessed it – 205 tools and attachments. This is perhaps a toolkit that doesn’t suit professional workers who need a large assortment of tools and attachments for handling a variety of tasks, but DIY hobbyists will definitely get a kick out of this mechanic’s toolset. Similar to some budget-friendly kits out there, this home set is specifically designed to make ease of common home and garage tasks. The GN205 comes with a selection of ratchets, sockets, hex key wrenches, and some home-specific tools such as utility knives, screwdrivers, as well as PVC tape.

For professional workers, you might appreciate this toolset which can serve as a backup for your main one you keep in your trunk. It definitely provides enough tools for handling some unexpected problems at home or at work. The storage space in the carry case contains three drawers for better organization of your tools and attachments.

Craftsman 413-Piece Toolkit

If quantity is your thing, then you’ll definitely appreciate the Craftsman 413-Piece toolkit. It includes the most tools and attachments than any other kit on this list. Even compared to other products on the market, this 413-piece kit fares well against other competing brands (in terms of the number of tools and their respective attachments). This is the type of set that users consider when only wanting to purchase one complete toolkit without having to buy one ever again.

Some people might consider 271 sockets and 55 wrenches overkill, but it can be smart to invest in something like this when working at several job sites. Oftentimes, the smaller-sized kits, though handy, might be missing one or two essential pieces for getting work done. You’ll be glad that Craftsman made such a thoughtful and comprehensive toolkit.

3 Best Monoculars

3 Best Monoculars

​Monoculars aren’t just a piece of eyewear that movie villains use. They can be a proper viewing device for seeing thing from afar – similar to what a villain would use them for. Most of our attention is spent on looking at telescopes and binoculars, mainly because people hear and use them more often. However, monoculars offer a different way of viewing things. The fact that you only use one eye to look through a monocular makes it an ideal viewing device for people who may not have two functioning eyes. In addition, they’re compact and lightweight – small enough to fit in our pockets or bags – so there’s no concern about where we can put it.

Since you’ve most likely just heard about the uses of a monocular, it’s important now to establish which types of monocular suits your needs and which features to look out for. There are numerous models made by various manufacturers, so it can be a challenge to look for one that works best, especially because every producer claims to offer the best quality and overall features. However, there are a select few which stand out from the herd, either because of their high-quality performance or because of a certain unique feature. If you’re looking for a great monocular, take a look at our list of the 3 best monoculars for sale right now.

3 Best Monoculars

Polaris Optics Explorer 12x50 Monocular


  • ​12x magnification
  • ​50mm lens
  • ​Bak-4 prism
  • arrow-right
    Fully multi-coated
  • arrow-right
    3.1 x 1.9 x 6.4 inches
  • arrow-right
    14 ounces
  • arrow-right
    2.5-meter focusing distance

​One of the most popular and critically acclaimed monoculars available on the market right now is the Polaris Optics Explorer 12x50 Monocular. This is one of the best-performing monoculars partly because of its amazing 12x magnification from a 50 mm lens. You’ll have a clear view of objects from a distance of up to 1,000 feet. The view distance makes it a great tool for hunters, bird watchers, sports fans, and every type of nature lover.

Users can adjust the focus of their monocular to get a clear image of objects at any distance of up to 1,000 feet. The flexible magnification makes it easier for users to identify where their target is from afar. People constantly praise this device for its amazing clarity and focus from long distances.

As a compact monocular, the Polaris Optics Explorer 12x50 Monocular is small enough to hold in one hand without any trouble at all. As a result, this allows users to get a clear view of images without needing to utilize cumbersome accessories and attachments.

The durability of this tool makes it one of the best monoculars out there. Users can be confident that the device won’t shatter or break from a single drop within a reasonable height. It’s also fog-proof and water-proof viewers don’t need to worry about leaking if it falls into water. This monocular comes with some accessories if you need to use them, such as a tripod stand for perfect viewing of a single spot.

FireField 5x50 Nightfall


  • ​5x magnification
  • ​50 mm lens
  • ​2 AA batteries
  • PULSE IR Illuminator
  • 8 x 3.7 x 2.4 inches
  • 1 pound

​The FireField 5x50 Nightfall features 5-times magnification and high-quality IR technology for helping people see in pitch black. The IR technology used in this device works so exceedingly well that users claim to see distances of up to 100 feet away in the middle of the day.

This night vision monocular has excellent image clarity which is partly due to the 5-times magnification coming for a 50 mm lens. The combination of the two allows the monocular to collect sufficient amounts of light, even during the nighttime, in order to deliver a sharp image. It can even be used to focus on objects from a distance in the dark. The clarity of this night vision monocular makes it an ideal option for coyote hunters and trappers who operate at nighttime. One problem with this is that with the IR technology turned on, a red light will shine, possibly alerting prey or other creatures of your presence.

This monocular has a simplistic design which lets even the most beginner users get the hang of using it. In terms of durability, the ergonomic design makes it less tiresome to hold in the hands compared to other FireField models. It’s a compact device which weighs only one pound so storing and holding the tool isn’t a problem at all.

The device is coated in rubber, making it weatherproof and an ideal monocular for use in any weather condition. In addition, this device uses two AA batteries which are cheaper to replace than Li-Ion ones.

Vortex 8x36 R T Monocular


  • ​8x magnification
  • ​36 mm lens
  • ​R/T range estimates
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • 7 x 3 x 3 inches
  • 0.8 pounds

​If you’re looking for a reliable monocular that can provide an accurate range estimate, then your search is over. Introducing the Vortex 8x36 R/T Monocular, a product which lets users manually estimate the distance between the viewer and the object you’re looking at. There are silhouettes that you can compare against with the object you’re viewing. The silhouette determines whether the object is located either 300, 400, 500, or up to 600 meters from where you are.

This monocular comes with an R/T ranging reticule which makes it easier to know the distance of your target. The monocular also features a reticule image focus which gives a sharper picture of an image.

Image clarity and a high-quality reticule aren’t the only things that the Vortex 8x36 R/T Monocular has in store. It’s also a lightweight, compact alternative for people who need to carry one at all times while hunting or watching animals.

The manufacturer also boasts making a device that can withstand whatever nature throws at it. It’s fog-proof, dust-proof, and water-proof, so even the harshest weather conditions won’t prevent the monocular from working flawlessly. It also features a rubber exterior, allowing users to get a good grip on the unit. It comes with a belt clip in case you want to keep it clipped to your belt or pants while on the move.

7 Best PS4 Headsets Under $50

7 Best PS4 Headsets Under $50

​We all need a good pair of headsets for hearing the excuses of losers for losing in a game. Although it’s not fundamental to gaming, and only the worst of the worst will blame a faulty headset for their lack of skill, having one is essential to the experience of losing ourselves in a fantasy world of monsters and 12-year-olds screaming their lungs out when we kill them in-game.

However, looking at the price tags on some of the most popular brands and best-performing headsets, you might consider just sticking to your stock cell phone headsets for extended playing sessions. Well, there’s no need to worry any longer. There are cheap(ish) headset options to choose from if you can’t shell out hundreds of dollars just to hear your in-game character die in high-definition audio quality.

There are several things to pay attention to when purchasing headsets.


More important than anything else, you want to make sure that your gaming headset first comfortably onto your head for hours at a time. An uncomfortable pair can cut your gaming time by causing pain and fatigue in your ears. The best pairs are made of leather, but it’s up to you to determine which design and materials work best for you.


This is probably the most obvious thing to look out for. You don’t want a pair of headsets that have a tinny sound to them when you’re firing imaginary bullets at imaginary targets. You also don’t want one with a preconfigured decibel cap so low that you can hardly hear your opponents cursing you and your mother. The best pair should produce the clearest sounds, and they should also let you know from which direction in the game the sound is coming from.


This is completely up to you. If you prefer having a microphone built into your headset, then feel free to find one. There are also options that come microphone-less if you feel that the mic either gets in your way or you have an external mic.

Wired or Wireless

Most of us prefer going the wireless route since it allows us to play games while eating at the dinner table with our families. They also help drown own the annoying noises our parents make when telling us to go easy on the games. However, realistically speaking, if you’re looking for something under $50, you won’t find any good-quality wireless headsets. Stick to wired ones; they work great, and they’re relatively inexpensive.


If you’re planning on using a pair of headsets for gaming on a PS4, it’s obvious that you’ll want a pair that’s compatible with the gaming platform. Some headsets can also be used on your laptops and a number of other consoles. Both USB plugs and 3.5 mm audio jacks work on the PS4.

If you need a new pair of headsets for under $50, take a look at our selection of the top seven pairs to complete your gaming experience.

7 Best PS4 Headsets

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger has a sturdy design, soft cushioning, and large ear phones that keep the headset cupped around your ears rather than pressed into or onto them. This is arguably one of the most comfortable budget PS4 headsets available today. You can control the audio volume by sliding the volume wheel on the ear piece. Unfortunately, there are noticeable audio blowouts at high volume ranges.


If you’re familiar with the G2000 model by KOTION EACH, then you’ll appreciate the changes they’ve made to this model. First of all, it looks cool. The padding is soft and it provides adequate grip on our big heads. The sound quality is just about the same as in the G2000 model, but this time there are no issues with the bass. The audio controls are located on the left ear’s cup, right next to the mic’s wire, so you’ll be fumbling around less to control volumes.

Sades A60 Spellond

Out of all of the headsets on this list, the Sades A60 is perhaps the best-looking one. One thing we noticed with the “Spellond” writing on either sides of the set. It kind of resembles the Harry Potter font, which isn’t bad at all, but it is random as hell. Audio-wise, it produces loud and clear sounds, with hardly any noticeable muffling or blowouts. This uses a USB plug, meaning you’ll have to dedicate one of your console’s USB ports to power this thing. The controls for the audio are located on the headset’s wire.

Logitech G430

The Logitech G430 features a long wire, firm padding, and a pretty underwhelming design quality compared to the cheaper G230 model by Logitech. A big plus on this pair of headsets is the 7.1 surround support, thanks to the USB pass-through dongle. This results in a richer sound which completes your gaming experience without blowing out at high volume ranges. The wire makes sense since you need to connect it to a USB port on your console and not your controller.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P

The Ear Force Recon 50P by Turtle Beach is built with maximum comfort in mind. It has extremely soft leather padding, and it only weighs 1.1 pounds. It features a detachable microphone on a bendy boom which gives surprising clarity when speaking or shouting into the mic. However, the whole thing feels a little cheap since it’s made of (questionable) plastic. In addition, it connects directly to your controller, making it a far-from-useable headset for PCs.

Beexcellent GM-3

The padding on the GM-3 surrounds the ear and sits tight, making it a comfortable headset for extended periods of gaming. The construction of the headband and cups is rock solid and has an amazing grip. However, despite being a sturdy headset and mic combination, the sound isn’t all too great, and it sometimes fails to deliver low-range sounds. The mic is pretty decent, making it a great option for voice chatting. The mic and headphone jacks are split, so you’ll need to use the unusual adapter that combines them into a singular jack to plug into your controller.

Corsair HS50

This is a simplistic headset which fits cozily on the head and has great audio, considering the price tag. The foam ear cups will hardly shift during gameplay, and they can swivel forward and backward for better adjustability to your massive head. The microphone can be detached – an uncommon feature on a budget-friendly headset. Perhaps the only complaint is that it looks sooo boring. All black, wired, logo on both ear cups… Snoozeville. However, if you can get past the generic look of this headset, it’s a rock-solid option for gaming.

5 Best Gigabit Switch

5 Best Gigabit Switch

​A network switch is a networking device which connects devices to a single network by using packet switching for receiving, processing, and forwarding data to destination devices. It is a multiport network bridge which uses the hardware’s addresses to send and receive data. Some switches can even process data at the network layer by incorporating routing capabilities.

Ethernet switches are the most commonly used form. Unlike “primitive” repeater hubs which serve to broadcast the same data from each port and lets devices pick and choose what they need, a network switch sends data only to devices that need it.

A common misconception about Ethernet switches is that they play the exact same role as a router, when in fact they have completely different functions. Routers connect multiple networks into one and manage traffic between the networks. Routers also offer advanced services such as firewalls. On the other hand, switches connect multiple computers within one singular network and manage traffic between the computers. They are not the first “bridge” connecting computers and the outside world. One of the most important things to note about Ethernet switches is that they do not improve the speed of your internet, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help speed things up. Ethernet switches are extremely handy at keeping sending and receiving speeds consistently quick between users in a single network.

In a nutshell, routers are the mastermind behind a network’s operations and handle security, traffic, and other important things, while switches are designed to let traffic through as quickly as possible with little to no interference. Switches increase the number of ports in your network.

There are several notable manufacturers of Ethernet switches out there, but they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, casings, port numbers, and they have several distinguishing features to attract buyers. This list provides the top 5 best-performing gigabit switches that could help expand the network of your home or small business.

5 Best Gigabit Switch

D-Link DGS-1008G

The D-Link DGS-1008G is an excellent solution for both home and business networks. There are eight gigabit Ethernet ports with switching speeds of up to 16 Gbps max. This is a compact device made of strong plastic which some users find feels somewhat cheap in the hands. However, what’s important is how to works. Similar to other unmanaged switches that do not come with remote configuration, management, or monitoring capabilities, this switch by D-Link is easy to setup and use.

This fan-less, hence silent, Ethernet switch is ideal for small business and homes. This simplistic device has an array of features that put it ahead of its competitors. The Quality of Service features lets the DGS-1008G prioritize time-sensitive data packets so you have full network speed for important tasks or games. The cable diagnostics features allow users to troubleshoot any sort of connectivity problem you might have. In addition, this Ethernet switch is certified by Energy Star, meaning it uses power efficiently and is made of eco-friendly materials.


The TP-Link TL-SG1005D is perhaps the best budget-friendly Ethernet switch based off of the value you get from using this switch. It’s a basic plug-and-play device which is easy to setup and operate. These make this a convenient switch for even the most technologically backward of us.

This switch comes with five gigabit Ethernet ports with non-blocking switching. This allows users to transfer large files with little issues. There are five LED indicators which light up when the ports found on the back-facing panel is in use. This little feature saves users seconds of irritation from trying to plug in a LAN cable into an already-in-use port. This Ethernet switch is for those of you who are extremely conscious of price tag and energy costs. First of all, purchasing this unit doesn’t require having a thick wallet. Secondly, the switch automatically detects which ports are being used, and it diverts power from empty ports, reducing unnecessary electricity use.  


The NETGEAR GS208 is perhaps one of the most versatile Ethernet switches available on the market. This is an unmanaged switch, suitable for use at home or at the office. It’s extremely easy to use, and the plug-and-play setup, making for worry-free installation and operating.

If you thought five ports are enough, you are sadly mistaken. This NETGEAT Ethernet switch features eight ports for increased flexibility which eliminate the need for crossing cables. All of the ports support gigabit speeds due to the non-blocking switching design, allowing each port to transfer data at a maximum speed of 16 Gbps. Each port also collaborates to operate as quickly as the fastest port in use. The fan-less switch comes in either plastic or metal casing, both of which are compact and lightweight.

The Linksys SE3008 is a great Ethernet switch that comes with eight ports, non-head of line blocking system, and full duplex IEEE802.3 flow control. The auto-detection feature constantly detects and broadcasts speeds of a maximum of 1,000 Mbps.

This device performs excellently when playing online media and games, and it allows users to connect several Smart TVs, gaming platforms, VoIP devices, printers, and much more. The SE3008 can be enjoyed by home-users and in professional settings. The casing is made of a metallic material and is a reliable shell for protecting the delicate hardware inside.

TP-Link TL-SG1024DE

The TP-Link TL-SG1024DE is a high-end but easy to use switch that provides a maximum speed of up to 1,000 Mbps. This is for serious home and office users who feel that the standard 5- and 8-port setup is inadequate. This Ethernet switch comes with an amazing 24 ports for connecting several different devices in for internet access at once.

This device doesn’t just feature QoS, VLAN, 802.3x flow, and IGMP, but it comes with some advanced management features that are easy to set up, monitor, and diagnose. This TP-Link switch ensures constant speeds with minimum latency with its 36 Mbps of packet forwarding, 4 Mb of memory for buffing, and a maximum of 10 KB of a jumbo frame. Large offices with several team members working in close quarters will enjoy the speedy ports and secure system.

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