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3 Best LED Headlights

​Nothing makes a car stand out than nice rims and LED headlights. While a nice pair of rims for your car may set you back hundreds of dollars, LED headlights are a far cheaper choice. Not only do they add style to your car but they also are quite useful during the night time when it gets dark, allowing you to see. We have tested numerous different LED headlights and selected the 3 best ones for you to consider for your car.

CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11 

​Our rating:

CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11

​If you are looking for LED headlights that will turn heads then the CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11 is it. Not only is it one of the strongest headlights you can find in the market but it is also durable. It has a lumen capacity of 7,200 LM which is rather high on the lumen scale. The light is also ultra-white at 6,000K which is a super cool temperature. You get a pair of 60W and 30W bulb that truly illuminates your path and provides no dark spots as the beam is very clear.

While the power of the headlights is top notch you would think it wouldn’t really be durable. However, these headlights are quite durable having a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. One thing you expect from LED light is durability and these certainly provide that. The combination of quality and durability make the CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11 an excellent choice.

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb

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​The BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb employs the Korean CSP LED chip which is a new technology that is rather reliable. It can produce up to 8,000 lumens combined, with 4,000 lumens per light bulb. The light is technically whiter than the CougarMotor LED at 6,500K, however, it is hard to tell with the naked eye. Where this headlight lack is in relation to CougarMotor LED is durability. While the headlight is durable, it lasts for roughly 30,000 hours which is 20,000 shorter than CougarMotor LED.

The light emitted by the BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb is bright and you shouldn’t find any dark spots. It allows for vision in the darkest of nights which makes this the perfect selection for people that drive in darker areas with limited street lights.


​Our rating:

​The HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11 is the most powerful pair of LED headlights out of the three. It has the capacity to produce up to 9,600 LM per pair. So you can easily drive in streets that lack light when you have your car equipped with these. It is known to provide exceptional brightness and a light pattern that is undeterred, so you get a smooth emission of light from it. The light is so bright that it even works well in the fog.

Overall, the light isn’t as durable as the CougarMotor LED and we found that the light was a bit too bright for our liking, it may actually annoy other drivers on the road. However, if you want one of the most powerful LED headlights for your car that is top quality then the HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11 is for you.


3 Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

​An automotive diagnostic scanner is a necessity if you want to have a peace of mind while working on your automotive. There are plenty of OBD scanners in the market today. With so many of them promising to give you the best service, there are few that will actually live up to the expectations. Let us check the top three professional automotive diagnostic scanners.

OBD2 Scanner


This scanner features full OBD II functions and supports read and erase DTC, reset monitors, turn off check engine, graphical and numerical live data stream and I/M readiness monitoring. This professional scan tool for car owners further features over 3000 built in codes for accurate diagnosing of the causes of engine trouble.

Its strong compatibility with most gasoline vehicles sold in the USA makes it perfectly suited for the market. It supports all OBD II protocols including ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 VPW, PWM, J1850 and CAN. The scanning tool also works with German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and English. It acquires its power straight from the OBDII data link connector thus quickly scans and erases engine fault codes. This way you can decide whether it is something you are able to fix or it is something you need help with.

The best part about this scanner is that you do not need an extra battery. It can go on for hours without requiring charge making it ideal for use in areas with limited power connectivity.

With one click, you are able to check the vehicle’s engine health status. Further, utilizing an exclusive O2 sensor test, advanced on-board monitoring (Mode 6) and EVAP test fuel tank system (Mode 8) that easily determine if your vehicle meets the state emission monitor status thus assisting you to pass the smog check.

Other impressive features of the OBD2 scanner include its beautiful rugged design which is, in fact, patented. The anti-shock and slip designed code scanner has a 15 ft height, a big LCD color screen and a super comfortable hand feeling. With an exclusive 5-foot long cable, this scanner allows you to perform a professional diagnostics in and out of your cars.

You get a lifetime, undateable and upgradable software to fix even the latest bugs or add newly parameters thus more compatible with cars in future.

You also get a 3-year free warranty with the purchase of this scanner.


What you will find particularly convenient about the Dr. Auto 2.8’ LCD OBD2 Scanner is its easy-to-use interface. You simply connect this to your vehicle if the engine light is already on and you will be able to see the error code by yourself. Easy as ABC. The built-in DTC look up module assists in showing the definitions of every code to you so you are not entirely clueless even as a newbie.

The wild compatibility allows the machine to work on almost all 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and the newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles. This machine also supports all the OBD II protocols which include the ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 VPW, CAN and J1850 PWM. Regardless of the language you can access the scanner if you are coherent in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese or Russian.

The full OBD 2 functions in the scan unit support read and erase DTC, freeze frame, switching off the check engine light while the small reader can review and record data stream. With a battery voltage monitoring, O2 sensor test/ I/M readiness hot key and EVAP system provide quick access to the emissions readiness status.

You will love the 2.8 inch color LCD gives the most intuitive graphical data display while the 4.7 feet long cable allows you to diagnose out of the vehicle and in as well. Further, the “Print data” function can print our or playback the diagnostic report.

Now if you have any doubt, you can always rely on the Dr. Auto OBD2 scanner that provides a life-time software update to include new parameters thus more compatible with more cars in the future. You can store all the car model data you like in your diagnostic tool. With every purchase, one gets a full 2-year warranty and a 30 days (no reason to return product) guarantee.

JDiag OM123 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Scan Tool Automotive Engine Light Fault Code Reader

If you like flashy colors, we have a treat for you. The JDiag enhanced OBDII scanner has a pleasant orange color and a classic design that make it just as beautiful as it functional. You can clear your trouble codes with this easy-to-use scanner. Even a novice can use this unit to read error codes and find out what the problem could be.

This scanner works for most 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, 1999 US-based vehicles and newer CAN and OBD2 import cars. It also supports multi-language with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Further, the machine has a OBD II code reader and a well-built LCD that has a contrast adjustment and white background to test the results directly.

You can use the JDiag OM123 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner without any batteries or charger as it is fully supported by power directly from the OBD II Data Link Connector in your car. The scanner’s battery testing function helps one easily determine the cause of the check engine light. You can use the I/M monitor, turn off the MIL and view freeze frame data. Further, you can read memory, intermittent and historic codes, and also show definitions. The JDiag OM123 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner has four buttons: the up and down to see the menu, the exit and enter to navigate back through the menu. This scanner has a 2.5 feet long cable and is made of a super thick and flexible insulator.

This automotive diagnostic scanner equipped with a 2.5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator.

If you ever were confused on what diagnostic tool to buy for your car, we hope that we have made the choice much easier. Besides looking at the price factor, we sampled customer reviews as well to give you the top three professional automotive diagnostic scanners.

4 Best Car Sun Shade

​With the summer rapidly approaching it is time to get a bit protective of your car. Not only is excess exposure to the sun harmful for the interior of your car it can be harmful for the exterior. So that is why you need to pick a sun shade for your car that provides your interior with the protection it needs so the material inside the car don’t release harmful toxins for you and you get to sit in a nice cool car on a hot summer day. We picked out the 4 best car sun shades for you to decide from for your car.

EzyShade Windshield Sunshade


​Our rating:

​The EzyShade Windshield Sunshade provides exceptional protection for the interior of your car from the sun. The sunshade is made up of two identical rectangular shades that completely cover the windshield of your car. The fact that the two shades overlap allows for double the protection and the shade can block out about 99% of the UV. The material used in the shad is polyester that is silver coated which allows it to reflect the sunlight rather than allow it to pass through.

The sunshade protects your complete interior from the sun and ensures that your car stays cool in the hottest of summer days. Which is why it is top on our list.

Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade

​Our rating:

​Made out of nylon the Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade is a decent sun shade that provides good protection from the sun. The shade fits perfectly on the windshield of the car and protects your dashboard and seats from getting direct sunlight. It is said to reflect up to 95% of the sunlight which ensures that the car interior doesn’t overhead. The shade is easy to manage as it folds into a compact size when not in use for easy storage.

Overall, the Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade is made from durable material so it is a sunshade that will last you awhile without wearing out.

Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window

​Our rating:

​Looking for a little extra cover than just the windshield then the Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window is perfect for you. The sun shade comes with protection for your side and rare window so if you want to pair this with one of the windshield protectors then you can. The shades fit easily on the window and stay there as it has a cling mechanism that when pressed against the window it sticks. Made out of 80 gsm mesh, the protectors can block out 98% of the UV rays ensuring that both you and the passengers stay protected. It also does not deter anyone’s view as the mesh is a see-through material.

Overall, for window protection you won’t find a better sun shade than the Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window.

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

​Our rating:

​Those days of opening your car door to a piping hot car are over thanks to the Car Windshield Sun Shade. The sun shade which fits on your windshield protects your car from UV rays and ensures it stays cool. Made with nylon polyester material the sun shade protects your dashboard and seats from the sun so there is no fade or cracks in them. The Car Windshield Sun Shade is so compact that you can easily fold it and fit it in the glove compartment when not in use.

Zeny Plasma Cutter Review

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​If you have tried cutting metal sheets with a jigsaw then you know how hard it is to get the precision you need. Cutting metal sheets isn’t easy especially when they are thicker. Any hobbyist will tell you that a plasma cutter will make the job a lot easier by allowing you to have to work less and also providing you with the precision you need to get the perfect cut. The Zeny plasma cutter is one such cutter that allows you to easily cut through metal sheets with little effort from your end.


Design of the cutter

The Zeny plasma cutter is a reasonably priced cutter that is useful for any hobbyist, from beginners to more intermediate users. For the price, you would think that the cutter isn’t really that sturdy or durable. But on the contrary, the cutter is both sturdy and durable, it has a strong body that ensures its durability. The Zeny plasma cutter is lightweight so it makes it easy to move it around your workshop when you need to.


When it comes to performance, the Zeny plasma cutter is fairly good. The first thing you want to look at it how thick of a metal the plasma cutter can cut and this one can cut anywhere from 1 to 12 mm of metal sheet. It can be used to cut numerous different metal sheets which include stainless steel, copper, and aluminum amongst others. It provides exceptional precision but do note that precision also depends on the cleanliness of your work and the metal you are cutting. If the metal you work on is clean, you will get better results in terms of precision.

If you are looking for an affordable yet durable and reliable plasma cutter than the Zeny plasma cutter will not disappoint. Note that the cutter isn’t amazing for cutting thicker sheets of metal, those above half an inch so if you need something more heavy duty then this is not the best option. Other than that, this is a great plasma cutter for all your metal sheets cutting needs.

4 Best Carpenters Tool Belt

4 Best Carpenters Tool Belt

​Whether you are a carpenter or just a hobbyist that enjoys doing handiwork around the house, you know the importance of a tool belt. It allows you to keep your tools with you as you work so you don’t have to constantly reach for them when you need it. A carpenter belt wraps around your waist and has numerous pockets as storage space for the tools you need. A good carpenter belt provides exceptional storage space and is made with material that is durable and won’t easily tear. We have tested numerous carpenter belts and felt that the 4 we selected are the best you can find.

4 Best Carpenter Tool Belts

DEWALT DG5372 12-Pocket Carpenter's Suede Apron

​Our rating:

​If you don’t want to overdo it with your carpenter belt and want to keep it as minimal as possible then this belt is it. The belt comes with a 2-inch belt strap that you can buckle up to your jeans. While the belt isn’t huge, it does have enough storage space for your tools with 5 main pockets for tools and 7 smaller pockets for utility items like nails, parts and what not. The material of the belt is what really sets it apart as it is made out of suede leather which is durable.


​Our rating:

​CLC is known to make products that are of exceptional quality for a discerning tradesman. The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 20 Pocket is no different as it is a superior quality belt that provides plenty storage space for your handy work. It has a 3-inch belt and 20 pockets for you to easily store the tools and items you need for the job. Knowing that the belt may get a bit heavy with so many items, it also comes with suspenders so you get that extra support on the belt so it doesn’t fall off.

​Our rating:

​If you are dealing with heavy tools then the Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set is a good choice of the belt for you. The belt comes with numerous pockets that are reinforced at the bottom so they last longer. It also has a strap for you to easily carry a hammer around on the belt. Made out of leather, the belt and pockets are surely going to last for years.


​Our rating:

​The MagnoGrip 002-382 12-Pocket Magnetic Carpenter's Tool Belt is made of polyester and the straps on the belt are easily adjustable which make this belt a great choice for everyday carpenters. It has 12 pockets for you to easily store whatever items you may need for the job and has magnetic pockets which ensure the tools and items stay in the pockets. The polyester employed in the best and pockets isn’t your average, it is 1680D ballistic polyester so the tool belt is durable.


5 Best Multimeter

​If you love electronics then you are probably familiar with what a multimeter is. A multimeter is a multiple meters in one as it serves as a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter. These are generally used by electricians, mechanics, and hobbyists that love electronics. Overall, the tool is a useful utility to have around the house as it can be used for numerous different purposes like for your HVAC system or car. Selecting the right multimeter can be tough with hundreds of different ones to choose from. We have made that part easier for you as we have picked the 5 best multimeters you can buy.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter

​Our rating:

No matter if you are an electrician, mechanic, or just a hobbyist the AstroAI Digital Multimeter is a great addition to your toolset. With the capability of troubleshooting electrical and auto issues with a sampling speed of 2 secs. the multimeter is top of the class. It is easy to operate and gives you the basic measurements that you would need to figure out if everything is electrically stable. It is a simple meter that will not complicate the task at a very reasonable price also.

Innova 3320 Autoranging Digital Multimeter

​Our rating:

​The Innova 3320 Autoranging Digital Multimeter is an easy to use multimeter that is a wonderful addition to your tool belt, especially for beginners. Not only is it low on cost but one of the simplest multimeter to use. It has a big display for the readings and has a sturdy body so it won’t break easily. It even has corner guards on each corner of the multimeter so even if you drop it, it is protected. You will need 2 AA batteries to operate it and it even has a power save option.


​Our rating:

​The Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeters is known as a multimeter that accurately measures current, voltage, resistance, diodes, and so on. That is why it is one of the most reliable multimeters you can find. It helps you troubleshoot both automotive and household electrical problems accurately so you can take the proper measure. It has a backlit LCD that displays the readings well and has a sampling time of just 3 seconds. Which is why it is on our list as one of the best multimeters you can buy.

Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter

​Our rating:

​The Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter 8233D is a portable and durable multimeter that any electrical would love to have. The multimeter comes with a set of alligator clips also which makes getting readings a lot easier especially when it comes to batteries. The build of the multimeter is quite good, it doesn’t feel flimsy in any way when you hold it in your hands. It gives accurate readings and is not too hard to use.

Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter

​Our rating:

​The Craftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter has the capacity to measure up to 600 volts and 10A of alternating current. It easily lets you detect wiring problem and shorts as it has an audible tone that notifies you if the reading is below 30 ohms. At first, it may seem a little more technical to operate for beginners but it is fairly simple and the manual provides all the instructions you will need to operate it. It is reasonably priced and would make a wonderful addition to your toolkit.

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express

It is incredible how the same brew of coffee can give so many different tastes depending on the technique and ingredients you use when making the perfect cup of wake up.  Passionate coffee lovers even swear that the type of cup you use for coffee serving impacts the taste of the coffee.  If you are one of these ‘sensitive’ drinkers then you would probably love a way to create precision coffees as well as specialty coffees that compete with restaurants in terms of texture, aroma, and taste.

If you want to experiment with coffees and create the perfect coffee every time then we highly recommend the Breville BES870XL Barista Express.  With this machine you can become a barista in your own home.  This Breville functions almost just like a commercial barista machine. 

The Overall Design

This coffee machine looks incredible.  The stainless steel finish is glorious and all of those buttons and gadgets make it look like a steampunk device from the future.  It certainly will look great at home or even in the office but you do need to keep unskilled employees away from this device as it is a bit challenging to use.


This barista express has enough features to impress any coffee lover.  It can do quite a lot and has everything that is needed for creating expert quality coffees. Here are the top features of the Breville BES870XL Barista Express;


The 1600 watt barista functions with a thermos coil heating system.  The grinding division allows you to instantly ground as much coffee as you need and you even have full control over the grind size.  The digital temperature control gives you the precise temperature for optimal espresso extraction and you can set the machine on one or two cups of coffee. Light indicators tell you when it is time for cleaning. 


The coffee maker consists of a ½ lb coffee bean hopper and can ground your coffee beans for you within minutes.  The barista machine has a 2l removable water tank that comes with a handle for easy handling.  It also has a micro-foam milk texturing device and can even steam heat milk manually.  Precise PID temperature control gives you much more control over roasting and extraction so you can avoid burnt coffee beans.  This coffee maker can produce any type of coffee including specialty coffees such as espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and much more. 


The barista coffee maker is relatively easy to clean although there are some coffee makers on the market that are simpler to operate and maintain. 

Top Pros and Cons

This excellent machine has plenty of pros that will convince you that it is the right investment but there are always a few cons you need to consider before you buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of the Breville BES870XL.


  • Handles just like a commercial barista machine
  • Can produce steamed or microfoam milk
  • Has a built-in grinder and hopper
  • Compact in design
  • Can be used for producing a huge variety of coffees including specialty coffees
  • Has a great overall look


  • The machine has no auto water level sensor and will keep running even if it is dry
  • It is expensive compared to other coffee machines
  • You do need quite a bit of skill to operate the machine

This certainly is a good investment for coffee lovers that are clued up on the art of coffee brewing.

Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Coffee Maker

Many people love their daily shot of espresso coffee because these coffees are high in antioxidants, is a powerful source of caffeine to get your mind wide awake and espressos greatly promote a healthy digestive system.   The only downside to these fine beverages is that they do tend to be quite expensive. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to enjoy regular espressos and cappuccino’s then we highly recommend Mr. Coffee’s automatic dual shot espresso and cappuccino system. 

The Overall Look

This Mr. Coffee is quite handsome.  The machine consists of stainless and black materials and has a sleek and elegant design.  It certainly will be a very attractive device in your office or in any kitchen area.  It is also compact and won’t take up too much counter space.

Main Features

Main Featur Of Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Maker

It is always the features you really need to look into when shopping for the perfect dual coffee maker.  This one has quite a few outstanding features such as the following;

Controls – The controls are not overly exaggerated.  On the front the machine has several light indicators that tell you when water is required, when your brew is ready, a steam indicator and more and the machine is switched on with a simple knob switch.  It also has a frothing arm that is pretty easy to use for preparing lattes and cappuccinos.

Capabilities – The coffee machine has a 15bar pump system that extracts powerful dark rich espresso brew.  It isn’t the best device for an average cup of coffee but it is perfect for preparing specialty coffees like espresso or even iced coffees.  You can use cups or even a 4 cup carafe with the device for average coffee brewing. The milk frothing arm also enables you to easily create lattes and cappuccinos. 

Cleaning – A removable and washable drip tray keeps your surfaces nice and clean and makes it incredibly simple to keep the coffee maker clean.  The water reservoir also has a large access area that allows you to open it for deep cleaning should the need arise. 

Top Pros and Cons

Like all coffee makers, this one has quite a few fantastic pros that make it a worthy investment but there are always some cons you need to consider before you decide to buy.  Here are the top pros and cons of this terrific dual coffee machine;


  • Indicator lights make it easy to see when the machine is off, on or to monitor the processing of coffee.
  • The device is easy to clean
  • A dual water window allows you to monitor water levels with ease
  • Pump bar provides quality espressos much quicker
  • Pause function allows you to pour coffee while brewing function is ongoing
  • Affordable price


  • Brewing cycle can take a long time
  • Brewing carafe is quite and can prepare only 4 cups of coffee
  • The machine doesn’t have an auto-programming feature

This is a terrific investment for anyone that loves strong coffees and especially for those with a passion for espressos and other specialty drinks.


5 Best Plasma Cutters of 2019

​Plasma cutters allow you to easily cut through materials that are generally tough to cut through with a saw, materials like aluminum and stainless steel. These cutters use plasma which is an ionized gas which through heat cuts the metal sheets. Plasma cutters provide you with a clean cut and leave little to no debris.

Why Use a Plasma Cutter?

Not only do plasma cutters allow you to cut through metal sheets which are hard to do so on your own there are numerous other benefits to using them.


When manually cutting through a metal sheet with a saw, it is hard to get the precision you want. A plasma cutter allows you to get the accuracy you need to get the right cut each time along the design you want.


The technology of plasma cutter has advanced through time and now you can get smaller machines that are easy to move around. This makes the whole cutting process a lot easier for you as you can do it almost anywhere you want.


Plasma cutters make the whole process of cutting metal a lot faster. While the speed varies from machine to machine, in general, the use of a plasma cutter will help you cut metal faster than doing it manually.

What to consider when buying a plasma cutter?

When it comes to selecting the right plasma cutter for yourself there are a few things you should consider before purchasing one. These are:

  • check
  • check
  • check
    ​Duty cycle
  • check
    Pilot arc

With that being said, we have selected the 5 best plasma cutter you can purchase in the market today, keeping all the above qualities in mind.

Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i

Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i

​Our rating:

​The Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i is a top quality plasma cutter that allows you to cut steel with ease. It is definitely one of the more heavy-duty plasma cutters in the market and when you need to cut thick metal with precision then this is your choice. It can easily cut up to about an inch of metal at 7/8 inch of thickness. You would think with that much power the plasma cutter would be fairly big but it is portable with a lightweight design so you can move it around to your liking. It allows you to cut through metal sheets of copper, aluminum, stainless steel and others. It also comes with a 10 feet cord so you can plug it in and move it around.

The Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i doesn’t lack in features either. It comes with a wind tunnel which prevents dust from getting into the internal components of the cutter while also has a pilot arc controller which allow you to cut perforated metals. It has a diagnostic light which notifies you when anything goes wrong and a cooling system. The feature and power are the main reason why the Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i has topped our list of plasma cutters.

Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45

​Our rating:

​The Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45 provides its users both portability and versatility. The plasma cutter is lightweight at just 37 pounds and the size is rather small. You don’t expect plasma cutters to be this small so storing it is no hassle and you can easily carry it around. It packs power also as it provides 45 amps which enables you to cut up to half a sheet of metal in thickness. It also cuts around 20 inches per minute so isn’t slow either. It cuts the metal with precision so there is not a lot of need for edge preparation.

The Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45 comes with a few different modes so you can select whichever you feel the need for. It is a great plasma cutter for beginners as it comes with a drag-cutting technology which makes the process easier for them. Which make this a wonderful all-around plasma cutter.


​Our rating:

​If you are looking to buy a reasonable plasma cutter that won’t set you back too much while also allow you to cut thick metal then the Lotos LTP5000D is your choice. It is one of the best plasma cutters you can get for your money. It has an exceptional pilot arc functionality which allows you to easily cut clean and dirty metal into smoother cuts. It also packs power at 50 amp which allows it to cut through metal sheets of up to half an inch thick.

The Lotos LTP5000D is very portable at just 26 pounds and has a handle on top so you can easily carry it around. This is why we feel this plasma cutter is a great option for both beginners and intermediate users.


​Our rating:

Like the Lotos LTP5000D, the Zeny DC Inverter is another reasonably priced plasma cutter. It doesn’t have the same amount of power as the Lotos LTP5000D but it is portable and provides precision which is needed. The Zeny DC inverter comes with numerous accessories which you would not expect at its price point. You get an earth clamp, cutting torch, plasma tip, and air regulator which makes the cutting process a lot easier. It allows you to cut through 1 to 12 mm thick metal sheet.

The Zeny DC inverter is the lightest plasma cutter on our list at 22 pounds which is why it is so portable. Overall, it may not “wow” you in terms of functionality but the Zeny DC inverter performs well. You can also read our full in-depth view of the Zeny Plasma, which goes into more details on the plasma cutter on its design and performance.


​Our rating:

​The Everlast SuperUltra 205 is a great plasma cutter for those that are starting out with cutting metal. It packs a bit of power at 200 amps which allow you to cut up to half an inch of thick metal. It also comes with a 3-year warranty which is why it is a good choice for beginners because if anything goes wrong, you can easily have it repaired. Like the other plasma cutters on our list, this too is lightweight and portable. Which is why it has made our list of the top 5 best plasma cutters.

8 Best Dual Coffee Makers of 2019

8 Best Dual Coffee Makers of 2019

For some people coffee is just another beverage.  For others it is a source of life! This wake-up-juice is responsible for getting most people out of bed early in the morning, keeps millions focused on the job and is a welcome companion in any home where warm laughter is shared. 

If you are one of those people who cannot imagine a day without coffee then you should definitely look into buying one of these best dual coffee makers on the market today. 

Normal coffee makers used to be a revelation in households and workplaces because with these handy devices you can brew enough coffee for up to 12 people at the same time and these brewers keep the remaindering coffee hot until the last cup is served.  And then you used to get those coffee makers that function with K-Cups which allows you to instantly brew enough coffee for just one person easily by using a little cup that contains a fabulous mixture of fine tasting coffee.

The best dual coffee makers give you the best of both worlds because you can use these coffee machines to brew a full pot of coffee using grounds or you can use the single serve side and make one single cup of coffee instantly by simply popping a little k-cup into the machine.  Dual coffee makers do however vary.  Some single serve sides can be used for coffee brewing; others only produce hot water for instant coffee making. Isn’t it incredible? Well, keep breathing coffee lovers!  You definitely don’t want to pass out before you get your hands on one of these machines.   

What to Look For In the Best Dual Coffee Maker

A dual coffee maker certainly will revolutionize your life but don’t rush to the store to buy one just yet.  There are quite a few different dual coffee makers available on the market and all of them have different features and functionality.  Here is a quick guide to help you find out what to look for in the best dual coffee maker;

What to Look For In the Best Dual Coffee Maker

Consider the capabilities – the first thing you need to consider is the capabilities of the machine.  Do you want it to simply produce coffee or would you like it to have other features as well?  Perhaps milk frothier would be nice?  Perhaps you would love a coffee maker that serves coffee, espressos, and lattes?  Well, then you had better pay close attention to all the features before you buy.

Consider cleaning – One of the cons of coffee makers is the cleaning.  It can be quite tedious to wash those machines and all of their components.  The best coffee makers are easy to assemble or disassemble and have removable water reservoirs and filters for easy cleaning.

Consider consumables – Coffee makers that function with ground coffee is pretty simple.  All you need to buy is your little bag of ground beans, a filter bag, and your other coffee ingredients.  But single pod coffee makers have a catch.  Some of them only work with specific coffee pods which could be hard to come by or that could be expensive.  The best machines use a popular and commonly found coffee pod or functions without a pod so you can keep your reserves stocked without a struggle or switch over to ground beans whenever you run out of pods.

Consider the price – Sadly, the best dual coffee makers are a bit on the expensive side but hey, this is a worthy investment if it means delicious restaurant quality coffee at the comfort of your home, right?  A cheap coffee maker usually isn’t the best investment since they never last. 

Consider spare parts – Every coffee lover’s worst nightmare is dropping that pot and seeing it shatter.  So much coffee wasted… and even worse… where are you going to find a replacement pot?  If you buy cheap and uncommon brands a replacement part might be impossible to find.  The best coffee makers are popular and high in demand which means the chances of finding a replacement part is pretty high.

Consider personal needs – Dual coffee makers are fantastic – if you have the need for one.  A single person, however, might find that extra brewing pot area a complete waste of space.  And if you are never planning on buying those pods then it probably isn’t the best idea to invest in a dual machine either.  But if you are someone who loves k-cup coffee and often serve to a big audience, say in an office or for a large family then this is the best machine you will ever own.

Consider automation – What good is a coffee machine if it never has your coffee ready on time when you wake up early in the morning?  The best coffee makers have a programmable timer, an auto shutoff and the digitals are user-friendly.

Easy to use – This is probably one of the most important aspects of choosing the right dual coffee machine.  It should be easy to use.  Anything that is too complex will only end up gathering dust in the corner.  The best coffee machines like those you can find on this list are all incredibly simple to use.

Best Dual Coffee Makers of 2019

Now the fun part begins!  It is time for you to finally see the machine that is going to change your life for the better, the machine that is going to keep you full of life and energy by enabling you to make yummy coffee in minutes.  Here is a quick comparison of the top 8 dual coffee makers of 2019 that you can consider for your home or office right now.  It is important to pay close attention to the features of these coffee makers.  Some only function with K-cups, others only with ground coffees.  Some give you the option to serve hot water and brew coffee while others are only for brewing.  Some of these come with a milk frother while others are more simple and not suitable for producing specialty coffees that require frothed milk. 








Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

12-cups glass


Two – easy removable



Breville BES870XL Barista Express

No pot

From beans only

Yes – Easy to remove for cleaning




Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

12-Cup glass

Hot water only for single serve

54 gallon




Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ

Can use any cup or pot.  Different serving settings


50 oz



Mr Coffee Automatic Dual Shot

Cups or up to 4-cup pot

Without cups

40 oz


Yes, single or milk steamer

Keurig K575

4oz cup up to 30 oz pot

K-cups only


5 different strengths



Keurig K-Café

4 cup sizes. No pot

K-cups only


Strong and normal



Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Auto-iQ

Single cups up to large carafe

Only without cups.  Can use teabags

Different types of beverages with different strengths



The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Duo Coffee Maker

Just the look of this gorgeous machine will give you goosebumps!  The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Duo Coffee Maker is exactly where it belongs – at the tippy top of our list of best coffee machines.  Everything about this dual coffee maker screams excellence.  It has a sleek black and silver design that will fit right in with any modern kitchen, office or coffee bar.  The digital controls are visible and nice and large so you can navigate with ease even before you had that first cup of coffee early in the morning.  This coffee maker’s brew side has a 12-cup sized pot and on the single cup serves side you can choose to either insert a K-cup for coffee or use ground coffee in the reusable cup dispenser.  The fact that you have the option to use both k-cups and ground coffee for single cup serves is what is truly remarkable about the Hamilton Beach.


  • Large brew pot serves up to 12 cups of coffee
  • ​Single cup brewer functions with K-cups and ground coffee
  • The device comes with separate water reservoirs that each has a window for easy water level checking
  • Can be used to make a huge variety of beverages
  • Gives you the option to choose brew strength
  • Programmable


  • Auto 2-hour pot plate shutoff is annoying to some
  • Can take a while to make a single cup of coffee
  • Can start to leak if not used correctly

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

If you have always had that desire to make coffee like a true Barista then the Breville BES870XL is the right pick for you.  This 1600w coffee machine has a beautiful stainless steel design, consists of a 2l removable water tank, has a dose-control grinder, can perform espresso extraction, foam milk and much more.  With this device, you can make any type of coffee recipe imaginable.  It is a top pick for those who love to entertain guests with the finest tasting coffees to be found and for those who have a deep passion for coffee making.


  • Handles just like a barista machine
  • Gives you quality microfoam
  • Has a built in grinder
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Looks brilliant
  • Can be used to create any type of coffee


  • No water level sensor and machine keeps running when water dries out
  • Expensive compared to some coffee makers
  • Requires quite a bit of skill to operate

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

The Cuisinart CHW-12 is a must for any coffee lover looking for something simple, functional and affordable. This coffee maker has a simple yet elegant design.  It is fully automatic with 24-hour programmability including pause features, carafe temperature control, and an adjustable auto-shutoff. The brewing side consists of a 12-cup glass carafe.  This coffee maker doesn’t have a single cup coffee maker but it does have a hot water system that enables you to instantly make instant coffees, teas, hot chocolates, soups and so much more.  It is the perfect little device for office or home use.


  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • Comes with programmable auto-on and off feature
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Temperature control on heat plate
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price


  • Hot water side only and cannot be used to make single k-cups
  • Can be loud
  • Challenging to fill up the water reservoir

The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee maker

This is the perfect coffee bar for coffee lovers on a tight schedule.  The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ programmable coffee maker look just as incredible as it is with its combination of glass, stainless and black materials.  The capabilities of this coffee maker are quite impressive.  This brewer has three brewer settings.  One setting is for single cup brewing, one for normal pot brewing along with its hot plate and a third setting for milk creaming.  It isn’t suitable for industrial use and many describe this device as the perfect coffee bar since it is so easy for enjoying coffees on a regular basis. 


  • Has a built in frothier
  • Comes with a 50oz coffee ice pitcher
  • Gives you the option of 6 brew sizes that range from cup to full pot
  • Can be used for producing a wide range of coffees including specialty coffees.


  • Doesn’t work with k-cups
  • Hot plate doesn’t keep coffee hot for long
  • Cleaning solution required

The Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot coffee maker

Are you in love with specialty coffees like espresso and cappuccino?  Then we highly recommend the Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot coffee maker.  This terrific system can produce the perfect cup of coffee in less than 3 minutes and you even have a pause and pour function that allows you to pour coffee while the brewer is still ongoing.  This coffee maker produces up to four coffees per use.  The overall machine looks incredibly stylish which makes it a perfect investment for your office.  With this coffee maker, you will always have a way to thrill business partners that come over for a visit.


  • Indicator light makes it easy to see if machine is off or on.
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual water window for easy water level monitoring
  • You can make coffee even though the brewer is still brewing
  • Affordable price


  • The brewing cycle takes a long time
  • Small 4 cup brewing pot
  • No auto timing feature

Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod coffee maker

This might be K-cup pod coffee maker but it still offers dual action because it can give you hot water on demand.  The coffee maker has a gorgeous overall look and is a perfect investment for office or home environments, especially if you love great tasting coffee but don’t have too many orders piling up from other family members and friends.  The coffee maker has a large 80oz water reservoir and can brew more than 10 cups before requiring a refill.  The device comes with strength control settings, gives you delicious coffee in less than a minute and is fitted with a digital clock.  This coffee maker can be used with different k-cup sizes that range from 4 – 18oz and can also be used for brewing pot coffees with K-carafe pods that range from 22-30 oz sizes.  


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Great tasting coffee
  • Fast brewing time
  • Affordable price
  • Different size coffee cup or pot brewing options available


  • Only works with Keurig capsules and even has sensors that keep you from using other branded capsules
  • Can be expensive to use since K-cups are pricy
  • Cannot brew specialty coffees

The Keurig K-Café K-Cup, Latte and Cappuccino Maker

If you have a need for more than just plain coffee on a daily basis then the Keurig K-Café K-cup, latte and cappuccino maker is the right machine for you.  This coffee maker works with all k-cup pods and can also be used for producing lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos or other specialty drinks.  The shot function gives you concentrated shots of coffee for iced lattes and cappuccinos.  It has 4 cup size options, simple controls and a large 60 oz water reservoir that allows you to make 6 cups of coffee before refilling is required.  The milk frothier cup is dishwasher safe and so easy to use thanks to its side placement. 


  • Can make specialty coffees
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy foam making
  • Delicious sting coffee every time
  • Strong setting
  • Dishwasher safe accessories


  • No temperature control
  • Not programmable
  • Only uses K-cups
  • Can be expensive to use
  • Cannot produce pot size coffees

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Auto-iQ

This is the perfect brewer for those who love to enjoy coffee all year round, even when it is hot.  The coffee maker is a hot and cold brew system.  You can use it to produce a carafe full of coffee or single pot free cup of coffee.  You can also use this coffee maker to brew tea using tea bags or loose leaves which makes it the perfect pick for a coffee bar.  The Ninja Hot and Cold brewed system has a built-in frother that enables you to produce all types of specialty coffees and teas including lattes, cappuccinos, green tea drinks and much more. 


  • Can make coffee and tea beverages
  • Can make specialty beverages
  • Programmable
  • Capabilities of producing different quantities that ranges from single cup to large pot
  • Easy to use
  • Can froth milk
  • Have individual coffee and tea baskets


  • Can be expensive
  • Doesn’t work with pod cups at all
  • Lots of cleaning instructions

Final Verdict on the Best Dual Coffee Makers

Anyone of these top picks would be a terrific investment for office or home use.  And if you need a bit more advice on the best pick for your unique need then you can definitely consider the following guide to help you choose.

The best overall coffee maker - The best overall coffee maker is the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew.  This coffee maker is simple, yet functional.  You can instantly brew a carafe and serve up to 12 cups of coffee or make a single cup of coffee with ease.  One of the biggest reasons this is a top pick is that it uses ground coffee and k-cups for brewing single cups.

For the barista – If you want a coffee maker that gives you that true barista feeling then we recommend the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine.  This coffee maker works with whole beans and is fitted with a grounder and frothier.  You can use it to produce a wide range of specialty coffees.

The multipurpose coffee maker – The Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus is a good pick for those who need something versatile.  This device allows you to brew coffee and gives hot water that can be used for a magnitude of purposes such as soups, oats, teas and much more.

Perfect for your coffee bar – The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffeemaker is perfect for a coffee bar since you can use any type of cup and carafe in this device.  You can use it to pour different quantities of coffee and you can make specialty coffees since it has a milk frother function. 

Perfect brewed coffee – If you love the taste of brewed coffee then the Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot coffee maker is probably the best pick for you.  This coffee brewer looks incredible and allows you to brew up to 4 cups of coffee at a time.

Top Keurig coffee maker – If you love the taste of Keurig coffees then the Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup is a good investment.  It doesn’t produce specialty coffees but is functional and brilliant.

Top Keurig for coffee bars – The Keurig K-Café is the advanced model of the Keurig 575.  It comes with milk frothier and can be used to produce all sorts of beverages including specialty coffees.

The coffee maker for tea lovers – The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Auto-iQ is the perfect pick for tea lovers because this coffee maker can be used to make teas as well as iced coffees and teas, lattes and cappuccinos.

On this list of 8 top coffee makers, you are bound to find one that stands out or that will serve your exact need.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick one, shop online and start enjoying the finest tasting coffees from the comfort of your home.