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Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Review

When you’re at the beach, you may find yourself in need of a good beach cart. If you visit the beach frequently, a beach cart can make your life easier as it will hold all of your beach items. It can be difficult to find a good beach cart that has the features you need.  This review looks at the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart to see if it’s the right cart for you.

About the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a dependable and a reliable beach cart. It’s rust resistant, fold easily so you can store it, and it’s easy to put together so you won’t have to fumble with a lot of parts. The cart features plenty of storage space, durable rear wheels, and can even keep your food items cool. This cart is designed to make your beach trips easier for you, so you don’t have to carry around heavy items. You can make one trip from the car to your beach location when you use this cart.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart's Main Features

  • check
    It holds up to 100 pounds
  • check
    It features extra wide 10” wheels
  • check
    Cargo storage is 15 cubic feet
  • check
    Will hold chairs, cooler, and other bulky items with ease
  • check
    It has an umbrella holder
  • check
    Removeable and insulated cargo bag
  • check
    Dimensions are: 27” x 40” x 31” when open
  • check
    Dimensions are: 27” x 32” x 10” when closed
  • check
    Coated steel frame
  • check
    Cushioned Handle

This cart will hold up to 100 pounds so it’s perfect for all your gear and has the space you need. The main highlight of this cart is that is has strong and study rear wheels. It’s easy to move the cart over hard or soft surfaces. The front wheels are also quite maneuverable, so you’ll be able to take the cart where you want to at the beach. If you carry a lot of heavy items around with you, this cart is the right choice. It has wide wheels so it’s easy to move around and you’ll have more traction with the cart going over troublesome surfaces like soft sand. The cargo bag that comes with the cart is removable and has side pockets with zippers.  You can use this cart to move around bulky beach items such as a cooler or a couple of chairs. It will resist rust as it features a coated steel frame so it’s perfect for down near the waters edge. The handle is coated, so it won’t hurt your hands when pushing the cart even with the maximum load, although you probably don’t want a maximum one-hundred-pound load. The cargo net makes it easy to carry items like a sand bucket, balls, and children’s toys.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Advantages

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart has several advantages that make it a good choice for your next beach adventure:

  • Well Designed – It features a nice design, so it looks great down at the beach. There’s no need to bend to get items out of the cart as they are within easy reach. It has a solid steel frame construction, so it’s built to last. The handle is easy to push so there’s less strain on you, even if you have a full load of items in this cart.
  • Collapsible – The cart folds away for easy storage yet can hold larger and bulky items so you can take those to the beach with you.
  • Side Pouches – There’s side pouches to store smaller items like your mobile phone and your keys so you don’t lose them.
  • plus
    Good Wheels –  The cart has solid 10” wheels which work well on uneven surfaces. The front wheels act like stroller wheels so it’s easy to maneuver.
  • plus
    Insulated Bag – This bag helps store food items and keep beverages cool. Other carts don’t feature a cooler, so you can take cold drinks with you to the beach.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Disadvantages

This cart has several disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

  • Front Wheels – These wheels are maneuverable, but they aren’t that durable, unlike the rear wheels. The front wheel may break off during usage. The front wheels are one of the larger downsides to this cart and could be a problem for users.
  • Small Plastic Parts – There’s some small plastic parts such as the swivel connectors that join the steel stubs and these could wear out or break.
  • plus
    Mesh Bag –  This bag is a little on the thin side and may present problems.

What Buyers Are Saying

Many buyers are satisfied with the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart cart due to the larger wheels and amble storage that the cart features. It also has the cooler which is a bonus for those that want to have snacks and cold drinks down bat the beach. The zippers and the side pockets make storing smaller items easy.

Some buyers had problems with this cart such as missing pieces when they purchased their product online. Other users had difficulty with the front wheels as they broke off for several users of this cart or the rubber separated on the wheels. The mesh bag is a little on the thin side and may tear or cause other problems.

Overall Thoughts on the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a solid product for taking down to the beach. It has good wheel wheels and it will store all your beach items with ease. On the downside it has some parts that aren’t designed that well. The mesh bag is quite thin and may tear on the cart. The front wheels are maneuverable but aren’t as sturdy or as well made as the rear wheel of this cart. These wheels could pose some problems for users, so you’ll need to take care when moving the cart around. Our recommendation is that you try the cart out and it’s got a lot of storage room for your gear but be careful with the front wheels as they aren’t as well made as the rear wheels. The cart should last of you take care of it and will carry all of your items to the beach.

Chicago Cutlery Reviews

Chicago Cutlery Reviews

​Chicago Cutlery provides stainless steel blades with a classic combination of design and superior performance. They cater to a range of needs from the beginners to experienced kitchen vet.

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set consists of a variety of knives and a stained pine wooden block where the knives can be safely placed. It has various characteristics that make it a must buy.

Chicago Cutlery Reviews

Its characteristics are stated below:

1. Unleash the hidden chef in you:

This Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18- Piece Block Set consists of a wide variety of knives that can cater preparation of an extensive range of dishes, thus unleashing the hidden professional chef in a person. The highly functional handle has a soft grip makes the person confident enough to handle and operate it with ease.

2. Serrated edges:

Some of the knives included in the set have serrated edges, that do not need sharpening at all.

3. Use of superior quality material:

The blades of the knives are made using thick, superior quality stamped high-carbon stainless steel with exceptional sharpness.

4. Use of Taper Grind Edge Technology:

Generally, even the costlier knives tend to lose their sharpness after using them for a few times. Keeping this in mind, these knives have been manufactured using the Taper Grind Edge Technology which imparts them an edge whose sharpness lasts for a longer duration than that of other knives. It also enables a person to re-sharpen it easily and cut food items with utmost precision.

5. Contemporary outlook:

The assortment of knives is placed in a superior quality wooden block made of stained pine wood. Such a setup imparts a rich look that anyone would love to portray on the kitchen countertop. The handle of the knives is made of a black polymer with a bead-blast matte finish which imparts it a classic contemporary appearance.

6. Resistance to rust and stains:

The stainless steel ensures prevention of rusting of the blades as well as resists the formation of stains even after using it for a number of times. This makes it a cutlery with timeless beauty.

7. Stability and control:

The tang extends throughout its length from the tip of the blade to its end, which makes it more stable, that can be controlled with ease.

8. Safety:

In order to provide safety to the person using it, the blades are triple-riveted to the ergonomic polymer handles which are non-porous in nature and have a fine polish. The non-porous nature of the handle, prevents moisture build up and can be cleaned easily which ensures hygiene after usage.

9. Comfort:

It has been manufactured to provide greater comfort besides letting a person handle it with proper balance by the use of its poly handles that has a great grip. This prevents the chances of slippage of the knives while using them and thus minimize the chances of any injury.

10. Lifetime Warranty on the product:

Chicago Cutlery comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The only thing that must be kept in mind is to wash them properly and dry them after using, to maximize its benefits.

The items included in the Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18- Piece Block Setare enumerated below:

  • check
    A 7.75 Inch Chef Knife: It is a highly versatile knife that can be used for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing any ingredient required for preparing a dish.
  • check
    A 7 Inch Santoku Knife: This knife can be used for chopping vegetables and other ingredients that are smaller in size.
  • check
    A 5 Inch Utility Knife: This is a general purpose knife that has versatile uses.
  • check
    An 8 Inch Slicer Knife: This knife has an optimum length that makes it apt for slicing wide meats, poultry, and fish. It has rounded tip that doesn't pierce the flesh when the direction of the blade changes while cutting them.

Other components of the set include:

  • check
    ​A 3-inch peeling knife
  • check
    ​ A 7.75-inch bread knife
  • check
    ​ A 5-inch partoku knife
  • check
    A 3.25-inch paring knife
  • check
    8 number of 4.25-inch steak knives
  • check
    An 8-inch sharpening steel
  • check
    A Stained pine wood block
Chicago Cutlery

​There are many other items of Chicago Cutlery out of which, the ones that are best in class, best as individuals and budget-friendly are stated below:

The best class of Chicago cutlery includes:

1. CHICAGO CUTLERY 18-PIECE INSIGNIA: This comes with stainless steel blades and handles which are also of the same material, imparting it a rich modern look.

2. CHICAGO CUTLERY DESIGN PRO 13-PIECE: This includes knives as well as scissor with an innovative design.

3. CHICAGO CUTLERY FUSION FORGED 21-PIECE: This includes cutting board along with knives and sharpeners that caters all the kitchen requirements.

The best budget Chicago Cutlery includes:

1. CHICAGO CUTLERY ESSENTIALS 15-PIECE: This has the full metal tang and black polymer handles which is excellent for cottage use as well as a spare set.

2. CHICAGO CUTLERY BELMONT 16-PIECE: This consists of the regularly used knives which serve as the best starter set equipped with items more than what is needed.

3. CHICAGO CUTLERY ELSTON 16-PIECE: This consists of knives with hollow handles which still serves the purpose well, by maintaining balance

The best individual Chicago Cutlery are:

1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion II 7.75"

Also known as the Chef's knife, it is the most versatile knife used for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing.

2. Chicago Cutlery Belmont 8"

It is also known as the bread knife used for all serrated usages ranging from crusty bread to thinly skinned tomato.

3. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 3"

Also known as the Paring knife, used for peeling, cutting, cleaning, and garnishing. It is best if a small and accurate work has to be done.

Chicago cutlery provides steel blades of unmatched quality made out of the best grade of stainless steel. They have an elegant look beside being highly functional. The fully forged blades provide utmost safety to the person by maintaining stability, balance and providing an excellent grip.

It is essential to remember that they should be cleaned by hand only and strictly avoid washing them in the dishwasher, to ensure its longevity.

So, it is highly recommended to get these blades and have a great cutting experience, like never before.

Acoustic Electric Guitars under $500

5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars under $500

​There are a number of good acoustic guitars on the market for both budget-tight players and big spends. However, if you want to take the guitar to stage, you’ll need an acoustic electric guitar. With these guitars, you won’t have to use an awkward shaped guitar to project produce louder sounds, and you won’t need a separate microphone for your guitar to make the music heard amidst a group of loud people.

The problem is that acoustic electric guitars can be costly, depending on the frame, brand, and a million other features that make the guitar sounds great. The good thing is that many of these popular brand guitar manufacturers also create more affordable models for hobbyists or “haven’t made it big yet” music stars. Check out this list of the five best acoustic electric guitars for under $500.

Yamaha FJX720C Jumbo Spruce and Mahogany A/E Guitar


  • ​String scale 25 9/16 inches
  • ​Body depth 3-15/16 to 4-15/16 inches
  • ​Finger board width 1-11/16 nut/body
  • arrow-right
    Finger board and bridge made of rosewood
  • arrow-right
    System55 T 1-way with tuner
  • arrow-right
    Solid spruce top
  • arrow-right
    Mahogany back and sides
  • arrow-right
    7.5 lbs
Yamaha FJX720C Jumbo Spruce and Mahogany

​Technically, the price of this acoustic electric guitar is under $500 ($499.99 on Amazon). But to be fair, including tax, shipping and handling, and additional features you may want for your guitar, you’ll definitely surpass your $500 budget.

The Yamaha FJX720C solid spruce and mahogany guitar has a piezo 1-way pickup system. It delivers a well defined bass sound, has a wide dynamic range and excellent response. Controls for this spruce acoustic electric guitar’s under-bridge mounted piezo are located on the acoustic-electric side for easy access. The compartment for the battery is also found on that side, near the neck, for easy replacement.

Yamaha has an excellent running reputation of producing high quality instruments, and the FJX720C is no exception. It has a sturdy build with high quality spruce and mahogany, designed to last you many years. Its design produces nice mid-range acoustic sounds. However, you won’t get the best electric guitar sounds out of this. When it’s amplified, it mainly just sounds like a louder acoustic guitar than anything else.

Overall, the Yamaha FJX720C spruce and mahogany guitar is a great choice. It’s easy to take with you, not high maintenance, lightweight, produces good quality and warm sounds. Though the electric guitar mode isn’t all that great, it’ll perform extremely well as a stage acoustic guitar.


  • ​Gloss polyurethane finish
  • ​Top laminated spruce
  • ​Back and sides laminated basswood
  • Nato neck
  • Fingerboard and bridge rosewood
  • Fishman Ion-T Preamp with tuner
  • X-bracing
Fender FA-135CE Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

​The Fender FA-135CE is built with the concert-style platform for a sleek yet modern design. The laminated spruce features X-bracing for a bright, punchy tone for lead guitar. The nato neck and basswood back and sides are ideal for allowing mid and high frequency pitches to blast out.

The ingenious build of the guitar and use of basswood makes this acoustic-electric guitar lightweight, meaning that you can play for longer periods of time without neck or back pains. The chrome tuners on this unit offer accurate tuning. There is also an amazing electronics system with features the Fishman ION-T preamp and chromatic tuner, providing incredibly quick tuning and amplified sound. The preamp uses a volume dial, phase and buttons, along with a tuner button for easy control.

This acoustic-electric guitar by Fender is finished with a natural polyurethane gloss. The aged fret board, body binds, and the white ring rosette gives a stunning contract of dark on light, offering a look as beautiful as the sounds it produces.


  • ​Top solid spruce
  • ​Body and neck mahogany
  • ​Slim tapered D neck profile
  • arrow-right
    Fret board rosewood
  • arrow-right
    Bridge rosewood
  • arrow-right
    Electronics Shadow ePerformer Preamp
  • arrow-right
    Controls for master volume, treble, bass
Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Solid Top

​The Ephiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO is similar to the standard version with the same name, minus the dark finish. This acoustic-electric guitar is perfect for country/rock music due to the new Shadow ePerformer preamp system. The balanced sound makes the ideal guitar for all-acoustic music.

The HUMMINGBIRD PRO acoustic-electric guitar has a spruce top which breathes and improves with age. There’s a break-in period but it’ll sound better the more you play. However, even out of the box, you should expect the guitar to make nice amplified and natural sounds. The reverse belly made of rosewood has a compensated saddle for easy action and intonation.

The HUMMINGBIRD PRO by Ephiphone is one of many guitars that feature the state-of-the-art pickup system that can perform in any setting but still produce a distinct acoustic sound. The controls for the Shadow ePerformer preamp are located on the upper bout for master sound, treble and bass control. There is also a battery indicator which warns the player when power is running out.

Fender T-Bucket 300CE Maple A/E Guitar


  • ​Top laminated flame maple
  • ​Back and sides laminated mahogany
  • ​Glossy finish
  • Scalloped X bracing
  • Neck 3-piece laminated mahogany
  • Open-back geared tuning machine
  • Bridge rosewood
  • Electronics Fishman Isys III System with Onboard Preamp and Tuner
Fender T-Bucket 300CE Maple

​Coming back to Fender, their budget acoustic-electric guitars are known for two things: performance and laminated construction. The Fender T-Bucket 300CE features Fishman’s electronics which give it an edge, especially for this budget range.

This cost-efficient T-Bucker 300CE by Fender uses a combination of maples top and mahogany back and sides. The neck is also made with mahogany with a standard rosewood fret board. Compared to other guitars in this price range with similar build, you can expect the 300CE to outperform most of them.

The Fishman Isys III system isn’t the most precise preamp system out there, but it does the job well on this guitar. You get a three-band EQ and built-in tuner and volume control. Accuracy isn’t a problem when tuning the guita, and it can produce excellent sounds when amplified.

The T-Bucket 300CE by Fender is one of the few budget acoustic-electric guitars which exceeds expectations, although the tone may be a bit confusing to work with. This guitar packs a modest punch in lows and trebles.


  • ​Jumbo body maple
  • ​Spruce top
  • ​Maple tapered slim neck
  • Rosewood fret board
  • Rosewood bridge
  • eSonic2 preamp with tuner and NanoFlex/NanoMag pickups
Epiphone EJ-200SCE Vintage Sunburst

​Most acoustic-electric guitars share similar hardware, but the Epiphone EJ-200CE – a fitting tribute to the legendary Gibson jumbo guitars – is unique. It has a unique rosewood bridge with synthetic bone saddle on top. One of the best hardware features on this guitar is the tuning mechanism which results in perfect intonation and tuning retention.

There were many skeptics when Epiphone announced the use of the eSonic2 preamp system. However, Ephiphone collaborated with German company Shadow and created this preamp system which an assortment of advanced controls on top of the standard 3 band EQ. This allows for an amazing tone shaping range for more flexibility and control.

Alone, the EJ-200CE packs a powerful sound. The tonewood combinations utilize the already versatile foundation and provide an extremely balanced tone when playing. With this unit, trebles and mids will sound natural and warm.

This is a fitting acoustic-electric guitar to tribute Gibson’s legendary jumbo one. Whatever differences in performance between the two guitars are compensated by this guitar’s low price tag. If you’re in need of a powerful, loud and well-built guitar, the Epiphone EJ-200CE should definitely be on your list of possible purchases.

Best Roaster Ovens

3 Best Roaster Ovens of 2017

Roaster ovens are a great addition to your cooking arsenal. Performing similarly to your oven, a roaster and a traditional oven both use dry heat to cook your food. One way they differ is that while your oven requires extra energy to preheat, your roaster is simply plugged in and heats up quickly. With the excess space surrounding your meat in your oven, heat flows around it and draws moisture from your food. In a roaster, the space is tight surrounding your meat, thus preserving the meat’s moisture, even without basting it.

Another advantage of a roaster versus a conventional oven, is the proximity of the heat source to the meat. In an oven, you need to flip your meat to cook it evenly, but in a roaster your food is suspended over the heat source on a rack or rod, which helps cook it more evenly. Roasters are also smaller, easier to store, and much quicker to clean. The biggest disadvantage to a roaster as compared to your oven is that you cannot make breads, cookies, or anything small inside a roaster.

Roaster Oven Features to Consider

  • Capacity
  • Cord length
  • Temperature range
  • Removable pan
  • Interior rod or rack
  • Lid seal

When you start shopping for your roaster oven, there are a few features you should pay attention to. The main feature is the capacity of the roaster. Depending on your needs, you may not need to go bigger than 18 quarts, but if you are preparing an extra large turkey, you may need to look for a 22 quart roaster.

Another feature that will depend on your need is the interior. Will you just cook birds? If so, you may only need a rod inside your roaster to hang your birds. But if you want a more versatile roaster, look for one with a roasting rack. Regardless of which interior you select, make sure the roasting pan is removable for easier cleaning.

A versatile temperature range will allow you to use your roaster as a warmer and a slow cooker as well as a roaster for super sized meats. Read the packaging to see the range to determine which one is best for you. With all temperature ranges, you’ll want to be sure the roaster’s lid has a tight seal to keep the temperature even.

One feature that isn’t going to make or break your decision is the cord length. One of the complaints of roaster users is the short length and how close to the outlet the roaster needs to sit. While it is is helpful to keep the roaster out of the reach of tiny hands, for safety reasons, some cords can be inhibitively short.

Best Roaster Ovens

Oster22 Qt
  • Cooks 23 lb turkey in 3 hours

  • Easy to clean

  • Self basting lid works well

  • Simple to operate

  • Roasting pan chips

  • Outside gets extremely hot

  • Short power cord

Rival18 Qt
  • Lightweight

  • Cooks evenly

  • Great as a warmer as well

  • Easy to operate

  • Hard to clean

  • Rack and lid seem to rust

Nesco18 Qt
  • Flexible temperature setting

  • Works as slow cooker too

  • Easy to clean

  • Very large size

  • Dangerously hot on the outside


Rival 18 Quart Roaster Oven

Rival 18 Quart Roaster Oven

Technical Specs

  • 18 Quart capacity
  • Removable steel roasting rack
  • ​Measures 23” x 17” by 9”
  • ​Adjustable temperature from 150o to 450o
  • One year warranty

The Rival 18 Quart Roaster Oven not only roasts and cooks, it can be used as a warmer. With an adjustable temperature range from 150o to 450o you can not only roast and bake, you can use it as a slow cooker for stews and stroganoffs. You can even prepare a gravy right inside the roaster with the drippings from whatever meat you just cooked.

Using your roaster for your turkey can shave hours off the cooking time while using 36% less energy than your conventional oven. Roasting birds, ham, pork or other meats up to 18 pounds, this roaster has a large capacity to cook for the biggest family feast, soup kitchen, or school picnic. Any food you prepare cooks evenly to a moist, tender texture with delicious flavor.

Freeing up your oven for your desserts, appetizers and side dishes, a roaster can cook your main dish anywhere you have an outlet. Cleaning this roaster is simple with the dishwasher safe removable enamel on steel roasting pan.

Nesco 18 Qt Roaster Oven

Nesco 18 Qt Roaster Oven

Technical Specs

  • 18 Quart capacity
  • 1425 Watts
  • ​Removable chrome steel rack
  • Porcelain cookwell
  • ​Adjustable temperature range from 200o to 450o
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

The Nesco 18 Quart Roaster Oven has a “circle of heat®” construction that cooks foods from the sides rather than the bottom. This element is thick insulation for efficient meat roasting and baking.

The versatile temperature range allows you to roast, bake, slow cook and even steam your food. This roaster has the capacity to cook a 22 pound turkey, as well as a large pot roast, ham or pork loin. This one even lets you bake a cake, quiche, or even cookies. Slow cook a soup, stew, or lasagna, and keep it warm during the entire party. You can even steam vegetables and seafood.

The single chrome steel rack has safety handles for easy removal of hot foods. The cook well is removable for easy storage and cleaning. Sitting compactly on your counter for cooking, this appliance is easily stored way until you need it again.

Oster 22 Quart Roaster Oven

Technical Specs

  • 22 Quart capacity
  • Variable temperature range 150o to 450o
  • ​Self basting lid
  • ​15.43 Roaster weight
  • 23.31” x 11.85” x 15.67”
  • Stainless steel finish

The Oster 22 Quart Roaster Oven has a self-basting lid that re-circulates moisture to cook your meat to a perfectly tender texture with loads of moisture. The variable temperature settings let you slow cook, roast, cook, bake, and act as a food warmer. You can even simmer your gravies right in the roaster leaving you one less pan to clean. Prepares everything your conventional oven would - muffins, cakes, chickens, and stews.

The large capacity enamel on steel roasting pan can accommodate a turkey up to 26 pounds. The pan is removable for easy storage and cleaning. The steel roasting rack can be washed down quickly and the entire roaster can be stored out of sight until your next big gathering or intimate couples dinner.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your needs when you‘re shopping for your roaster oven will lead you to the perfect appliance. All of the roaster ovens on this list will help you prepare one of the most delicious, tender, moist meals you’ve ever eaten. And once you get your roaster, you can experiment with recipes to continue growing your personal meals.