Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Review

With the Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin we are sure you will be camping quite often. The tent is so convenient, it is easy to store and sets up in minutes. The convenience of the tent will have even those campers and trekkers that dislike the whole process be up for the trip. No more assembly poles to hold your tent up as it comes equipped with it, assembling and deconstructing the tent is quite a breeze.

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Cost: $$$

Coleman has become a brand that is known to build quality outdoor products from coolers to tents, if you are an avid trekker and love adventure chances are you are well aware of the brand. Usually tents are made for two to four persons so it is a luxury to find bigger tents that can accommodate more than four. The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin can comfortably allow six persons on a trekking or camping trip. Making this a wonderful choice for families or a group of friends that enjoy trekking.

Design: The tent has a fairly basic design with big doors that allow easy passage in and out. It is quite spacious from inside covering about 10 x 9 feet, even with six persons we had no issues with space. The height however isn’t the highest, we measured it at 6 feet which can be a problem for taller individuals. The tent has been designed for the ease of users. Setting the tent up takes little time and effort. The tent comes attached with poles so you can easily assemble it. Two people setting the tent can easily do it in a little over a minute. Once up, you can just pitch the tent to ensure it stays in tact.


  • Tent is made with water-resistant fabric
  • Spacious design, 10 x 9 feet
  • Easy setup, comes with poles attached
  • Low-cost


  • Height of the tent isn’t that high, measured at 6 feet

The fabric on the tent is durable and waterproof. It is however, not too thick. It may protect you from heavy winds but wouldn’t provide much shelter from cold temperature.

Use: The tent is best used for families that are looking to go on a camping trip for a couple of days. The tent is not at all suitable for cooler temperature so if you are planning on camping in a cooler location you should consider another tent. It is however durable and once pitched should stay intact during strong winds and thunderstorm. So overall, it is a reliable tent.

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin is the go to tent for those that want to spend a more intimate time with family or a group of friends while camping. It allows you all to bunk together rather than separately. The material of the tent is completely waterproof so water won’t seep through from the body or the floor. The quick step up and the spacious interior allows both ease and comfort for users. Which is a major reason why the tent is highly recommended for camping with a group.

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