Everyone once  in their lifetime always goes to the drawer to get a knife only to find that its rusted of very dull. The good news is that advancements are ever improving and the precision and material of knives are changing for the better.  Dalstrong knives are master knives that a lot of the professional chefs in the world use. The blade of the knife is not only sharp but the handle of the knives are built with quality material. This ensures that the knife lasts longer before getting dull. This increases its lifespan and as well the mileage is reduced. Dalstrong knives opposed to some other top brands sell their products at lower prices and can be found on Amazon. Below, you will find a in-depth review of the Dalstrong knives to see if it fits what you are looking for.

Dalstrong knives has a lot of distinctive features. Their features are right from the ergonomics to comfort in handling. This knife can be used from slicing simple fruits and vegetables to carving big turkeys. Dalstrong knives have a unique shape making the one piece design simple and yet solid. You are also able to get different sizes of the knife depending on what your primary purpose of the knife would be. The sheath of the knife offers a comfortable grip which is particularly useful if you are cutting up food for an extended period of time, possible when prepping food. Some of their designs have sharpened edges on both sides making it super efficient and precise. Balanced blade and the material used is long lasting.

Top features of Dalstrong Knives



The knife has a sharp edge. The edge is scalpel in nature and sometimes is referred to as a razor. Some are sharpened both edges to guarantee quick cutting. It’s harnessed with nitrogen making it resistant to rusting. The carbon steel ensures powerful cutting to handle all types of hardness during cutting. This gives it a diversity in terms of applications.


Dalstrong knives are made of a strong material. Hardened steel, this ensures that the mileage due to wear caused during cutting is reduced. Also this enables them to cut hard substances without breaking down. Other knife blends possesses a problem of breakdown especially when it cuts substances which are hard. Also it doesn’t go blunt so quick after sharpening. Its block is made of hardwood, which doesn’t dismantle. So a dalstrong knife has a long life span.


The common knife has a problem of causing strain to the user. If you use it for a long period, you will develop palm aches. But for the Dalstrong knife, it has the best handle designed with different grips. The handle also tapers to the edge so as to ensure no hand strain while using it. So Chefs who work for long hours prefer comfort in the working and Dalstrong knife gives the best comfort ever.


There is a problem a common blade has when cutting up and down. The blade is not stable and vertical blade movements is tiresome. But that is not the case for a Dalstrong one. It’s balanced and the handle designed for the best comfort. Unlike the common one, it is capable of cutting up and down. This gives the chefs the balance they need during cutting.


At least all people like to work with things that are appealing. This motivates workers and they do their work to their level best. Dalstrong knife has a shiny colour. This makes it glow and so beautiful. Working with a smart blade guarantees smart work. This feature is so unique and many knifes are dull and not appealing.

Customer care

There are cases where blades are sold and no more company and customer contact after sale. Tis means there is no warranty on the commodity sold. Or maybe there is a warranty but the ways to get refunded are complicated. This is a clear indications that the customer care services are poor. But for Dalstrong, this is not the case. They have a reliable customer care and in case of product failure, few procedures involved to get the knife returned. So their warranty makes sense as you get refunded back.

Ratings and reviews from other people

Most customers who had bought the knife rated it 5 stars. They describe the unique features of dalstrong as distinctive. Abby Roggenkamp on September 11, 2017, says that she did a lot of research on the knife. She bought the knife from Amazon and what pleased her a lot was the customer services they offered. The way her issue was handled makes her a good ambassador of the brand.

Nicholas J Athanasiou on December 7, 2017 says that the knife comes with a long block for grip. Though others don’t prefer a longer grip as such but for him is the best. He also talks about its attractive features. The customer care he describes as being better than the knife itself. He rates the company five stars and recommends anyone to buy from it.

So many customers rate it 5 stars but some also were disappointed a bit. Some complaints about missing knifes a set and others about the block dismantling after a while. On July 16, 2018, Proline Shopper says that he has replaced the sets more than 3 times. The block splits several times and they rust if not polished. This way he rated the knives one star.

The overall ratings portrays a positive feedback from the customers. Though some were not impressed by the commodity, they are fewer. A higher percentage rated the knives five stars. This shows that they good for use and customer services are as well outstanding. This is a clear indication the sales of the knives is customer satisfactory.

Quality is a preference to quantity. With dalstrong, you are assured of the finest knife quality ever. The material for the blade is harnessed with nitrogen. This prevents the steel from rusting and as well strengthens it. Dalstrong priotise customer care. Any problem after buying the knife is addressed to the company and solved. Most of the customers who purchased the knives have justified that. The price as well is affordable. So for cutlery involving knives. One should consider buying the Dalstrong knife to enjoy its unlimited outstanding features.

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