Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in one of the best polaroid cameras on the market.  is a compact polaroid camera that has in-built support for the use of Fujifilm Instax film to produce instant photos which have the size of a credit card. The Instax mini 8 camera has a 60mm Fujinon lens capable of focusing as close as 2 inches away. It has an inbuilt flash that provides extra illumination for exposure when working in low-light conditions. The Instax mini 8 also features an automatic exposure control which makes sure that you have consistent and accurate exposures when you are working in a variety of lighting conditions. For image composition, the Instax mini 8 incorporates an optical viewfinder that has an integrated target spot. There is also an exposure counter added to the design to visually show the number of exposures remaining in the film pack. The Instax mini 8 camera utilizes two AA batteries as its power source due to their widespread availability and convenience for the user.

The Instax mini 8 also features a flashing LED indicator that recommends an ideal setting and a manual exposure switching system. It also has a brightness adjustment dial and a 0.37 viewfinder which helps you to frame your shots. The camera has an auto power off feature which shuts down the camera following inactivity of over five minutes to help conserve your battery power. Taking photos with the camera is always a no-brainer. The Instax mini 8 helps the user capture the perfect shot every time.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 incorporates the following features:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera
  • Automatic exposure measurement. With the use of a flashing LED, the camera signals the recommended aperture settings which helps you capture the best moment every time
  • Comes with a lightweight and slimmer body design
  • A new High-Key mode which helps you take brighter photos with a soft look. This makes the Instax mini 8 a perfect choice for portraits.
  • ​Incorporates an improved new viewfinder for greater visibility and clarity
  • A constant- firing flash that adjusts the light automatically to optimize your pictures. Has a 0.2-6 sec recycling time which enables you to snap photos quickly.
  • Fujinon lens. Helps you take high-quality photos with a 1:12:7 magnification, 60mm focal length two components, and two element.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera


The new Instax mini 8 camera preserve the attractive design and ease of use elements of the existing Instax mini-series. Moreover, the camera offers some enhancements and new features. You will note that it has a lighter and slimmer body instantly. The Instax mini 8 is smaller than the mini 7 by approximately 10% in volume ratio. This has made portability of the camera easier for the consumers who can now carry them whenever they need to go easily. The Instax mini 8 also features an improved viewfinder for enhanced subject viewing. Framing a photo becomes easier with improved visibility and even better clarity. For updated and accurate data on the Fujifilm, we recommend that you rely on manufacturer information or the product packaging.

The Instax Mini 8 is a perfect gift for your friend or loved one. It provides that initial step towards Polaroid photography and is a gadget that will help you create instantaneous memories. It is better in every aspect than all the other similarly priced instant film cameras of its class, from exposure, image quality to the minimalistic approach. The camera is also available in a variety of colors for everyone. The Instax mini 8 comes in the following colors: white, black, raspberry. Pink, grape, yellow and blue.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Review


  • Many consumers consider it as a cheaper brand but a good alternative to the much pricier Polaroid cameras. The Instax mini 8 has the many features offered by Polaroid cameras but comes with a lower price.
  • The Lithium 2AA batteries are common and easily available at many stores.
  • The camera is highly portable due to its small size and lightweight. It fits in any small bag or purse. This means that you can quickly take pictures anywhere you might be and instantly have them in hard copy.
  • The Instax mini 8 film is relatively affordable compared to other products. Moreover, the film is the size of a credit card and can be taped to bulletin boards, journals, keepsakes or any solid wall. This makes your photo session memorable and more fun
  • The camera has the benefit of being very easy to use. This is compounded by a step-by-step instructional manual and safety tips for you to maximize your camera’s functionality.
  • The Instax mini 8 instant photo camera is a lot of fun to use, it’s cool and comes with a novelty value. Every time you snap a photo and the picture pops out the top, people around you want to know more


  • It will take you more time in experimenting how the lighting affects the resulting photo for you to have quality images. You will probably waste a lot of films trying to master how to use the Instax mini 8. However, this depends on the knowledge and skills of the user.
  • The camera has the inability to create clear image copies when taking close up photos
  • The LED flash is not as bright as it should be making it hard to take clear pictures under low light conditions
  • The viewfinder is not very accurate making it difficult to focus on images
  • The Instax Mini 8 produces a very small sized photo that sometimes may miss the small details


There is a lot to love or hate about this camera. You might not be too satisfied with the quality of the pictures if you are too hard to please. You may also realize that the hard earned dollar you spent goes to the convenience of having instant hard copy images and not the picture quality. However, taking all the pros and cons into consideration makes Instax mini 8 a decent camera. In most reviews, the pros outweigh the cons. All in all, it all boils down to personal preference.

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