Hoover vs. Bissell

​Over the years, we’ve become increasingly—and unfortunately-- aware of the various allergens that can invade our homes.  From pet dander to dirt unintentionally brought in on the bottoms of our shoes, our floors have become the first potential environment for allergens to call home.  While we cannot prevent our pets from shedding, nor can we avoid leaving the house altogether, we can proactively and continuously remove thesetroublesomeallergens, for the sake of both our breathability and the potential cleanliness of our homes.

Certain brand vacuums, such as Hoover and Bissell, have long been looked to as the standard for specialty vacuums.  I say long since Hoover has been in business since 1908, and Bissell even predates this.  In fact, these brands have been around for so long, Europeans are actually known to interchangeably refer to “vacuums” as “Hoovers”, as people tend to do other terms, such as Xerox and Band-Aid.

It’s important to note that, for thinner, less shaggy carpeting, small, less expensive vacuums can be effective enough at removing dander, though their hand accessories, suctioning power, and otherfeatures are often sacrificed for the discounted cost. 

When it comes to deciding between a Hoover or Bissell vacuum, the ultimate decision will likely simply come as a result of your personal preferences.  Both brands make impressive vacuums that range in price, accommodating budget-friendly shoppers while also satisfying those who are seeking a more long-term investment. 

More of a general modern-day convenience that is now available across most vacuum makers, the Hoover offers bag-less machines, such as the T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus.  The visible canister makes it effortless to know when it’s reached its capacity and requires emptying.  Also, admittedly, a heavy machine is more likely to stay in the closet—no one wants to drag out a substantialmachine that is a pain to push to and fro.  It’s a good thing that Hoover specializes in lightweight machines, such as the Hoover Steerable Wind Tunnel Lightweight.

Hoover Steerable Wind Tunnel Lightweight.

Another major advantage of Hoover vacuums, at least when it comes to their machines that are specificallyintended for pet hair removal, is that they are fitted with HEPA and carbon filters that reduce allergy issues and improve air quality. To keep you alert of their status, there is also an inbuilt system that advises you when the filters require washing or replacing.  One such model, the Hoover WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet Bag-less Upright Vacuum, is essential for anyone in your home dealing with allergies.  As a result of the filter system, it blocks 99% of airborne particles from reentering the air as your vacuum.  Its steerable technology makes it easy to navigate all of the corners and curves of your home.  Its multi-floor use accommodates our tendency to have multiple types of flooring within our homes, all requiring the same amount of cleaning.  Its suction pulls dander and pet hair into the dirt reservoir, filters the contents, and then blows clean air back into your home.  This is a claim that many vacuum manufacturers are unable to make.

Hoover WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet Bag-less Upright Vacuum

Bissell, however, can.

This same filter feature is available in its Bissell Cleanview Bag-less One Passmodel.  Its washable foam filter cuts down on the cost of replacing it instead, and its TurboBrush attachment makes hard-to-clean areas surmountable.  The machine is also a mere 15 lbs, a whole 2.8 lbs less than the Hoover Steerable Wind Tunnel Lightweight. Plus, its “one pass” claim indicates that it’s more likely to pick up dirt the first time, as opposed to multiple strokes and personal effort across the carpet. 

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

However, its cord is 3 feet shorter.  Give and take, give and take.

While bag-less vacuums are popular and increasingly available (eliminating the additional, recurring cost of vacuum bags), the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Offmodel also keeps you from having to touch to guck when emptying the canister, which is a majorly impressive plus.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Bagless Upright Vacuum

It’s true that there’s probably going to be a trade-off of some sort when it comes to deciding on the right vacuum for you.  Generally speaking, Hoover vacuums are known to be more impressive in terms of sucking power, which is useful in the extraction of pet hair and other large clumps. 

Price-wise, you can find a powerful device across both brands that will probably only differ slightly in weight, cord-length, or amountof additional hand accessories (which Bissell vacuums tend to house more of).

A common complaint is that the Bissell vacuum models include a one-tank water system that can be challenging to empty, whereas the Hoover separates its dirty water from the cleanby the use of two individual tanks.  Generally speaking, Hoovers also tend to be more lightweight across all models than Bissells, proving them possibly slightly more preferred for your carpet-cleaning needs.  However, that one-tank Bissell water system is coupled with its hot water feature that applies a “wet vacuum” when used.  This heatwave feature keeps the water hot and therefore significantly improves the cleaning potential of Bissell devices. 

When it comes to choosing between a Hoover and a Bissell vacuum, you’ll have to take a closer look at your personal situation and prioritize accordingly.  Ultimate cleanliness?  Ease of pushing?  Amount of hand accessories?  Maximized for the elimination of allergens?  Focus on pet hair?Hard to reach areas? 

Both manufacturers make machines that are comparable in features and pricing.

It all boils down to personal preference and needs.

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