Although it is only recently that the benefits of inversion therapy were confirmed, scientists claim that this is something that was practised by ancient humans. It involves reclining your body in a position that the heart is above the head.

The main aim of inversion therapy is to reverse harmful effects of gravity. It is, therefore, an ideal treatment for back issues, improving mental health, body detoxification and many other problems.

Using an inversion table also allows nutrients to reach your discs and increase the circulation of blood.

Benefits of using an inversion table

It can be used to avoid surgery

Before you consider undergoing surgery for your back pains, trying inversion table therapy is a good option. This is because surgery does not completely eliminate acute back problems altogether. More than 50% of patients who undergo surgery complain of pains afterwards.

Therefore, before undergoing surgery, it is better to exhaust all non-surgical methods of pain relief. Inversion therapy is one of those options. Doctors say that inversion therapy may significantly decrease the need for surgery.

According to a research from Newcastle University, 78% of patients who underwent physical therapy did not have to undergo surgery. The results mean that inversion therapy saved a great percentage of people who would have otherwise undergone a painful and perhaps ineffective surgical process.

Inversion therapy reduces kidney stones

If you have happened to have kidney stones or known someone with kidney stones, you probably know how painful they are. You may ask what do kidney stones have to do with inversion therapy?

Once you undergo a procedure known as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, kidney stones are broken into small fragments. In any case the small does not pass through, inversion therapy is very useful in getting rid of the kidney stone remnants. Multiple studies have observed the effects of this procedure and have given positive feedback.

Inversion therapy repairs and relieves herniated disc pains

Herniated discs act as shock absorbers within the spinal cord.

As you are in your daily activities, walking around and sitting down, gravity is involved in pulling your vertebrae and discs. This process pulls them close together and often results in compression.

According to scientists, herniated discs cause pinched nerves and results to mild or severe pain.

This is where inversion therapy comes in. It gently decompresses the vertebrae thus allowing the discs to go back into their proper position. This eliminates pressure from the pinched nerves ultimately reducing pain.

Inversion table therapy, therefore, helps in increasing circulation in the disc. The process allows proper oxygen flow and the body to get rid of more waste products. It finally facilitates the process of healing for the damaged disc.

Inversion tables relieve Sciatic nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain involves tingling sensations and numbness in the back of the body. The painful sensations normally begin in the back, travel all the way to the buttocks and to the legs. They are called so because pain follows the whole length of the sciatic nerve.

Fortunately enough, an inversion table has been recommended for relieving sciatic nerve pain. A regular practice of the therapy eases pain within a few weeks. However, you should always talk to your doctor especially during pregnancy.

Eases Cervical Spinal Stenosis

This condition leads to the stiffening of the neck, and pain that runs through the shoulders all the way down to the back. The main causes of cervical spinal stenosis are thickening of the ligaments and a damaged cartilage.

The good news, however, is that the effects of cervical spinal stenosis can be reversed by simply undergoing inversion table therapy. You are simply required to undergo the process for just a few minutes daily.

The most significant of inversion table therapy is that it gently stretches and relaxes the ligaments. Inversion table therapy also brings about nourishments buy getting rid of toxins that may have accumulated around the cartilage thus allowing it to heal easily.

Some of the inversion tables

Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table


This is a heavy duty inversion table that is distinct from other inversion tables. Exclusive features such as a large backrest pad and soft touch handlebars are all designed to provide you with a comfortable inversion.

In addition, its six angle pin system enables it to deliver an easy, safe and consistent inversion experience.

This inversion table features adjustable features which allow the user to adjust their angles for a smooth and comfortable inversion experience.

Finally, its old leather strap system requires you to adjust each and every time because they can loosen after repeated use.


This is an FDA cleared inversion table. It is popular for relieving back pain and is safety certified. It provides a stretch to the spine and spinal muscles altogether.

It improves many of the conditions we've talked about above.

It aims at exploiting gravity and body weight to decompress the spine. Therefore, it is a solution for spine realignment, and releasing tension in muscles.

In a matter of days, you'll be able to walk better and have an improved body posture.

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