Merax Gaming Chair Review – What Makes It A Number One Option

The number one factor that makes Merax gaming chair one of the very best options is its comfort.

When shopping for the very best gaming chair, you have several options, such as ergonomic design, weight capacity, color, and style to name but a few. However, anyone who has put in a few shifts as a gamer knows the importance of comfort. Without the right seat, your legs could start going to sleep within 60 minutes of play—and having to stand up and stretch is the last thing anyone wants to have to do half-way through a game!

And this is where Merax gaming chair comes into its own. Whether you’re a serial gamer or a console player, this option is one of the very best gaming chairs out there.

If you’re all set to update your chair to a state-of-the-art gaming chair, there’s no doubt that Merax is the top choice among gamers—and it comes as no surprise. That’s because the company strives to create the most exceptional quality possible, with tried and tested chairs that are put through their paces to stand up to whoever sits down in them.

The company hit the market with its own take of the incredibly popular auto racing style game chair. It recognizes the players’ need for long-lasting comfort with long hours of gaming, studying, and even working.

The unique ergonomic style helps you to maintain a snug position that provides support for your neck, shoulders, and back. It minimizes the possibility of discomfort or the risk of injury from extended periods of gaming. It also offers a lumbar cushion and backrest support, as well as head padding for added support.

However, what truly grabs our attention is its budget-friendly price as well as the design of the backrest that seems to caress the back to offer the ultimate support. Of course, first impressions of the chair’s looks are that it is super cool. But does it offer more than just great look? Could it be that it’s not as function-filled as other models or brands?

Merax Gaming Chair


Premium Merax Gaming Chair Features

Merax most certainly developed a premium racer design gaming chair that comes in a twin color scheme and provides the latest in ergonomic design with lumbar support. It includes a cushioned seat with rotating wheels for easy maneuvering across most types of floors. It also offers rocking capabilities so that it extends and contracts your muscles to keep them supple as well as relax between games after long hours of PC gaming.

The headrest has a pillow and lumbar support. You can adjust its tilt and height.

The chair weighs around 44.1 lbs., which is about average for chairs or this caliber and can stand up to the weight of the majority of players. It’s perfect for young adult players and even grown-ups under 200 pounds.

Benefits of the Merax Gaming Chair

This chair is not only for gaming but also perfect for the office. It has plenty of functions that we commonly look for in a well-designed chair that we may have to spend hours sitting in each day.

Assembling is easy and takes less than an hour. However, it still depends on your expertise.

With its multi-functional functions, you can sit upright or rock to keep those muscles active—you can even recline all the way back, if you wish, to grab a few zeds.

Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair


Choosing the right gaming chair

If you’re checking out an ergonomic gaming chair, there are a couple of things you must consider. While you most certainly be drawn to a specific chair because of its aesthetics and it fits in with the rest of your gaming layout, it could be the best selection for your demands.

For hardcore players, it’s necessary to have a leather gaming chair, like the Merax, that is ergonomically developed to offer support with adjustable armrests and neck and back support. That’s because you’ll be resting or sitting in it for prolonged periods of time.

Can the chair sustain your weight?

Whether you’re a small or tall guy, Merax gaming chair can sustain your weight. It’s not just strong, but it’s also big enough to support you comfortably.

Everything about this PC gaming chair is designed with the gamer in mind, from its high-quality material to the perfect cushion on the chair. The foot and armrests are fantastic.

Is there anything negative about this chair? Some customers say that the chair’s adjustable armrests are a little wobbly. However, this can be easily fixed by tightening its bolts.

Does the racing style provide the best elevation for your desk?

As no two humans are the same, the height is just as a vital factor in your chair’s choice. Therefore, the chair should be fixed at a height that is perfect for you. And this is where the Merax gaming chair excels.

You can customize your seating experience. Thanks to the built-in reclining system, it lets you adjust your chair from 90 to 175 degrees. Plus, it has tilt lock and tension control for the best fit.

With those features in mind, you can be sure that it’s not too high or too low for you and your desk. The Merax chair has a top-notch hydraulic system to permit smooth elevation adjustability. 

How about complete body support?

As a gamer, you’re probably be sitting or even slouching for extended periods of time. Therefore, having the optimum cushioning for your backside is necessary. The Merax gaming chair is top quality and ideal thickness of materials utilized to cover the frame and offer support. Plus, it has an extra padding for additional comfort.

It’s made from premium cut PU leather. It has high-density mold-forming foam and lumbar cushion to offer support to your back and the rest of your body. It’s comfortable now and it’ll be comfortable in the future. However, does it allow you to move around without stressing a component of your body?

It’s one of the things that players will comprehend. That is, how much movement is required for gaming, especially if you’re a person who prefers to engage yourself in the game totally. You feel every shot and take the impact of every kill strike.

The PU leather gaming chair will not flex or damage, regardless of how far you move forward, how far back you lean, or how widely you shake around in it as you are killing that big boss ninja. What’s more, like with the materials and the main frame of the chair, the castors on the wheelbase are also up to the job and won’t damage your floor.

Does it include additional attributes that will aid you in reaching your optimal gaming capacity?

Additional unusual functions are always a perk when it comes to discovering the most effective PC gaming chair for your exact gaming needs. The flexible armrests, pop-out front rests and racking features will take your degree of convenience and possibly gaming abilities to the next level.

With a Merax ergonomic gaming chair offering you total support, it really is game on…

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