NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender

The NETGEAR AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender has been specially made to boost your existing wireless network by increasing the Wi-Fi range and speed in hard to reach areas. It can deliver AC750 dual band Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 750Mbps.It has a dual band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlike many extenders which have a single Wi-Fi band. It works with different kinds of routers and provides Wi-Fi that can be used for HD video streaming and gaming regardless of the location. It can be used with a range of devices such a mobile devices, laptops, tablets among many others. It has a convenient wall-plug design that can connect to any socket. It comes with external antennas that help to improve the performance. In case of a wired Ethernet connection, it has an access point mode that generates a Wi-Fi hotspot. The access point mode comes with a hardware switch for comfort in usage. It has two USB ports, one 2.0 port and another 3.0 port. The device has an ideal weight of 9.6 ounces meaning it can be carried around easily.

Net gear considered the convenience of its users by creating a Wi-Fi analytics app that tests the Wi-Fi strength in any room helping to identify the place with the weakest coverage. Upon usage of the extender, one can use the app to tell the difference in the signal level and strength.

Setting up the Net gear AC750

The device can run in AP mode. This is useful in that it can increase the speed of the wireless connection in cases where there is a bad wireless but a strong Ethernet. The fact that it can run in AP mode means that upon connection in insecure wireless connections one has the option of setting up their own secured SSID with AES pass keys and thus one cannot manage to hack you through the insecure wireless connection.

To set up the extender, there are several ways to do it. For a quick setup, the extender should be plugged in and after plugging in, give it sometime to boot, this should take like two minutes. Connect your device to the SSID of the extender which will bring up something like “NETGEAR_EXT”. Once your device is connected, open the browser and go to the gateway of the extender which should be Upon entering the IP you will be directed to set up mode which will ask you several questions such as the existing Wi-Fi in your area. You will be asked the existing SSID information from the router and upon giving that information you will have to set up a new SSID for the extender. That’s it and you are done with the setup. When connecting a new device one has to use the SSID of the extender and not of the router.

NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender Review

Another set up mode that one can employ is the AP mode. It will work on AP mode by acting as an AP off your normal network. In this case, one will connect the Ethernet cable to the device and follow the instructions to set it up. This will result in one having two Aps in the same network though different SSIDs. Every AP will have different SSID’s though they can use the same password.

The good this about this extender it does switch you from one network to another rather it gives you the option of choosing the strongest network.

Performance of the extender

The performance of the device is good. However since the device acts as a bridge between the main network and the extended network, lower speeds will be experienced as compared to the original router. This is because the extender acts as an additional router which is low powered and thus the device has sessions and throughput limitations which is most of the time weaker than the original router. There is a reported reduction of speed by like half as compared to the primary router. This means that if one was getting speeds of 100-200mbps they should expect speeds of about 50-60 mbps. The device also creates a ping drop between it and the router and thus may pose a problem to gamers and other heavy users. This mean that if your existing router averages 20-40ms to a close hop the bump will increase that to 40-60ms. For those who expect high performance and no lags whatsoever, they should consider running a router in mesh; installing a WLC or using controlled AP’s.

NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender Review

This device is perfect for use in insecure wireless connections and hotel rooms hence perfect device for going to vacation with since it will ensure you have secured connection and get the connection you need. The device is also perfect for use with mobile devices since most of the time mobile devices do not demand heavy data unlike computers which need more data. The speeds will work well with mobile devices.

User reviews

Many amazon users liked the device saying it offered what it promised and gave them value for their money. However, what many users on amazon found a problem with the device is in its setup. What they fail to understand is that this device is not some kind of router but rather an extender which means when it is connected to the router it provides a new SSID as a substitute to the old SSID and thus one should use the new SSID and not the old SSID or use them together. The extender takes the SSID from the router and acts as bridge whereby it takes the signal and rebroadcasts it over another SSID with its own hardware. In this case, a new SSID should be assigned for the extender and it should be different from the primary SSID from the router. When wireless devices are connected, the extender will take data from the extender to the router. Maybe a solution to this would be a set of well written instruction to clear the air on any confusion with the set up. More information will make the user to understand if they need an extender or a Mesh device.

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