Petaste Soft Dog Squeaky Toy

The Petaste soft dog squeaky toy is not one of the best toys for aggressive chewers when they are left alone, but it includes some significant features that make it great for a fun tug session and regular fetch with even the most brutal of canines. It even comes in numerous fun shapes with a variety of materials. This squeaky dog toy is a perfect chew toy for puppies and older togs.

This squeaky toy comes as a cow, monkey, or elephant and has soft, durable plush filled with a squeaker. In place of arms are threads of thick robe that are great for playing tug and having fun with any dog. This rope is sturdy and great for teething or strong-willed dogs that like to play rough.

The entire squeaky toy weighs around 4.5 oz. and is about 10 in. long and 7.5 in. wide, making it excellent for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Petaste CWWJ005 Dog Squeaky Toy

Some of the top features include:

  • Durable Plush
  • Thick Rope Legs
  • Squeaker
  • Filled with PP Cotton

Combined, these features mean the Petaste soft dog squeaky toy is an excellent option for pet owners seeking an alternative to solid rubber playthings that is not a weak stuffed animal.

What We Like

There’s a lot to like with this Petaste soft dog squeaky toy. A couple of the features that stand out are in the list mentioned previously, but the best one is definitely the cute and durable design with the thick rope legs.

The plush, mixed with the legs, make this a sturdy toy that can survive supervised play without crumbling under the force of any dog’s teeth. The squeaky toy is fun to throw, while the ropes are great handles for playing tug with dogs.

The cute design also suits multiple dogs, and the size of the toy fits any creature from small to large.

For the unfamiliar, PP cotton stands for polypropylene, which is a synthetic material designed to not absorb moisture. This means the interior material is soft, will withstand a canine’s teeth, and also won’t become soaked with saliva.

The PP cotton is therefore great because the toy doesn’t have the chance to absorb moisture from spit and the associated bacteria. It’s also easy to wash, meaning a pet can enjoy it for years.

As people have also noted, this toy manages to be soft without being overstuffed, so there is no danger of it bursting its seams and spreading fluff everywhere.

Finally, there is the squeaker. We’ve noticed that squeakers seem to be the ultimate force capable of convincing a dog to do just about anything. It awakens something primal and makes even the most simple of toys irresistible.

The squeaker in this Petaste model is reliable and don’t break or puncture easily, meaning dogs can enjoy their toys for much longer. This definitely makes the toy stand out since reliable squeakers are hard to find.

The biggest pros are then:

  • Versatility for Play Styles
  • Durability
  • The PP Cotton
  • Long-lasting Squeaker Power

What We Don’t Like

As with any dog toy, there’s bound to be a few characteristics that don’t quite work. This is natural since all canines are different. In this case, the main downsides come out when the aggressive dog is left alone with the toy for too long.

The major cons are twofold:

  • Not Good for Solitary Play
  • The Strings Fray

The biggest thing we wound up disliking with this toy is that it is not one of the best toys for aggressive chewers when they are left alone. This is because an aggressive or determined dog might destroy the plush without some attention.

The squeaker can be quite desirable, and many dogs will try to dig through the plush to take it out. This means the Petaste soft dog squeaky toy most likely won’t last up against pets that really like to chew and tear through their playthings.

Instead, this toy seems to be meant more for cuddling or supervised play, which many pet owners don’t always have the time for. Many are seeking a toy that they can leave with their beloved dog when they go to work, school, or have to leave for the day.

If that is what you’re seeking, then this Petaste model might not be right for you.

One other slight issue with this toy is that the rope bones can fray easily, and the strings can be swallowed and occasionally cause issues like poor bowel movements.

Owners should be careful to remove any loose strings or make sure their dog doesn’t swallow them. They might not break down in the stomach and could cause stomachaches, gas, and even a blockage in small dogs.

Buying Advice

After some careful review, this toy is best bought on Amazon. It tends to run between $15 and $20 depending on which company it’s purchased from, and shipping is also affordable.

Once you actually buy this toy, there really isn’t anything else you need to save money for. Just remember to make sure your dog likes it, otherwise they won’t play.


There are tons of soft dog toys out there, and it can be difficult to find one that is better than a glorified stuffed animal for aggressive dogs or nervous chewers. This is why the Petaste soft dog squeaky is one of our favorites.

This toy is great for supervised play and dogs who have teeth that are a bit worn down. The fabric and plush are soft but durable, and the rope bones are great for tugging and chewing.

You can also customize this toy by having it be an elephant, cow, or monkey, three of the most popular animals.

 When dogs can shred toys with ease, it’s nice to know there is a reliable one that costs less than $20 and includes many of the animal’s favorite features.