Pyle PDIC60T In-Wall/ In-Ceiling Dual 6.5-Inch Speaker System Review

Pyle PDIC60T In-Wall In-Ceiling Dual 6.5-Inch Speaker System

Our Rating:

Cost: $$


  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Sound quality is decent
  • Plug and play installation


  • The range of the tweeter could be better
  • Heavier compared to other in-ceiling speakers

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11.5 inches by 9.6 inches by 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Speaker Type: Ceiling
  • ​Maximum Output: 250 Watts
  • Response Bandwidth: 65 - 22,000 Hz
  • Mount Depth: 2.75 inches

Pyle initially hit the market selling advance woofers in the 1960’s. However, in 2000 the company had a massive transformation and ventured into different markets such as car, marine, and home audio. It is now internationally renowned and known for its diverse range of products that are award winning and high quality. Pyle PDIC60T is one of them and like other products from Pyle’s home line it deeply enriches your media experience. Pyle is also recognized for its exceptional customer service, so if you face any problem with the PDIC60T be sure to give them a call.


When it comes to performance, you know you can’t go wrong with Pyle. The PDIC60T speakers provide an experience you cannot get enough of. It is a 2-way, mid-bass speaker. It gives audio that extra ‘ump’ and will certainly have you rocking to the every beat.

It also comes equipped with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. The tweeter can handle high temperature and has a high-efficiency response rate. Like any tweeter it gives the user the power to control the direction of the music but since the speakers max out at 250 watts thanks to the 70-volt transformer. The voice coil aids the tweeter to cope with the high level of temperature.

The sound output of PDIC60T is high in definition and loud. You can hear every little pitch. It also comes with an adjustable treble control. For those that really like to be in charge of their music.


Like other Pyle products the PDIC60T has a simple yet elegant design. It is circular shaped and comes in white. The grill and hardware of the speakers are made tough so they last.

It can be mounted in any room and blend well into the ceiling. Since the design is simple, they do not mess with the aesthetics of any room. Matter a fact, they can even liven up the decor of a room. You can paint the speakers any color if you feel the need.


Like many other in-ceiling speakers the PDIC60T are not too complicated to set up. You will need to make a 10-inch hole so the speakers fit in perfectly. It comes with mounting hardware so you can easily fit it and securely fasten it to the ceiling.

To save yourself time, be sure to test the speakers before you mount them into the ceiling.


With a frequency response of 65 - 22 kHz in the PDIC60T, you know you are getting speakers that pack power. The speakers surely deliver that. The richness of sound can be felt at any volume and the mid-bass complements it well.

So if you are looking to upgrade your home theatre or just looking to get rid of your floor speakers to free up some room. Then look no further than Pyle PDIC60T.

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