Sugar Pearl Review
​I own a blender, but I have found the motor is wearing down like all the cheap blenders do eventually, no matter how expensive the model I have tried. In my search for an appliance that would work with my style of cuisine (which is very blender heavy), I found the Torrent to be the most convenient, and the most effectively designed for a lot of transitions of contents and jobs. 

​The magnetic drive feature makes it so much easier to do recipes quickly since I do not have to worry about misaligning the container on the motor or anything, this makes each transition between container contents easier and much less stressful.  The Torrent makes a noise when the container has been secured to the base, so I can’t have any doubts about the pitcher’s security. After I make a program selection, I can just walk away from it!

Sugar Pearl

I love being able to set custom speeds, especially when I am trying out new ideas in the kitchen. It makes it easier to test where my best settings are by being able to flexibly work with the Torrent to make sure I’m being the most productive I can be with it.  The ease in setting the program selection and being able to leave it is an especially helpful feature in getting me that result. The lack of a hole in the bottom from the blade is a huge help to me as well. I have been one of the victims of turning the container the wrong way and ending up with my whole meal spilled, so this design has solved that. I’m a fast and rough cook in the kitchen, so I like being able to trust my torrent and the warranty (7 years) to be able to handle the abuse.  

The blades are well made as well and are very durable against anything I put inside the container. The BPA free diamond pitcher also features a stainless-steel blade that improves the durability and effectiveness at cutting whatever gets thrown in with it. I wouldn’t have to waste any time preparing produce for my usual recipes. I can simply prep foods and the Torrent will do the rest. This makes it a breeze to make more sauces, soups, drinks, desserts, and all of the nut butters and the nut milks I can handle. I enjoy the pulse option for all of my chunky salsa and chutneys. I can even make really smooth and delicious smoothies on the juice setting, and it does a really good job of macerating the seeds and nuts they include using that 1.8 hp motor.

I use a lot of blended fruits and vegetables when I cook, and I would find the soups and sauces mode very helpful in getting a smooth consistent texture that really elevates the flavor from what I could normally get from my produce. With the way I can so easily replace or remove the container it becomes a lot easier to build drinks with a personal touch, custom for any and all of my potential guests, and without taking away from entertaining them. All those creamy smooth drinks would often be so sticky and so messy with my regular blender, but with the ease of the design I can make better use of my limited cooking time, and not spend so long cleaning up a messy blender! With the ability to adjust the speed and the pulses, I can even customize any of the pre-programmed modes to adjust to any of my recipes to a wider variety of preferences.

The way the ingredients are always quickly and effectively blended is owing to the container’s ability to create a vortex-like current mixing the contents thoroughly. The four-blade system is very effective because of the aid they get from the vortex pitcher design. I really appreciate the ability of the Torrent to automatically adjust the blade’s speed based on the contents of the container and the input given it through the programs and adjustments. The base being diecast is a huge help as well as it makes the Torrent feel solid. I could use the Torrent for making or prepping any kind of recipe. The construction of the Torrent allows me to know that this is a highly durable blender design.

The Sugar Pearl can go really well with a lot of different earth tone colors too, and it is a sleek-looking color on the appliance. You can count on it to perform well in addition to looking good while doing it. The blender I had beforehand, had a plastic drive connection, so this magnetic drive is a huge step up from where I started out, and it shows an improvement. The MagnaLock on the pitcher works well to secure the container to the base, so I’m not worried that it might fall off from the blending.

The 60-ounce container uses BPA free plastic, and is machine washable, along with the lid and funnel! It gives me a lot of satisfaction knowing the container won’t poison my food like my other blender can. I’ll be without having to hand wash any blender messes on the base of the machine from now on too. I like that I could finally throw something in the blender, even while it’s running because of the top funnel opening, and I know I’m going to get a consistent convenient experience every time. I can even add my seasonings and spices during blending to get them mixed in well.   

Like when I make a tomato sauce, it would be a lot easier to use the Torrent, so I can concentrate on the dough and the toppings and not sit there monitoring it. The warranty is the selling point for me. I have never had a problem returning Kitchen aid appliances, and with 7 years’ experience you get a good opportunity to feel covered by the manufacturers support, so I can feel secure in my purchase of what my research tells me is a reliable and well-designed appliance.  

An appliance that makes blending for soups, sauces, smoothies, and milkshakes as convenient and leisurely as brewing a pot of coffee. But, with the versatility and flexibility of a private chef, with flawless knife technique and timing.

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