The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker

Do you love the taste of fine coffees like mochas, macchiato and cappuccinos then you are likely in the market for a good coffee maker. After all, with one of these machines in your home you can enjoy yummy coffee all the time and you can thrill all your guests with fine tasting coffees instead of those horrible tasting instant powder coffees.

As you shop for the best coffee machine you will quickly note that fining a good quality coffee brewer isn’t quite that easy, especially if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a machine. The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-IQ programmable coffee maker is a real breath of fresh air because not only is it a terrific dual coffee maker, it is also affordable. 

You can definitely look into this handy little coffee bar for home and office use so you can enjoy “better than coffeehouse experiences at home” or on the job.

The Overall Look

This dual coffee machine sure does have a terrific overall look.  A combination of black, grey and transparent colours and the square design of this coffee maker will fit perfectly into any kitchen.  The coffee maker offers a modern charm and yet, it also provides a retro look.

Main Features

Main Featur of The Ninja Coffee Bar

This handy coffee maker has quite a few dazzling features and controls all of which contributes to a device that is easy to use, practical and that delivers terrific coffee.  Here are the top features of this handy coffee maker;

Controls – The coffee maker has a digital time display for easy time viewing even in the dark.  It is fully programmable and you also have quite a few coffee brewing functions to choose from.  The device allows you to brew coffee amounts that range from a small cup, large cup, travel cup all the way to a full carafe size.  You also have the option to brew classic or rich coffees and for cool beverages, you can set it on the over ice brew setting. 

Capabilities – This brewer is incredibly functional and is a perfect multi-purpose coffee bar for home and office use.   You can make numerous beverages including specialty coffees, iced coffees and more with this handy coffee maker.  What is truly remarkable about this product is the fact that you can use different types of cups and pots in the machine.  The coffee maker also has a milk frother to the side that is very easy to use.

Cleaning – Cleaning this brewer s incredibly simple.  The frother to the side can easily be detached for washing and the machine comes with an auto-clean function that you can use to rinse out the brewer after use.  All loose cups and carafes are also incredibly easy to wash in a sink and the reusable filter is made of a durable plastic that can be washed with ease.

Top Pros and Cons

This coffee maker has plenty of pros but there are also a few cons you need to take note off before you decide on this specific unit.


  • Built-in frother
  • Comes with carafe and ice pitcher
  • You have 6 coffee size options
  • Can make a wide range of coffees including specialty coffees
  • Easy to use
  • Can use other types of cups and pots in the machine


  • The device only works with ground coffee
  • Doesn’t function with any pods or k-cups
  • The hot plate won’t keep coffee hot for long
  • A cleaning solution is required

Overall this is a terrific coffee bar for anyone who loves a simple machine that can produce a great variety of beverages for any type of weather.

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