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​If you have tried cutting metal sheets with a jigsaw then you know how hard it is to get the precision you need. Cutting metal sheets isn’t easy especially when they are thicker. Any hobbyist will tell you that a plasma cutter will make the job a lot easier by allowing you to have to work less and also providing you with the precision you need to get the perfect cut. The Zeny plasma cutter is one such cutter that allows you to easily cut through metal sheets with little effort from your end.


Design of the cutter

The Zeny plasma cutter is a reasonably priced cutter that is useful for any hobbyist, from beginners to more intermediate users. For the price, you would think that the cutter isn’t really that sturdy or durable. But on the contrary, the cutter is both sturdy and durable, it has a strong body that ensures its durability. The Zeny plasma cutter is lightweight so it makes it easy to move it around your workshop when you need to.


When it comes to performance, the Zeny plasma cutter is fairly good. The first thing you want to look at it how thick of a metal the plasma cutter can cut and this one can cut anywhere from 1 to 12 mm of metal sheet. It can be used to cut numerous different metal sheets which include stainless steel, copper, and aluminum amongst others. It provides exceptional precision but do note that precision also depends on the cleanliness of your work and the metal you are cutting. If the metal you work on is clean, you will get better results in terms of precision.

If you are looking for an affordable yet durable and reliable plasma cutter than the Zeny plasma cutter will not disappoint. Note that the cutter isn’t amazing for cutting thicker sheets of metal, those above half an inch so if you need something more heavy duty then this is not the best option. Other than that, this is a great plasma cutter for all your metal sheets cutting needs.

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